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SWTOR Game Update 5.8 Patch Notes

SWTOR Game Update 5.8 Patch Notes.



  • New Operation Boss, Izax – The final boss of Gods From the Machine is here! The mightiest of the Iokath droid superweapons, Izax is capable of destroying entire fleets of warships – defeating him will require tremendous power and skill.
  • Conquest Revamp – From a new interface to changes for Guilds of every size. Our improved Conquest system now provides challenge, opportunity, and rewards for all Guilds!
  • Companion Return: Ashara Zavros – She will return to the Sith Inquisitor’s side, how will things go with her former master?
  • Companion Return: Vector Hyllus – Imperial Agents will see the return of their crewmate and member of the Killik Hivemind, Vector!
  • Companion Romance: Arcann – A redeemed Arcann makes his feelings known to those who’ve given him a chance to atone for the evil deeds of his past.
  • Limited Time Izax Event – Players who defeat Izax on Veteran difficulty before launch of Game Update 5.9: The Nathema Conspiracy will receive a special legacy-based reward and an exclusive title with the launch of 5.9.


  • The Mirialan ability “Focusing Ritual” now restores all Class resources when used.
  • Corrected an issue where the “Open Cartel Market” button in Collections would not appear for items currently available for sale in the Cartel Market.
  • The Conquest interface has been reworked:
    • The top of the interface is now separated into Conquest and Guild Invasion tabs:
      • Conquest tab now lists all Objectives along with the players personal progress.
      • Guild tab has been renamed to Guild Invasions.
      • Guild Invasion will display planetary leaderboards, Guilds rewards, and a contribution leaderboard for your Guild.
    • A new button has been added called “Current Conquerors” which is a list of what Guild has most recently conquered each planet.
  • Conquest Objectives have been reworked:
    • Completing objectives will now award credits, experience points, and Command Experience in addition to their Conquest points.
    • Conquest point values have been rebalanced for all Objectives.
    • In addition to one-time and repeatable, there are now also daily objectives. Some objectives have changed type.
    • The Invasion bonus for Conquest objectives has been removed.
  • Weekly Conquests are no longer on a set schedule and will be randomly selected each week. The exception to this rule is that Conquests that coincide with recurring events will still be on a set schedule (such as the Gree event).
  • All planets now fall into one of three Invasion Targets for Strongholds. Planets with lower Invasion Targets require a smaller amount of Conquest points to complete and give smaller rewards. High Invasion Target planets require a large amount of Conquest points and give the largest reward.
  • The Stronghold bonus for Conquests has been changed. Each owned Stronghold now counts for up to a 25% bonus, based on the percentage of unlocked rooms. This bonus stacks per Stronghold up to a maximum of 150%
  • Conquest objective point values in the Conquest interface will now also reflect a player’s Stronghold bonus.

Classes +Combat


  • The visuals for various Classes “flurry” attacks have been updated to be more accurate with their scrolling combat text, hits, and misses.

Flashpoints + Operations + Uprisings


  • Trophy Stronghold Decorations have been added to the Achievements for all Gods From the Machine bosses.
    • Players who previously completed these Achievements will have in-game mail with their Decorations.
  • A vendor selling a special Izax Decoration has been added to the game. The vendor will only appear for players who have earned an Achievement for defeating Izax on any difficulty.

Items + Economy

  • To assist in combating credit inflation, the Galactic Trade Network’s tax rate has been increased to 8% (up from 6%)
  • Corrected an issue which was causing some Relics to provide higher Bolstered stats than intended.
  • The Longspur Blaze is now available for sale on each Fleets’ Vehicle Vendor.

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Companion Romance: Arcann – A redeemed Arcann makes his feelings known to those who’ve given him a chance to atone for the evil deeds of his past…. Fuck You Bioware, deliver a proper complete expansion if you really care about your whoole player base not only a bunch of spoiled kids on your personal forums.

But, but.. she’s dead. I’m sure a cartel market item that you purchase can bring her back to life.

Not the same thing. Dear Kephess is a major Raid Boss Villain. Emo Vailyn was part of silly Mom & Daughter Feud Expansions that didn’t include Raids where she would’ve been a boss. Take care 🙂 Kindly: Long Time Sub since launch up to Dec 2016. Returned for some adventures at late 2017, but total disappointment so Sub Auto Renewal Axed at Dec 2017. Y sub since launch was maybe 12 months 2 long. Cause 2016 was disappointment from Mmo point of View just as 2017 was.

Now loving adventures in beautiful Tamriel via Elder Scrolls Online as a Subber. Also waiting for Conan Exiles launch & hope that Funcom won’t mess it up & won’t give lazy teleportation system like was hinted. That because they can’t implement Riding cause lack of skills :/ There isn’t need for Riding at all even though y would be cool to ride with a tamed Sabertooth or shaleback heh. #WaitingForSubWorthyNewsSoCanReturnOnline

To assist in combating credit inflation, the Galactic Trade Network’s tax rate has been increased to 8% (up from 6%)…………..bahaha too late clowns too late like 3 years late….sigh.

I personally have no problem with Cartel Market items prices going sky high and out of sight because it is based on their “priced based on demand” or what some idiot thinks the value of some random computer generated pixel item is. I simply never bought them when I was playing the game.

The thing is really this. If Bioware was really worried about the cost of in game items such as resources to random dropped loot items in the game and how they can become out of reach then they really should have an alternate means of purchasing them from an NPC type vendor at a reasonable rate.

Well at least they brought back the Longspur Blaze – how many millions is that gonna cost? ;p Now if they could bring back original orange shell heroic rewards and vendor that sold original pvp orange shell gear with the Privateer’s Overcoat… :/

“To assist in combating credit inflation, the Galactic Trade Network’s tax rate has been increased to 8% (up from 6%)”
Really? Increasing tax will cut inflation? Really???

They must be brainwashed liberals, because you have to be that stupid to think raising taxes lowers inflation. I will now RAISE prices to pass the cost onto the buyer, just like what happens IRL.

When TOR makes the most classic, idiotic liberal mistake i’d have to say they started it, not us.

They made a stupid mistake. He(?) brought in the politics. This community is divided enough as it is without talking points from real world politics.

When you play a game, it’s nice to put the real world on the backburner while you’re immersed in the world of the game. Political attacks don’t help with that.

Not only that. Real world economics just don’t apply to games. It’s very simple.

From the moment you log on to TOR and start gaming, you are earning money. It’s only profit. There is no expense. The real world money you spent was on a sub, if indeed you are subbed.

In game, it’s only profit. You kill an enemy, you gain spoils. You do a quest, you earn money.

In real life you don’t have only profit. You have expenses too. You have to pay for your house. You have to pay for your car. If you have children you have to keep them fed, clothed and whatnot. And the list goes on. Even if you still are underage and live under your parents tutelage you have a social life (I hope!!!).

