SWTOR Bioware releases Izax the Destroyer teasers

Bioware has released some teaser images of  Izax the Destroyer, the final boss of God of the Machine coming March 20.

By Dulfy

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The Human Reaper was basically a huge metal human skeleton with glowy eyes. Not sure how this giant metal bug looks similar.

OMG the comments I’ve read here are comedy gold! Thanks for the chuckles everyone! 😀 Now can anybody find a giant robot cobra head clip from ’80s G.I. Joe cartoon please? 😀

i like the design.
it also fits this:
“Under the Old Ways, Zildrog was considered a terrible beast that meant only death and was seen as one of the many forms of Izax, chief among the Old Gods of Zakuul.”
guess the heralds were right believing “Zildrog” would return.

Of course he left. Talented guy. What was he going to do, keep writing 30 second cut scenes for returning companions for the next 12 months?

Karpyshan was working on Anthem too? I can guarantee you all the SWTOR diehards thought he was there working on some soon-to-be announced epic expansion…lol.

Also, who in this day and age of Netflix and getting entire series at once to watch at your leisure wants episodic narrative content? One of the big things that made me realize SWTOR was doomed was that KotFE announcement. I’ve always hated waiting for tv shows and comics to pick up where they left off and that was before there was a better option. Now there is. Nobody wants this bite-sized chunk BS. Good luck, Fogbank!

[OP is Fred G]

Now you can. You should’ve been able to kill him immediately when he double-crosses you. Vader Force choked fools to death over far less than what Quinn did.

[OP is Fred G]


* Actually we just suck at making content so we’ve released 5 bosses in the same time frame that other MMOs have released dozens.

A brand as frigg’n enormous as Star Wars and we’re getting a pace of new content as if we’re all vainly riding out the Playstation 2 platform or something. This is depressing and pathetic. What should have been…..

This guy is the missing link between the T4-1D and the Destroyers from the prequels, removing the back plates to transition from horseshoe-crab to roly-poly.

A new operation!!! Awesome!!! ….. er, just one boss? Well, still pretty cool. But it’s the lead in to great new content which is all assuredly coming soon™! It’s not like one of their key writers didn’t just jump ship or anything! BW and SWTOR are doing great! More content to come soon!™.

They half ass everything they release ! Kids with rich parents still defend swtor ! Stop payin so they can make another Star Wars MMO ffs !

Dawwwwww, lookit him’s cute lil feets. Silly snek, why you gots feets?
“Grrrrr, how dare you mock me, now I will slay you with my Tyranosaurus arms, only giganticker! AND WITH GUNS”
Oh no, everyone run from his adorable over compensation! We shouldn’t have too much trouble outpacing his tiny legs and giant wind resistance generating body.

Izax the Destroyer(of things that are really close)

=) yeah i know, Star Wars as a franchise is dead, thinking there’s any hope for SWTOR is wrong, time to let it all go…

Have you seen the last 2 Star Wars movies under Disney?? Do you really want Disney to get into gaming??

Can someone explain me something. Why do y’all hate this game so much? Did EA not buy you all drinks or not kiss and tuck you into bed properly at night? I still see them bringing out content so what’s to bicker about?

SWTOR creates “content” in the same manner that my cat brings me food by dropping a dead mouse at my feet once every few days. Sure it’s an adorable attempt at bringing the goods for dinner but it’s nowhere near enough to keep me full and satisfied…

Except your cat is bringing you “content” far, far more often then BW Austin does if it is bringing you a dead mouse every few days. If you had a proverbial BW Austin cat, you would have died of starvation by the time it brought you a dead mouse once every few months, assuming said BW Austin mouse wasn’t delayed by being useless, having Papa Cat visit it, or some other equally stupid reason BW Austin lies about.

To be perfectly honest my cat is imaginary as I don’t have one, which is still fitting as SWTOR don’t seem to have a development team left either.

1. Look at other games in the genre and the quantity/quality of the content they deliver on a consistent basis compared to SWTOR.

2. Remember that SWTOR has one of the world’s biggest IPs, larger than any other game in the genre, and is handeled by EA, a company with a massive amount of resources.

3. Figure out why people bicker for yourself. This task should not be difficult.

[OP is Fred G]

Don’t see anyone getting upset over your posts. Perhaps what you think of your so called trolling ability, is not as great as you so believe hmmm?

I know sweetie. You aren’t a bright spark at all. Keep sending memes to try and make yourself look better 🙂

Not the brightest spark are you Bard.

Meme Vs Gif

noun: meme; plural noun: memes

1. an element of a culture or system of behaviour passed from one individual to another by imitation or other non-genetic means.

2. an image, video, piece of text, etc., typically humorous in nature, that
is copied and spread rapidly by Internet users, often with slight


noun: GIF

a lossless format for image files that supports both animated and static images.”a GIF image”

Gif it is!!

I love the fact that you went out of the way to literally prove to me which is different. Damn you people are easy 😀

*Shrug*, just thought I would prove how ignorant you are and show you that your efforts at “trolling” are not what you think. Shall I show you what the meaning of trolling is next to really hammer home how like thegoalie69, you have nothing??

December 2011 – May 2015 (a little bit over 3 years): A total of 50 instanced bosses across 9 operations and 3 events, a total of 25 Flashpoints, warzones, Galactic Starfighter, Strongholds, Conquest and an impressive storyline both during launch, and continued after with Czerka, Kaon, Makeb, Ilum, Belsavis, Oricon, Rishi, Yavin, Ziost. Real planets, with many locations, quests and a free world experience of questing, which makes you go back to these planets.

May 2015 – May 2018 (three years): A total of 5 instanced bosses across 1 operation, 2 new warzones, 3 new flashpoints, no new game modes or features, a disappointing storyline that spans across 25 chapters and is linear, without exploration, without real choices, without replay value, 1 daily area (Iokath) and many wasted opportunities for free world exploration and questing, on locations like Zakuul, Nathema, Vandin, Darvannis, which are all very small and either part of the story (you cannot even return) or do not offer quests and rewards.

Do the math. Content is about 10% during the second half of this game’s life, than it was during the first half. That’s why people hate this game. Including the ones that still love it and play it. They also hate it at the same time.

He’s also pissed off.
He’s just venting on us rather than on Bioware.
We see it here a lot.
Ex-subscribers are not angry or full of hate, it’s comedy to them(me) now, the angry/hateful ones are the people that are still there, they see what we see and because we make fun of it, they get angry at us rather than the source of the joke.

Well that’s also because a lot of the “making fun” is of very poor taste, and even completely ridiculous sometimes. The Gods Of The Machine operation is visually and mechanically wonderful so far, all 4 bosses, and even the path between the bosses, with the adds. And yet, it is also being made fun of for reasons other than the method of delivery (which is of course absolutely ridiculous).

I don’t see anything wrong with the photos from the IZAX fight to be honest, and I am sure that it will also be a challenging and engaging fight. I even like how that huge centipede droid looks like. Not all droid designs made sense in Star Wars, so I don’t have an issue with the seemingly weird design.

It makes no sense for melee classes, but that was also the case with TFB (and other bosses) and no one complained then.

It’s not often I agree with your posts but I do with this.
Couldn’t have said it better myself (and I didn’t), the design of it is excellent, the adds up to each boss are very well designed, each boss has different and interesting mechanics.
Release is awful we know that, and as I have said elsewhere on this page if you take every boss separately they all look daft, but in the continuity and relevance of each OP they makes sense.
It’s ‘Gods of the Machines’ after all.

