SWTOR Patch 5.8 and 5.9 Pushed Back One Week

Bioware is pushing back the release of Patch 5.8 and 5.9 by one week due to feedback from PTS.

Some Date Updates! | 03.07.2018, 03:59 PM
Hey everyone,

I wanted to give you an update on the status of Game Updates 5.8 and 5.9. After reviewing our internal test results along with the feedback we’ve received from the players on our Public Test Server (PTS), we decided release 5.8 is not ready and needs a bit more time to make the necessary adjustments. The new targeted release date for 5.8 is now a week later on Tuesday, March 20, 2018. This additional time will help ensure we deliver a quality experience with Izax, the final Boss encounter for Gods from the Machine.

Also, while I have your attention, this means we will also move the release of Game Update 5.9 one additional week, too. We were planning to release 5.9 on April 24th, but the new date will be Tuesday, May 1, 2018.

Thanks all,



  • Aaron Herrick

    Rather wait for more polish than wait to get Trash.





    • Nemesis

      What’s your job?

      • abaddonsmummy

        ‘Musco Sucks’ is Bioware’s P.R manager.
        And damn good at it he is too.

      • I have a great job. But if i did this at my job, I wouldn’t have a job. Much less did this all the damn time. There is accountability in the real world. Whatever fantasy land part of Middle Earth Bioware resides in needs to be burned to the ground…

      • Eban

        He sits in the office in Austin pretending to do community manager work (whatever the fuck that is) but since there’s barely anyone playing SWTOR these days, he just sits at his desk playing Overwatch and tweeting to Blizzard hoping to get a job.

    • Eban

      Stop playing Overwatch and do some work Musco!

    • Rompe Himself
  • Adam Haynes

    What you’re hiring back Drew Karpyshin and coming up with new flowing story, multi-planet open world content like we saw with Shadow of Revan!??! Oh, no I guess I saw that wrong. My bad.

  • Seph

    This doesn’t actually surprise anyone at this point. It’s sad what’s happening to a game that should still be going strong. It’s just done.

  • Double 07

    Comment section makes me want to kms

    • John Doe

      truth hurts


    Let me guess: It was delayed because a developer had a dinner date with his girlfriend the other night.

    • John Doe

      If you can call a “fleshlight” a girlfriend then yea.

  • Macleod

    I swear they’re just copy and pasting the same post every single patch cycle, because it’s the same damn thing every time. If they had more than 2 employees, they might actually be able to at least half ass make it look like they’re trying not to let the game die.

  • Havik79

    Dang, I was curious to see what the new conquest missions were.

  • Bogdan Anghelescu

    IDK how you people keep payin for this shit !

    • fubarz

      One persons garbage another persons treasure

      • Dr. Mike Wendell

        One persons garbage another persons garbage as well. 🙂

    • Jep Fareborn

      They gotta make a new in-game emote where the player is seen holding a bag and munching on popcorn or fiddle faddle – and call it /drama


    • Ryan Hupp

      I don’t get why you people that hate the game so much keep lurking around in the SW content/comments. If I hated something so much, I would just avoid it altogether!

      • Eban

        It’s not for hate but for comedy that people lurk around here.

        • “Keith”

          Trolling you mean my monkey one.

          • Eban

            Come on king Keith, the only trolling being done is from Bioware 😉

      • Pichin

        Easy answer, everybody who is commenting here everybody LOVE this game, some are conformists and others are still fighting for a better game experience that’s all. The REAL ONES who don’tt care about this game anymore are not here.

    • dzip.sys

      IDK why you are reding this news on Dulfy’s website.

      • Dr. Mike Wendell

        Cuz it’s in my RSS feed and I can’t get rid of it. 🙂

    • Cyrus15

      because you consider the game as not worthy to play while others still enjoy it . i am a subscriber since the headstart and I dont see a reason to cancel my sub…

    • John Kosto

      Personally, because I play with friends that somehow still want to raid and we have a progression team for NiM and some of the HM ops. This is literally the only reason. The game is pathetic, but somehow we have found a way to have fun for 6-8 hours a week, and at the moment it is worth it for me. For people that do not raid I am not sure what keeps them going.

