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GW2 IG-6417 Inquest Backpacks Collections Guide

GW2 IG-6417 Inquest Backpacks Collections Guide. This series of timegated collections will reward you with an Ascended backpack as the end reward. Updated: March 9, 2018.


Inquest Backpacks

This series of collections give you a series of Inquest backpacks from exotic quality all the way to ascended.

The first exotic backpack you will get is the Inquest Device for completing the story in A Bug in the System. Then you can start with the Repairing IG-6417 collection which give you the Inquest Apparatus. Once you finish that collection you will unlock Rebooting IG-6417 which give you the Inquest Mechanism. This is a timegated collection that takes 7 days to complete. Finally, you will finish off with the Redeeming IG-6417 Collection that give you the Ascended version called Mark Y Golem.


Repairing IG-6417


The best place to get most of the parts needed to repair IG-6417 is to do the pre-event for Specimen Chamber. The pre-event spawns waves of Inquest and Golems and right afterwards you can do the Specimen Chamber meta. The pre-event starts once the Seepage has drained the laser array’s power so once you see that countdown it will tell you exactly when the pre-events will start.


Golem Right Arm/Golem Left Arm

  • These drops off Inquest mobs all over the map. Best place is the Specimen Chamber pre-event but you can also try the area around Rata Primus as there are plenty of Inquest around.

Integrated Circuitry

  • Drops off the champion mobs in Specimen Chamber meta event

Optical Sensor

  • Kill the Moas and Moa Hatchlings in the marked area north of Atholma Waypoint until you get some to drop for you.


Gravitic Repulsion Unit/Holographic Display Unit

  • These drop off Inquest Golems. You can get them from the Specimen Chamber pre-event as well since the Inquest waves have a bunch of golems in them.

Golem Power Core

  • For this you will need to kill a Mark III Suppressor Golem. The golem is a group event that spawns in various locations around Rata Primus. It will spawn on top of the structures rather than below in the tunnels.



After you have all the parts, you can find IG-6417 near Calon Islet. Hand all the items to the golem to finish the achievement/collection.


Rebooting IG-6417 (Timegated)


Video Guide


Inquest Passcode

Inquest passcode is a random drop off the Inquest mobs in the area and you need it first before you can interact with any of the Inquest Terminals so just kill Inquest mobs until you get a drop.

Module MV-337

This module is on top of the Western Complex and inside a sealed structure that you normally need to use Jackal Sand Portal to enter. Luckily you can just get it by hugging the wall and pressing the interact button.


Module GP-739

This is pretty straightforward. It is one of the consoles on top of the Western Complex.


Module HR-874

Easy module to get, inside some building on top of Western Complex.


Module ZN-290

This module is near HR-874 but much higher and inside of the cube structures high up in the air.


Module JT-609

You can glide down to this module straight from ZN-290


Module KL-411

From Anniogel Waypoint, go south and west around Rata Primus until you see the huge cube above the water in the middle. There you will find a tunnel (take the right tunnel) that will lead you to the Inquest Terminal.


Module XD-356

This module is a bit tricky to get because it is covered by the black goop and if you are right on top of it, it becomes invisible so you have to rely on the interact key. It is on the platform at the top next to one of the Asura Gates.


Feeding IG-6417 Modules

Once you have all the modules, you can give it to IG-6417. However, he will only take 1-2 module per day it seems so this step is timegated and can be completed after 4-7 days.Sometimes you can get IG-6417 to take 2x modules per day but not closing the conversation window after you hand in the first module and the window may refresh and allow you to hand in a second module.


For the last module, IG-6417 won’t accept it so you have to go to Hero-Tron in Lion’s Arch and exchange XD-356 with a Revised Module XD-356.


Redeeming IG-6417

Special thanks to Holyete and MetsysEU for sending in the screens of the collection.

This collection is not timegated but it is a bit weird on what you can turn in. You can only turn in items of the same category of events (i.e. rescuing refugees) so until you get that category of collection items all turned in you can’t turn in collection items of other category type of events.

Make sure you have 105 Difluorite Crystals. Each heart vendor sell x5 in a bundle so you can get at least 20 per day by just doing the hearts if your RNG with gathering isn’t so great.

To start off this collection, you will need to go to Researcher Thale in Sandswept Isles and purchase 21 of the Recording Devices. Each costs 5 Difluorite Crystals for a total of 105 Difluorite Crystals. Then you need to do 21 events with these Recording Devices, each event consuming one.


1. Cadet Rescue Recording

Make a recording of you rescuing cadets at the Vehtendi Academy in Domain of Vabbi. The event you need to do for this item is Break the water djinn’s magical influence over the transformed cadets and defeat him. To get this event to spawn, you will need to go to the bottom level of the academy and then kill all the underworld creatures until the Djinn spawns.


