SWTOR New Companion Returns and Romances in Patch 5.8

SWTOR New Companion Returns (Vector & Ashara) and Arcann Romance now available in Patch 5.8.

Arcann Romance (All Classes)

The starter quest is Unmasked Regret which is found by pressing N to open up your companions/contacts window. You must have completed KOTET and didn’t kill Arcann (and completed To Find a Findsman).


At end of the conversation you will get a gift from Arcann.


Ashara Returns (Inquisitor Only)

The starter quest is A Padawan No More which is found by pressing N to open up your companions/contacts window. You must have completed KOTET and completed To Find a Findsman.


Beware that if you picked the wrong choices at the end of the conversation, Ashara will not return to you.

Vector Returns (Agent Only)

Coming soon

  • Darth Twinge

    Since the vid looks like its 2 minutes in length, I assume its similar to how Andronikos went. So I’ll log in for 2 minutes tonight then its back to ESO I guess. Shame.
    But I don’t think Ashara ever liked me that much anyways…

  • Kaelin

    Why they have to make non romance option so damn short? Now that damn quest is ruined on the only one toon I wanted to romance Arcann.

  • Errtai

    Ashara just joined back my DS5 Sorcerer but thanks to Bioware she won’t join my LS5 Guardian, who actually is the perfect partner for her. Yeah, makes sense…. /s.

  • Jalen Dmello

    Correct me if i am wrong but if they are returning how are they new? :3

  • Valerien

    So if you spare Arcann’s life that means you have to pardon him for his crimes and show him compassion. Is there no justice for all the people he killed?

    Does the light side character turn out to be so pathetic that in exchange for a chest piece and possibly kiss their morality can be bought. EA have turned the Alliance into a corrupt organisation and I couldn’t see one option that even suggests that Arcann has to answer to his victims.

    • gua543

      The romance could have worked, but it has no buildup.

    • Ratinira

      And when a dark-dark side character has spared Arkann (s)he is also a “pathetic leader of a corrupted organization”? Or it is counted as “found a soul mate”? XD

      EA has turned no one to anything. That is you choice. No one force you to do it. You have chosen that option – you have forgiven Arcann)) You want justice – kill Arcann.

      • Valerien

        In the conversation with Arcann you do not get a choice to say he is not forgiven. You are forced to forgive him for his action and accept his gift, they even give a battered person option where you can opt to romance him. Possibly because you didn’t want to kill Senya, he wasn’t even there when the choice is made that means you have to fully forgive him and receive his gifts.

        Now personally I killed the sick bully, Kotet was not the greatest writing of all time but at least that showed some logical progression. Its just so sad to see what minimal resources put into making bad fanficition to service what, that small number of players that have a thing for a whinny daddy obsessed murders. I can not see the appeal, his not some bad boy, his a bully that kills his own troops who serve him faithfully and never even try to save themselves.

    • Evil Otto

      Exactly. The man killed BILLIONS. The story doesn’t allow my light-side characters to spare him, and then try him for war crimes and lock him away like he deserves.

  • Antifanboi

    Mmm im so horny to kiss scarface…enjoy your new content bois

    • Darth Gnaw

      I know, right? he’s an asshole AND hideous. Who could resist?

  • Vincent van der Laan

    people waited for months for 3 min continent leaded by another 3 min continent and another gg man months and all they got is 9 min continent divided over classes 😛

    • Darth Gnaw

      ooh, ooh! dont forget the new facebook poll! Thats some high quality content!

      • Antifanboi

        Being fair they are touching new mediocrity levels this year….they are definitely improving….for the worst.

      • Vincent van der Laan


    • Zeus Fagervold

      You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

    • John Kosto

      I wouldn’t mind getting Australia and maybe Europe next month to be honest

  • Eban

    So are we saying the new update is 1 new ops boss, 1x three min cutscene and 2x two min cutscenes *sigh
    That’s just plain sad.

    • Vincent van der Laan

      Whahaha i know right xd

  • Vincent van der Laan

    EA comfirmed to be Iluminatie xd

  • Drool Bear

    Oh, the lovely 2 min cutscene. Was it worth your $15 subscription? Hope so.


      I just roll as preferred for this.

    • Terry G Roberts

      you don’t even have to subscribe for this lol.

  • Jonathan Parker

    You missed the chance to give us the Zakuul Knight pike, you bastards! That could have been it! Why give us a different dye on a piece of armor we can already get, instead of the one thing those Knights have that we DO WANT?!?!?!

    • Ann Nonymous

      Because they can sell pikes for like $20…all the free items are horrible dye kits and rides that people wouldn’t really pay for. At this point they don’t really seem to care with real new content; it’s more about reheating stuff and trying to sell it as new.

  • eFFF F:

    I guess somebody cares about Arcann. I don’t.

  • Ann Nonymous

    ohh lol and jealous Theron awaits you in your room even if he has left the party…so they probably just reattached the same script as for other pre-Umbara characters didn’t bother adding a check.

  • Ann Nonymous

    Just checked the BW forums for fun to see how the player base was reacting…I lol’d when I read the last two pages of the teenish “Arcan Romance Apppreciation thread”: apparently you get a jealousy scene from Theron in your room on Odessen even if he has left the party. They didn’t even bother adding a post Umbara check for Theron! Shows how much they care for this “new content”.

    • Risqu’e

      That was happening when Andronikos returned as well.
      They just STILL have not fixed it. But hey lets redesign the whole conquest ui that wasnt broken instead. Oh and make a twitter / facebook poll. YEAH!