Games like these need credit sinks. To keep the economy in check. And when you have a population, a large part of the population that is f2p, you have to account to those people too! They are an important part of the game. Please, spare me all the “you don’t sub, you are not entitled to complain” bits. This game was SAVED by f2p players, like it or not. And I was a sub in those days. I KNOW.

This game’s economic system has to be re-evaluated, at some point. To keep those that are not subbing interested in doing so. To keep the game’s fabric from deteriorating further.

This is good; you’re providing actual insight instead of political drivel, which is what I was objecting to.

That’s not what liberals say, and if you really think that this is the “logic” behind raising taxes for the rich, then you are very deluded.

I know what they say… funny how their ideologies and reality don’t seem to coincide. As a good liberal did you ever bother to see how Obama got us out of the recession in ‘08? Tax cuts and what amounted to an overall conservative fiscal policy. He couldn’t run on it but he knew it was the only way to turn the economy around. Facts… such a nuisance for the left.

First of all, a republican can’t really talk about facts, when pretty much 90% of what most republicans claim as “reality” and “facts” is made up, or just a lie that is perpetuated by the politicians the sheep follow. Second, I never said I am a liberal, and I am most definitely not a liberal like the stereotype that you have in your mind, so your assumptions are invalid. Third and most important:

Raising the taxes for the rich would decrease inequality by a large margin, and also boost the economy for the entire country. It’s not even hypothetical, as you are thinking. It has been already implemented in many other countries, which as a result have the highest index of quality of life right now in the world, free education, free healthcare, and something other than a special snowflake monkey for a president.

Dude if you drink anymore kool aid you’re going to burst at the seams. First off I’m not a Republican so you’re wrong (surprise!), second, raising taxes only on the rich only works in grossly imbalanced economies like we see in South America and some European and Asian countries where there are rich and impoverished and very little in between. Any economist or anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of how economics work knows that the US has a massive middle class and the middle class is who essentially funds the country. You can tax the richest 1% at 90% and not even make a dent in what the middle class pays to provide this nation with what it needs to run. What will happen however is that that 1% who does happen to own or run the vast majority of the country’s economic infrastructure will pull out and start divesting and cutting their losses which will of course in turn result in jobs lost and much of the middle class falling into poverty and thus lower class. The taxable incomes that the country relies on would decline and the economy would suffer. It’s painfully simple. I’m sure whoever fed you the bullshit you bought into has the best intentions at heart but the fact is punishing the rich simply costs the working class and this can be easily verified historically. You need to compare like for like though when comparing economies.
Oh and the notion that other countries are enjoying free education and healthcare? Please. Nothing is free, least of all anything run by a federal government. You can say you’re not a liberal all you want but your naïveté says otherwise.

Hahahahahhah you really made me laugh. The sum of ignorance in your post outshines everything on this website. Thank you, I really do. You can’t even do simple math.

Somehow the 1% of the richest people in the US have more than 90% of the wealth, but if you tax them high taxes, that will provide a tiny fraction of the middle class? Wow, you must be a genius, I can tell.

I have lived many years in the US and I have also lived many years in two other countries that have free education and healthcare. I can assure you, that free means FREE. I have a degree in Applied Mathematics and Applied Physics and I have had to pay exactly ZERO for that degree. Let’s not even mention the fact that Math and Physics are taught at a much higher level in most countries in Europe, that’s a whole different topic.

Yeah, we know exactly what has proven historically. The fact that trickle down economics is pure BULLSHIT, and only aims for the rich to benefit. Temporarily of course, couse then the bubble bursts. And the same way that it burst in 2008 (and many times before), it will burst again, if brainwashed people such as yourself continue to preach about how we should protect the rich and not punish them. Wow, the level of idiocy in your post exceeds anything I could expect, thank you again.

Retard, you didn’t pay for your education but that doesn’t mean it was free! Someone else paid for it… are you actually that simple? Do you think the professors volunteered their time? Do you think the staff and administration worked for nothing or that the maintenance of the facilities doesn’t require a massive staff? Hi about the power and water that go into heating, cooling and running the lights? All just free apparently! I was going to go on and point out the rest of your bullshit but there’s no point in going any further than this. If you earned a degree in mathematics I’d go back and complain because it’s obviously not worth a shit. I suppose when you have no common sense any degree is going to be worthless.

Priceless, as expected. Another idiot Republican exposed for their lack of knowledge, intellect, and perspective. 6 billion people on this world have a specific context for “free education”, which you seem to not be understanding.

Never ever have I seen such a lame excuse for the interpretation of the term “Free Education” by someone who got cornered and had nothing better to respond. Here’s the scoop idiot. If you want to study outside of the US, there is a huge selection of countries, where YOU don’t have to pay for tuition. Everyone in the world calls that free education.

You have the audacity to talk about common sense when you can’t even communicate properly. Go back to your “socially progressive, fiscally conservative” hole.

Who ever said I was a Republican?
Anyhow, you are the one who was talking about education being “free” and going on about YOUR free education in the context of a conversation about taxation. Clearly you either don’t understand and are now trying to backtrack to look less stupid about the fact that “free” education and medicine simply means taxpayer funded or you are actually stupid enough to believe anything in this world is free… which is it?
“If you want to study outside of the US, there is a huge selection of countries, where YOU don’t have to pay for tuition. Everyone in the world calls that free education.” No John, not “everyone” calls that free education, only twits that don’t understand how the world works call it that, the rest of us call it socialized education just like we recognize “free healthcare” as socialized healthcare.
Regarding the subject of taxation that we digressed from, I would like to say that I was incorrect about one thing… the middle class in the US doesn’t carry the majority of the tax burden, they just traditionally pay the highest tax rate in this country. The majority of the tax burden is actually paid by the top 1% of earners any the amount they pay is an astonishing 71% of the taxes collected. The idea that they should pay more does not seem fair to me and I say this as a representative of the middle class. Would I rather keep more of what I earn and have someone else cover the difference? Of course, when put in that simplistic context who wouldn’t? The fact is that it’s not that simple in practice. I’ve seen the result of increased taxation on the rich over the years and it’s predictable harmful. I have worked closely with 2 different developers in the past who were both multi millionaires. Both employed numerous people and generated wealth for not only their employees but for contractors, vendors, architects, attorneys and so on. I’ve witnessed the rich creating wealth first hand. Conversely when taxes were increased under Bush Sr. the result was a sell off of assets, layoffs of numerous employees, stagnation of productivity and worst of all an immediate effort to find offshore tax loopholes which mean the modest income the fed was getting from this individual’s business was now greatly diminished. Fact.
I’ll look forward to your next bout of name calling now unless you are capable of having an adult conversation.