Regarding this decent OP and the ridiculousness of some of the posts on this thread over a few pictures?
That’s the post I’m agreeing with and replying to.

Not defending BW, but you’re argument is flawed. All the content that was put out from launch to 2015 was produced 3-4 years before it was released. So a lot more than 3 years. It’s like saying it takes a few hours to make a baby because the mother was in labour for half a day when the reality is she was pregnant 8-9 months before that 🙂

Well I didn’t talk about development though, I talked about delivery. And if what you said is accurate, and all that content that was released by 2015 was developed years in advance, then that means that they didn’t work at all between 2012 and 2015, right?

Or were they working for 3 years on an amazingly disappointing expansion with 16 chapters of solo play that came out in October 2015? Whatever the answer is, the difference between the first 3 years of the game and the 3 years that followed is abysmal.

With your logic, it’s like saying that Bioware had a baby late 2011, and then needed 3 years to give us another baby, but then Bioware had to have an abortion, and then next year they had another abortion, and now they are not even having sex anymore, only 1 blowjob every 3 months.

Uhm, no? A very easy way to get out of the argument when presented with an actual response to what you said, but it doesn’t work like that, I am sorry.

I completely understood your point, and I responded to it. If you want a summary, here it is:

If all content that was delivered between 2012 and 2015 was already developed, then that means that the amount of work put into the game would have to be minimal until 2015, since we really got a tiny fraction of content after October 2015. The rate of delivering content dropped DRAMATICALLY after October 2015, more so in 2016, and even more in 2017. This is a fact. There is no way around it.

PS. There’s no way Rishi, Yavin, The Ravagers and Temple Of Sacrifice (along with the 6 flashpoints accompanying this storyline) were developed any time before 2014. And still that expansion was great, with a lot of content. If they wanted to, they could still be releasing a lot of content every expansion, like they did with 2.0 and 3.0.

Your second paragraph and summing up I think are wrong in that we did have a lot of content in the the 2015-2018, lots of it in fact in the horrible chapters, probably near 50+ hours of awful story driven content, Star Fortresses, Eternal championship, the planets you mentioned, numerous qol’s, strongholds, f/points, over a dozen Uprisings, complete re-gearing into Galactic Command, DvL and a few more.
It was never going to match the release content and budget i.e the excellently crafted stories, but it was regular content.
My point is it wasn’t content we were lacking but it was a completely the wrong content.
Badly thought out, badly planned, many many missed opportunities and completely misguided.
If that time and budget (all those beautiful multi million dollar blur movies) had been transferred to proper group content we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

Nice try but:

1. Fifty hours of story driven content? You can complete the entire KOTFE storyline in 4-5 hours at MOST, and the same goes for KOTET, for a total of a maximum of 10 hours. I have timed it. I will film it and upload it if you insist on that. No I won’t, I am never playing that crap again.

2. ONE Star Fortress. Not plural. They are all the same. With random variations of the map, but all exactly the same. Do you want me to add it as a Flashpoint? Ok, I will. Make those 3 Flashpoints 4 then. Amazing difference.

3. QOL is not content.

4. DvL is not content. It’s just rewards for content that is already there.

5. The Galactic Command is not content. It’s a lazy way to revamp the gearing system by just making it like the Cartel Market. It probably took maybe 20 hours to program this. Seriously, I could do it in 10 probably, without any help either.

6. The Eternal Championship is literally 10 Champion level mobs, and all of them have mechanics that already existed in the game. A reskin of random Champions on planets. Please.

7. Not more than a dozen uprisings. Literally ten. And each one of them is shorter than half of a Flashpoint. Do you want me to add 5 Flashpoints to the content delivered? Fine. Let’s agree on a total of 10 Flashpoints then.

So yeah, I am sorry about my mistake. I was wrong. The second half of SWTOR’s life had 15% of the content delivered during the first half, not 10%. Much better now, right?

I completely disagree that you can do it in 4-5 hours, if it was I would have done it on more than 2 toons, the time it took was unbearable. 4-5 hours? If only. then there was Kotfe. Huge amount of resources spent on this.
There were several star fortress layouts with different Paladins. They were horrible but was content.
Qol takes time, resources so was content, some of it rather good. (better than story anyway) and remember I’m taking about allocation of resources here.
DvL again was content, it was simple but had to be set up and maintained that took time and resources.
GC again time and resources, to set up and maintain and make the changes, test the changes and make constant on-going changes as it progressed.
EChamp again time and resources, was rather good imho and a wasted opportunity at group content.
Ok i’m not at my gaming P.C, so it was ten Uprisings but again time and resources.
And remember this was all during Kotet and Kotfe that was getting the lions share of resources and vast sums spent on Blur movies.
So the resources spent on all this wouldn’t have been far of the first 3 years (without pre release budget) of content, it was just spent in completely the wrong way and targeted at the wrong areas.
I still don’t think this is a content issue, it’s an allocation of resources at the wrong content issue.

Dude, what are you smoking when you are typing these things? Do you not understand how ridiculous they seem to anyone with a brain?

QoL is NOT content, the DvL event was NOT content, and NONE of the stuff you said requires significant amounts of time and resources.

No, no, no, no, no. Just stop. Please. It’s embarrassing. Seriously.

The Star Fortress is ONE Flashpoint. That’s all there is. With the same final boss, where only ONE of his ability changes. That’s less than the difference of mechanics between a Veteran mode and a Master mode boss.

ALL ten maps for the Uprisings already existed. They are literally parts of the planets that were already there. They just added a few mobs and bosses. MINIMAL effort, to say the least. Pathetic. Lame. NOT new content.

ALL of the “content” that you mention, is just NOT content. It’s maintenance. It’s what happens in any MMO anyway. It’s no different than what needed to happen every few months between 2012 and 2015, therefore it was zero extra effort.

All these things you listed require resources that come from the Swtor resource pot (the only pot here despite your opening remark) and were all added extras during Kotet and Kotet.
Zero effort is incorrect.
Zero progression of the MMO would be correct as I have stated.
Plenty resources distributed to the wrong areas.

50 hours??? WTF??? How slow do you play ffs?? I agree with John. It was done for me in about 5-6 hours total (basically one afternoon the entire KOTFE and KOTET even less time) and that was without rushing. It was just that easy and short.

Lol maybe it just felt like 50 hours it was so bad.
I want to try it now to prove you wrong……..but I don’t know if my sanity can handle it.
I even did it with my scoundrel stealther the second time to try and shorten it, waste of feckin time, Zakuul mobs are so special and amazing STEALTH DOESN’T BLOODY WORK.

Yup, regardless of what class you use that has stealth, none of it works. Cross a line in KOTFE and the mobs will see you no matter what.

As for 5-6 hours, don’t know what class you favor, but yeah I started at about midday/1pm, and I finished it just after 6pm or so when I did it and I was left thinking “Is that all there was?”. I was hoping for more story, and if not story, combat then. I got neither. It was just smash # of Zakuul robots (with zero skill or tactics needed) to get to next cutscene, very similar to Star Fortress which followed the same principle. *shrug*

50 hours for 20 chapters??? Do you want to tell me that it takes you over 2 hours to do ONE chapter from the zakuul crap? Umm… are you sure we are playing the same game? The whole Mass Effect 3 is probably 50 hours of gameplay, do you seriously think that shithole kotfe/kotet is as long? Lol

WRONG, everybody here LOVE this game the only difference you see here people who are not comformists with mediocre content, if you prefer the unconditional ones return to the official swtor forums. Regarding the produce and his pet well that’s a different story personally i dont like them…

Seriously, Bio-drone?
That’s seriously all you’ve got left?
Fuckin’ Hell, I can’t even with you people, anymore 🙁

Only if you can explain to me how your asking the same tired old boring thinly veiled insults masking as questions you wont listen to the very reasonable answers to doesn’t make you a complete douche?