      Everyone must have played the story content so far so many times, that I cannot imagine why they would want to do it again. PvP is I guess a reason, but even PvP can get old after so many years of it being the same thing. If there was a revamp to the system or a few brand new maps, I could see the incentive there. I would have quit this game many years ago if I was a PvPer.

      Having said that, I have not paid money to this game for Cartel Coins since more than 3 years ago, and even when I did, it was just one time. This game is worth zero of anyone’s money really, the way that it is right now.

      • Wayshuba

        The thing about SWTOR raid progression now though, is it is strictly repeated gear progression. Other games, by introducing new raids regularly, still having learning and challenge progression.

        Nothing is more exciting than walking into a new trail or Vet Dungeon and having your butt handed to you over and over again while you learn a new bosses mechanics until you finally figure it out and beat him. Then you do it again and again until you master it. Before that, however, a new trial and a couple new Vet Dungeons drop and you are back at getting stomped again until you learn. That is complete progression.

        No matter how many times the gear hamster wheel is reset in SWTOR. Everyone has the Karagga fight down to a science. SWTOR has got those few remaining still believing that yet another gear reset is “progression”. For me personally, I’ll take getting stomped a dozen times by a group of new bosses every three months over non-stop gear resets.

        • John Kosto

          We obviously don’t do progression on KP HM or EV HM…. We do progression on NiM ops (which as a guild we haven’t completed, the guild has been through many changes and stages in the few years it’s been around) and the hardest HMs (we are 3/5 on both TOS and RAV, and we are also trying GOTM HM).

          It’s not much, but we are having fun.

  • abaddonsmummy

    Tbh better to wait a week and get it right.
    Sad though, was looking forward to the conquest changes and new boss.

    • John Kosto

      Even better than either wait and get it right, or not wait and get it wrong, would have been to not wait and still get it right. As it was advertised. As it was scheduled. But they never learn from their mistakes, and if anything, they keep getting worse. I guess they are consistent at giving us a product that is worse every year.

      • AbnerDoon

        I am still trying to figure out how they work the calendar and scheduling. Late 2017 scratch that early 2018 scratch that mid 2018.

        I have guildies who secretly hope that it really is DVL again for the summer. They have to have some buffer planned while they work on 6.0 the 2018 content for a Fall release.

    • Rompe Himself

      Shit son, you still believing that “Quality” line?? They are talking out their ass and pretending it is about quality and saving face by throwing in the PTS. When has BW Austin EVER listened to the folks on PTS? If they did, half the shit that came out via patches and expansions in years past, riddled with bugs and glitches (and exploits!!), would have never seen the light of day if BW Austin were truly sincere in their quality chest beating.

      • Wayshuba

        If they truly listened – EVER – to player feedback the Galactic Hamster Wheel System would have never made it to live. Thank goodness Anthem has a completely clueless guy like Ben Irving heading up some things. That should make people feel so much better about Anthem.

    • Meelis S

      Let me say here and now, once this patch will be released do you really think there will be no bugs? Like seriously?
      Only thing they are doing is just trying to buy more time because they have too small crew to test or implement even so tiny new content or changes.

      • Rompe Himself

        Or are so monumentally hopeless, that even testing & patching their own product is too much for them. After all, the true devs of SWTOR have long since left. All that are left is nothing but chump change. Which is why they brought in a Customer service manager (Keith) to pretend to run shop. EA has stopped giving a shit as have BW Austin. Now it has become a game for them to see how little they can do and get away with it.

        Remember as always the BW Austin mantra:

  • Amodin

    Different turd, same smell.

  • Eban
  • Valerien

    Its kind of sad the defense of pushing back the release. Some people think that as long as they mention quality then its great news and others are so grateful for any information that it doesn’t matter what is said they will thank Keith for it.

    At which point, it seems all Keith really has to do is keep pushing back 5.8 till next year and as long as he keeps saying quality and giving 2 weeks notice everything will be great. At what point will people stop defending the state of the game. Its been months since the last update, what is being released is very very little and even with months between updates its still so bad it can’t be released on time.

    While naive I can’t help hope that Keith will be replaced with someone that can deliver a decent level of content on time and of the sort people want. Cause at this point it seems Keith is not able to do any of these and seems to be running the game into the ground making it what he wants rather than what made it unique and brought people to the game in the first place.