Let me explain this: GTN taxes take credits out of the game. Buy an Item and credits change their owner, except for this tax. That vanishes completly. During the past years it became easier and easier for ppl to earn loads of credits from missions. Thise missions get injected from nothing into the game. More ppl with lots of credits mean higher prices. So raising this tax is a perfectly valid way to get credits out of the game again. Would be better if they added more ways to spend credits, but it DOES work. I hope ppl would use their brain before starting to rant. That’s not directed against you personally it just bothers me that noone here even tried to figure that out.

I was thinking this too. It should make prices go up if anything
Maybe they misused the word “inflation” because cutting inflation would mean a cap on max price using the GTN or something along that line…

Capping max price wouldn’t work. It would only lead to expensive items being traded in one-to-one trades, either goods-for-cash or as a barter of items. (Incidentally, that would circumvent the GTN tax and lead to less credits leaving the game.)

You can take a class in econ, but you can’t take a class in common sense.

Video games are not the real world. In the game, you play content and are granted money conjured out of thin air. Players trade around items and money between themselves, but unless you have credit sinks (e.g., repair bills), the money pool in the game is going to keep building and building. It’s a type of “inflation” that doesn’t have an exact counterpart in the real world. And you control it by increasing credit sinks. Increasing the tax may cause players to increase their asking prices, but that’s not what the devs are trying to control. Buyers have to pay more? Fine. More money will be taken out of the game economy for the sale, and that’s what they’re going for.

You don’t need any economic knowledge to figure that out. Just critical thinking.

So the question then becomes: why arent they causing inflation on the NPCs? if the npc items like comp gifts, rak vaccine, and repairs go up it would be a reasonable counter balance to the increase in currency players are getting from heroics etc, no?

Those prices havent gone up since launch and are no longer a threat to anyones bank. It just feels like the tax isnt hitting the right way…

If people complain about inflation, wouldn’t they complain if actual price increases would be made to basic goods they buy?

Also, repairs are going up – whenever they add a new tier the repair bills go up. The introduction of gold gear pushed repair costs, mostly hitting richer players.

They have introduced some credit sinks, mostly in the form of expensive convenience options in character perks. That’s stuff mostly people who “feel rich” buy, so it hits the right segment of players.

One good reason to tax GTN more is that richer players use GTN way more than the average player. Playing the GTN is the number one way to get stinking rich.

except this is not a proper gold sink. its negligible as far as taking gold out of the economy. the problem with swtor’s inflation is between several exploits creating a gigantic influx of credits into economy – credits that are still in circulation; and changes to how daily and weekly quests work – there is just too many credits that are far to easy too get. and not much to spend them on. all this will do is encourage even more grinding and gold generating from thin air (aka quest rewards)

when they changed pvp fluff rewards to be sold by vendors for gold rather then pvp currency? THAT was a proper way to gold sink. the problem is, they did it while simultaneously adding more ways to create gold out of thin air essentially.

this tax… it will do nothing other then make most stuff on GTN even more out of reach for f2p/preferred players because what players will do is just raise their selling prices to compensate for higher tax. which, huh… maybe is the real reason they are doing it.

not to combat inflation. to force more people to subscribe.

People generally don’t try to get a specific number of credits from a GTN sale – they try to get the best deal possible. For a little while sellers might compensate for the tax by raising prices, but in general prices are a balance between supply and demand. Unless people bring in more credits (run more heroics) or less goods, the slight increase in outflow of credits will lower prices.

It would be good if they could track down and remove the excess credits from exploits. Since many exploiters bought items, they should put the items back on the market (and destroy the credits when the items sell again).

that’s the thing. people will look for the cheapest item, but the cheapest item will now be more expensive. and people will just compensate by running more heroics and we are exactly back where we started, possibly worse off, since couple of percent more of a tax is not much as far as removing gold goes, in a face of all the other economy issues.

at this point tracking down and removing exploited gold is pretty much impossible. its been far too long. if they haven’t done it back then, when exploits just happened? its definitely not happening now, so we are stuck with this current situation.

There is a small flaw in your reasoning. The amount of credits in the game is unlimited. So if prices go up, and I want to buy an expensive item, I just have to generate more credits, either by acquiring things in the CM to sell in GTN, or by acquiring more rewards playing more time. I do not think the intention is to lower prices, TBH.

Buying CM things with CC and selling them in GTN lowers the amount of credits in the game. Say you sell a new cartel item for 50 million credits – the buyer has 50 million credits less, you get 46 million credits more, and 4 million credits disappear in tax.

Before the change you would get 47 million credits, and 3 millions credits would evaporate in tax.

(Also, buying CM things and selling in GTN brings more of the desirable items into the server, while not adding extra credits, so the same amount of credits will be available for buying more goods (since you added some), which should lead to lowered prices.)

I understand you, and I wish it could be implemented, but that only could happen under certain conditions, such as stable prices in GTN, or not more gold sellers in game, but in a global context there will always be a growth in the amount of credits in circulation.

Remember that despite being a game, many people take it very seriously, and behave as if it were real life. They will not lower prices because the credits were consumed in taxes, they will sell to the same or even higher, forcing people to inject more credits into the system. If the players joined and did not buy anything with those high prices, there could be more rebates.

I remember years ago when there was an “equivalence” of around 1 CC = 200 credits, you paid in GTN for an armor of 1,200 CC about 250,000 credits. Now that same armor costs more than 30,000,000.

BW eliminated the need of gearing companions, also abilities are free. You can even travel between planets for free. They stopped the credit sink.

Do not get me wrong, I do not agree with the prices of today, but I think that raising the tax in GTN is not going to work as you explained. Of course, it is just my opinion.

Does anyone at Bioware understand how an economy works? You do NOT raise taxes to lower inflation, you lower taxes…. Raising taxes will only make GTN sellers raise prices more to get back lost profits…. If you really want to lower GTN prices, make items more available. When demand is up, you increase supply to lower prices….

Agree! Now we know who didn’t pass Economy 1 in the school.
It I want to receive 100,000 credits, I sell the item for 106,400 (rounding the numbers). Now I will sell the same for 108,700. That’s more than +2% of inflation.

Man i didn’t see that, i should be ashamed too, i was gonna suggest the real “fix” would be to remove all those biillions of credits from certain players to level up the economy although i know that would never happened…

They are shooting themselves in the foot again!
All this is going to do is scare away more FTP people that dont have as many credits to begin with or are recently returning to the game.
They should just put an attractive credit sink on a vendor.
Like a Satale Shan Companion that costs 200 Million or something.

If BW was smart, they could also use the CM to fix inflation. Subs get 500-600cc per month with their sub. So put the items that are demanding the highest prices on the GTN on sale for 500 or 600 cc for a few months, and the bottom should fall out of it.
Players who really want them, will buy them and open them in collections.
Once those people have them opened, then BW can look at increasing
the price later on and drop it again if needed. This will devalue them
on the GTN because demand will be lower and there will be tons of them on the
GTN because people buy them in the hope of selling for millions later on. The more on the GTN, the lower the price drops and the more people in
the game will buy them too. Soon they aren’t worth 100million credits anymore.

seriously… it will make no difference. People need to sell their shit and no one takes the time to work out what the GTN’s cut will be, ever. Because while it’s annoying it’s less of a shit than trying to sell stuff directly to the goons on fleet.

