SWTOR Companion Chaos Celebration and Social Media Voting

Bioware is doing a Companion Chaos social media event starting on March 20 on Facebook and Twitter.

Choose your side in the #SWTORCompanionChaos Celebration – Starting March 20!

Join the #SWTOR Family on SWTOR Facebook and @SWTOR to support your favorite Companion in the #SWTORCompanionChaos Celebration! Show your Loyalty to your favorite companions by voting for the team led by legendary gunslinger Nico Okarr, or the team led by the infamous mercenary, Shae Vizla.

The Deadliest Droid: HK-55 vs. SCORPIO

Vote now for either #TeamNico’s assassin droid, HK-55 or for #TeamShae’s manipulative mastermind droid, SCORPIO. Who has the reputation to live up to “The Deadliest Droid”?!

hk 55 v scorpio

The Worst Crook: Tanno Vik vs. Skadge

Vote in the bracket to determine “The Worst Crook” in the galaxy! Tanno Vik will be the mercenary representing #TeamNico and for #TeamShae, the villain, Skadge. When it comes to being “The Worst Crook” it’s a tough competition – who do you think deserves it most

Tanno Vik vs. Skadge

The Toughest Soldier: Sergeant Rusk vs. Lieutenant Pierce

Who do you think is the Toughest Soldier? For #TeamNico Sergeant Rusk vs. Lieutenant Pierce for #TeamShae. Choose your side and share your pick for “The Toughest Solder” today!

Sergeant Rusk vs. Lieutenant Pierce

The Most Charming Con Artist: Guss Tuno vs. Gault

Face-off! Running for the Most Charming Con-Artist; Force-using scoundrel Guss Tuno will be conniving for #TeamNico, and the professional troublemaker, Gault will be scheming for #TeamShae. Which one do you believe deserves it – charming or not!

Guss Tuno vs. Gault

The Fiercest Sith: Lord Scourge vs. Xalek

Who is the Fiercest Sith? Vote for #TeamNico’s the ruthlessly determined Lord Scourge, vs. #TeamShae’s brutally dedicated Xalek. Hopefully, you do not have to go to the dark side to make your choice!

Lord Scourge vs. Xalek

The Best “Fixer”: T7-01 vs. Blizz

Head-to-head for Best “Fixer”; for #TeamNico, the resourceful T7-01 vs. #TeamShae, the inventive Blizz. No fixing the vote; this is a clean competition!

T7-01 vs. Blizz

The Most Gifted Apprentice: Nadia Grell vs. Ashara Zavros

Show where your loyalty lies, who is the Most Gifted Apprentice? The unpredictable Nadia Grell is running for #TeamNico vs. the conflicted Ashara Zavros for #TeamShae. Be compassionate but do not let romantic feelings impact your choice!

Nadia Grell vs. Ashara Zavros

The Smartest Scientist Tharan Cedrax vs. Eckard Lokin

Who is the Smartest Scientist? Vote for #TeamNico’s professor of exo-engineering Tharan Cedrax vs. #TeamShae’s brilliant biologist Eckard Lokin. Are you smart enough to pick the winner?!

Tharan Cedrax vs. Eckard Lokin

The Champion of Companions: Nico Okarr vs. Shae Vizla

Vote for your favorite companion, the legendary gunslinger Nico, or the infamous mercenary Shae! The galactic forces of chaos circling through the galaxy make us fear that this vote may be a draw – will you prove us wrong?

Nico Okarr vs. Shae Vizla

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

158 replies on “SWTOR Companion Chaos Celebration and Social Media Voting”

me i’m disappointed you are not gonna receive a single reward for this and you still enthrilled for it? so…disappointed…

Well i dont know, what about facecrap? never liked it still i had kind of an “anonymous” account, i just deleted it yesterday i want those suckers to go down (evern harder than swtor).

and no, before you say it, its not about being unsocial its about given them personal data for free…like a fool….still i’m on whatsapp because of the hookers contact.

That’s why my personal data on there is false. Jumbo Lymphoma Island isn’t exactly a real area but Facebook tends to like it. Even wanted me to mark it out on a map for them when that system of theirs got confused by it lol

I have a couple fake ones, they were working fine until i started posting comments on them and some guy who don’t like my comments starting to report my accounts, they were immediately closed. on the other side the account with my real name and email nothing happenes, still open, they have a hell of an intelligent system out there… still i grew up tired of them, never never like them. Its sad that artists post exclusive information about them only there…

Its a long term fad like how Myspace was. Think there is an issue with something about Facebook using user data. I mean, they’ve been doing that since Moneyberg went open with the whole thing making money off of people’s accounts.

