GW2 Gemstore Update–Inquest Exo-Suit Outfit

GW2 Inquest Exo-Suit Outfit is now available in the gemstore for 700 gems.

Inquest Exo-Suit Outfit – 700 gems

Dye Pattern















Sales & Returning Items


  • Enemies Dye Pack – 400 gems (was 625 gems)
  • Heroes Dye pack – 400 gems (was 625 gems)
  • Dragon’s Watch Dye Pack – 400 gems (was 500 gems)

Available for 7 days only

  • Nipenthis

    Why would anyone ever wear something that leaves their belly uncovered?

    • Kevin Flanagan

      Why would anyone ever wear something that leaves their breast exposed? Never mind leaving your head exposed.

    • Jalen Dmello

      You don’t meet plenty of women do you??

      • Nipenthis

        Who go to combat? Not really

        • Jalen Dmello

          Oh so your interests are in men, my bad

          • Nipenthis

            What a funny guy this one

        • RabbitUp

          Because this game is otherwise full of armour and outfits suitable for combat..

    • Alot

      You know that most female armor pieces in mmos do their best to protect the few pieces of exposed armor with ample lengths of bare skin, right?

  • Marabexa

    An Outfit without buttcape?!?! What sorcery is this??? :O INSTABUY!

  • Jalen Dmello

    That headgear sigh -_-
    Wish it wasn’t part of the outfit

    • Vegeta

      At last, my lost scouter!

    • RabbitUp

      You can disable headgear on outfits by unclicking the box in your equipment window.

      • KJ

        Not sure what Jalen’s wish is, as many people in this sub seem to want the headgear without the outfit (to mix and match with other armor pieces). But if Jalen just doesn’t like the headgear, then totally, just hide it ;D

  • Veluta Lunata

    I’m kind of surprised she doesn’t have a video for this outfit.

  • Vivian

    Because this game is otherwise full of armour and outfits suitable for combat..

  • Emil33

    This looks pretty good on all races … I find this is not usually the case LOL

  • Draven Nightstrike

    I would buy if it wasn’t for the exposed belly feature. It makes the outfit looks unfinished. Close that section off in a future model Arena Net and I’ll happy pay gems for it!

  • Razyiel

    That headpiece is straight exported from DBZ, right? xD

    • What does the scouter say?

      • Alot

        Mine exploded when I looked at kralk. Think it was over 9000 :/

  • Jan Na

    I would buy this outfit, if only they cut off that belt thing hanging in front and back.

  • Deshik

    was this close from reading it as incest, what does inquest even mean?

    • Moggdex

      an inquest is a judicial investigation that looks into something (usually a death) that is violent and or mysterious. It may also be an investigation of undesirable events.

  • Moggdex

    In my opinion, this outfit looks best on asura but it looks alright on every race and gender so long as you have a good selection of dyes. The belly window is a peculiar design choice, but it doesn’t bother me that much.

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