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SWTOR Upcoming Cartel Market Items From Patch 5.8

SWTOR Upcoming Cartel Market Items From Patch 5.8.


Pack Images



Corellian Pilot’s Armor Set


Force Apprentice’s Armor Set


Sith Cultist’s Armor Set



Dark Honor Guard’s Curved Vibrostaff – Gold


Dark Honor Guard’s Curved Vibrosword – Gold


Dark Honor Guard’s Electroblade – Platinum


Dark Honor Guard’s Unstable Lightsaber – Platinum



Cybernetic Varactyl



Emote: Double Thumbs


Advanced Olive Green Color Crystal


Flair: Sign of Prosperity






Work in progress

Cartel Market/Packs

Force User Personnel Bundle

Planetary Conquest Events


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78 replies on “SWTOR Upcoming Cartel Market Items From Patch 5.8”

Also that smuggler jacket looks decent enough – anything without the poofy neck brace is good enough in my book – wish they would put back the vintage Privateer Overcoat in-game…grrr >:(
damn EA would probably sell it on CM anyhow 🙁

Like I have mentioned in the past, the devs take out more good (free earnable) stuff in this game than they put back in …totally mismanaged.

They ran out of ideas now. So now they will bring swords that are broken into pieces 🙂
Role players will consume anything Bioware creates for them.
Without CM there is no hope for this game.

Never mind that stuff. Lightsabers still can’t cut jack like their comic book or movie counterparts.

Got a feeling we’ll be getting a lot of older stuff in here and almost none of the new stuff.

seeing as it’s all platinum and gold, while the older stuff is bronze/silver

They should not be allowed to put older items from previous packs in a new pack! World governments – please do something about these video game gambling packs soon!

I’m surprised they waited until the population was dwindled so much to release the Kylo Ren lightsaber. I mean they knew well ahead of time they were done releasing significant content, they HAD to know the population would decrease like this. They’re all about the $$’s, I’m surprised they weren’t smart enough to release the Kylo Ren saber before it became apparent they were done investing in content and the population became so low, instead of getting it out there when they could have sold more. Dumb move on their part.

Kylo’s lightsaber has been in the game since TFA…

This is another variation of a crossguard saber, but it is clearly not Kylo’s, as the crossguards are at an angle, whereas Kylo’s are perpendicular to the main blade

Not an “unstable one”. Everyone knew a an unstable variant of the cross guard saber was inevitable, and this is the closest yet. Yes the cross guard is at a slight angle… which to reinforce my point.. what are they waiting for? The population to be at zero?

I actually think the angled vents are a better design than Kylo’s.
I dont see what it hurts to make an exact Kylo though. Its not like that is going to stop RP’ers and Kylos is supposed to be an old republic design anyhow…

More crab to clog up the market, more shit I’ll never be able to get because of this player-driven economy, more stuff that I do not have the will to grind for anymore. I’m done grinding the same fucking heroics every single time I want to buy one fucking decoration, or a piece of armor that looks even remotely like what I had in mind for my character outfits. This game has just become cosmetic item market simulator for me, and I never have enough credits to get any of it anyway.

Thanks, that really fucking helps. I’m a solo player, for the most part, and I’d rather sit and do those than play the fucking GTN buy/sell game all day long.

Bioware aimed this game now for soloers there wont be anything else to do anyway now. Story and heroics in solo mode or FP’s.
But that does not generate money so they need from CM item resales on GTN. So nothing you can do about it. That part will stay with this game until its shuts down.

It is where someone see’s another individual shit posting or doing whatever (can even be exercising) and decide to get on the wagon for a ride alongside of them for whatever.

People have been doing this for years. Take the FemiNazi’s and SJW’s for example….

Lol, how am I a racist again? Was it actually saying that I was Jewish? Good lord, grow up lol.

It seems little one, that you cannot pay attention to what you write. No great shock really but you might want to read for a change. Might clear that up though I have my doubts.

Hope this game dies. The remaining few defending this game still actually defend on it’s behalf? Talk about people that are idiots.

You and many others wish for it to die. What is the real reason you want it to die? Haven’t played the game in full or just riding in on the salt train? Just a simple question, no hate 🙂

What is the real reason you want it to die?

Just a guess but thats a pretty simple answer for me. So that the next possibility can happen in a SW game. bioware has done little good for SW and turned this game into a joke.