Dunno on what else there is but guess the FTC is looking into them for using personal data right now.

Yet here you are holding a conversation in hopes to gain something against someone that doesn’t even remotely care on what you are trying to prove, or provoke, something in me after that sentence.

Good luck, Chuck 🙂

Maybe HK-47?
btw this is quite crappy event. Give us something good in game not facefuuk etc posting.

They’re playing pretty fast and loose with the term “event” arent they?
When it’s basically a facebook poll, Its not even in game…

BioWare: people forgot our game exists. What can we do?
EA: Hire some consultant, we are happy to waste money on that.
BioWare: Ok.
Consultant: You have to do social media marketing. It’s the big thing today. You know. Give me the money!
BioWare: Eric, do some stuff on facebook!


And if there was a game mode that gave us the posibility to let our companions fight against other peoples companions! We have been asking for something like that since the game started!

And now you mock us via Facebook and twitter?

At least they admit that 4.0, and what followed, just caudsed Companion chaos. That’s a first step.

Im kinda wishing this was some sort of mini game in SWTOR. Like you could pit your excess companions that are collecting dust into some sort of death match for laughs and profit

Somebody please explain me which are the stupid rewards for doing this?(not you copperbard i want objective answers not delusionals).

Here’s something constructive. No rewards announced yet though there may not even be any rewards for this. Probably awareness and advertisement for SWTOR.

Hope I wasn’t too delusional for you since I’m deep within your thoughts. Seduce me more and we’ll have a good time 🙂

Still you stated the contrary here: The point? More companion content, that’s what.
I said no delusionals jew bois!! i created a monster ggeeezus.

Yet I stated on what it is. Companion Content. Think.

Nah, you didn’t. You just have my attention right now because you are still responding to me behind a guest account 🙂

and still stated the contrary again above: No rewards announced….come on! No rewards have been announced period even worst nobody has stated this poll is gonna be rewarded period.

You are so driven on proving me wrong in something that I’m fully aware about. Companion Content with no rewards. I know on what I typed and am fully aware on what its all about and yet here you are trying to prove a point to someone that knows there is nothing in this event.

Now come, lets sit by the fire and make smores while drinking some soda…or water, if you are on a diet 🙂

Facebook is facing an existential crisis

The Cambridge Analytica scandal has done immense damage to the brand,
sources across the company believe. It will now take a Herculean effort
to restore public trust in Facebook’s commitment to privacy and data
protection, they said. Outside observers think regulation has suddenly
become more likely, and yet CEO Mark Zuckerberg appears missing in

Are you quitting Facebook?Facebook has suffered another black eye with revelations about a data analytics firm that worked for Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign.

Some people on social media have responded by saying they have quit Facebook and are calling on others to follow.

Have you or are you thinking of quitting Facebook? Tell us why. Your response might be used in a story on CNNMoney.

??????????…… Seriously WTF?!?! What a pathetic attempt to deflect attention from the complete lack of new material for this game. Hilarious!!!

“Companion Chaos” is a great title though. That is literally what they should have called KOTFE and KOTET. Would have made sense lol

Im sure it is. Theyre hoping it will get passed around your facebook friends, and earn them new subs somehow

Curious on who brain stormed up this event. Don’t get me wrong, I still like SWTOR but this ‘event’ has me scratching my head.

Eh, whatever…

you mean the reward is winning the voting? well that’s pretty stupid Keith, i’m disappointed, this could be the worst SWTOR event ever easily…

Wow. This is… kind of sad.
If they had done this like 2 years ago, or whatever, and used it to determine which companions they brought back in game first, it might have been interesting. But no.
Sadly this facebook poll will probably take longer to complete than Ashara’s return

They’re gonna make Nico Okarr or Shae Vizla, depending on which team wins, available to everyone. You heard it here first, folks.

Yeah, I can see that, same way they made Hexid available despite her side losing when they did the previous event. This way, people can get one that they may have missed earlier. I have all of them, but that’s fine, I’m sure someone will appreciate it.

I think defecting from the Empire because you can’t follow morally questionable orders anymore is quite a bit better than betraying your own superior because another superior wants them dead. Don’t you go smack-talking my MMO waifu, mate.

This isn’t bad. Publicity is always welcome. I just fail to understand how they let TLJ pass by and NOT capitalise on that. But maybe that’s just me…

But it will take a lot more to up the hype on this game than a Facebook competition.

May I humbly suggest more content?

I assumed, since Force Awakens was too. Frankly, almost everything Disney has made is terrible compared to stuff like the Old Republic and the rest of the EU.