I agree with you that we’re getting the content we’ve been asking for.
However players are angry for the way that group content players were abandoned for 2 years in an MMO.
Rightly so too imho.

I went back to the game recently and am starting to enjoy it again after a very very long hiatus though not sure if I want to sub because I already spent some stuff for my preferred status. That 350k limit is getting to me though lol.

Btw, don’t mind the trolling on the others. I do love ticking off the toxic people. Easy bait 🙂

If your here to bait the toxics have fun, they enjoy the challenge and like the banter.
Some good posters on here that are frustrated also though so be prepared 😛
A couple of content drops coming next week and mid April, maybe see if you like them before you commit to a sub first.
Enjoy the game mate. 🙂

They have been waging a war on EA for over ten years. The idiots throwing temper tantrums on this site whenever there is swtor news are not mentally stable individuals. They have all been either banned on the official forums and or have never played swtor and are just desperate to feel included. All they have in life is to receive upvotes by crying about a video game .

Just remember, it took two flipping years to get here, to end up with what real MMORPGs do during their regular 1- to 3-month patches.

And these fucking BW Austin fools still expect peeps to pay a sub for this sub par shit and trickle of content. Amazing isn’t it? And to think, there are still somehow fanbois that exist for all this mediocrity.

Yeah if you think acting like some spoiled child throwing a temper tantrum using bad words is better than a “fanboi” you have serious issues.

Odd, didn’t realize I was defending anyone. I was only replying to an annoying idiot but eh, whatever gets you through your lonely nights little one.

Funny, I don’t believe anywhere in this:

“And these fucking BW Austin fools still expect peeps to pay a sub for
this sub par shit and trickle of content. Amazing isn’t it? And to
think, there are still somehow fanbois that exist for all this

does it say, or imply that I think I am better then a fanboi. Read it again chump change. The fact fanbois actually exist despite the continuing lies and deceit by BW Austin, or how long this OP is taking to be completed when compared to other mmo’s that do it in just a few months is the point I made. The fact I had to spell it out for you says much about what a temper tantrum chucking little bitch fanboi you have been with all your recent posts. Grow up, harden the fuck up and accept we are not going to share the same view. Bring those facts you proudly claim to have about this game and bring a real debate if you can. We’ll be waiting. Otherwise, you are just a temper tantrum chucking little bitch you accuse everyone else of being.

Oh fancy a wanna be internet tough guy crying about a video game so cool. Obviously your tears are getting in the way of your reading comprehension. My facts were directed at you guys for being such cancers to the gaming community. I never defended swtor or the developers. Everyone is aware it has issues… nothing like the serious issues you have though.

Listen you kids keep jerking each other off on your hatred for a video game. Plenty of people will continue to enjoy swtor for many years to come while you guys share memes, copy comments and hit those upvotes.

No matter how you look at it no matter how many flaws a games has those enjoying a video game will always be superior to those like you crying on a random video game forums. That’s a fact.

Oh the ironies. So many!! Life boat time peeps!!

* An internet tough guy who says “Obviously your tears are getting in the way of your reading comprehension.” but fails in his own reading comprehension with the previous post, but ignores it and makes it about other peoples reading. *face palm*

* An internet tough guy crying about people not loving the current state of SWTOR.

* An Internet tough guy bringing insults and nothing else, then complaining about others insulting him.

* An internet tough guy who complains about complainers, yet fails to see the irony in doing so.

* An internet tough guy who calls anyone who isn’t in line with his delusions a cancer, yet fails to see what a sham his whole life has been when he says video games don’t affect him, and yet, look where he is, complaining and crying.

* In internet tough guy who says “No matter how you look at it no matter how many flaws a games has those
enjoying a video game will always be superior to those like you crying
on a random video game forums. That’s a fact.” and yet here he is, doing the same thing, but on a different side of the fence.

* An internet tough guy just being a little bitch period.

Did I sum you up enough? Probably not, but stiff shit. You came with nothing, so should be treated as the nothing that you are. Now we return to our usual shenanigans before little thegoalie79 had a cry with his “LEAVE SWTOR ALONE SOB SOB, YOU ALL ARE A CANCER WAAH WAAH WAAH” moment.

At this point is it really Star Wars. Go watch ANH or ESB and then look at robotic turtle terror above and ask yourself WTF am I doing here.

It fits in well with the ‘Gods of the Machine’/’Iokath’ storyline, as do the other bosses in the other ops.
Separate them all out individually and they all look daft 🙂

Funny how they have zero melee classes in that teaser, also what the hell even is this game still doing up? this is just a corpse being dragged around by parasites at this point.

How does it seem that way when commented here in Non Official Forum ? Could be that Ravarah is one of those who is hoping for a Huge Miracle with Development. That is to receive Sub Worthy News & return online. As everyone knows how shitty treatment Swtor gives if for people with f2p or prefered account. Also Mmo’s are just better to be played with monthly sub.

As i’ve been doing since Golden UO. Not from it’s launch though, but some years later. UO that was 1st Mmo launched. Take care enjoy whatever game you adventure in. #WaitForSubWorthyNewSToReturnOnline #SubbedFromLaunchToDec2016

True that… Sad But True.. “Metallica Is Love” <3 Eaware has blocked people also on their Twitch even if said something lil bit negative. Crazy snowflakey Community Manager's who are Chat Moderators :/ One who blocked some was Mr.Tait before he left the Swtor's Community Manager Job.

I think 2x C.Managers have left Swtor in past couple years. I don't wonder why.. #WaitForSubWorthyNewSToReturnOnline #SubbedFromLaunchToDec2016

Maybe people should play it 1st then criticise considering the last few bosses of this this Op have been excellent.

Criticism will continue regardless of quality.
It could be the greatest OP ever made but it’s irrelevant, taken too long to arrive.
Most hardcore raiders have left.
They want sub money, then they need to deliver quality and quantity.
And we both know that isn’t going to happen so the ridicule will continue.

a detailed analysis and assessment of something, especially a literary, philosophical, or political theory.
“a critique of Marxist historicism”
synonyms: analysis, evaluation, assessment, appraisal, appreciation, review, write-up; More
evaluate (a theory or practice) in a detailed and analytical way.
“the authors critique the methods and practices used in the research”

From posters saying ‘why is this game even here’ to ‘this has taken 2 years’ to ‘ Kids with rich parents still defend swtor/ Let swtor die’ I don’t think some people are ‘critiquing’ the pictures in a detailed and analytical way as you’re describing.