Don’t agree with this at all. When I’m selling superior augments I’ll absolutely adjust to ensure I’m making a profit, because at that level you’re losing an odd 150k with each sale to tax. (Morons selling them for less than the price of the mats it takes to make them and losing out even more on commission are the problem there.) Raising the already sort of ludicrous commission won’t do anything for inflation.

Good point as your logic applies perfectly to the real world but I think Virenar has cracked the logic on their thinking if you scroll down a bit.

Companion Romance: Arcann – How does that even work? Is it only for chars who haven’t completed KOTET? Or do i just talk to him and get a cutscene which asks if i wanna make out with him or not? What the hell is this?

My guess is it will be like how vanilla companions would get a little conversation mark over their heads when they want to talk to you in a cantina…

That day, the Outlander was amazed to discover that when Arcann was saying “As you wish”, what he meant was, “I love you”.

I understand he goes from Imprisoning you, to wanting you dead, to be force redeemed to then out of the blue after Kotet, in 4 minutes or so declare his undying love for the player. It seems they are trying to out do TLJ with bad writing that makes no sense but panders to some people.

Though I can’t work why anyone wants this, is it his cartoonish look and half burn face and metal arm that make him such a catch or is it is wonderful personality of a mix between pathetic daddy issues and pathetic murderous impulses where he kills defenseless people. How is he appealing and was it really worth making the story so god damn awful, that they bolt on a romance with nothing in the story to support it.

I really love this game, only I stopped playing because they moved west coast servers to east without telling anyone. Now I’m stuck with 400+ ms. EA done fucked it up again. Rip Oceania

Brilliant! I remember when Carter increased taxes on the majority of Americans to help with out of control inflation in the 70’s… good to see that same idiotic mindset being implemented in the game. Looking forward to gas lines for my speeders and black market mod sales.

The full spoof video is hilarious.
It goes for about a minute and it’s set in obi-wans house on Tatooine.
I thought I had it but i’ll try and find it.

Ah my belly and it’s invisible muscles.. :DDD *Roll on the floor laughing..* Poor Luke receives the Hermit’s Wrath after using The Force Depleted his Energy. Yoda gotta charge up..

“A vendor selling a special Izax Decoration has been added to the game. The vendor will only appear for players who have earned an Achievement for defeating Izax on any difficulty.”

Because it would be so difficult to give the decoration as a reward upon completion of the achievement, like I don’t know, every other decoration awarding boss fight in the game?

Sometimes this game feels that they screw up things just for fun. But the sad truth is that they probably do it because of incompetence.

Maybe having a trophy picture for your wall and a statue dropping from the same achievement is too confusing…?

Perhaps the statue costs credits, meaning that beating Izax unlocks the opportunity to buy it?

[OP is Fred G]

My guess is they think having it be a vendor that only appears when you beat the boss makes it seem more special? Vendor = content!

All that text and it’s basically 1 op boss and 2 returning companions that are class specific.
Bioware the masters of making nothing much look like something.

Eh, if it’s properly done it may intrigue me. But seeing as all the cool decorations are getting put up on the cartel packs, how they barely go under a couple of million credits on the GTN and how you need a couple of each to make the SH look how you want it, well, let’s just say I get slightly discouraged in spending that much time grinding or playing the market.

Lolz… 😀 Ouch that’s possible 😮 Talk about Skeleton Dev Crew’s focus x) Sad But True.
Kindly: Long Time Sub since launch up to Dec 2016. Returned for some adventures at late 2017, but total disappointment so Sub Auto Renewal Axed at Dec 2017. Y sub since launch was maybe 12 months 2 long. Cause 2016 was disappointment from Mmo point of View just as 2017 was.

Now loving adventures in beautiful Tamriel via Elder Scrolls Online as a Subber. Also waiting for Conan Exiles launch & hope that Funcom won’t mess it up & won’t give lazy teleportation system like was hinted. That because they can’t implement Riding cause lack of skills :/ There isn’t need for Riding at all even though y would be cool to ride with a tamed Sabertooth or shaleback heh. #WaitingForSubWorthyNewsSoCanReturnOnline

A returning player here and last night somebody asked if Dulfy forums were still pretty toxic. TS busted out in laughs and people started naming the ones that have been coming here for years and asking where a person’s life went wrong were they have to spam some random site with tears about a video game they don’t like.

I figured I would give the benefit of the doubt and check it out for myself. The guild was spot on. Its pretty sad they even predicted some of the comments in here.

The SWTOR DERANGEMENT SYNDROME is strong in here. The 10 or so they say spam 90% of the comments here, my suggestion to you is get a life and find a new hobby. When you have an entire video game community laughing at you it might be time to adjust your life goals.

Define toxic?
As in the comments you don’t like because they are true?

The comments are predictable because Bioware have been predictable for the past 3 years.
Plus I could name about 10 people on the SWTOR forums that spam 90% of the comments deepthroating every thing keith says too, do I win a lollipop?

The entire video game community?
As in you and guild mates on TS, huh know what that’s probably an accurate summary of the population of SWTOR these days.

▼FYI this is how I visit dulfy (and other sites), during loading screens and when sat on the toilet 😉 takes less than a minute to post here.

You seem to spend an inordinate amount of time on the toilet. I think you need to see a urologist. 😛

[OP is Fred G]

When talking about a shit game and studio the toilet is the best place to post from…lol.

Why are you wasting your time talking about a VIDEO GAME you think is “shit”. Another person talking like he is a cool 12 year old! What is wrong with you guys? Who spends so much time bitching about a VIDEO GAME they think is “shit”? Do you ten or so really think this is normal behavior ? Are you guys all just 12 years old? That would make sense I guess, there is no chance a mature adults who is productive in society would waste so much time on a VIDEO GAME they don’t like.

So can you try and shad some light on how you guys got to this point?

[OP is Fred G]

“…so much time…”

You do realize it takes far less than a minute to post a comment?

Can you shed some light on why you care?

The answer is it takes no time to make a few posts and I’m fascinated by the fact that a game can release minimal and crap content for one of the world’s biggest IPs and people continue to eat it up when there are far better products out there. The only reason I pay attention to this game that I don’t play anymore is because it is such a clown show dumpster fire that it’s a source of occasional amusement…as are people like you who seem stressed over stupid snarky posts by me and others.

“You do realize it takes far less than a minute to post a comment?
Can you shed some light on why you care?” <– Interested as well 😀 *Ming Boggled & Giggidy time* 😛

Define toxic? Well this forum AND the swtor official forums well actually all gaming forum these days are pretty toxic. You guys just appear to be up there with the most toxic.