Rogue One was surprisingly great. But yeah, the Expanded Universe stories were hundreds of times better.

Looking back on Rogue One, the plot is utter nonsense and the characters are dull and forgettable, but it sure was a blast to watch. I’ll still watch the whole second half of the movie for the battle on and above Scarif.

Looking back at Rogue One, I have seen that movie 7 times already (3 of which at the movie theater) and the plot makes perfect sense, setting up the Original Trilogy in a great way, and I really all liked the characters except from the trigger-happy dude with the accent.

i agree they should have sold you a recharge animation of your toon milking that thing that luke did lol

That is hilarious. Would love to see the commercial in 1980’s Kenner fashion with kids in a sandbox milking it.

Because they cant. EA deal with Bioware is non canon for Disney so this game is doomed anyway regarding new trilogy. They can put some items into CM that resemble from new trilogy but thats it. Cant do direct copies.

Same time mobile games are releasing new trilogy characters like nuts (like Old Luke, Snoke, General Hux and so on) and its just started to expand.

SWTOR is dead anyway because Disney doesnt support this story. Its matter of time before EA shuts its down or licence expires.

Well wait now. SWGOH has been adding characters from SWTOR and KOTOR in addition to new trilogy characters. They also just added a raid featuring the sith Triumvirate from KOTOR 2
If the Old Republic cannon, isnt cannon enough, EA wouldnt be doing that….

Keith: “OK we need some new content for SWTOR!”

Musco:” Dude, everyone got transfered to Anthem. it’s just you, me and the social media guy left”

Keith: “Well, shit. Hey social media guy, make us some SWTOR content!”

Social media guy: “Derp ok, boss.”

Why do people like you spend sooo much time posting just trashing a game. Just go spend that time doing something you enjoy, play a different MMO instead of posting here, there are lots of them. Except of course if you enjoy just trolling and trashing constantly, spending that much of your time doing that as like a game or hobby, though I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that’s not the case.

Do you want an answer? I’d say EVERYBODY here still love swtor and we’re waiting something to happen. what? well whether is a new expansion or its demise….in the meantime we are having fun reading the stupid decisions the develops take each week….they are pretty fun to read since 2014 pretty much, when you think they have touch bottom they always surprise ya…

Sure, I don’t expect one, but yeah it was a genuine question.

Thanks for your answer and for respectfully answering, though really it doesn’t answer my question.

Sure some people dropping by popping a negative comment every once in a while I get. Especially if you like/liked the game. I’m in the same boat, I don’t like the direction especially the last two years. With that said some people post a *lot* and constantly trash talk. Sometimes even things that aren’t really bad either. It just doesn’t make any sense to constantly spend your time trash talking something and just building more and more negativity around it (well beyond constructive criticism and a bit of poking).

Why not just poke a little every few months and then spend the rest of your time doing something positive you enjoy, like going to another MMO, playing the parts you still like of this one, etc.

Certainly I know internet trolls well, people that genuinely enjoy being negative and building negativity. I would guess some here are that and others just people poking… It’s really hard to understand someone who constantly posts negative comments over and over. It’s like putting on a movie and constantly insulting it over, then putting it on again and insulting it, then again, then again, etc… That’s not a healthy thing to do. People should value their time more.

How so? I post in comments here a handful of times every few months. Please explain how you quantify your statement? You might focus on substance, maybe adding more words before a “lol”, rather than just trying to take a jab

why do people like “you” spend so much time caring about my opinion? what is it to you really? why cant you handle criticism? i have never trolled nor am i trolling now when i post think what you like. You know i always know who the fanbois are they always say the same thing to me lolz (why are you here! go away! i cant handle your criticism!)

I don’t spend so much time caring about your opinion. Look, this is pretty simple, you’ve posted a lot on the swtor comment sections here on dulfy, for a very long time. I rarely respond. One is provably more, that’s my point. I spend very little time posting comments here, just every once in a while, though I see your comments (and some others) all the time, usually with millennial style memes or troll like statements with no substance and a lot of negativity.

I just don’t get that, I don’t justify much time to asking why and responding, you on the other hand provably do. I’m sure you can see the quantifiable difference.

Handle criticism? What criticism, where did you criticize me. Did I miss something, please explain your point since it doesn’t make any sense. Maybe you are suggesting I can’t handle criticism of swtor? (If so you should actually say that). If so then I can, I can spend hours criticizing SWTOR, especially the ridiculously horrendous last year of almost no content.

You say you are not trolling, but let me quote you

“can we vote who is the worst at bioware? now that poll i would vote on”

There is no way that’s not a troll post, no substance literally just trolling bioware and the comments section here. I mean your words speak for themselves. You do that a lot too, I guess you enjoy it? Have nothing better do to do? Don’t like to just post a little then spend that other time doing something you do enjoy? I’m really curious here.