I’ve no issue with people comparing it to a transformer, it bloody does after all, but the rest of the over-reaction is not relevant to 2 pictures and can only be judged by playing it.

adjective: condescending
having or showing a feeling of patronizing superiority.”she thought the teachers were arrogant and condescending”synonyms:patronizing, supercilious, superior, snobbish, snobby, disdainful, lofty, haughty; smug, conceited;
informalsnooty, stuck-up
“she looked us up and down in a condescending manner”

Am I condescending?
I actually never thought of that.
I don’t feel I’m better than anyone else, there wouldn’t be a reason for me to think that.
In fact I think I’m looked down on in the forums because I still play and enjoy, but I don’t mind that in the slightest.
I was just pointing out that the over-reaction didn’t seem to equate to the pictures presented to us.

Yes, implying that someone doesnt know what a word means by posting its definition is text book condescension.

Cute Mr condescending accusing others.

How about you look up the definition of hypocrite pal.

16 minutes ago
Damn, sorry bout your life dude. I hope you can find better shit to do. Good luck, feel better

Either you dont know what hypocrite means yourself or you think Im not being genuine when I express my wish for you to feel better. I really wish you the best of luck.

Implying that we are friends and that I am little- both condescending

still no examples of hypocrisy, yet

Well I can’t help you are not mentally capable of understanding the definition even after you copy/pasted that definition.

Try harder little buddy.

Actually, Addy condescendingly defining critique for me after first using the word criticize himself (misspelled I might add) could be seen as being hypocritical as well, good catch!

ad hominem

[ad hom-uh-nuh m -nem, ahd‐]



appealing to one’s prejudices, emotions, or special interests rather than to one’s intellect or reason.


attacking an opponent’s character rather than answering his argument.


Nice use of big internet buzz words but maybe you should read that definition yourself as it only applies to addy and now yourself in this conversation.

You shouldn’t frequent english speaking comment sections if you don’t understand the language my friend. That wasn’t even hard semantics there.

1. Look at other games in the genre and the quantity/quality of the content they deliver on a consistent basis compared to SWTOR.2. Remember that SWTOR has one of the world’s biggest IPs, larger than any other game in the genre, and is handeled by EA, a company with a massive amount of resources.3

Wow and people think the official forums are bad. This is the biggest cesspool of neckbeard losers circle jerking eachother I have ever seen.

Guys this is a video game how pathetic can some of you be? Great you’ve been crying about swtor nonstop for over six years. You have all your memes, comments and combacks saved on your swtor hate file on your desktop in your moms basement. You have all been banned from the swtor forums and come here to shed your tears. But honestly you guys need to move on.

Sure you projected swtor closure in 2012,2013,2014,2015,2016,2017 and now 2018 and you have been wrong every year. Swtor didn’t close those years its not closing this year and won’t be closing next year. Just move on. Nobody is saying swtor is perfect but what ever weird, sick, mentally unstable agenda some of you have your little swtor hate party everytime dulfy posts news won’t change anything. Its just makes you guys look like desperate losers.

My “superior” FACTS. Oh I’m not desperate at all. I am very aware I’m not part of the kewl kids here and won’t get any upvotes. I’m just posting the facts about how 99% of gamers feel about you guys.

Says the guy crying on here cause he got banned on the official forums. Thanks for the laugh bud!

Some kid telling other what to do in their life while he cries about a video game on a non official forum cause he is banned on the official forums cause his life is so great haha! Priceless!

Never felt bad. Nothing about a video game has any impact on my life. You guys should step back and let this game go its clearly having a negative impact on your life. I’m just here posting facts.

Your stated purpose in your OP above and in follow up posts is to cause anger, but your own anger at how people feel and post here on the reg clouds to you the fact that your manner will only bring derision to yourself. Im simply stating that I hope you feel better about things in the future and arent seeking out others anger to validate your anger at peoples anger… or something like that.

So again, good luck, feel better.

No no little buddy no anger here. I’m just educating those like you who have been crying about a video game for over six years now. I’ve posted facts its not my fault those facts trigger those like you.

I hope those like you can let a video game go and get some mentel help. Its sad those like you cant understand how pathetic your life must be if you need to resort to crying about a video game on some random website cause your pathetic behavior got you banned on the official forums.

Best of luck little buddy. I’ll be around posting facts if you are not mentally able (which clearly you are not) to handle those facts you might need to step outside your moms basement.

Can we hear from your fanboi spreadhseet, these so called facts about how great SWTOR is atm and how healthy and first class as a MMO it is, which proves all haters wrong in their facts? Why, there must be so many servers filled to capacity according to your facts. Would you be so kind to show the facts on where they are? I must be looking at the wrong page on when I see only 5 servers, all with their once low population statuses hidden.

While you are at it, can you please also delve into your silly little spreadsheet and show how SWTOR is delivering value for money to it’s remaining and dwindling player base against any other mmo out there that asks for sub money and gives what SWTOR does? Oh hey, if it isn’t too much strain on your spreadsheet, how about showing us the facts on how the game is heading in a great direction (as Abaddonsmummy continues to think), but for whatever reason, the player base does not reflect that or how we are all wrong with how useless the devs are that they cannot provide real content (Companions must count as proper content according to your spreadsheet) or keep to their own time schedule on making an OP? I would love to hear the “FACTS” on that.

He cannot cause his spreadsheet must be emptier than swtor servers or/and a swtor “roadmap”. Tbh his head might be emptier too, scientists are still debating over that.

You are amazing, thegoalie79. Not sure if you are an epic troll or a sane person noticing the insanity here, but I tip my fedora to you.

You see these people find this stuff enjoyable. Some people watch tv, others do sports, others play games, and the crowd here does the rage memes.

I tried telling them that they should rather spend their time playing other games instead of griping here, to no avail.

It is not that SWTOR is bad, but that people who stopped playing still gripe about it here instead of doing something constructive.

Maybe they should go out and sweep the neighbourhood, pick up some trash, get a job or start your own business.

If they put half of the effort what they do here into something constructive, they would be richer than the President in a year.

“Nothing about a video game has any impact on my life”

Damn you are a fool. Yet here you are, crying and demanding people leave this website because we all don’t love SWTOR the way you do. If SWTOR didn’t have an impact on you, why would you give a flying fuck what is said about it in the comments on Dulfy or SWTOR?? No, no impact on your life at all rofl.

Seriously, is there some rule with you idiot fanbois that says you have to be borderline retarded?

Well obviously you are completely retarded. Even borderline retards like the 10 other idiots you jerk off in here are not half as pathetic as you.

You keep those tears flowing little buddy. You have at least two more years to suffer as swtor won’t be closing anytime soon. Just think you get to type “Musco ” every day for over 700 days. Oh boy I bet that put a smile on your face didn’t it little buddy. I almost feel bad engaging someone with such a low mental capacity as you.

Oh you’ve started it now.
Clear your inbox because it’s gonna get full really quick.
I agree with a lot of what you say but some posters here are actually ok and just want the game to be better.
The ‘others’ are as you described and here here for the ‘lols’, attention or the votes.
We all want more content but I think it’s going in the right direction finally albeit with a few major scheduling issues re. the OP.
Good luck man, you’re gonna need it 😉

Thanks man I can handle these guys haha. They all just copy/paste each others talking points and links from their spreadsheets on their desktop.

They don’t send their best over here.

Lol, he won’t need any luck because he brings nothing to the table but insults Abaddonsmummy. And this is what I mentioned when I complimented your style of fanboi despite not agreeing with you. You defend BW Austin with good debating points. I can respect that as can most on here. Meanwhile, Spastic thegoalie79 comes with nothing but crying and insults, because we all don’t sip from the same cup of shit SWTOR serves him. Is it any surprise he will be treated as the retard fanboi crying into his Darth Malgus Statue (as someone said) and not treated seriously. He set himself up from the get go. It will just be people dismissing him, and him pretending to have facts but never showing them, instead using insults. We have seen it all before, just another troll fanboi who cannot defend SWTOR with facts, and comes at so called haters with insults. We all laughed at them before. Move along people, nothing new to see here.

