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GW2 Lasting Bonds 32 Slot Bandolier Bag Collection Guide

GW2 Lasting Bonds Bandolier Bag Achievement and Collection guide. This give you a free 32 slot ascended bag at the end.


This is a series of 3 collections after you finish the story in A Bug in the System episode (LSW4EP2). The story will give you a free 20 slot bag, then you can do the 3 collections to upgrade it to 24, 28 and then 32 slot bag as the final product. There is no time gated component or any expensive materials. All it requires is some items from doing the two metas in Sandwept Isles and some bounties.


Lasting Bonds: Where We Come From (24 slot)

This collection give you 3 AP and the rare version of the Bandolier that has 24 slots.


Simple Olmakhan Bandolier

  • You can acquire this 20 slot bag by finishing all the story in A Bug in the System episode.

We Carry Her Loss Together

Talk to Efi by Atholma southern gate and go through the dialogues to get this item.


We Sing Her Story

Lordkeeper Rhosan is in a hut on one cliffs in the area.Talk to her about Efi for the second piece.


Laughter on the Wind

Talk to Marlen the race organizer about this piece.


The Good We Do in Life

For this you need to first complete the achievement Tales of Elona from Ewyn first. This require you to talk to Ewyn (at the very top of the rocks) and pick the option to listen to the stories of the people he lost. Then you need to talk to the four rock piles.


After you have the Tales of Elona achievement, talk to Ewyn again and pick the option about Efi (cub in the village who lost her parents)


Olmakhan Songbook

Take the sand portal right next to Ewyn and then follow the path on the map to the marked location. Here you will find a sand portal you can use your jackal to get through to find the songbook on the otherside.


Lasting Bonds: What We Do Here (28 slot)

This collection give you 3 AP and the exotic version of the Bandolier that has 28 slots.


The Storm That Consumes All

Talk to Efi again to get this piece.


Old Stonehoof’s Stone Hoof

Collected by killing Old Stonehoof bounty. You can find it on the bounty boards in Atholma.


Ironshell’s Shell Fragment

Collected by killing Ironshell bounty. You can find it on the bounty boards in Atholma.


Smashed Vase

You can get this item from completing the Gathering Storm meta event. Defeating Zohaqan will drop this item. The meta starts at Atholma Waypoint with escorting the elders.


Artificial Diamond

You can get this item by doing the elemental pre-event for Gathering Storm meta event. The pre-event has a couple stages ending with destroying the Stormcaller Echoes.


Luminescent Seaweed

After the Gathering Storm meta, there will be Eerie Driftwood that wash up on the northern coast. Gather from these driftwoods for the item.


Nakis and Zohaqan’s Tree

Go out of the cave where you fought Zohaqan and you will find a tree near the beach. Interact with it for the item.


Inquest Manual on Choleric Elemental Energy

Purchased from the heart vendor near Magnetics Lab for 10k karma and 25 Difluorite Crystal


Lasting Bonds: What Comes Next (32 Slot)

This collection give you 5 AP and the ascended 32 slot bag.


Hope for Tomorrow

Talk to Efi again for this item.

Starcaller’s Aetheric Gland

Defeat the Legendary Starcaller bounty. You can find it on the bounty boards in Atholma.


Seneb the Desecrated’s Locket

Defeat the Legendary Seneb the Desecrated bounty. You can find it on the bounty boards in Anniogel Encampament.


Nakis’s Bracelet

Do the pre-event for Specimen Chamber to get this item.The pre-event starts right outside the Specimen Chamber POI whose doors are locked by lasers. Once the laser array’s primary power is depleted by the seepage, the pre-event will start. You need to defeat 50 waves of Inquest for the pre-event to complete (or until the timer expires).


Zohaqan’s Letter

Found in a Stolen Chest in the massive cave below Whispering Grotto in Elon Riverlands with all the Cobalt Eels and Corsairs.


Olmakhan Bow of Force

You get this at end of the Specimen Chamber meta event when you defeat two of the Specimen bosses together.


Shadow and Sun

Talk to Efi again and hand her the bow tor this item.

Crafting Additional 32 Slot Bags

Once you obtained your first 32 slot bag, you are able to craft more. The recipes are automatically unlocked and available for Tailor/Leatherwork/Armorsmith.

Simple Olmakhan Bandolier (20 Slot)


Handwoven Olmakhan Bandolier (24 Slot)


Pocketed Olmakhan Bandolier (28Slot)


Reinforced Olmakhan Bandolier (32 Slot)


In total it will cost you 12x Olmakhan Straps (3000 Volatile Magic), 18 Supreme Rune of Holding, 250 Ley-Infused Sand, 500 Foxfire Clusters and 50 Fury Scorched Stones per ascended 32 slot bag. Supreme Rune of Holding is the most expensive material with each costing about ~10g so each bag comes to about 180-200 gold each.


