Black Desert March 14 Game Update Patch Notes

Black Desert Online March 14 Game Update Patch Notes.

Greetings Adventurers,

This week be sure to check out the newly introduced Rabam’s Skill Enhancement system. Test out your new arsenal of deadly attacks against each other in the new Team Battle, and revised Final Battle systems! Find out what other goodies have been added this week below!


Event & System


  • Rabam’s Enlightenment: Skill Enhancement has been added.
    • Combine two main weapon skills to create a new skill once you reach Lv. 56.
    • Choose a skill from the Skill Enhancement section of the Skill window to learn an enhanced skill.
    • You can only learn one of the two enhanced skills.
    • You can reset the enhanced skill using Armstrong’s Skill Guide.


  • Check out more on Rabam’s Skill Enhancement < Here >.
  • Team Battle has been added.
    • Adventurers Lv. 56 and above are eligible to participate in Team Battles, which can be accessed from the ESC menu.
    • Team Battles may be engaged in the following servers:
      • Balenos 2, Serendia 2, Calpheon 2, Mediah 2, Valencia2
      • 10 participants can enter one game of Team Battle and the next game cannot begin until the previous game concludes.
    • Once 10 participants have gathered, the teams will be split into two teams of 5 players each, based on their total AP and DP. (The total AP + DP of each participant will decide their teams, with the 2 players of the highest total, 2nd highest, 3rd, 4th, and 5th being split into each team automatically).
    • Once the teams are selected, up to a maximum of three rounds of matches will take place.
    • If one team wins the 1st and 2nd round, the battle ends and the third round of matches will not take place.
    • One Participant with the highest total of AP and DP in each team becomes the team leader.
    • The first and second rounds are a 1 vs. 1 style match. The leader of each team will choose which members will participate in this portion of the match.
    • After a brief preparation time, the selected participants in each team are moved to the ring in the center of 1 vs. 1 match arena.
    • The ring for the 1 vs. 1 match is surrounded by flags and NPC Soldiers, the selected participants will then do battle in this arena.
    • Do not go outside of the ring of soldiers or you will risk be disqualified and forfeit the match.
      • Stepping out for more than 5 seconds off the ring would accrue 1 warning with 3 warnings disqualifying the participant from the match.
    • A time limit for each match begins at the start of the 1 vs. 1.
      • If both players are still standing at the end of this time, the player with the most Percentage of HP left is considered the victor.
    • The Winner of the previous match will proceed to do battle in the upcoming match. The Defeated team will have to choose a new participant of the remaining 4 to do battle in the following match.
      • The team with all five participants defeated in the 1 vs 1 matches will lose the round.
    • If the score is a tie after the first and second rounds are complete, a third, team deathmatch style round that includes all 10 participants will take place.
    • The team with more remaining members alive, or that completely defeats all members of the opposing team wins. If the same number of opponents are alive on both teams, the match will be considered a draw.
    • If you have joined a Team Battle, you may leave at any time by clicking the Team Battle button in the ESC menu again.
      • However if you leave at any point in the Team Battle before it has concluded, you will lose the match regardless of the result of the battle.
    • You cannot use any trap items, maids, or Cannon Assembly kits in the Team Battle arena.
    • Should you win over a team that has a higher average score from their team members, you will receive a higher score for Team Battle.
    • A Maximum HP Reduction debuff will be applied to the participants on a winning streak in the 1 vs. 1 matches from Team Battle.
      • The longer the winning streak, the stronger the debuff applied to the participant moving on to the next battle.
      • However, if the participant wins the previous round in a short amount of time, the power of the debuff will be reduced, it would be wise to try to defeat the opponent quickly.
      • In addition, the less damage received from the enemy player during a match will result in the power of the debuff being reduced.
  • The Final Battle system has been reworked.
    • Final Battles may be engaged in the following servers:
      • Balenos 1, Serendia 1, Calpheon 1, Mediah 1, Valencia 1
    • Final Battles consists of 3 rounds; Normal Match, Head-to-Head Duels, and Full Scale War.