What kind of person says people are “deepthroating” because he doesn’t agree with their post? Are you 12? Does this forum have zero moderation? Is that why you guys come here?

Based on a quick search there appears to be about ten of you guys spamming your childish comments (most my guild mate’s named) . Ask about Dulfy on ingame chat the recommendation is to stay away from the forums, go on reddit ask about Dulfy and its the same response, pretty sad Reddit finds the ten of you repulsive. So yeah if a large guild, ingame chat, and reddit all feel the same way about you guys its pretty clear the community feels that way its also why nobody else responds here.

So every where is toxic but we’re the most toxic, yeah we win !
You see this place toxic because you don’t like whats being said.
It’s actually quite tame around here, are you new to the internet, trust me I’ve seen worse.

Heh what’s wrong with the term deepthroating?
That was an accurate description of the comments that were made to keith after he postponed the update.
And what 12 year olds do you know that use the term deepthroating?

Mate I don’t care what reddit or your guild and the handful of fanboys on fleet think, look at that update above ^
It’s 1 ops boss, 2 returning companions (that never should have been taken away) that are class specific (so not everyone is getting them) and an UI update to get people to replay the same old content for crappy conquest.

You are like most SWTOR players that come here -> angry
You’re angry at us because we point out what EA/Bioware are failing to do and instead of being pissed at them, you vent on us.

Haha yeah I’m angry. I’m the one claiming those I disagree with are “deepthroating ” I’m the one calling everyone who enjoys a VIDEO GAME “fanboys” I’m the one who has been complaining about a VIDEO GAME I think is “shit” for years, Im the one changing my forum name to an “employee” of a VIDEO GAME “sucks”.

I get it you are upset another person stopped by to laugh at you guys in your little safe space.

No mate I’m here for the laughs. Coming here is like checking out the people of Walmart website it’s pure entertainment seeing what choices some people made in their life and where that got them.

You are the one thats spent over an hour exchanging insults with strangers because you don’t like the things they say about a video game,
so yes I would say theres anger there.

We enjoy when angry fanboys turn up, it’s fun.
You do what they all do, throw insults ignore anything regarding that actual dulfy post you join on (see you ignored my entire bit about the swtor update), just another predictable angry swtor player.

Keep it coming, we the toxic haters do enjoy when you visit.

Haha anger would be those like you complaining about a VIDEO GAME for years. Seriously you guys actually think your behavior is normal?

Don’t be so sensitive mate I’m not throwing insults I’m just asking questions and trying to get you guys to understand how sad you are. Its a VIDEO GAME nothing you say here has any impact on this game you are obsessing over.

There is zero anger over here just entertainment during my morning conference call.

Do I believe our behavior to be normal?
Yeah sure, we’re on a social website laughing at the latest Bioware content release, it’s entertainment.
No one is angry here, people stopped being angry back at 5.0, it’s more comedy value more than anything.
Some of the comments and meme’s here that are made at Bioware’s expense are hilarious.

You are throwing insults, you have been since you started 3 hours ago, do I need to quote you?
It’s fine, I said before I couldn’t care less what you or any of your guild think of me, fire the insults away, it’s comedy, when I see you angry fanboys venting on here it makes me laugh.

Exactly ^^ 110% True 🙂 Kindly: Long Time Sub since launch up to end of 2016. Returned for some adventures at late 2017, but total disappointment so 1x Month Sub Auto Renewal Axed at late December. Y sub since launch was maybe 12 months 2 long. Cause 2016 was disappointment from Mmo point of View just as 2017 was.

Now loving adventures in beautiful Tamriel via Elder Scrolls Online as a Subber. Also waiting for Conan Exiles launch & hope that Funcom won’t mess it up & won’t give lazy teleportation system like was hinted. That because htey can’t implement Riding cause lack of skills :/ #WaitingForSubWorthyNewsSoCanReturnOnline

[OP is Fred G]

This. I love how these guys who come here asking “Why are you so obsessed!?” always immediately go on a crazy posting spree filling a thread with dozens of paragraph filled rants…lol. Who’s the crazy one?

I’d also guess this is probably someone who’s been here before just hiding behind a new account.


Omg you’ve post ten times in three hours you are so crazy

Omg the game has sucked for five years I have every right to post 10000 comments bitching and full of toxic, obsessed, weird talking points over and over.

You guys are truly priceless.

Talking about people’s choices in life and then proudly saying you are here to basically troll and laugh. What doest this say about your choices in life? We already know what your choices in games is – you like the mediocre and pathetic. Every week there is a new guest troll here preaching the same 3 sentences. It is a bit ironic then to complain about people here being “repetitive”. But I guess a troll cannot troll his own trolls…

I am questioning their choices and asking questions because its not normal to spend years complaining about a video game you have this weird, unhealthy, awkward obsession over. See again you claim this VIDEO GAME is “pathetic and mediocre”. I can’t understand what type of person would spend years of their life jumping on a random forum with ten others complaining about that game. You seriously think that is normal behavior ?

So I’m here asking questions, pointing out your issues and explaining how the VIDEO GENRE as a whole feels about you .

This has been explained over and over again. Most of the “toxic haters” at one point did enjoy the game and star wars overall. Then when the game started sinking lower and lower into the shit hole, they voiced their concerns and pointed out the numerous mistakes and flaws. Then there were more mistakes and flaws and mediocre almost non-existent content added in the past 3 years. Not to speak about some of the choices about leveling, gearing, balancing, etc.
It isnt like people spent years “hating” one thing. Every patch in the last years have just added new topics to that so called hate. So of course when BW scres up, people who dont like it will express their opinion. And that opinion will seem “toxic” for you, because BW has delivered another big nothingness. Now if you like what BW is offering then that is fine. It is your own choice. Just like it is other people’s choice not to like it and to say so.

Exactly. Well said ^^ <3 Wish you good path ahead 🙂 Kindly: Long Time Sub since launch up to end of 2016. Returned for some adventures at late 2017, but total disappointment so 1x Month Sub Auto Renewal Axed at late December. Y sub since launch was maybe 12 months 2 long.

Cause 2016 was disappointment from Mmo point of View just as 2017 was. #WaitingForSubWorthyNewsSoCanReturnOnline

There are pretty much 2 regular people that sprout senseless BS, regardless of the post – John Smedley and Shawn Hargrave (sorry mates, but it’s true). Everyone else – Eban, John Kosto, Paulo Gomes, Fred Garvin, abaddonsmummy, even Naq although she barely posts here anymore – have had countless constructive and civil criticisms towards the game ever since things started smelling funny, which for me was 4.0. Maybe you and your guildmates should check what other triple A, subsciption-based MMOs are delivering and ask yourselves “Are we being played for fools?”