    • Fred Garvin

      You actually think Keith has the power to make this game into anything? LMAO.

      He is a placeholder and nothing more; just like Musco, Boyd, and all of them. Nobody at Bioware has any power over this game. They do EA’s bidding and the bidding is simple: string along the CM whales and Star Wars fan-shmucks as long as possible by cheerleading every miniscule turd that’s pushed out.

      [OP is Fred G]

    • Reaper

      i agree with you on the quality part of your diatribe no offense lol, anyway yeah all keith have to do is say quality and people will thank the man all the way into the rainbows! its so sad, wasnt this boss delayed from last year as well? or am i missing something lmao

      • Paulo Gomes

        That’s exactly what I said above. It’s NOT a week’s delay. It is, at the very least, a two month, 20 days delay.

        Amazing how people’s memory is so selective…

        • Reaper


  • Tony

    I assume Anthem is having issues and needs additional attention so they can keep on THAT schedule? :/

    • Robert René Dibello

      Hope they have a character transfer set up from Swtor to Anthem at least…

    • gog

      The only skillsets that’s left on the SWTOR team is to reskin previously made armors & weapons, remake menus for no apparent reason and make remarkably uninteresting announcements that they somehow fail to accomplish x amounts of weeks to late. Hopefully Anthem doesn’t need any of those skills.

  • Disqus this

    Didn’t one of those guys postpone a patch or something once because he had a family member to visit or something like that?

    • “Keith”

      Yes we DO, familly matters. =)

    • Fred Garvin

      The initial “roadmap” was delayed because Keith’s poppop came for a visit.

      [OP is Fred G]

      • Dr. Mike Wendell

        That was me pointing out his three week disappearance where I got jumped on for doing so:


        Do note that no one quotes when I pointed out the dates in question and it was in fact three weeks he went missing.

        He refused to discuss the issue and refused to apologize when it was noted that I was correct.

        In his defense, if there was an issue with his father, he could have taken all the time he wanted. I’d be the first one in line supporting that. Family does matter.

    • A Guy

      Yep. Thats the moment i knew Keith was going to be another EA puppet boss scumbag. lol That and he was also in charge of customer service aka professional ass kissers and liars. The Silver Tongue like Grima Wormtongue. lol

  • John Kosto

    No surprises here. They should give as a week of free subscription with every week of delay though. You can’t continuously advertise one thing, and then release it 1 or 2 weeks after it was supposed to.

    • Rompe Himself

      Why not? They been doing it for the past few years (Lying or delaying or both), and getting away with it. Why change the formula now?

  • TheCulprit

    how much you to require to be paid to do Keith’s job? I’m thinking I would need about $200K to have to be humiliated monthly for this project? Anyone?

    • TheCulprit

      you know, as I think about it…I’d need $250K to do it. $200 wouldn’t be enough.

  • Don Loco

    Epic, just epic.

  • Blood Fang

    I’m already betting that they’re gonna delay it again when March 20th rolls around…at this point..why the fuck do they keep trying?

    • Meelis S

      As long CM sales are doing well they will keep “trying”.
      Im just counting months untl things change from bad to really bad. In summer less people will play actively games and will hit lowest and probably critical population.

      • Rompe Himself

        I don’t think the CM Sales and subs are doing all that great either. If they were, EAWare would not have had discussions about ceasing SWTOR development. One would think that if the CM Sales and the pitiful few subs left were more then enough to keep the lights on and make a profit over cost/expenses, no discussion would be had. As it is, BW Austin is throwing almost everything and anything onto the CM in the hope of making as much money as they can (Lvl 50 companion boost being the latest, desperate attempt), until Papa EA calls time.

        • A Guy

          This is why those hard to get for years armor and weapons are suddenly being sold on the CM.

    • fubarz
      • HMH

        this graphic hasn’t seen the finale of Rebels where she shows back up alive after ROTJ

        • John Kosto

          Ahsoka has risen to number 1 of my all time favorite Star Wars characters to be honest, as she is the ONLY Jedi from the Old Republic to survive Order 66, The Empire, and the events of the Rebellion after the Battle Of Yavin.

          But not only because of that, also because they made her an amazing character, with development, specific traits and major story arcs that shaped important events in the history of the Star Wars saga.

