Black Desert Introducing Rabam’s Enlightenment

Black Desert Online is adding Rabam’s Enlightenment, a form of skill enhancement on March 14 and 21.


Let’s find out more about Skill Enhancement!

Skill Enhancement is somewhat like the awakening of the skills where you can combine a Main Weapon Skill with another Main Weapon Skill to create a newly-enhanced skill.

After Level 56 (available March 14th) and at Level 57 (available March 21st) respectively, you can combine a Main Skill (fixed) with a Sub Skill (fixed) to created a newly Skill Enhancement!

For example, a Warrior may combine the main skill “Ground Smash” with a sub skill “Ground Roar” to create the new skill, “Seismic Strike.”

“Seismic Strike” is a new skill that trips and pulls in enemies to inflict very powerful damage.

Each class will have unique combinations for Main Skills and Sub Skills. Some Main Skills will be used more than once to fuse with a Sub Skill in the Skill Enhancement.

Taking a closer look at Enhanced Skills

※ Images below refer to Enhanced Skill relevant to each class. (For Lv.56)


Ground Smash + Ground Roar = Seismic Strike


Rushing Crow + Bloody Calamity = Crow Nightmare


Raging Thunder + Wrath of Beast = Feral Rage


Charging Wind + Penetrating Wind = Squall Shot


Fearful Trembling + Void Lightning = Resonance


Heaven’s Echo + Celestial Spear = Celestial Smite


Rising Storm + Musa Spirit = Steel Gale


Maehwa’s Will + Chaos: Red Moon = Chaos: Crimson Gust


Sage’s Memory + Healing Lighthouse = Sage’s Light


Sage’s Memory + Fireball = Sage’s Thunder


Smokescreen + Tendon Cutter = Ninjutsu: Sinew Cut


Smokescreen + Shuriken: Flight = Shuriken: Moon Dive

[Dark Knight]

Lunacy of Vedir + Corrupt Ground = Wrath of Vedir


Mass Destruction + Flash Step = Flow: Back Step


Rage Hammer + Roaring Tiger = Unbridled Wrath

There will be 2 new Enhanced skills available for each class.

We gave you a sneak peek on Rabam’s Awakening – Skill Enhancement!

Happy Enhancing!

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