They made 8 great class stories and then “F”Ed up the rest of the game. Turning it F2P damn near faster than any other game in history save one I know of. Thats not small “F”up on biowares part.

Combined with the terrible game engine and their lies on the removal of the west coast servers screwing over west coast and APAC players forcing them to higher lat. servers or they don’t play. Continued lies on simple things that should have been a positive but turned negative like, level any class and get the CXP bonus. Turns out it was base class only which they failed to mention along with you cant even be the base classes anymore so basing it off that was just poor design. Telling gamers it’s base class after people leveled duplicate classes and spent all that time doing it just to be screwed over was never going to sit well.

Add to that their massive lack of competence in removing bugs as well as the hue lack of end game content and yes, gamers do want this game to die. It’s a joke of a game hanging on by a thread because it’s got Star Wars attached to it, not because it’s a really good game or well developed.

Gamers are ready for it to die because the hope of a new SW MMO is better than the “F”ed up one we have.

Never said I wanted it to die so don’t associate me with something I never typed.

Most MMO’s go through a rough spot before things can get ironed out. Right now I am enjoying stuff in the game.

(Oooooh nooooo….I just white knighted something that I like. The world is coming to an end!)

Game engine is an older model as this was released in what, 2011, so what do you expect?

Again, most MMO’s do go through a rough spot even if it is a few years long. EA and BioWare are still making money off of this game as there is a lot of people still on it (even before the server merger) so dunno see how this game is dying. Making them a profit in ways as they are still bringing out content (Patch 5.8) so its really not dying anytime soon.

Haters will hate 🙂

“there is a lot of people still on it”
You wanna check the status of the servers and see which ones go above average? Oh wait, you can’t, they removed that too. Apparently, it was “misleading”.

Just wondering, when did you start playing the game and how much of it did you actually play through?

Planet population is what I go by. Sure it doesn’t peak until certain hours though when it peaks there are 2 or 3 instances of it.

Been playing off and on since release so I saw it all. Even did the closed beta where your companions would actually leave you over poor choices that they didn’t like you doing.

Mate, that’s a very unreliable way of checking server population. Only the instances on the fleet hold around 200 people each. Starter and capital worlds hold around a 100, and after that they fall to 40-50 per faction. After Tatooine you’ll have a hard time finding a planet with 2 PvE instances. And switching to a PvP instance basically means you won’t meet a single other person. And don’t get me started on daily areas, those are basically empty save for the weekly reset. My source for all that information is my personal observings while replaying the original class stories for the past year.

Alright, you’re an OG player. How many class stories have you done? Have you participated in progression raiding or ranked PvP? Are you satisfied with the current direction of the game and what many, including me, view as lazy story writing and unsatisfactory content updates?

Shows me that people are still playing the game.

I’m beginning to find this odd that you want to find out on how much I’ve played and what. Just to let you know now since we might be going this route that my favorite color is red and I don’t kiss on the first date 😛

I was trying to have a civil conversation with someone who still defends TOR and Bioware, which by itself is mind-boggling to me, and find out to what extent have you been affected by the sore lack of content in pretty much all aspects of the game. My point is that if you’re a casual player or if you’re just starting, you’ll have a lot to do and the majority of it will be good. If you’re a veteran, there’s just not enough to keep you paying the monthly sub.

P.S. My favorite color is blue, it would have never worked out between us.

I never showed anything ill towards you as that is how I am, shitty humor. Was still civil the last time I checked.

If you think this is going south then that is your problem, not mine.

I find it more idiotic when people who hate swtor feel the need to actually comment on posts about swtor and tell them how much they hate it

Well, MMOs are a dying breed. They cost way to much to make and maintain. This will be last Star Wars MMO. This will be the last fully voiced MMO. And it is among the last MMOs in general.
Punks like yourself will be sad after it dies. I guarantee.

I’m already sad it came to this. The game was pretty good a year ago with all the content being released. Man I don’t want it to really die, but after the disgusting marketing of the game it’s a villain to follow.

If Battlefront 2 made cosmetics directly purchasable and earned ingame in just 4 months, why can’t this game after 5 years just get rid of lootboxes and do the same?

Because unlike Battlefront 2 SWTOR is an mmorpg only on pc which most kids don’t have access so since Battlefront 2 is more bigger the controversies about it are way bigger besides CM as always been in SWTOR since the beginning and I guess that if it would have just gonna I think the game would have shut down at least 3 years ago easily

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