2, Hostage Rescue Recording

Make a recording of you rescuing hostages from the Awakened Garrison in the Salt Flats in Desert Highlands. The event you need to do is Kill Gatekeepers and take their keys to free hostages.


3. Skritt Rescue Recording

Make a recording of your freeing the skritt of Sandswept Isles. This is tied to the event to free Subject S. This event starts at middle of Rata Primus near the body of water. There will be an Escaped Test Subject you can talk to to start the event.


4. Zephyrite Rescue Recording

Make a recording of you rescuing refugees from the mine at Glint’s Legacy in Crystal Oasis. This event is frequently bugged so you may need to wait for a non-bugged version to complete the collection.


5. Deadhouse Rescue Recording

Make a recording of you freeing prisoners from the Deadhouse in Elon Riverlands. The event you need to do is the group event Free Emara and the other prisoners. Defeat Warden Jabari. It has a pre-event: Help Erran Storm the Deadhouse to save his wife, Emara that starts at Arid Gladefields.


6. Vanquish Wynern Recording

Make a recording of you defeating the Branded wynern in Sandswept Isles. To get there, use the jackal sand portal atop Western Complex and then use the jump pads by foot (mounts don’t work on jump pads).


7. Vanquish Branded Recording

Make a recording of you defeating the Branded Champions of the Grand Court of Sebelkeh. This is the meta event in Domain of Vabbi where you need to defeat Ysshi Hessani and Pek Rakt Grag.


8. Grave Defiler Recording

Make a recording of you preventing the Mordant Graveraiser from defiling the graves in Vulture Drifts. You will need to do the event Stop the Mordant Graveraiser from defiling graves to raise new Awakened in Elon Riverlands. The event starts with Agent Zula in the marked location.


9. Refugee Healing Recording

Make a recording of you healing the injured refugees at the Temple of Kormir. Do the heart at Temple of Kormir in Crystal Oasis and there you can aid the injured refugees.


10. Medical Aid Recording

Make a recording of you reviving ten fallen allies. Destiny’s Gorge in Crystal Oasis tend to have a lot of NPCs you can rez if those work for the recording. Otherwise you can just rez other players.

11. Fisher Recording

Make a recording of you collecting fish for the Olmakhan. There is a fishing event that spawns just SE of the Olmakhan village.


12. Amnoon Refugee Recording

Make a recording of you helping refugees reach the Free City of Amnoon. Do the event by Kusini Crossing in Crystal Oasis: See the refugees safely through to Amnoon.


13. Swindler Recording

Make a recording of you stopping swindlers from cheating the people of First Camp. You need to do the event by Augury’s Shadow waypoint in Elon Riverlands: Help Flint deal with the swindlers in First Camp.


14. Grave Defense Recording

Make a recording of you defending the village of Kwell. Do the event in Crystal Oasis to defend the village north of Temple of Kormir: Defend the village of Kweli from the Forged.


15. Kormir Defense Recording

Make a recording of you defending the Temple of Kormir from the Zaishen. This is the event at Temple of Kormir called Stop the Zaishen from desecrating the Temple of Kormir.


16. Olmakhan Defense Recording

Make a recording of you defending Atholma from the storm. You need to do the Gathering Storm meta event in Sandswept Isles which finishes with you defeating Zohaqan.


17. Elonian Defense Recording

Make a recording of you defending Elonians from the Awakened judges. You need to do the event chain in the Necropolis in The Domain of Vabbi where you fight Awakened judges and protect Elonians.


18. Villager Defense Recording

Make a recording of you defending the captured villagers in the Bonestrand. For this you have to do the event at the Awakened Garrison: Defend the captive villagers from the garrison’s Awakened until Zuri returns with weapons


19. Burglar Recording

Make a recording of you stopping a caffeinated skritt burglar. This event occurs all over the 5 PoF maps so you may need to run around until you find this event.

20. Lost Supply Recording

Make a recording of you helping Explorer Jeppa recover lost supplies. This event starts at top of Brightwater Inlet in Desert Highlands.


21. Extortion Recording

Make a recording of you stopping the Awakened collectors at the Arid Gladefields. You need to do the event Stop the Awakened collectors from harassing the exiles at Arid Gladefields in Elon Riverlands.


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79 replies on “GW2 IG-6417 Inquest Backpacks Collections Guide”

This is kind of neat. I just kind of wish it wasn’t for a backpack… I have so many ascended back pieces that I have no idea which to wear anymore…

There is an achievement which unlocks an extremely valuable daily fractal relic eater which requires consumables which sometimes drop from salvaging ascended items. While most of the items have fairly high drop chances, the item you need to salvage from an ascended ring and the item you need to salvage from an ascended backpack are obscenely rare. Just pointing that out to say there is a legitimate reason to salvage ascended jewelry and back pieces you don’t need.