    • Once the Final Battle has begun, you may not leave the battle. If the Adventurer who made the initial reservation for the battle fails to participate or closes the game before the battle has concluded, then this Adventurer forfeits the battle resulting in a loss for their Guild.
    • Up to 20 participants per Guild can join the Normal Match.
      • After the participants are chosen by each Guild’s battle organizer, the battle enters a standby mode.
      • 20 Adventurers will be randomly chosen if no decision is made during the time limit.
      • If the number of participants to the Final Battle is fewer than 20, everyone joins the battle.
      • After one minute of preparation, the door opens up and then battle begins.
      • Adventurers who are not qualified to join Normal Match are invisible to participants, but are able to observe the match freely.
      • If one team is completely destroyed, the round ends.
    • For Head-to-Head Duels, the organizers of the battle for each Guild choose 5 Guild members to participate in it.
      • Once both Guilds have chosen their participants, the organizers of the battle each pick one Adventurer for the first match.
      • After this, the chosen Adventurers in each team are moved to the ring in the center of the Head-to-Head Duel arena.
      • The ring for the Head-to-Head Duels is surrounded by flags and NPC Soldiers. Do not stray past the NPC’s or you will risk forfeiting the match.
      • A time limit for each match begins at the start of the Head-to-Head Duels, if both players are still standing at the end of this time the player with the most Percentage of HP left is considered the victor.
      • If the remaining Percentage of HP in both participants is identical, the match is considered a draw.
      • The winning Adventurer goes on to next match, whereas the defeated Guild has to choose another Adventurer out of the remaining 4 to participate in the next match.
      • If all participating Adventurers are defeated, their respective Guild loses the second round.
    • If the score is a tie after the first and second rounds, a third round begins.
      • All participants from each Guild will fight in the third round.
      • The Guild with more remaining Adventurers, or that has completely defeated all opponents will win. If the number of remaining Adventurers is the same at the end of the match the third round is considered a draw.
    • The message “You can reserve again in a few minutes.” will now appear while waiting to reserve Final Battle.
  • Click < Here > to find out more about the new Team Battle and the revamped Final Battle!
  • The basic Cooldown for Resurrection when your Character dies during Conquest Wars is now 1 min.
    • However, the maximum Cooldown for Resurrection is now 2 mins.
    • Recovery Centers will reduce the Cooldown for Resurrection as they did before.
    • The basic Resurrection Cooldown for Node War has not changed (10 sec).
  • When Node/Conquest War starts, you will now be transported to your Guild’s Fort/Command Post if you were within the Territory where the Node/Conquest War you will be participating in takes place.
    • If you were already close to your Guild’s Fort/Command Post, you will not be transported. You will only be transported if you are further than 90m away give or take, depending on the local topography.
    • If you are part of the Defensive Guild for the Conquest War at Calpheon/Mediah/Valencia Castle, you will not be transported if you are already inside the castle. If you are outside the castle, you will be transported to your Command Post.
    • If you are not in the same Territory as the the Node/Conquest War you are participating in, you will not be transported to your Guild’s Fort/Command Post. In that case, you need to use the “Assemble!” function.
    • The “Get your butts over here!” function has been renamed to “Assemble!”
  • The amount of EXP needed to gain additional Contribution Points when a player has less than 500 in total has been reduced.
  • Fixed the issue where Contribution Points could be collected on nodes where Workers were still working.
  • Upon clicking the button for ‘Partial Collect’ on the Marketplace, only the profits from sold items will be gathered. Any unsold items will remain without any changes to their status.
  • You can now occasionally obtain the item Deep Blue Hoof Root from Gathering with an Empty Bottle in water.
  • A new item Special Strawberry Crate x5 and its corresponding recipe have been added to the Lv. 2 Crop Factory in Grána 16 and 17.
  • Node/Conquest War times have been adjusted to reflect the daylight savings time. (NA only).
    • NA times have been adjusted. EU times will be adjusted on next maintenance.
    • Please refer to the official Forum posting for exact times.