          A very close second would be Darth Vader of course, and if we accept The Last Jedi as canon (I don’t, because I am convinced that it’s Rian Johnson’s trolling revenge after some Star Wars nerd stole his Chewbacca action figure 30 years ago), then Luke Skywalker would have to reach bottom, under Yoda, Obi-Wan and many more, sadly.

          But since I don’t accept TLJ…. Luke is either number 3 or number 2.

          And if they had kept the EU canon, then definitely number 1.

  • Grymmjow

    I bet them CM items keep rolling out with no push backs…..lmfao

    • ShenLongKazama

      Atleast it’s some content. 😀

      • John Kosto

        No it’s not.

    • ShenLongKazama

      K. Will there ever be actual content again like 2012-2014? :/

    • KevinSaku

      Now here is someone that know fuckall how games works CM items won’t lunch before the patch since the items are in the patch what was you said? Oh yeah lmfao

    • A Guy

      Thats how its been for 6 years. Why change now??

  • Rompe Himself

    Dear King Of Bullshit Keith, Fucktard Musco and the rest of the useless fucks at BW Austin:


    Yours sincerely,
    Rompe Himself

  • Simon Cleal

    Amazed and amused by how many people on here are triggered by a weeks delay

    • Rompe Himself

      Listening to you, you act like it is the first time BW Austin delayed anything and we are outraged or some other stupid shit thought. Hardly pleb. There is a continuing pattern that amuses us, or in your woeful mind, “triggers” us as you so believe.

      At this point, very few of us are surprised (Hell, even the White Knights expect it), and in fact could almost place money on a delay happening with any pitiful content BW Austin struggles to deliver. The odds on said bet would be to pick how long the delay will be for. A separate bet would cover how much of the shit they said the delay would fix, actually gets fixed, because their record there is shoddy as hell also.

      In the meantime, while we all laugh at yet another BW Austin fail, perhaps to distract you since you don’t seem to share our humor, you would care to fill this out and stick it where it hurts?


    • Eban
    • Paulo Gomes

      It’s not a week’s delay. It’s a week more on an end of 2018 failed release. In reality it’s a 2 month, 20 days delay.

      If you look at it through that perspective it’s not so amazing or amusing…

      • HMH

        Didn’t they just delay the rewards from a sub event? The same rewards that were for an exclusive nvidia giveaway that, besides mostly delivering a day late itself, went so badly they decided to re-give the rewards?

        • Paulo Gomes

          I’m not aware of that one, no. But it wouldn’t surprise if that happened. I mean, it’s BioWare we’re talking about. I am surprised when things arrive on time and without problems.

          But I’m not playing anymore. The game is not even on my hard disk. I just lost all patience and faith in these guys. Playing another MMO which will remain nameless, although you can pretty much figure that one out from my avatar picture…

          • Wayshuba

            Paulo – How are you enjoying the Dark Brotherhood?

            I’ve been in the game for 15 months now and couldn’t be happier. Regular releases of meaty, real content is always welcome.

            • Paulo Gomes

              Oh man I am loving it. I told you so, in another thread. The thing I’m most happy with are the classes. You have so much freedom to do YOUR build, choose the armor set YOU want. Be it overland, crafted or whatever.

              I haven’t even scratched the surface on this game. Have one endgame toon, while playing other two on and off. At my age and occupation I just don’t have the time to put into the game as I had a few years back. But it’s ok, it’s not a race. That’s for everyday life. This is for enjoyment.

              The game has a lot to offer. A LOT. I’m even thinking of doing some pvp! The thing I suck at the most, I’m thinking of trying. Housing is a game onto itself. It really is, as Naq said some other day.

              The story is great as well. Is it better than TOR? Hummm… Tough one. I don’t think so. Because TOR is Star Wars (the good Star Wars, not this latest version). And TOR will always have a place in my heart. A big one.

              But I always loved the setting of this other, unnamed game with the Dark Brotherhood hehehehe. And the story is also great. Great settings, populated world, lots of players.

              And more importantly: I don’t feel cheated by the devs. They’re not juvenile kids that get “excited” over every little crumb of content. I don’t want them to feel “excited”. I want them to excite ME about them. And they do deliver.