Can’t seem to get that circuit board, but killed lots of champs in that meta before the room opens.

Circuit Board is from the bosses, ain’t it? If you’re having trouble with any of the drops, try switching characters. I tried time and time again for Golem Power Core and Integrated Circuitry before switching, then got them on first tries.

This guide says it’s the champs that spawn as part of the event before you go in the room, if I’m understanding it? Now the actual bosses in the room. Guess I’ll keep at it. Frustrating having something have a bad RNG component before you can even get to the time gated part.

I got it after killing the 2-at-once boss sequence inside the lab arena. Character switch was magic solution for me, give it a go if you haven’t.

You were right! Got it at the end of the actual fight in the room. Not off the champs from the event outside. That write up is a bit misleading. 🙂

Just curious, if you accidentally deleted the passcode, can you get another from killing inquest in the area

You only need it for the collection. I deleted it yesterday and could use the console and install it without issues.

requires you to get a recorder from the renown heart vendor “Researcher Thale” on sandswept isles, in Invariant Enclave. Then you will have to do events on PoF maps (first in top left corner is rescuing students in Vehtendi Academy in Vabbi).

Another note: for the last upgrade in the second collection you have to feed the golem to, it is damaged so you have to go to LA and talk to Hero-tron to fix it for you.

Imgur mixed up the order, but this is all the events/requirements for the last collection called “Redeeming IG-6418”.
You will have to buy recorders from Researcher Thale (Location 1st pic), 1 recorder costs 5 Diflourite Crystals (ores from new map).

Ok so following on from the latest comments and what I’ve done in-game so far.
You need 21 recorders total for 105 crystals as doing the linked event consumes one to make the recording, you need to turn them in, in order, from top left to bottom right, it doesn’t appear to be timegated as I turned the first one in, then the second one about 30 minutes later and now he’s asking for the third.

Exactly how can people be ding the 3rd collection when 7 days not gone by? People were after the fishing event 2 days ago for the 3rd collection

Turn in a module, speak to golem again until you get the normal error message, then talk once more, and it won’t let you put in another sloth, then waypoint on the top of the map and it worked for me. after the loading screen you will get a prompt to put in another module.

It doesn’t work for me, no matter how many times I speak to the golem, it still gives me the same answer. :/

Anyone know what is wrong here? Went to Hero-tron with the XD module, but when I go to IG-6417 he says “Error: Systems diagnostic failure. Software Module XD-356 corrupted.” I have the Revised Module XD-356

I just deleted the module, and did the console again. Then talk to IG, go to hero-tron, then go back to IG.

I need help guys
10. Medical Aid Recording
is not freaking working !!! It’s the last recording i need, and it won’t pop, when reviving 10 Npcs or players. NOTHING is working ! Yes ! i have the recording device….i’m getting really tired of reviving for 5hours players and NPCs, top quality gameplay right there anet !

I had the same problem. I purchased the device again and it worked.
I don’t know if you can change maps, but I didn’t want to risk it after I revived what felt like the equivalent of the combat healer title..

Apparently purchasing the recording device gives that character an invisible buff to keep track. But ANet is aware of the issue and the one that gives multiple Medial Aid Recordings (probably caused if you didn’t buy all 20 recorders in 1 batch):

For players unable to gain the item who have revived more than 10 people while the recorder is in your inventory:

We are investigating a fix for this. Currently the Medical Aid Recording is given to players who have an invisible buff applied to them when they purchase the Recording Device from the vendor. It only applies to the character that purchased the item currently. Until we have a fix, you can either:

(1) Use the character you purchased the item on to revive allies to get the item.
(2) Purchase a Recording Device with the character you want to use for reviving players to get the Medical Aid Recording so that character has the buff the game is looking for.

Thank you for your patience everyone!

Bugged events, bugs preventing you from turning certain ones in…forcing us to do a crappy meta that just keeps failing because only 20 or so people show up for it…..GG ANET

for the Zephyrite Rescue Recording: the event bugs out if people enter the mine before all 6 npcs have spawned. wait outside until they are all there before doing anything.

and for Villager Defense Recording: this is an event-chain that starts pretty much immediately again once it’s finished. check the wiki about the different events and complete the later parts if you want to do it – waiting around won’t help (unless someone else is doing the events), just finish the chain quickly and it’ll restart within 1-2 minutes.

Elonian Defense Recording: there are 3 judges, any of them should give the recording. they spawn around the necropolis, the red circle does not encompass all their spawns, see: and for the two that don’t spawn right inside the courtroom.

Deadhouse Rescue Recording: the start of the event is a bit further norwest, the circle is placed incorrectly on the image.

Grave Defense Recording: this event never seemed to spawn for me. does anyone know if there are any prerequisites or if it starts at certain times?

