GW2 Forged Backpack and Glider Combo now available in Gemstore

GW2 Forged Backpack and Glider combo is now available in the gemstore for 700 gems.

Forged Backpack and Glider Combo – 700 gems




  • Mistlock Sanctuary passkey – 800 gems (was 1000 gems) – 24 hrs Only


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11 replies on “GW2 Forged Backpack and Glider Combo now available in Gemstore”


i knew they will put it on sale when that passkey came out last year… i was like naaa ill w8 till they put it on sale… so i grabbed it today! bwhahaha

With the exception of the Fractal stuff (and you can just enter the Fractals lobby for those anyway), there’s nothing in the Mistlock lounge that isn’t available anywhere else. I got the Lily pass for free with PoF, so I just used that until this went on sale. 🙂

Everyone keeps mentioning the Green Goblin from the comics but, the color scheme on the glider is more like Hobgoblin. Just saying.

Pretty neat transformation on the backpack to glider. I just wonder if it’ll have the same issue us high-ping players from SEA/OCX do with similar gliders where there’s a noticeable delay between one appearing and the other disappearing (such as the Crystal Wings backpack/glider).

I had the Green Goblin vibe too, especially that my gliders are dyed green, so the preview had that in default 😀

Ok I saw the gliderpreview in the gemshop and thought would actually look nice and the backpack to glidertransformation looks cool indeed but whats with that I shit my pants pose of humans lol

totally not worth to buy ^^

I will stick to my ravenghost and meteor instead ^^

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