After you do your daily tears on a napkin with Muscos name I can see I might be added to your pathetic list of who has impacted your life so much you have to post about them on a random video game forum.

Lol, the only way you have impacted me is to make me believe that natural selection is no longer a thing and that your parents committed a crime against humanity in letting you grow up the way you did – so full of yourself, so full of delusion, and most importantly, so utterly retarded, you need a disabled sticker and head protection.

Oh yes one of the kewl kids opened up his swtor hater spreadsheet on his desktop and copied a link. That’s so cool bud!

Oh come on, King Keith’s recent SWTOR forum post where everyone thanked him for talking to them was a way bigger circle jerk.

says the 12 year old sitting at his computer wearing a jedi robe and staring at his malgus statue lol. Guess what dude your a dying breed one of the very few left smh. If your such a carebear snowflake that cant handle criticism this isnt the forum for you might want to stay on the tor forums where you have to pay to post and the kool aid is good

Yes another one goes into his swtor hater spreadsheet!

Thanks for proving my point about you idiots and your circle jerk.

Its so cute how you guys share all your pics, memes and comments.

Awwww poor little baby. Why don’t you run into Fucktard Musco’s arms, cry on his girly shoulder and tell him how the big bad Internet peeps hurt you.

Alternatively, you can, you know, harden the fuck up and accept not everyone will share your idiot opinion. You don’t see us so called haters trying to force feed our opinions onto you. Funny how sensitive people like you are to opinions that don’t match your delusions. *Shrug*

Oh the tough Internet guy got banned five years ago by Musco and now he can’t move on with his pathetic life. That is so sad tough guy I bet your mommy is so proud of you for wasting over six years crying about a video game you got banned from.

Awww it’s the Video games doesn’t affect me bitch, but here he is, STILL ranting and raving on a swtor fansite, and pretending to not give a shit, but replying to any post that calls him out on his bullshit or piss poor efforts in insults. Did Mommy make a bet with you that you couldn’t be the dumbest fuck to ever post on Dulfy, so you said “Hold my apple juice mommy”??

Your butthurt is approaching legendary status at this point. Might be time to go find an ice pack that will fit up your ass to soothe said butthurt. Poor little bitch!!

Dude you’re almost 40 years old, still a special snowflake? You can trust me when I tell you that it doesn’t matter if other people don’t enjoy the same things that you enjoy. Contrary to what you might think, you can STILL login SWTOR and play the same missions for the 128th time.

You can even love The Last Jedi if you want, and pretend it’s a great movie, and not the worst Star Wars movie ever made. Even that, is allowed.

Well Johnny boy it wouldn’t matter if I were 10 or 100 I am relaying what 99.999% of mentally stable adults and kids would think if they stepped foot in here and read the sad, pathetic, weird, mentally unstable obsession those like you have towards a video game.

This isn’t about liking and not liking a game a majority of those you are defending don’t play swtor and I would bet a number of them have never played swtor. They are desperate for attention , upvotes and another meme to copy/paste to their spreadsheets. At no point have I defended swtor or the developer. I’m just stating facts about the 10-20 posters Dulfy allows to circle jerk each other every time there is news about swtor. There is a reason 99.999% of gamers never step foot in forums its because you guys are a cancer.

Again I’m stating a facts here. If you don’t like facts or if facts offends you too bad.

I am a SWTOR subscriber and I think the game as a huge amount of faults. I’m also sad to see it slowing down. I do think its days are numbered even if it still lasts for a few more years. However. I must agree with the sentiment of your comments (although the name-calling wasn’t necessary). I come here whenever there is an update in the game for guidance and every damn time I glance below it’s endless, ranting, whining and moaning. I just don’t know why the commenters here are so invested in moaning about it. I don’t post in the comments section ever because of the,way they behave and I just think to myself “Jesus wept, just go play something else”. So I am with you, even if your delivery does leave a lot to be desired.

Remember when the game was healthy and great?? There were plenty of the guides you came to Dulfy for. Now go back on all the pages and see how few guides are left and being made. All that exists now are delays, promises of content, promises of road maps and weekly cartel market updates. That, right there, tells you all you need to know about the health of the game. Using the comments section as an excuse is just reaching. One might ask, if you know what to expect time after time in the comments section (People who have no problem voicing the huge amounts of faults, that you choose to sit quietly over), why read the comments section? Find the guide you want (if you can anymore) and move on. Save yourself the grief it causes you. 🙂

I believe that fact that I don’t post in it normally means I DO save myself the grief! Your post is a bit silly for that reason alone and also because I said the game has faults and is slowing, so it is not like I am totally against reasonable criticism. I simply think some of the endless whining and vitriol is way over the top and, as I said above, I just don’t get why people waste their time doing it over and over and over instead of just going and doing something/playing a game they enjoy. I saw someone getting attacked for saying as much so I felt I’d post a quick post to say that it’s the reason I avoid posting here. I’m not looking for a long conversation about it.

Why do I glance at the comments? I usually give them a brief speed read in case anyone has posted any tips or advice. No more., no less. Given I choose not to post because of the toxicity, I’m obviously already doing what you say, so that renders your post and the patronising tone of it thoroughly unnecessary.

Patronising?? Hardly. I was actually replying back to your post in all fairness and sincerity. I don’t know if you chose to ignore my whole post but the point remains true. Look how few guides are made for this game. And that is partly because of the content but also because the serious players have jumped ship. All those great peeps who made the class guides have moved on.

As for wasting time, to each their own. You fail to see the point of the comments, I enjoy reading what peeps have to say, even the defenders who bring legit opinions like Abaddonsmummy, not useless bags of shit like thegoalie79 who is that stupid. he fails to see how he not only fails in everything he has posted, but even fails to see when what he has posted, shits on other things he has posted. And regarding how much time is spent, I can’t speak for others, but I can type very fast, so for me, this is but a few short minutes of time spent on Dulfy to respond to unread comments. And of course I sure as hell do play other games. Lastly, you do make a valid point about not posting and saving yourself grief. But then, my comment also goes back to you not seeing the point of it, others differ and on that, we can agree about – different strokes for different folks. Good day to you good sir. *Tips hat*

Like for 2,5 1st lines. Then it turns to Mind Boggling text that goes to hug the 40’ish y old snowflakey. One with weird obsession to ex Mmo that’s had shameful development for past 1,5 years & a bit longer. No hard feelz 😛 Hope you enjoy whatever game you adventure in. Peace 😛 #WaitingForSubWorthyNewSToReturnOnline #SubbedFromLaunchToDec2016

Maybe he has his “facts” on a spreadsheet and copy/paste them each time he feels the need for trolling. Must be a very small sheet too, because in 50 posts he has basically said the same 2 things over and over. Trolls back in the days were way more original. But what else to expect from a swtor troll…. the state of the game reflects the state of the trolling – Pathetic.

Glad to see someone else has picked up on how repetitive thegoalie69 has become, let alone how retarded.

There is literally nothing in your post that is a fact. You must be really kidding yourself if you think that there are actually 100000 people even playing this game, let alone follow the forums and SWTOR websites.