  • New Loyal Attendance Rewards have been added.
    • Period: March 15th 00:00 UTC ~April 19th 23:59 UTC
  • Clover Lover event has been added.
    • During the event period, defeat Monsters, Gather, and Fish to get [Event] Clover items!
    • Please find additional information on event details < here >.

Game World, NPC & Effects

[Game World]

  • The Tuna appearing in the Balenos coastline suddenly all left for the far-off ocean. Yet somehow Nibblers are now often found in that area instead.

  • A roof has been added to the top of the Mediah Castle Gate to fix unnatural movements that could arise from characters climbing in the area.

  • A small wall has been added on top part of Valencia Castle gates to avoid graphical glitch that occurred when opening up the castle gates.
  • Fixed the unnatural look that would affect certain trees when the games graphic quality setting was set to very low or low.
  • Fixed the issue where Gathering twice in a row was possible near Heidel.
  • Fixed the graphical issue where stones and trees were floating in the air in a certain areas of Tungrad Forest. They should now properly abide by the laws of physics.
  • Fixed the unnatural looking graphical glitch on the Southern Mountain area around Castle Ruins.


  • The voice acting of various NPCs (in English) have been revised.
  • A Guild Military Supply Manager has been added to Tarif and Sand Grain Bazaar cities.
  • Fixed the issue where Guards would not always attack characters who failed at stealing.

Class Changes

  • The breast-flinching graphical glitch while in a certain stance has been fixed for the following Classes: Sorceress, Ranger, Maehwa, Valkyrie, Witch, Kunoichi, Dark Knight.

  • The casting effect for Ranger’s skill Penetrating Wind has been modified.
  • Fixed the issue where the skill Penetrating Wind’s damage was not applied properly when there was an object behind the target.
  • Fixed the issue where Ranger’s underwear was exposed while running with Marod Star Armor.

  • Fixed the graphical glitch on Valkyrie’s hip when Sileshi Underwear and Kibelius Armor were worn together.

  • Fixed the graphical glitch on Witch’s feet that was triggered with every outfit with a hat under Character Action in Beauty (F4).

  • Fixed the graphical glitch where the Dark Knight’s Awakening Weapon, Vediant, was overlapped with the Heidel Masquerade Outfit’s right sleeve while in a non-combat stance.
  • Fixed the graphical glitch where the Dark Knight’s Heled Shoes were overlapped with Sin Terrna Armor.

  • Fixed the graphical issue where the Mystic’s Le Vladian Underwear clipped through Kibelius Outfit when these items were worn together.

Quest & Knowledge


  • Fixed the issue where the quest objective of The First Sailboat Bound to Margoria was incorrectly displayed.
  • Fixed the issue where the following quests weren’t advanced when installing or putting down certain items:
    • Pick Weeds with a Pig
    • Trending Raccoons
    • Terrified Cats
    • The Carrot and Stick
    • Jealousy is My Strength
    • Prancing Lamb
    • Peep
  • The quest Chuck Laurie the Hunter has been reset for any users who accepted it prior to the maintenance on March 7th.
    • You may complete the quest after re-accepting it.
  • The Combat/Skill EXP you get for Quest Rewards in accordance to your Character’s Level or number of Skill Points will now be labelled “Percentage” Skill/Combat EXP.
    • In the Quest Reward window, the Percentage Skill EXP and Percentage Combat EXP icons are now differentiated from the usual Combat EXP and Skill EXP icons.
    • Unlike the usual EXP rewards, Percentage Skill/Combat EXP is given as set percentage points. For example, if you do one of the daily Quests at Calpheon, you will get 1% EXP if you are Lv. 51 and if you do it again when you are Lv. 52 you will still get 1%.
  • The description of the quest Unstoppable Thirst for Power #3 has been revised.

Interface Changes

  • New UI of ‘My Information’ window has been restored to the old UI tentatively.
    • We appreciate all the feedback and interest you have given us. We will come back with a better look at the My Information window.
  • The tooltip for Receive All button in the Marketplace window no longer says “except for the items that allow Partial Collect.”
  • Marketplace Notifications have been improved.
    • Marketplace Notification messages and banners will now show item icons.
    • The newest message will be shown at the bottom.
    • Alert sound has been added.
    • The Notification icon in the bottom right screen will be highlighted when there is an alert.
    • Marketplace Notifications window will be located in the bottom right by default.
    • The Marketplace Notifications icon will now show the number of unread Notifications.
  • Fixed the description of the safe Enhancement level to now no longer incorrectly display as +5 for Enhancing Awakening Weapons.
  • Fixed the Skill Cooldown UI so that it no longer sometimes automatically opens when loading the Character Selection or Server Change screens.
  • The Bonus button at the bottom of Guild (G)>Guild Member Status has been changed to Manage Funds.
  • Adventurers not in a Guild will no longer have Guild Fund and Allowance shown in the Guild Shop.
  • When you view Market Price at the Trade Vendor, information for Margoria and Kamasylvia will now be shown.
  • The icon for Valencia when viewing Market Price at the Trade Vendor has been changed.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed the issue where a Safe Zone could be accessed from a certain point in the Final Battle arena on Lema Island.
  • Fixed the issue where the Ancient Artifact was gone from a chamber located inside Valencia Castle Ancient Ruins Cave.
  • Fixed how Mount gears’ appearance sometimes did not appear dyed when dyed with Merv’s Palette.
  • Fixed how the Marketplace Notifications tooltip stood open even after it was closed.
  • Fixed how the Marketplace Notifications icon only showed up when there were unchecked notices.

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