Black Desert Final Battle and Team Battle Systems

Black Desert Online is adding and revamping the Final Battle and Team Battle systems to the game.

Final Battle

The Final Battle system has been reworked.

The Final Battle used to be a series of team deathmatches but now each round will have different rules and will be able to enjoy various forms of combat. Also, before it was difficult for a small Guild to challenge a large Guild to a Guild War and win, but with the new Final Battle system smaller Guilds have a better chance to hold their own.

• The three different rounds of the Final Battle

The Final Battle will have three rounds.

The first round is the Normal Match, and each Guild will select 20 members to fight. If the number of participants to the Final Battle is fewer than 20, everyone joins the battle. After the 20 participants from each Guild are chosen, there will be one minute for preparation then the door to the arena will open up and then round will begin.

The second round consists of Head to Head Duels. 5 Participants will be chosen from each Guild. After the selection, the participants will be moved to the arena.

During the Head-to-Head Duels, there will be a series of 1:1 matches. The winner of a match goes on to the next match, whereas the defeated Guild has to choose another Adventurer out of the remaining participants for the next match. Therefore, the order of the participants in this round could be strategically important.

If neither Guild has won both the first and second rounds, the third round will commence.

The final round will be a Full Scale War between all Guild Members participating in the Final Battle.

• More accessible to Guilds, more variety

With the newly reworked Final Battle system, the odds have been evened for Guilds regardless of their size. If your Guild has more than 20 members, your can aim to win the Final Battle by winning the first two rounds. Unlike before, the first two rounds do not need to involve the entire Guild so Guild Members can enjoy being spectators and cheering for their Guild. So let’s build some team spirit for your Guild with Final Battle!

Team Battle

Team Battle has similar to the reworked Final Battle, but there is the advantage of being able to participate as an individual and not as a Guild. Team Battle also consists of 3 rounds. The first two rounds are 1 vs. 1 style matches and the final round is a team deathmatch involving everyone.

Team Battle is available in the following servers: Balenos 2, Serendia 2, Calpheon 2, Mediah 2, and Valencia 2. You sign up as an individual and when 10 people in the same server has signed up, Team Battle will start automatically. The total AP + DP of each participant will decide their teams. The odd-numbered ranking participants will be in one team and the even-numbered in the other.

The first two rounds are like the Head-to-Head Duels from Final Battle in that they consist of multiple 1 vs. 1 matches. Each team’s leader (the highest AP+DP in each team) will nominate a participant for the match.

One thing to keep in mind for these first two rounds is the fighting ring itself. Surrounding the ring will be soldier NPCs. If you step out of the ring of NPCs for more than 5 sec, you will get a warning. If you get 3 warnings, you will automatically lose the round. Therefore, it is of strategic importance to keep an eye on you and your opponent’s positions within the ring.

A Max HP Reduction debuff will be applied to the participants on a winning streak in these 1 vs. 1 matches. Therefore, every time a participant wins a consecutive match, their Max HP will be reduced. However, if the participant wins the previous round in a short amount of time or receives less damage from their opponent, the debuff effect will be reduced. Therefore, it would be wise to try to defeat your opponent quickly.

A big draw for Team Battle is that you can you can enjoy PVP without conditions or restrictions. When Team Battle starts, your Character will be moved to the arena. Before the match starts, you can spar with each other without penalty. Since the rewards for winning or losing the Team Battle are similar, there is really no downside to Team Battles if you enjoy PVP combat.

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