For the Zephyrite one, an Anet person said that it doesn’t matter when you enter the mine- the bug happens whenever any of those six NPCs die after the event is over, causing repeats of the event on the same instance to never have enough NPCs. They’re working on a fix right now.

not sure what was correct, or if it was a combination, because I did see villagers spawn one by one until someone rushed into the mine several times. I also saw the bug after a completed event where the refugees walked around the stairs forever. either way, it’s been finally fixed after half a year. I finally got my backpiece, only to notice it offers stupid stats 😉 (well, harrier is ok for druid, but I already have one. the rest are useless stats for PVE, though a condi FB might get away with a few grievers pieces)

The Desert Highlands event “Kill Gatekeepers and Take Their Keys to Free Hostages” will only pop if the event “Assault the Mordred Crescent’s Encampment Before Reinforcements Arrive” fails. We had a hard time convincing folk to let the first event fail so we could get the second to spawn. Not good they put this one behind a fail event.

Maybe they aren’t related but I haven’t been able to get this event to trigger so there is something missing….

am turning in recordings and just noticed my grave defense recording was taken and listed as fishing recording,and I stil have the fishing recording in my inventory

Hi Dulfy,
Just to clarify the last collection.
You can get the Recording as soon as you get the recording device and make the event.
You can give them in any order to IG-6417 only if they belongs to the “Active” concept asked by IG-6417.
The différents groups concepts are :
– Rescuing Innocent People Concept (Record 1-5)
– Killing Evil thing Concept (Record 6-8)
– Healing allies concept (Record 9-10)
– Helping needy people concept (Record 11-13)
– Defending people concept (Record 14-18)
– Returning stolen belongings concept (Record 19-21)
The last recording device is awarded when you purchase recording devices.

Note : there can be sone typing error on the list, but the achievement part corresponds to the item taken in the inventory.

I didn’t get the “Refugee Healing Recording” after completing the Temple of Kormir heart. I talked to the heart NPC to see if he sells this item, but he doesn’t.

Do we even need to turn the Fisher Recording in to IG-6417? The moment the Fishing event is completed, you get this item in your inventory, and it counts immediately to the Redeeming collection (achievement progress at 2/22).

fishing event never triggers… waiting for the cub talk to Kel.. i’ve been waiting for hours and nope.. nothing.. did forget something or need to something before it happens??

The fishing event is bugged and I’m stuck with 8 recordings I can’t turn in and the one recorder I still do need. The robot is only accepting helping needy people things and I guess it can’t take anything more till I hand in fishing.

There is a posting on the GW2 forum that the fishing event is now disabled due to server issues.

Actually it’s spawning more groups for it. I randomly joined a group (had an Anet member lol) and we beat it. Killed the second phase zealots right before failing, but we did it.

So it’s good cause I finally finished my funerary armor 😀

Well i just mean because the meta itself is just to organization heavy, those style of events are just not fun to me (Triple Trouble being another awful example)

Ya I totally agree,while it is happening successfully daily now, in a few months when 90% of the playerbase has the backpiece, its gonna be real hard for ppl to finish this.

The location you show to start the event “Help Erran Storm the Deadhouse to save his wife, Emara” is incorrect. To start the event its north of Palawa’s Grace near the crossroads.

Yeah I think thousands of ppl are in the same situation. Why it was completely disabled makes absolutely no sense though. Clearly many people were able to complete it before it was disabled so I dont get why you would completely disable it just because a portion of ppl cant complete it. And how the hell long does it take to fix an event they just released, this is kinda silly.

The reason it was disabled is that it occasionally caused a server crash d/c’ing everyone on the map.

Warning: A new bug makes your stacked recording devices disappear with one recording (lost 12 or so to a single event). Consider only buying one or two at a time until the bug is fixed.

i confirm aswell! lost 9 or something. had no idea, untill i noticed on 3rd try of the event all my recording disapeared, and thats why i couldnt record it

Update: I whined to support about it and they returned a couple of devices to me. An unexpected, pretty nice gesture 🙂


6. Vanquish Wynern Recording

not working for me and others in my map i did 4x and killed it and i still have the recording device. BUG OR BROKEN?


i got that recording today , try again and now it has been comfirmed the medical aid recording is broken.No one can get it .

During Medical Aid Recording I rezzed 10 temple masons under the temple by where the legendary queen wurm bounty spawns. That seems to work there is always a fire hydra killing them.

For those people who are having trouble getting the Medical recording, I got it by going there with a fresh char, doing the heart, getting a recorder and then rezzing the same session without leaving the map.

I can say, at this point, that the bugs have all been fixed for those still looking to do it. The Vanquish Branded recording however is nigh impossible to get due to complete lack of participation, I suggest trying on weekends and begging every guild you know to help.

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