Yeah theres is a couple who just enjoy to post toxic stuff here no matter what but this place is tame compared to other places.
Hell I remember that last time I was on Dromund Kaas, should have seen the toxic shit that was getting said in general chat, sure it was anti jew rubbish and homophobic crap.
Thankfully I’ve yet to see any of that stuff in ESO.

oh it happens in ESO. it depends on what time of the day and where you are. some of the stuff I have seen in Vvardenfel and Auridon – made my ears wilt. it just doesn’t happen as often as I have seen it recently in TOR after server merges.

Has the recent server merges not made it worse?
Thought it would have made general chat a nightmare.

recent server merges absolutely made it worse. so… much… worse. every server feels like Harbinger now :/ I just mean… there are …questionable people in every mmo, including ESO. I have been spending way too much time in Auridon and VVardenfell recently, farming for skooma bubbler blueprint among other things and.. dear lord. its not always bad, but when its bad – its REALLY bad 😛 people are people everywhere is what I’m saying.

Glad you named them all. Yeah Eban claiming everyone who enjoys swtor is a fanboy and claiming they are “deepthroating” the devs is totally constructive and a civil conversation.

Good old Fred G joing that constructive, civil conversation claiming “When that “entire video game community” is the intellectual equivalent of a kindergarten class I don’t lose any sleep over their opinion”

When you buddy Eban calls the game and devs “shit” that again is your definition of constructive and civil conversation?

Sorry mate but you can try and defend them all you want nothing any of them say is constructive or civil.

I never said everyone that enjoys SWTOR is a fanboy and deepthroating the devs, see you’re just twisting words now to suit your agenda.
I tried to have a civil conversation with you regarding the new content above but you dodged that and continued with the insults.

Lets be honest here, you have no intention for a civil conversation, you’re here hoping to stir up people in a vain attempt to upset someone.
Sadly you will fail, people have stopped taking the bait from your kind.

To be fair to this ‘name’ fellow, some of the posters here do invite the attention of posters like ‘name’ or the goalie guy from last week with some of the over the top comments about the game and the people that play and still enjoy it.
If your going to put bait into the water don’t be surprised when an angry shark comes along and start biting everyone.(what a terrible analogy I know, but you get my drift).
And one persons offhand jibe is another persons breaking point as we have seen on here before.
We are all emotionally attached otherwise why would we be here.

Yeah not surprised these types keep turning up.
If it’s the same 1 or 2 people don’t care.
If anything it’s fun to engage with them, it’s like arguing with someone on twitter, you know you should leave it but sometimes you just can’t help yourself 🙂

5.8 was never put out there as some massive update with tons of content. Why are you acting like it was? I am sure you were aware like everyone else what 5.8 was and nothing about it or in it is surprising.

Sure you can pound the sand and act all outraged by its content but you are just doing it for show and attention. You have no interest in a civil conversation you just want to hang with the others bashing a video game you don’t play.

First I ain’t outrage by 5.8, never said I was, never posted I was surprised either, no idea where you pulling this from.

As for civil conversation I always happy to discuss things in a non insulting way but you have no interest in doing that.
You came here guns blazing, here I wasn’t going to quote but it seems you need reminding ->
”asking where a person’s life went wrong were they have to spam some random site with tears about a video game they don’t like”
”The SWTOR DERANGEMENT SYNDROME is strong in here”
” my suggestion to you is get a life”
” you have an entire video game community laughing at you”

That’s all from your original post so don’t act we’re the bad guys and you wanted an adult discussion and we just started throwing mud.

You came here throwing insults from the start, try that on any other social media outlet and see what the response is.
In fact I think the replies you’ve received have been kind considering.
You deserve far worse.

He’s moving the goalposts Eban…

I wonder: where did I see someone do that???


Yeah I have my suspicions too.
Every angry bait post does seem to be written the same way from a ‘guest’ type account.
I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if it was the same one person.

But even if it is the same guy, don’t stop, you are entertaining, we all laugh a lot when you visit.

Next he’ll be telling us it was all an experiment, remember that guy?
Damn can’t remember his name.

Exactly! I just responded to you a bit above. THAT guy. It’s the same guy. I know it. Just can’t prove it.

This guy and the experiment guy and the guy that got banned for using ‘n****r’ (sure he called us all kids too) , wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the same dude.
They all have the same type of accounts.

Wait a minute there…

DieHard did that? Because the guy I’m referring to was a recent interchange here on Dulfy…

Do you guys think we have DieHard, aka Captain R using stealth attacks here again???

Oh boy… Now THAT would be fun…

Yep. he was definitely the “social experiment” guy. Admitted he was making fake accounts and even arguing with himself on those fake accounts.
That was why he kept saying “I’m in your head!”
Then he claimed someone made a fake account to look like his real account for a couple posts. Although I strongly suspect that was actually him too just to create more drama.
That boy was cray-cray

As in all communities on the internet you get all kinds of people, that’s what makes it interesting, free speech rules for good or bad.
You get the comedians, the crazy’s, the fanboi’s, the haters, the realists and the information addicts.
You have to personally filter out what you see as irrelevant or toxic because you can’t challenge them on points of intetest, you would be wasting your time.
The rest however will engage in dialogue.
If we were all the same life would be boring. I’m sure I could head over to reddit to that ‘sausagefest of love’ but I prefer to hear the other side of the story.
I have seen some of the posters you mentioned posting positives about the game as well as negatives, even ‘Musco sucks’ and yes ‘Eban here’ but they are majorly frustrated at the pace of the content we’re getting compared to other mmo’s out there.
No-one can say (even me as the resident fanboi) that it’s all rosy in Swtor town because it ain’t. I firmly believe we are heading in the right direction but even I get frustrated at the pace of the content.

Actually free speech does not apply to private forums like this.

5.8 is not a surprise they act like its underwhelming just for show and attention. There are plenty of other games out there if people are this upset about the content of a video game. They have zero interest in a civil constructive conversation.

When there are comments like the game is shit the devs are shit anyone who agrees with the devs is just deepthroating fanboy there is no chance for civil constructive conversation. My guild mate’s told me its pointless but I came here trying to understand those like Eben but he quickly went off the rails.

you came here to confirm your existing biases without any actual genuine desire to understand anything. it was clear with your first post and it continues to be clear with your subsequent replies.

Actually I came to see if the “bias ” of my guild mate’s were accurate. I have confirmed them to be true.

ladies and gentlemen – confirmation bias in action. read over your posts. carefully. read your first posts, you came here to bait the reaction you wanted to see. you didn’t come here for anything constructive, please stop pretending that you did.

Actually, you haven’t. NO ONE here has commented 5.8. YOU included.

The only bias that exists here is against YOU. A bias YOU triggered.

You are absolutely correct there. Wrong on ALL your other points.

It’s EXACTLY the same pattern man.