              Is it perfect? No. There are imbalances. The Guilds system I haven’t gotten used to yet. The loadings and updates take FOREVER. But then again I’m running the game from an exterior drive, because mine is an SSD disk and is pretty full of work that I can’t delete. And that’s it for the criticism….

              Overall I could not be happier to have changed. I wish all the people that play and support TOR my best. But let’s get one simple thing straight:

              They are NOT getting their money’s worth.

              • Fred Garvin

                “They’re not juvenile kids that get “excited” over every little crumb of content. I don’t want them to feel “excited”. I want them to excite ME about it. And they do deliver.”

                THIS!! That’s because ESO, WoW, FFXIV devs aren’t just cheerleading for $$$. They have confidence in their product, have a clear path ahead of them for the entire year, and aren’t hiding behind the “Little Dev Without Enough Resources” bullshit excuse.

      • gog

        So in essence, not only are they announcing the forthcoming announcement of an announcement, they’re also delaying the delays which had already been delayed?

        • Paulo Gomes


          Yep, I would say your analysis is right on the money.

    • Darth Gnaw

      People aren’t so much “triggered” by the delay, as they are upset that there is a delay
      on top of everything else!

    • A Guy

      Triggered by the 6 year delay of a good product really.

  • pig benis
    • fubarz

      It’s the weekend do not want be sick from reading that load of crap. Need 3 shots just to forget it. LMAO!!!

    • Eban

      I’ve lost count to the amount of times I’ve seen a Dev pop onto the forums and write a few lines and throw in a ‘not ready to talk about what’s coming next yet but will soon™’

      And then it’s followed by a ton of posts from the usual forum writers thanking him for taking the time to write those few lines and are super excited to whats coming soon™!

      Even though time after time for 6 YEARS Bioware let them down and deliver little and postpone/delay or release broken content and still its the same shit on SWTOR forums.

      Same shit different day in the crazy world of the SWTOR subscriber.

    • Amodin
    • Valerien

      Can’t blame the guy for taking people for fools when they eat it up.

      His played the delayed for quality card so the next one is telling people to wait on an announcement of new content. It worked so well keeping people hanging on for two months for a roadmap that just repeated what was already known, so why not play that card again.

      Now people can rally behind, well you can’t expect new information cause his said his not ready to talk about it for at least a month.

    • Fred Garvin

      Look at this disgusting display. Hope he put his kneepads on first…


      • Eban

        That’s some major deepthroating.
        Pornstars struggle to go that deep.

      • HMH

        Im not usually one to wax conspiratorial but, I wouldn’t be surprised if TUXs and some of the other high profile ass kissers over there aren’t sock puppet accounts run by Bioware, there’s a few names on those forums that have an obvious agenda to shut down dissent especially on things like content drought or new class and race suggestions.

        • Dr. Mike Wendell

          I doubt Tux is a sock puppet. He or she’s been negative with them previously. He or she was one of the few folks who honestly was on the forums trying to be helpful to other players.

        • Fred Garvin

          I’ve seen TUX on there for years so I don’t think so. Though he/she is acting like a sock puppet so if the shoe fits….

      • Vincent van der Laan


      • Disqus this

        It’s rare you get to see ass kissing that well done.

      • John Doe

        That’s the definition of a BETA Cuck…

  • Alexander Delorean

    So BioFail still fails xD I wonder why the heck they still workin on it and trying to do stuff that cant handle. They patching for 8 hours, mergin servers cuz players leaving for good. Just remake it and give it a fresh start (like DIvision 2). I pay that darn 6 month sub since pre-launch and sometimes i think that only me and 10-30 ppl doin the same. Everyone else on f2p and thats why Bio cant hire a normal IT-folks to give us SWTOR 2011 Edition without fails and 8+ hours waiting stuff, casual patches for kiddos (screw old good gameplay lets give kids a casual exp).
    And those Bio-fanatics (and especially who like Andromeda) just pathetic…no pride, no brain.
    Maybe someone would do a KotOR1 remake or remaster? lol

  • L. A.

    they fucked up this game permanently. they should just sell it to whomever that can make it GREAT AGAIN 😀

  • Wormed

    These devs fucked up this game badly. they should be fired/shot or executed. Or better yet sell this game to peeps who give a damn.

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