I cannot be offended by you or anything you post. What you are relaying, is the fact that it makes you feel sad when others don’t enjoy the game that you seem to love so much, and they crap on it. Well, I would have been used to it by now, people have been giving shit to this sad game for years now, and yet it still affects you.

Dammit. I feared someone would figure out that my snarky smartass posts here on SWTOR was the foundation of my master plan to take over the world.

What’s the fascination with spreadsheets? I really don’t get it. You use speadsheets for work, or for gaming when you’ve fallen down the rabbit hole of trading in MMOs. But who would use a spreadsheet for writing posts here?

The worst part isn’t that SWTOR releases a depressingly tiny amount of content, it’s that BW has gone from being one of the best, if not the best RPG makers to being mostly “meh” in the last few years.

Hahah first of all, why would diversity hires affect something negatively? Unless you think that white males are better at this work of course, which would make you a piece of shit.

“Diversity hires” is probably one of the most irrelevant reason for why the game is in the state it is, far below Keith’s pet hamster’s mood swings and the diet choices of his uncle….

Well, we haven’t had one of “you” guys for the longest time. Nice to see you are still around.

Since this escalated pretty fast, I’ll try to keep this simple.

Who exactly here wants the game to shut down? Point me to that evidence. I don’t. Never did, never will.

It’s very hard, I would say impossible, to be banned from if you are not a subscriber. You do know that, right? In the time I WAS a sub, I did express my concerns over the game. MULTIPLE TIMES. And was NEVER banned.

Moving on to facts, since you seem to value those very much. Good, I do too:

Most of the guys here don’t hate the game. They hate the direction it took, what it became. Around the time Oricon came out this was the best game of its type there was, bar none. I know a lot of guys here agree with that. A LOT.

It’s very hard to move on when there’s nowhere to move on to. I HAVE moved on. I am thoroughly enjoying another MMO that is very good. Alas: it’s not Star Wars.

And I have explained this FACT many times to your “sort”. You fail to recognise that one of the reasons people don’t “move on” is because the BUSINESS MODEL that Star Wars games have prevents us from that. There is only ONE Star Wars MMO out there. This one.

What we want is CONTENT. Hell, half the content other MMOs put out. I would be comfortable with that.

And I want a Star Wars MMO to play. A proper one. If I can’t have that with this company, I will cry, moan and rant all I WANT. And there’s not a single thing you can do about that. Except, of course, respond back to me. Which will be futile, since you won’t change my opinion. But have at it, if it makes you feel good.

Just take a quick look at his posts the past 24 hours Paulo. He has brought nothing but probably some of the most retarded posts this website has ever seen. You know you are dealing with a complete idiot when thegoalie69 manages to shit on his own posts. Nice effort to try and reach out to the shit pile (ever the peace maker you are lol), but much like everything thegoalie69 has posted (hell, even Abaddonsmummy hasn’t defended him thus far), it is a waste of time.

It’s curious though. What exactly do these guys hope to achieve? Push us into submission? Recognise we are wrong, and the game is great, in good health and prospering? That Keith and the happy bunch back in Austin are doing a great job?

If anything, this makes us double down on the criticism. I really fail to see the point.

Look man: as everyone and their mother know, I’m playing ESO. Now, I’m enjoying that so much that I don’t even BOTHER going to the Forums. I don’t even know of ANY Forum for ESO. I don’t want to spend my time to go check if there are other people enjoying the game or not. Or hating the game. I’d rather be playing.

In fact, I started coming to Dulfy because of the class guides. To check if there was a better way of running the classes than I was doing. To get pointers for running Ops. THEN I started checking the comment section.

So I put the question this guy poses in reverse:

If he is enjoying the game SO MUCH… What is he doing here, spending HIS time on futile endeavours? Don’t take me the wrong way, he’s ABSOLUTELY entitled to do that.

But WHY would you choose to do that?

There is that possibility. In that case it’s pitiful. That one person could come up with multiple accounts, guest ones as it may be, to come here and defend his/her views… Just pitiful. Stick to one account, guest or not, make your case and stand by it. I know I did. Even when it was not shared by the rest of the community. And boy, did I get some flack during that period…

I’ve been searching for a dulfy level forum/news site for ESO myself.
Please post if you come up with one. XD

I will. The fact is that whenever I need some pointers regarding builds or where or how to get particular things I go to Youtube and do it. Haven’t really found a site like Dulfy.

Speaking of which: it’s about time we started asking Dulfy to properly cover ESO, don’t you think? I would LOVE if she started dedicating some time to that game. She’s been the best thing about TOR in the last few years.

What about that, Dulfy???

Big Yes & Both Thumbs Up for this ^^ Please Dulfy give some well deserved love for beautiful @The Elder Scrolls Online. One that’s Developed by friendly Zenimax Studios & Assisted by @Bethesda 🙂 Thanks & *Bows Down* o/ Wish you have safe & prosper path ahead 🙂 #WaitsForSubWorthyNewSForSwtorSoCanReturnOnline #SubbedFromLaunchToDec2016

Would love to see ESO covered here again too 🙂

But as for now, the ESO reddit is actually pretty good. Haven’t bothered making a reddit account yet to comment myself there, but usually check it daily and often stumble over some interesting discussions there. The official forums can be useful too once in a while.

lol @ this raid that was supposed to be finished by the end of 2017 and their only on the 4th boss that still hasn’t released.. oh bioware.. how i miss what you used to be.. now you are only bioware in name, not in company. this game is just sad now.

Oh F yeah 😀 😀 😀 This big Boss encounter that comes later this month is 4th from 5x Bosses in overall on Raid with 2+ years development time. I thought it’s 5th one so breaking the Promise of Delivering all 5x by end of 2017 is even more Fked up if really next one is 4th..

King Keith hasn’t even made any kind of Official Apology about the delay & the failed Promise that he made in late spring 2017. That’s what been mind boggling me for a long time now.. #WaitForSubWorthyNewSToReturnOnline #SubbedFromLaunchToDec2016

I think that Kid Lee is a nice guy and all, But I have a problem with him trying to get me to not only expect less,but to accept that there may not be enough developers or finances being thrown SWTOR’s way. But the thing is that SWTOR was developed by a Triple A gaming studio and people just naturally expect that they get value for their $15 a month. And to be honest the game really should be 100% ftp with no monthly subscription fee.

That’s the one thing that baffles me the most. Yes, I know they have very little resources but that doesn’t make it acceptable. It also doesn’t excuse the lying and unprofessional nature they put forth on a consistent basis. Especially when, as you pointed out, they are still asking the same monthly fee as other games that deliver 10x the content (because F2P is a joke and not really a viable option.)

I think the saddest thing in all this, is that BW Austin was created for the SOLE purpose of developing and maintaining SWTOR. Yes, I know all the original guys who made SWTOR great once upon a time are gone, but one would think with the amount of work they created, it would be a simple matter for the devs left to simply make more of the same, not go in the direction they have since 4.0. And now Anthem is make or break for Bioware as a whole. Sad times ahead for BW in 2019 it seems.

The problem with f2p is where does the revenue come from?
Sadly it’s usually the cash shops, if you think the Cartel Market is bad now it will be 10 times worse, and also the game then becomes Play to Win with combat or xp bonuses appearing in the shops for deep pocketed players.
F2p is not the way to go imho.