“You know i always know who the fanbois are they always say the same thing to me lolz (why are you here! go away! i cant handle your criticism!”

You really should stop and read what you post before you post it. How can you deny trolling. Criticism is fine, I can understand that, I have plenty myself like I said… trolling as often as you do. I mean the skilled trolls just rarely post but do so in a way that gets others to waste more time than themselves. You’re not even doing that… you post a lot and are literally wasting your time trolling. It’s your time to waste of course, I just figured I’d ask, if you could step back, think about it, and give an honest and comprehensible expression of your thoughts on it. I figured I’d give you the benefit of the doubt.

I guess I shouldn’t have *shrug*… please continue trolling. This is it for me, maybe I’ll post again in a few months, I’d rather go play something I enjoy.

Ive been theough this same arguement over a 100 times here and it always the same thing a fanboi whos white knighting and cant handle criticism. What criticism? Lol all i do is criticize the game with my opinion not trolling sorry i didnt read your entire “novel” that you wrote there lol best get used to people having opinions good or bad here most are bad b/c the games in the toilet you want to fanboi and grandstand be my guest might want to take a look around first.

I also just noticed they are rendered in a different style than usual.
Look at Shae’s face. Its like Keith’s kid drew it or something…

Shoulda done this with brackets and every companion… Most of these are pretty lame … We all know the best companion is; the legendary Trask Ulgo! May he rest in peace…

IF there is one real legendary companion,
it’s of course and without any doubt:
Jolee Bindo ;)!

I mean Trask Ulgo?! Come on!
Stupid jarhead was there for 10 minutes max before he kinda suicide dived headlong in his demise. Coming to think about, guy probably stumbled in the process and broke his damn neck before he ever reached this Darth Whatsoever fellow.
Sorry can’t remember exactly what Darth it has been. Doesn’t matter tho, those Sithy’s are all the same anyways.

[OP is Fred G]

So Republic is now red and Empire is blue? And Shae is Republic and Nico is Empire? I mean I’ve been gone from the game for awhile so…

…or is this just another fuck up that a 12 year old with crayons would’ve been able to avoid?

[OP is Fred G]

I know the SWTOR logo combines the two but blue has always been for Republic and red for the Empire.

subscriber event. If you were subbed as of this morning at 12:01 am, you get both Shae Visla and Nico Okarr as companions.

Wow bioware finally lost it. Their sanity i mean what is this crap… Are they trying to kill their product now? Well I guess that is a common EA tactic…

Yaiks. Tried to watch the Vid 110%, but got a Eye Pain cause of all that 0.0001 Polygon Gfx & Glitchy Outdated Game-Engine used in 2018. *Shivers & Sips some Hot Ginger Tea*
Kindly: Sub Since 1st Launch up to end of 2016. Returned in Oct. 2017, but Sadness Cause lack of Actual Mmo Development so Sub Auto Renewal Axed at early Dec 2017. #WaitingForSubWorthyNews

What the hell is this? Another roleplay event with x vs x ?

At least they can get attention away that they have nothing to offer for this summer 🙂

They’re copying Neverwinter who has finished doing something similar…. but with dungeon Boss VS dungeon Boss.

You didn’t forget to post a complaint about it though. Apparently you give more of a shit than you admit.

Holy shit! Ok allow me to explain this to your dumb ass. If you bothered to read the article you would see that it was about some ridiculous social media event where one is supposed to vote on their favorite companion. I don’t give a shit about that. Neither, it appears, does anyone else. I’m not saying I don’t give a shit about the game… I actually play daily and still quite enjoy it. Nor am I necessarily complaining about the stupid companion voting event, I am simply saying I don’t give a shit about it as it has no bearing on the game in any way, shape or form.
Hopefully you’re capable of understanding this and can move on with your life.

You do realize you spent more time now than just going and voting, so you give more a shit about proclaiming you won’t vote than voting. *shrug*. Nothing wrong with that, if you don’t like the comparison, fine, but you really should relax.

man, this is fun. We get to debate who our favourite characters are? Is this a kids game or something now?

First of all: I’m sorry. Secondly: Thank your for all your free data you suckers, i’m millionare!!

OMG on twitter they have the “Vote for the “The Worst Crook” in the galaxy!” up and people are responding: “EA”


…is there a point to any of this other than the characters winning a stupid title in a poll event?

Some people are saying you might win one of the winner comps, vizla vs niko, but no, nothing official just rumours lol

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