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SWTOR New Armor & Weapons in Collections

SWTOR Patch 5.8 added new armor and weapons in collections.

It is unknown if these are going to be included in a future pack or be sold individually. Things might be slowing down a bit for SWTOR if they can’t even maintain the monthly cadence for new packs (last new pack was Jan and it doesn’t seem like this pack will be ready for March if it is going to be part of a pack).



Sith Cultist’s Armor Set – Gold



Force Apprentice’s Armor Set – Silver



Corellian Pilot’s Armor Set – Silver




Dark Honor Guard’s Curved Vibrosword – Gold


Dark Honor Guard’s Curved Vibrostaff – Gold


Dark Honor Guard’s Electroblade– Platinum


Dark Honor Guard’s Unstable Lightsaber – Platinum



Cybernetic Varactyl – Platinum



Olive Green Color Crystal – Silver


Flair: Sign of Prosperity – Gold


Emote:Double Thumbs – Silver


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45 replies on “SWTOR New Armor & Weapons in Collections”

not missing out on much the armor is rather ugly and the interceptor honestly isn’t a mount you’d probably ever actually use in game imo.

I do kind of like the split cape in the back. It probably flows better that way.
I never really cared for the way full capes look in this game, which is a shame because lots of characters have capes in the SW movies.

the 2 part cape is the best part of it, but the shoulder pads still kill the top. If not for that I’d get the set and unlock it for all characters, but the shoulder pads kill it. And I’ve been waiting for unique cape designs forever. Then they put one out just to make it pointless with an ugly feature on the same part that has what’s cool about it.

The mount and the electroblade don’t look platinum quality and the cultist set certainly doesn’t look gold :/

They need to stop with this platinum garbage in general. It’s a waste of time, and the stuff is rarely that cool.

100% agreed. plus their just direct sell the platinum stuff a few months later to charge $50 in cash for them making any effort to farm them out of packs with real money or spend hard earned credits on them almost a slap in the face because if they are any good give it a few months and you’ll be able to directly buy it from the CM.

Well I originally thought that they would sell the new pack today but I guess it would come next week to coordinate with the Star Wars the last jedi movie in store

I guess the two Silver armor sets (Corellian Pilot & Force Apprentice) are gonne be in a pack, because direct sale items seem to all be of Gold quality

The Gold quality Retail’s are usually 6-12 months old though with exceptions like thexans armor and a few others. Same thing with platinum weapons, they only go direct sale 6-12 months after they’ve been in game.

Even the wanna be new cross guard is already shown to be in a pack from a preview picture so…

Wow, guess things are really going badly at Bioware. If they can’t even keep up on the cartel market items, you know things are bad.

I actually like all three of those armor sets, nice and simple, but good stuff all around. The pilot set will be the perfect bottom half to my Smuggler’s outfit (already have a perfect jacket), I’ve been looking for something like that. If I can get my hands on one of those pikes, that’d be great too, kind of a saber/blade combo that would work perfectly on my dark side Assassin. I’ve always loved that KOTOR sword description that talked about Sith who prefer the feel of metal cutting flesh over using a lightsaber, and this fits both!

Well are saying that it is unknown if these items are gonna be in a pack but if you read the description in the collection they will clearly be in a pack

Figured that jedi looking set would look like garbage on males with the huge U-neck, and I was right. Got some ideas on how to interestingly use the leg piece of the sith set, wasn’t expecting it to look like that at all, but now it’s got my gears spinning…I’m just afraid it’s going to clip with everything I want to try it with.

agreed its a unuiqe skirt for the game since most are too the floor its one of the only ones that are only half skirts which should be FAR more common in SW. The fact this is the first time them putting out anything like this is the dumb part. But yeah expect quite a few boots to clip not to mention any top that has more added under the belt to have clipping issues because the clipping issues are on the items themselves that still clip with everything else. There may be a chance say Satele Shan’s won’t clip because its short enough and has pants under but here is still a 90% chance the top of the boots will still clip through the half skirt also.