Except we have begun to see BW Austin dip it’s toes in the p2w swamp with Keith talking about selling Lvl 50 companion affection boosts on the CM. At this point, now that we know King of bullshit Keith and BW Austin as a whole have no interest in expansions (and instead feeding SWTOR piecemeal bits of so called “content”), there is no real way for SWTOR to recover. So expect to see more “bonuses” and Op gear sold on the CM when all else fails to bring in the $$$$.

Yeah I heard that too in the Podcast a week ago and was very disheartened they even though of that, but they saw sense and even said the player back lash would be huge so they are aware that isn’t the ‘right’ way to go.
I also remember too that initially the cxp boosts were to be CM only were they not, but quickly changed to be earned in-game because of the backlash (yes I had my say on that on the official forums at the time).
We have as a playerbase to keep them right on these issues and the ‘moaners’ rightly serve their part brilliantly at that which we should all be thankful for.

Yeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaah, except BW Austin at the end of the day is ruled by Papa EA. And if Papa EA thinks it can make money, BW Austin will disregard the player base (as it has done numerous times on a variety of items and issues), and put it in some way, shape or form on the CM.

Yeah I hear what you are saying, that’s why I keep a keen eye on the CM every week to make sure nothing ‘unexpected’ crops up.

Which, by King of bullshit Keith’s own admission, is not going to happen. They will continue with this piecemeal effort until time is called by Papa EA.

Yes, but that’s a different can of worms. Will we get more, better, faster content? I seriously doubt that.

All he had to offer was boasting about returning companions. The fact he sees that as content, or the fact they struggled like hell to finish an Op, should tell you everything.

I wouldn’t mind seeing it added to Origin’s Access program which is $5 a month. I think that would be “fair” for the amount of quality content that they are currently offering.

Good God, the fanbois are REALLY trying to defend the mediocrity of BW Austin and pretend in this little microcosm universe of theirs, that what BW Austin are doing and delivering, is perfectly fine, that SWTOR is in a great place. Notice these fanbois never bring up a comparison of content between SWTOR and just about any other mmo out there?? This particular fanboi (who pimps himself as contacting Fucktard Musco as something special *Eyes roll*), lives in denial on some facts (Claiming the player base is steady?? WTF??) or just outright ignores other facts and makes up “alternate” facts by comparing Eve Online to SWTOR.

Here is a thought for the fanbois – If the game was so healthy, if the content was so amazing and the mediocrity wasn’t real, why make videos pretending otherwise? The so called reality these idiots claim to exist, surely would be enough. But nope, the facts are there for all to see. The Fanbois just cannot accept it and need to make these videos to convince themselves of their own lies. What an interesting turn for the fanbois.

(OP Is Rompe Himself)

Hey kid go upstairs and show your mom where swtor hurt you. I’ve been around video game forums for a long time I have never seen someone as mental as you are towards a video game. You need some serious mental help.

Good morning little bitch.

Where did Musco touch you last night in your dreams I’m sure it was so exciting for you ?

Some facts that will ruin your sad, pathetic miserable day. I may stop by and rehash these facts from time to time just for you.

1) Swtor is still up and running 5.8 and 5.9 have been announced and even 6.0 was mentioned so luckily for you, you have another 700 days at least to cry about swtor and dream about Musco.

2) Musco the guy who banned you five years ago and sent you on one the most pathetic, mentally challenged video game crusades anyone has ever seen is still the CM. ANY game that bans cancers to society like you is a game I can get behind.

3) As you wake up this fine day just remember you are still just a sad, pathetic little bitch.

Enjoy your crusade I’ll be back to keep you updated on what a failed cancer to society you are.

ROFL!!!! THOSE are the facts you bring??? Man, when I said you had nothing, I cut you way too much slack, you have less then nothing, and I didn’t think such a thing possible by anyone, even utterly retarded fucks like you. And now you are regurgitating insults other’s said about you to flavor your piss poor attempts?

Keep talking, at this point, it has just become more of the same, which is……

[OP is Fred G]

People like this guy have too much invested to bail at this point. He enjoys what he thinks is special access to game devs, probably earns a little bit of money from YT as well.

I know there are SWTOR podcasts out there run by ppl who admittedly don’t even play much if at all anymore.

Does Snave still stream? That guy has hated the game for years but is a slave to his base that he’s built up. Even two years ago he’d go on drunken Tweet storms about how he’s tired of the game, it sucks, and he can’t take it anymore; only to delete them the next day when he sobers up and probably realizes he doesn’t want to take the time to rebuild his channel around a different game.

So having watched it I got a few things from it.

At first he said the games going nowhere as far as Bioware’s concerned i.e closed down, but he does say papa EA might come in tomorrow and shut the doors. No real news there.

He says the video is in response to other youtubers making Swtor is dead videos, trying to give an alternate view. I don’t follow any youtubers, I don’t find they give any unbiased insights into the game so I don’t know if this statement is true.

He says that we are getting 6.0 but no information on it now and beyond that, no information. Nothing new there either – we still know nothing frustratingly.

He says it has a ‘steady’ playerbase. Not sure what that means but he justifies it by saying that it doesn’t need millions of subs comparing it to Eve. True but more subs means more revenue meaning more development. He then says Bioware has a reduced dev team, which we all know, that’s true but that must be down to lost revenues from Kotfe, Kotet driving the raiders away surely which he doesn’t make a comparison or reference to.

Will we get the bigger content releases? He says no and we have to have realistic expectations. This I have to agree with as the set up in Bioware now is based on playerbase and revenues earned, and with part of the playerbase leaving due to slow content and years of solo driven play, and therefore the dev team reduced, this will be the future.

So overall no real news here at all, we already know all of this.

Exactly my point. It was a video bringing nothing new, except to convince himself that SWTOR is happy and healthy, which we all know, even you, that it is not. And in the end, it may not be useless and lazy BW Austin responsible for shutting down SWTOR, it could be Anthem that destroys anything BW, should it fail.

Again as we have discussed I don’t think they are lazy Rompe, rather I think they were totally misguided for several years over the direction of the game that has caused the situation we are in now.
If only someone internally had the balls to stand up and say stop, what are the repercussions of this road we are going down.
They have only themselves to blame for this.
As for Anthem destroying Bioware therefore Swtor?
I’v heard you guys say this a lot, I’m still undecided as to this.
It will be a huge financial blow that’s for sure and you can bet EA will be looking for heads to chop.
And EA think with their cheque book.

You don’t think it was lazy of BW Austin to make Star Fortress, the same layout (a wall changed here or there) 6 times with boss mechanics that were almost the same through out?

You don’t think it was lazy of BW Austin to deliver a SH that was its new FP minus the assets?

You don’t think it was lazy of BW Austin to come up with different reasons for making people play years old content like DVL??

I can list a few more, but I am sure you know them.

Ok then, I guess we can agree to disagree.

As for Anthem, consider how much resources is going into Anthem. It isn’t just SPARE dev resources being pulled into Anthem. They have sacrificed SWTOR (Woeful delivery of content), ME Andromeda (the franchise shelved) and what little work was being done on the latest Dragon Age at the expense of making Anthem the be all and end all. Now consider, after this hefty investment by Papa EA (Kudos to you btw for using my term for EA lol), that Anthem fails to make them the money Papa EA wants it to make to mirror Destiny? Of course EA will go looking for heads to roll. All you need to do is look at the HISTORY of Papa EA and see that he follows a predictable path and history will repeat itself if and when Anthem dies, so too will Bioware. Just ask the many studios Papa EA sucked the life out of in the same manner.