Special thanks to Rubik for providing the locations of the collection items.

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

49 replies on “GW2 Lasting Bonds 32 Slot Bandolier Bag Collection Guide”

Luminescent Seaweed, be careful not to collect driftwood before you need this. You can’t join other Ip’s nor do it on alts. I’m now stuck for 24hrs 🙁

Found the problem, had the bandolier in my bag slot so it would not hand it over and stalled the conversation.

Check if you are talking with him with the character that completed the story/episode OR you need to talk to Efi only after you collect the rest of the items

Will i lose the bags from the collections by entering the next one?
actually i am at the 28slot collection and

cant find my 20 and 24 slot bag

Is the Artificial Diamond bugged? Or why am i not getting it?

Have done each of the elemental pre’s around 3 times and did not get it in the shaky chest? Am i missing something?

Have you done the event before unlocking the collection? because I did and I think I already got the chest but the diamond didn’t count? not sure tbh.

I couldnt get the diamond to drop too. I did 4 rounds of pre event and the diamond didn’t drop. I actually did the event before unlocking the collection. I’m not sure if the diamond dropped at that time. It’s not in my inventory as well.

I managed to get it now.
I got it from that patrol event in the northern Area, around Ewyn’s Retreat. Around there where the Legend Bounty spawns 🙂 I hope i could help you ^^
Thats how it worked for me in the end.

I just got mine through the escort event (it spawns somewhere around the Atholma Waypoint after the stormcaller echoes event), you escort the elders on their way to find Zohaqan. I got the chest just as we found Zohaqan’s cave thingy.

Had the same issue. I got the item when you escort the two riders before you get to the djinn. Got it at the end of the escort event.

Once you “obtain” a 32 slot bag you are able to craft more is INCORRECT(unless its a bug) or poor choice of words. Maybe Once you “equip” or “craft” a 32 slot bag it might work. I received the 32 slot ascended bag from this achieve and am still not able to craft any bags higher then i have already crafted before which for me is just the 24 slot bag. 🙁

…also this site is lagging my pc waaaaaay down & I cant open a page to for more then 5 mins before i have to reboot my computer. This didn’t use to happen 2 years ago, you do something different?

The site bogs my PC down as well. Harder if I leave the page open longer. It goes away once I close the site. Might be the advertising.

From time to time on right corner of your current page on dulfy’s there’s a live stream going on in a small window, without asking you or anything. [I guess it’s from sponsor of the site or something] so that might be what’s eating your pc.

Nice that they found a reward of actual value to give with the episode, the first 3 maps with ascended trinkets were cool but they were getting a tad repetitive. One thing I’d always found amusing with obtaining prior 32 slot bags is that the cost of obtaining them is about the same (or more) then just buying an additional bag slot and shoving a 16 slot bag in it.

I had to just check if i was playing gw2 when i saw that achieve haha
A very convenient item with hardly any grind and cost nothing to make 0_0.

So a free 32 Slot Bag is a good thing…. what could possibly go wrong? No auto slaving. no auto dispose and not showing on vendors . Great exactly what i need

Most of the items that sort to it (consumables and champion bags) aren’t vendorable anyway so it doesn’t really hurt, this behaving like an invisible bag. The few consumables that you CAN sell at a vendor are mostly ones you wouldn’t want to (unid items you either want to sell on the TP or open on a MF boosted chara for max profit, never salvage.). The no-vendor feature is really not an inconvenience.

It is when 20 something sigils that need to disappear go in there and I have to move them out to sell or delete them. It’s meant to be an equipment bag, not an invisible one.

Why is it not meant to be an invisible bag?

Do you not have stuff in your inventory you don’t want to sell? All the weapons you don’t have equipped, other armour sets, food/util and other consumables, and stuff like toys, gizmos and tonics. Put all of them in the 32slot bag, and use your other bags for the stuff you want to salavage and sell.

the artificial diamond from the 28 slot bag there are to few info about it .many players didnt get it even after doing the elementals

Artificial Diamond dropped for me as a final reward for doing the escort mission to Zohaqan. It’s RNG, I did this (and Stormcaller Echoes elementals) events a couple of time before I got it.

In order to complete the collection you need to give the bag to Efi so you cannot equip it.
If you equip the bag you can start the collection but you can’t end it

Do I have to do anything to trigger the last step, What Comes Next, for the full 32 slot bag?
Tried talking to Elfi but nothing happened.

For the 24 slot, I found you do not actually need to complete the Tales of Elona Achievement first, just choose the first option, and then talk again and choose the second option.

Note: Can only be done on a character that has completed the LS4E2 story. Doing anything on other characters will result in not getting the drops or responses for the collections.

i got the collection drops on a character that hasn’t completed ch4 ep2 story. maybe they changed it. but i started it on the one character that did the story

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