Right? I love the twin capes! I loved that aesthetic ever since I saw General Kota in Force Unleashed.

Well, since my two mains are a Smuggler and Agent the majority of these items don’t interest me. Seriously, we need more guns.

Plenty of good pistols out there, not many snipers and assault cannons. As my two favorite classes are my Commando and Sniper, I need a damn normal ass minigun and a good looking sniper rifle.

Also FYI to everyone all those new vibroblades are hip mounted. Meaning they get put away like the old swords and does NOT get placed on your back and they look dumb as crap being put away on you waist.

That’s too bad, I’m definitely going for a pike for my Assassin, but I was considering the swords for my Marauder too. I like my current sabers too, so unless they change these swords to be stowed on the back like the others, I’ll stick with my old stuff.

exactly when I first saw that I was well disapointed to be nice about it. I mean if there was an item to store your lightsaber on your back that item would be going for 100mil+ and the most highly sought item ever. Just to put your weapon on your back.

But to make sure I even went into collections and checked and besides the vibrostaff all are waist mounted and loo horrid… It’s a shame for knock of praetorian guard stuff.

I would love the option to store normal lightsabers on the back, just like I’d love to have an option to use single-hand sabers with a reverse grip, like Starkiller or Ahsoka. I don’t care if they’re from that stupid movie or not, using the saber stowing animations for vibroswords is a bit lazy, even if they are a bit of a hybrid. Do they at least point off towards the back, or do they just point straight down towards the feet like a saber hilt?

Reverse grip could half save this game for another few years. If you look at some of the new content there ARE NPC’s the duel weild with 1 sable being reverse grip. Meaning They’ve put coding in there for it. I think at this point they don’t see making the animations for it profitable. But if they either put an item for back weapon place OR reverse grip sabers. the CM would get a boom bigger than it ever has imo.

And they point off to the back just like the OLD vibroswords and you end up looking kinda dumb. Its like getting the legacy CZ blade. Thing is huge and hangs on your side. Pretty sure anyone trying that would have to have the best belt in the world. But if you notice just even the “classic vibroblades” they’re back mounted and they cross when stored. These are just simple things if this were a offline game modders would have made this crap a few months after it came out.

Personally I think not trying to add these is just a wasted oppertunity for bioware. I’d pay real money for either of these options. Reverse handgrip? I’d pay $40 for it and whatever CC needed to unlock it. Same with back mount sabers. I’d pay real money for it and on the market the items would go for 100’s of millions and would create a HUGE boom in their actual CM sales.

I mean SW Unleashed 2 suffered but the reason people still played it? reverse grip sabers. It’s just lost money for Bioware/EA

The lower robe is best thing about the armour, really. It’s actually something they haven’t done before. Same goes for the Force Apprentice chest piece.

If only they made the force apprentice chest piece without the shoulder pads it would be awesome. The 2 piece cape would be awesome to have on soooo many other outfits.

Good thing that part of it is the entire leg piece, so you can take it off and replace it with something else. Honestly, I really like the look. I’ve always been a big fan of the “butt capes” on any armor, especially for my Commando, but this is like the equivalent of that aesthetic for force users, perfect for an armored Assassin or Marauder. It’s a different take on armored robes, and I’m glad it’s at least unique.

it’s the only item like it in game. So it may look horrible with this costume but may look good with many other things. If you’ve ever noticed every cloths “set” put out usually only has 1-2 pieces that you even want, the rest is just for people to sell on the gtn to “unlock” it.

It’s my biggest peeve with bioware in this matter. They intentionally make the outfits like this, which is why a belt can go for 50+ mil because people know you’re never going to wear it but ya gotta get it to unlock in collections. So if you want anything in that outfit unlocked for all characters you’re gonna have to pay for all the crap you don’t want and the people trying to exploit the GTN know it.

Somthing not related to the topic but the SWTor section. My antivir blocks the mainsection of it for more than a year by now because of malware.

Could someone look why this is and remove whatever cause this problem? all other sections are working fine and have not this problem so its only SWTor related.

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