Moving goalposts, and now that he was pushed into a corner he “only comes here for the laughs”…

I had someone do EXACTLY the same. I wish I had the patience to go back and find exactly where that was. But I don’t.

It’s the same person man. He just doesn’t have the balls to do a proper account, so that we know who it is. This way it seems like it’s several people…

But you’re right, he can keep doing this. It’s fun. And entertaining.

A lot more entertaining than actually playing the game…

[OP is Fred G]

Meh…I fight fire with fire. If you come in slinging mud, I’m gonna sling mud back. Talk like a normal person even if I disagree with you and I’ll do the same.

You are aware all your toxic comments are still on every Dulfy article posted about swtor right? Most have nobody in them except you Eben and the others bashing the game with nothing but toxic, obsessive weird talking points.

You wake up ready to throw mud on these forums about a video game take some personal responsibility your toxic weird obsessive behavior has nothing to do with me.

Oh name calling so cool. Guess Fred didn’t like being called out on his toxic, weird obsessive behavior. Poor poor Fred don’t worry one of the other 8 Swtor DERANGEMENT SYNDROME suffers will soon be by to defend you.

I mean, you started the whole conversation how your whole guild laughed at the mere mention of the regular posters on Dulfy. If you put yourself in the other person’s shoes, would you be willing to discuss the state of the game in a civil manner?
Also, no one has ever said you can’t enjoy the game. What I, and probably the rest, are wondering is how you can accept the miniscule amount of work that gets put into the game. The content we are getting speaks for itself. 1 raid in two years. One story for all 8 classes. The last proper warzone was the Odessen one – 2 years ago.
Bioware stopped delivering after 4.0. That’s not my opinion, it’s simply a fact.

I would increase that number slightly beyond two + the irregular ‘why won’t this game die’ posters, however you are right in what you say that everyone else who’s a regular poster show’s an interest in the game beyond hate.
When some posters anger spills over to what could be described as toxic it’s usually through frustration and anger at the content they see Bioware releasing.
They care for the game and want it to be better.

[OP is Fred G]

That’s what I can never wrap my head around. If you see what other games are doing and still think SWTOR is worth defending then the only thing you must really want is the IP.

Here’s an interesting test:

Take the Star Wars IP and you are allowed to apply it to any existing MMO’s content release structure and/or game design. Would you stick with EA/Bioware’s?

Conversely, if you aren’t playing SWTOR would you take your favorite MMO’s IP and stick it onto SWTOR’s content structure and game design?

I don’t see how anybody in their right mind would pick this over all the other AAA MMOs out there. It delivers the least for the same price and is also probably the most disenginuous with their communication.

“have had countless constructive and civil criticisms towards the game ever since things started smelling funny, which for me was 4.0. Maybe you and your guildmates should check what other triple A, subscription-based MMOs are delivering and ask yourselves “Are we being played for fools?”

^^ Very well said. 110% Sad But True. Kindly: Long Time Sub since launch upto end of 2016. Returned for some adventures at late 2017, but total disappointment so 1x Month Sub Auto Renewal Axed at late December. Yes was subbed 12 months 2 long time so should’ve axed in early 2016. 4.0 really was the start of Falling Down for Swtor that’s now known as Ex Mmo. #WaitingForSubWorthyNewsSoCanReturnOnline

You’re actually worse than we are. We at least come here to complain about a game we think should be better.

You, on the other hand, say you have a good gaming experience, with a guild, in a game you love, and STILL you choose to leave your gaming experience behind to come here and dish on the dishers…

And you call US deranged…

Whatever floats your boat man…

Paulo Gomes said: “You, on the other hand, say you have a good gaming experience, with a guild, in a game you love, and STILL you choose to leave your gaming experience behind to come here and dish on the dishers…

And you call US deranged…” <— Damn good words right there. This indeed is Mind Boggling & causes severe Brainstorm if think about it too much. I sincerely hope that person with "Name" handle comes out of the Denial Mode & stays in Outdated Ex Mmo Swtor.

Big IP Ex Mmo that's being poorly developed esp. in 2017 & seems to continue so far in early 2018. Not to come here to make silly comments. Wish that person Clarity of Mind & exit Denial Mode. Kindly: Long Time Sub since launch upto end of 2016. Returned for some adventures at late 2017, but total disappointment so 1x Month Sub Auto Renewal Axed at late December. #WaitingForSubWorthyNewsSoCanReturnOnline

Wow man that is how you game :). What is that game you have on your screen if you don’t mind me asking?

Yeah it’s Elder Scrolls Online.
It’s a really good MMORPG.
Has regular new content and loads of devs.
I’m fairly new in it but very happy.

Hey: look on the bright side…

We’re FAMOUS! Nevermind my achievements in NiM raiding when I was playing the game. I am now the talk of the town in TOR! Well, at least in this guy’s guild…

Maybe it’s because we provide MORE CONTENT for them than BW…


If you think negative comments of the PG-13 variety are toxic, you could reach out the the white nights that use to be more prevalent here, but even they could only support a game that consistently let them down for so long.

But coming to the “Dulfy forums” just to attempt a lame attempt at making fun at negative comments while adding no useful insight into the current article or anything swtor related, simply puts you in the same category you are attempting to bash.

So you think because a person who supported a game stopped coming to a toxic forum that did nothing but bash a game they supported that means they stopped playing?

I made no such comment about any one no longer playing a game. I have no idea if white knights are still playing swtor. I only see less comments from them in this arena. You could make an argument that they stopped commenting based on toxicity and not based on the direction of the game and then you might see encourage and productive conversation, but you are only here bash negative comments.

Not true I mentioned 5.8 a few times. Of course nobody here wants to actually talk about what is in 5.8. 5.8 was never a massive content patch the only reason you guys are screaming at the top of your lungs is for show and attention.

5.8 today 5.9 in about a month and a half and there were even mentions about 6.0.

The game is clearly not dead or in maintenance mode. Sure you guys may not enjoy or care about these patches but what is discussed in here is toxic, bias, and only for show.

when was the last time this game actualy got substantial updates? oh, right, that was years ago. all the patches recently have been minor. a trickle of content here and there, but mostly rehash and reshuffling of the same content much of which was in game since its release. a lot of us keep coming to dulfy, because its still the one reliable place to get swtor news. its hard to contain your disappointment when aforementioned news are mostly weekly cartel market sales with occasionally tiny bone thrown player way.

Actually Eban did invite you to comment about 5.8, but you tactically “missed” that. And I am pretty sure this is maybe the 1st post in which you mention 5.8 or/and 5.9. Not that you say anything about it, you just named the numbers of the patch, you didnt provide any viewpoint to what is in them.

Thank you for the laugh this morning. It still amazes me how people are so damn delusional. Hell, whatever makes your life better I guess.

