Black Desert Blooming Blossom Event

Black Desert Online is running a Blooming Blossom event from March 22 to April 11.


Blooming Blossom Event



Exchange the Cherry Blossoms with Skill Instructors to get your reward.


Cherry Blossoms Loyalty Event



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if u do the 5 hrs a day and get all 110 cherry blossoms this is the price pool for picking each box………

5box cherry blossom box gives in total 66 mem frags which is valued at 49.5m 66 black stone armors and weapons which are each valued at 13.860m(armor) and 19.8m(weapon) for a total price if all cherry blossoms are used on the 5 box u get 83.16m total
15box gives 70 mem frags valued at 52.5m and 7 of each concentrated valued at 15.75m(armor) and 28m(weapon) for a total of 96.25m and 5 cherry blossom left over so u can get a 5 pack and get an extra 3.73m for a total of 99.98m
25box you get 60 mem frags vlaued at 45m and 4 black magic crystal boxes valued at 10-12m each so in total 40-48m for the magic crystal boxes in total for the 25 you make between 85-93m and have 10 left over cherry blossoms so the 2 5 pacs would net you an extra 7.46m so grand total would be between 92.46m-100.46m
75box is a fine acc box going off the na marketplace crescent 40% drop rate is 40m basilisk belt 30% drop rate is 63m tungrad earring 20% drop rate is 95m ogre ring 10% drop rate 100m and u have 35 cherry blossoms left over with this many left over here are your options… two 15 and one 5 boxes this route will net you 31.23m total, or a 25 box and two 5 boxes this route will net you 21.98m, seven 5 boxes which nets you 26.11m, or a 15 box and four 5 boxes which nets you 28.67m
for the 75 box assuming u take the route which gives you the most money (two 15s and a 5) crescent ring drop u make 40+31.23m=71.23 40% chance to make the least amount of money from this event
basilisk belt drop u make 63+31.23m=94.23m 30% the middle amount of money you make during the event
tungrad earring drop you make 95+31.23=125.23m 20% the second most amount you can make
ogre ring drop you make 100+31.23=131.23m the most you can make during the event
in summary you have a 60%chance going with the 75 box two 15s and a 5 to make middle ground or the highest amounts of cash from the event … but on the other hand you have a 40%chance to make the least amount of money from the event i reccomend to only take this box if you have good rng or would like to gamble … if you would like the safest option it would be the seven 15 boxes and one 5 box which guarantees the third highest amount of money from the box…

Good summary although your math is off. You can only get 105, not 110. There are 21 days where this event is covered however the final 21st day will only be available for around 8 hours or so before the maintenance begins. You have to keep in mind the timezone for the dates listed are UTC. The event will last in total, roughly 488 hours if you go based on the times listed (20 days and 8 hours)

So, if I understand it correctly, you cannot gather these seeds and you cannot make the earrings? I missed last year’s event and I want the earrings badly 🙁

Guess i should have checked this guide earlier. didnt realise i could get a cherry blossom to decorate. No time to grow it before maintenance now….oops.

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