I think these things you mentioned (apart from Star Fortresses) weren’t laziness but lack of resources ( and thought) from a much diminished team from the Kotet era of craziness that drove away a big part of the paying playerbase.
The thing about Anthem and papaEA (yes I stole it from you but it’s our secret :P) is that Swtor is still making them money and it would make no financial sense to lose more money after losing big on Anthem.
My hope, and it’s a big one is that EA turns to Bioware and says ‘have you got anything that will make us money, your last few attempts were sh*t’ and Bioware say ‘well we’ve got a Star Wars MMO that the large playerbase is dying to throw money at for decent new content’ and EA go ‘Oh yes Star Wars, hey that’s popular here’s our chequebook, go wild’.

Yeah ok I’ll keep taking the med’s XD

(Hey, it was still a better story that Kotet and Last jedi put together no?)

I would love to agree with you, but consider as I said, the Mass Effect franchise makes money, but got shelved. Ok, so Andromeda was terrible (though the combat system was better then the trilogy imo), and didn’t make the money they expected, but if they were to put a proper dev team onto it, not the Z grade DLC team led by SJW idiots, then Mass Effect could EASILY be brought back to glory. But no, Papa EA shelves it. So your hope for SWTOR being kept alive because it makes Papa EA money is hopeful at best, but history has proven otherwise. As I said, ignore SWTOR, Anthem and the latest insider report about discussions over SWTOR development being halted, and just look at all the big titles Papa EA has killed or shelved while closing the related studio down. This is not hyperbole on my part or hating or anything of the sort Abaddonsmummy. It is simply me reciting the history of what Papa EA does to every studio it buys and sucks dry. Bioware has had it’s (arguably) biggest franchise put on ice, there is nothing stopping Papa EA putting BW down if Anthem does not perform as they want.

Yeah someone recently put up a picture of all the Studios that EA had absorbed and killed off.
It was heartbreaking to see some of my favourite developers like Bulfrog and Westwood in there.
I guess time will tell, and like everyone I’m watching the news on Anthem very closely.

I am just glad there are amazing mods for C&C Generals like Rise of the Reds or Shockwave, to keep me playing C&C, long after our beloved Westwood studios died an undignified death. Hell, I actually use the mod someone made to replace the EA logo in the intro of C&C Generals with the classic Westwood one. Ahh memories………..

I tried recently to install C&C generals on my PC but it wouldn’t work.
Tried the forums but to no avail.
And all the similar browser ones are all pay us money to build that tank faster or come back in 2 days and it will be done.
P*ss off.
Would love to play them again 🙁

For real? I have no problems with Generals or Zero Hour. I have both the original discs and the Origin anniversary special (Which is what I use) that contained all the C&C games. What OS you running and what error do you get? For the record, I have Windows 7 Ultimate, and can run it perfectly, with or without mods. Of course the game still crashes hours later due to the never patched memory leak in Generals, but still, nothing a reboot can’t fix.

I’ve got C&C Generals, original, with the code also but when I click it, nothing, nada.
I went on the forums and have tried running as Admin, changing the windows service pack, booting from disc, reinstalling and still nothing.
Running Windows 7 professional 64bit.

Yeah I edited my post to include the full link. Try this encryption key: !9uE_DpyqvKbef93DeVBHrKof4m9yqP93aTpIqCtZ3x8

Ok I’ve done all that, updated to 1.08, downloaded to .exe file and replaced and checked the run as admin and set for Windows XP service pack 3 and now i’m getting : Activation.dll load failed.
I’m getting further…… but still not working.
Many thanks for this btw Rompe man 🙂

Try that

Following the instructions on worked for me. I already had the latest drivers and I installed C&C Generals and Zero Hour. Then (these are I think the most important parts):

Try to run C&C. It will not work but it will create this directory: C:UsersDocumentsCommand and Conquer Generals Zero Hour Data.
In this directory, create an empty file called options.ini.
Copy these contents to the file:
AntiAliasing = 1
BuildingOcclusion = yes
CampaignDifficulty = 0
DynamicLOD = yes
ExtraAnimations = yes
GameSpyIPAddress =
Gamma = 50
HeatEffects = yes
IPAddress =
IdealStaticGameLOD = Low
LanguageFilter = false
MaxParticleCount = 5000
MusicVolume = 55
Resolution = 1366 768
Retaliation = yes
SFX3DVolume = 79
SFXVolume = 71
ScrollFactor = 60
SendDelay = no
ShowSoftWaterEdge = yes
ShowTrees = yes
StaticGameLOD = Custom
TextureReduction = 0
UseAlternateMouse = yes
UseCloudMap = yes
UseDoubleClickAttackMove = no
UseLightMap = yes
UseShadowDecals = yes
UseShadowVolumes = yes
VoiceVolume = 70
In Windows Explorer, go to C:Program Files (x86)EA GamesCommand & Conquer Generals Zero Hour.
Right-click on generals.exe. Select Properties.
On the Compatibility tab, check Run this program in compatibility mode for and in the drop down select Windows XP (Service Pack 3).
On the same tab, under Privilege Level check the Run this program as administrator check box.
Press OK and then run the program.

Interesting. Those settings almost match mine apart from graphics. So did the forums speak of why it will run once the options.ini is created? It seemed to me the issue with Abaddonsmummy was the exe and it not finding the next files in the process of running, hence “nothing” appearing to happen. I always thought the options.ini was used once the exe has successfully run it’s processes to start the game, which it seems abaddonsmummy was not getting that far.

If you could provide a link to the actual forum thread, would love a read on it.

Awwww man, it is just going to highlight all the files different from the original to the Origin anniversary edition it seems. Create an email acct with whoever and send me the email addy. Going to send you an alternative.

Then you can discard the email addy after my email.

Look dw man it’s cool, I really appreciate it, it would be a nice bit of nostalgia but I’ve got a lot going on just now anyways so I wouldn’t be able to play it much.
Many many thanks for the effort Rompe.
Your a good man. 🙂

Your call, but pretty sure this alternate solution will work for you. If anything you can get this alternate solution and use it later when family doesn’t impede on gaming time (I know that feeling all too well). 🙂

Rompe the man with Right Words about Swtor & in general said: “Hell, I actually use the mod someone made to replace the EA logo in the intro of C&C Generals with the classic Westwood one. Ahh memories…”

^^ Great Mod ah nice idea! 🙂 Thanks for the link :)))) Westwood Studios love since -90’s until it’s undginified death “like you said it well” <3 Shame on EA's Half Blind Suits. About Swtor: #WaitingForSubWorthyNewSToReturnOnline #SubbedFromLaunchToDec2016

Big Thanks 🙂 I’ve had Profile in Great Moddb with same Handle for years. *Bows Down* o/ #WaitingForSubWorthyNewSToReturnOnline #SubbedFromLaunchToDec2016

I watched it myself and agreed as its just the same old news like usual. If someone high up on the ladder wanted to shut it down unexpectedly it would happen, like what they did with City of Heroes/Villains as that was highly unexpected.

Those who bash the game will forever talk trash about it let alone those that still play and enjoy it.

He is a EAware “influencer” aka familiar. He will never talk bad about SWTOR otherwise he burns bridges.

[OP is Fred G]

I’ve already got you covered, buddy! Posted one a few articles back when you were having a little tantrum.

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