Cool more civil constructive conversation from one of those big bad swtor haters. No no mate thank you for the laugh. Keep complaining about a video game its priceless watching your SWTOR DERANGEMENT SYNDROME in action on a daily basis .

Weird how I have never said I hate the game. Not a single time in all my postings and by all means look little one. I have complained against the idiots running said game into the ground for years however because I truly loved this game. Hell I even bought a computer just to play it as the Mac I had at the time could not run it. You are just another little troll trying to make himself appear bigger/badder/cooler/whatever by running your virtual mouth. Same animal, different name. Run along and get your cookies now, it’s almost nap time.

^this is a complete lie.
I asked you to discuss the update and you dodge it and continued what you were really here for…to throw insults.

Here’s my take on the matter:

You’re the SAME GUY that has been appearing here, trying to flame everyone.

Don’t try to come off as an innocent person who just tried to confirm bias. That’s not what you are doing.

You didn’t mention 5.8 ANYWHERE. Well, not with THIS ACCOUNT you didn’t. Maybe ANOTHER one then? Check your fake accounts, maybe it’s buried in there…

And here’s an interesting fact:

Doing what you are doing is no service to the game you support. It will only propagate, like a fire. Take a hint from people like Abbadonsmummy, who is RESPECTED, even though he is labelled as the resident “fanboi”. But we listen to his opinion. Hell, we sometimes poke him out of the dark for his comments lol…

You say we are deranged? Ok. But I find it much more deranged that a person who is in a game, with his guildies, enjoying it, liking the content, then leaves the game he loves to come here, expecting to push all us “haters” into submission… Good luck there buddy, you’re gonna need it…

All the drama below aside i’m really looking forward to getting into the new conquest. I’m hoping the rewards have been properly re-vamped, they were next to useless unless you came first or were in a massive guild.
The personal rewards were poor too, they need to reward players properly for their effort.

what I’m reading and I haven’t been able to actualy see in game yet, will in a few hours, is that it should be more rewarding for individual players as well? one would hope, I pretty much abandoned conquests years ago, around same time when my guild basically died. I do love it that they finally FINALLY changed how conquest bonus works. decorating is one of the few things in SWTOR that still keeps my interest and its also a part of the reason why I gave up on conquest. you either take your time and enjoy yourself, or throw chairs everywhere to hit that bonus, becasue without bonus, getting to your personal conquest goal can be a major drag.

With experience in all mmos, the rewards will likely be better for guild conquests and only really worthwhile IF you win and the solo aspect was well……not really worth doing.

Do us a favor Adaddonsmummy, report back the changes to conquest please.
I am genuinely curious to the changes.

so having done a bit of conquest last night (I know I’m not a shammy, but.. hope you’ll take it anyways) its… not great. crafting has been severely nerfed as means. with 150% bonus, it feels like I have to grind MORE then before :/ its also bugged as hell. you can no longer just spam warzones – you have to win, participation alone doesn’t count anymore. list of available flashpoints seems shorter. its…. blah. at least IMO. but at least you get some command xp from completing objectives, so there’s that? :/

Well today is the first day I could play the new patch. Did a random VM FP, which ended up being Battle od Illum a conquest objective, and then I did a random MM FP. That’s stuff that would usually net me around 8-12k conquest points. And I only got 325 conquest points (target remains at 20k). So that’s like a big change I notice right away. And now I also understand the outrage 🙂

I actually liked Asharas return. Wonder if I`m the only one who have max influence 10 with her? Not that I will use her as a companion anytime soon, but I hope it will be fixed.

Arcann romace quest is dissapointing. Its flirt right away or see the end of that quest.. right away. I`ve made that mistake on the toon I wanted to romance him. I do not think it will affect future storylines but its still dissapointing. I`ve created a ticket, but I do not think they will help here since it was my mistake… Oh well…

She IS summonable.
I was talking about influence lvl 10, and it seems as if its a max influence level for Ashara. Its 1st time I see something like this. And I really do not want to waste companion gifts to try it out

So now after seeing the “guides” here on Dulfy, so far this year for SWTOR we have:

– 2 Op Bosses (yeah, one Op finished after more than three years of waiting)
– 4 returning companion cutscenes (of course, if they are on toons you didn’t do KOTFE on, then there is nothing here for you since you always had your companions)
– 1 Arcann romance (3 minutes of cutscene… even better when Theron, after betraying and leaving you, is back in your room on Odesson to give you that “going for an old flame” talk)

While in ESO we got (to date):

– Two new large dungeons with two modes each (plus third mode on end boss in both)
– Eight new armor sets
– A new personality (Worm Wizard)
– A new limited time house, with two more coming
– New busts and trophies
– A system wide outfit system

In the near future, SWTOR will be delivering a new FP and two more 2 minute companion cutscenes while ESO will be dropping their second expansion (Sumerset) with a new land area (with typical associated content of delves and public dungeons), a new crafting system (jewelry), a new skill line Psijic, a complete new trail, a dozen new armor sets, etc.

I could substitute a list of other popular MMOs (heck, even TSW is delivering more content) in for ESO and it would be the same. The content SWTOR has delivered since last year and this year makes it clear the game is already in maintenance mode. The little crumbs on content are simply meant to mask that this is the case and keep what players remain churning the same 6 year old content they always have.

ESO has given more than that. In the year that BioWare Austin has dropped 5 bosses, two flashpoints, and a shitty zone in Iokath ESO in the past year (a little bit less actually since Tyth launched) had the Morrowind expansion, Horns of the Reach, Clockwork City, and Dragon Bones. In that was about 20 hours combined of questing, 4 dungeons, 2 raids, new gear, new set bonuses, new craftables (armor motifs), the outfit system, new zones, new story content, etc. etc. etc.

I made the same point you did in an earlier thread about the Dev livestream for this game. SWTOR absolutely is as close to maintenance mode as you can get without them announcing it. With Drew Karwhatshisname leaving again it’s shockingly clear what’s happening. And it’s sad. Bioware, Star Wars, KOTOR, it should have printed money but they’ve fucked it at every chance.

But the crux of the problem is the business model. In most other MMO’s you can play reasonably well without subbing, ESO is another fine example of that. You can buy the stuff pieced out or sub and get it all. And they make that sub worth it. You don’t need the sub to raid or do dungeons or quest, it’s just a bonus. So they give you back almost the entire value back in Crowns to buy ingame shit. SWTOR gives people a stipend of 500 coins, barely enough to buy a gold armor set through legacy, that you own already.

The game just needs to die at this point. Put it in maintenance mode and be honest with themselves and the players. They have no intention of addressing the concerns. It’s easier to drain the hardcore fans for all they can with their head in the sand over fix the game. There are still issues that exist, well documented that they know about, that have been in the game since beta.

I haven’t played in a while but that tax increase is nothing but robbery, this game aint real life, where are those taxes being spent???

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