      • Ann Nonymous

        Yeah it’s sad. They could have at least bother editing the romance script to add a story progression check…it’s a very easy fix and a low hanging fruit…

        And what they just made conquest even more tedious.

    • Leah

      its even funnier as his breakup scene is exactly the same as for returning companions, complete with “now that your old flame has come back…” apparently Arcann is old flame now? lol

      • Bradley

        Look at this face. Plenty of flames in his past. 😛

  • Darth Twinge

    So I dont know why I didnt think of this before, but I realized while showering Ashara with gifts, that if you have the Crew Skills window open at the same time, You can watch the pink circle around her level number spiral around with each gift. So you get an idea of how long this clicky clicky is gonna take.
    2 min of cutscene to rejoin and about a half hour of clicky clicky to influence 50. *sigh*


    • Éamon McCraith

      You can also see the progress bar in the “Companions & Contacts” window… and regarding the tedious clickyclick there’s better ways to do that also

      • Darth Twinge

        I know its in “companions and contacts” Thats what i usually reference but it takes up the whole screen and hasnt really been practical to leave open.
        I guess I always thought the crew skill window data was static. But this way you can see your inventory and chat and whats near you at the same time.
        I was just posting in case others hadnt realized either.

  • Havik79

    Can we have Acina romance now.

  • Havik79

    OK, so to get Ashara back you have to have done KoteT, then they send you to Voss, and well, damn those crazy zealots rebuilt fast as hell didn’t they.

    Did they use anther voice actor, didn’t sound the same to me.

    I went through all of that sucky KoteT story for 1min conversation and a crappy one at that, what a waste.

    • Bradley

      I guess you can get a lot of building done on a planet with people who unblinkingly serve the Mystics, plus the Gormak won’t be bothering them like they typically did, so they could build quicker.

  • Ben Gimson

    I like how Ashara blocks the attack and then fucks off. Nice to see they gave the character a bit of backbone. Arcann’s scene was presented well, but still… these alliance alerts are just wasted potential.

    • Irid Magrein

      This backbone doesn’t make sense though. No Sith would take such an insult and just ler her go, especially the one who just tried to force her to submit. Not to mention, she is no equal to Inq’s power. Not even close.

      • Ben Gimson

        Of course it makes sense. She’s grown up, found herself and improved her skills along the way. Whether she’s equal to the inquisitor or not isn’t the point; she was making a statement.

        And only a badly written Sith kills everyone who says ‘no’. Aimless murder =/= a good Sith.

      • Darth Twinge

        yeah thats why i decided to just take her back. If they had let me kill her, Id have done that instead.

      • fef

        Hello – that’s the whole problem with Vette as a companion. A sith would have killed her for her bullshit backtalk on day 1. Extending the disrespectful behaviour and unrealistic tolerance to another NPC is not surprising

        • gua543

          Let me guess – you didn’t even bother reading the conversation options for the warrior, you just chose the ones that gave DS points or ended in the sudden death of someone.

  • Zasz

    Just to make sure:
    We have to romance arcann to get the gift?

    • Gelious

      No. When you talk to Arcann, there is a Flirt option and 2 non-flirt ones. Picking any of them gets you the armor.

      • Zasz

        Thanks. At least they did this part right.

  • Mikey Moo

    im glad they’re doing this, but they are so short. 🙁 there’s not even any follow-up mail from them lmao.

  • Jay Asher

    yay now I get to go super GoT in SW. Since I have a Thexan Clone with Arcann as my companion I make make thexan and arcann get gay incest freaky for lols. SJW’s YOU WIN THIS ROUND! Now gay incest can be done in swtor!

    • Barloc

      If people want the romance, then let them. Having a gay romance doesn’t really affect you. My only complaint is that it’s way too sudden.

      • Jay Asher

        nah man I mean I actually started it just for funzies. the orientation thing is of no care of mine. Sister is gay loved her last girlfriend like another sister. Just the incest part I mean like is in many parts of Game of Thrones.

  • This is so gross and revolting. I’m so glad that <10 people play this. We all know what they are.

  • thebadmattan

    These cutscenes are disappointingly short, and just plain wrong lol. An Arcann romance? Very few players left him alive, let alone consider him a love interest. That just doesn’t make sense. I agree with the talk about Ashara too, she got off a little too easily when the Inquisitor attacked. Another example of the Alliance Commander’s portrayal … we’re supposed to be one of the most powerful, if not, the most powerful Force user in the Galaxy, yet thing like that happen all the time in TOR, smh.

    • Whoratio

      LMAO “Very few players… consider him a love interest” that’s the funniest shit ive seen in weeks holy fuck thank you so much for making my day

  • Anybody know wtf to do for Vector’s buggy ass? Why is it “coming soon” Dufly???

  • mavrok

    while most are romancing old companions or lana/arcann/theron etc would be nice to see a completely new companion to romance to make things fresh again, personally Acina might have been a good option for this, but feel someone new would be good.

  • Bradley

    It could have been more, but I’m just glad you can finally romance even ONE male force user. And no, I’m not counting the Sith you can make out with on Makeb, no more than people count Lachris as a romance.

  • AbnerDoon

    Vector was better than Andronikos that is for sure. Still short but way better than I was hopping on random ships looking for you for 5 years. :p

  • Ceraz

    I just re-ran this all on my newer assassin and broke the romance off with her, next thing i know over in the force users enclave Ashara is channeling dark side?

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