Black Desert March 21 Game Update Patch Notes

Black Desert Online March 21 Game Update Patch Notes.


Event & System


  • Blooming Blossoms Event has been added.
    • Event period: March 22nd 00:00 UTC – April 11th (Before Maintenance)
    • Collect Cherry Blossoms every hour through the challenges (Y) window and exchange them for amazing rewards!
    • Click < Here > for full details on this flowery event!
  • Cherry Blossoms Seasonal Background has been applied.
    • Cherry Blossom trees will spring up all over the world of Black Desert.
    • Event period: March 21st – April 11th (Before Maintenance)
  • Weekend EXP extended.
    • Weekend EXP boost event will start a day early this week from 3/22 17:00 UTC ~ 3/26 08:00 UTC.
    • We have sent out compensation via in-game mail regarding network disruption issues. Please claim your compensation until March 28th maintenance.
  • Thanks to all your enthusiastic support, Black Spirit’s Adventure 2 will be extended 1 more week!
    • Please enjoy Black Spirit’s Adventure 2 until 3/28 maintenance.


    • Rabam’s Enlightenment: Skill Enhancement (Lv. 57) has been added.
      • Combine two Main Weapon Skills to create a new Skill once you reach Lv. 57.
      • Choose a Skill from the Skill Enhancement section of the Skill window, which opens the Skill Enhancement Window where you may learn an Enhanced Skill.
      • You can reset the Enhanced Skill using Armstrong’s Skill Guide.
      • You can only learn one of the two Lv.57 enhanced skills (as with the Lv.56 enhanced skills):


  • Team Battle rewards have been increased.
    • Winning Team will receive: 2,000,000 Silver Coins
    • Losing Team will receive: 1,000,000 Silver Coins
  • You can now gain Sharp Black Crystal Shard, and Hard Black Crystal Shard from Gathering with an Empty Bottle.
    • Please keep in mind the celebratory motion that the character performs upon obtaining Sharp Black Crystal Shard or Hard Black Crystal Shard will stop the Auto-gathering process.
  • Movement Speed and related stats will no longer affect how fast a Character will push a cart or wheelbarrow. All Characters will push these objects at the same speed.
  • A new wall object has been added at the starting point of the Red Desert side of Red Battlefield.
  • Team Battles will now end when more than 3 team members exit the game.
    • In this case, both teams will not get any rewards.
    • The team with the members that left will forfeit the Battle and will have a point added to their Loss Count, and the Team Battle points will be reduced by the maximum penalty amount.

Game World, NPC & Effects

[Game World]

  • Fixed the issue where Characters weren’t able to move at certain spots in Pila Ku Jail.
  • Fixed the issue where Gathering on some Dried Thickets twice in a row was possible in Mediah.
  • Fixed the graphical glitch on a carpet placed in front of NPC Shakatu.


  • Node Manager of Polly’s Forest “Clueless Mushroom” has been renamed to “Klaruss Mushroom” to be in accordance with the intentions of development.
    • Adjusted the name display of Klaruss Mushroom NPC, the Node Manager of Polly’s Forest, so that the placement of the name being displayed would look more natural.
  • Grána Marketplace Director NPC’s name has been changed from “Grelius” to “Grelias.”
  • Fixed the graphical glitch on two overlapping Protesters in Calpheon City.

Class Changes

  • The damage of the skill Bow Skill will now be correctly applied as 150% x2 while mounted.

  • Fixed the graphical glitch on Tamer’s hair while wearing the Lahr Arcien Hat that made the back of her head look empty.

  • Fixed the overlapping issue when equipping both Bheg’s Gloves and Blazing Inferno Gauntlet at the same time.

  • The PvE damage of the skill Hurricane Sweep has been increased.
    • Damage 415% x 5 → 830% x 5
    • Damage during cooldown has increased as well
  • HP Recovery effect for the skill Spiral Torpedo has been removed.
  • HP recovery effect of the skill Hurricane Sweep has been modified.
    • HP Recovery +20 per every good hit → +500 upon using the skill (nullified during cooldown)
  • The Missing info regarding the status of effects during cooldown time has been added to the description of the skill Hurricane Sweep.
    • All DP -10 for 10 sec. on good hits
    • Knockdown on good Jump Spin Kick
    • Bound on good Low Kick
  • Fixed the issue causing a chain to appear on the Le Vladian Underwear (No Stockings) when it shouldn’t.

Item Changes

  • High-Quality Carrot Juice and Special Carrot Juice will now recover +50% more of its original recovery amount when used to restore HP of a Mount.
  • The following item can now be sold to NPC Merchants:
    • Targak Steel Shard
  • Text description has changed in the tooltip for the item [Event] Three-Leaf Clover:
    • ‘Energy Recovery +1’ has been removed.

[Pearl Shop]

  • The Coin icon for the Buy button in the Pearl Shop has been changed to a Pearl icon.
  • The “Buy” button in the Pearl Shop (F3) has been edited to fit each currency (Pearl or Loyalty).
  • For details on newly added Pearl Shop Update, please click < Here > !

Quest & Knowledge


  • Fixed the issue where it was possible to keep consuming Energy to learn the Knowledge “Krogdalo Trace” even after having learned it during the quest The Trace of Krogdalo in Kamasylvia.
  • You no longer need to have a minimum of 351 Contribution points to accept the following recurring quests:
    • [Repeat] The Most Beautiful Feather
    • [Repeat] Smothered in Black Oil
    • [Repeat] Symbol of Valor
    • [Repeat] Intact Research Material
    • [Repeat] Mysterious Competitor
    • [Repeat] Nutritious Meal for the Wounded
    • [Repeat] Evidence of Someone
    • [Repeat] Bold Investment
  • Fixed the issue where the counter for the number of destroyed Jellyfish, while using a Practice Matchlock would not properly update during the quest ‘Annoying Jellyfish’.

Interface Changes

  • Fixed the issue where rotating the Minimap did not work properly after enabling Rotate Minimap under Misc. in Settings and reloading the UI.
  • If you open the Pearl Shop (F3) or the Knowledge window (H) while the Crafting Notes window (F2) is open, the Crafting Notes window should no longer be visible.
  • When you Give Gift on the Pearl Shop the total cost in Pearls should now appear.
  • The Cancel button in the End Game window has been replaced with a Tray button.
    • The Tray function is available for Quick Hotkey and minimizes the game display to your computer’s system tray.
  • The Recently Successful Cooking and Alchemy windows will no longer hide the Inventory window when using Cooking Utensil or Alchemy Tool.
  • Storage window will now pop up next to the Inventory.
  • Swaying Wind Shard has been added to the Item Drop Information for Loopy Tree Forest.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed the abnormal structures of some buildings inside Grána.
  • Fixed the overlapping text issue with the Purchase Weight Limit button and Weight Limit text.text and descriptions of gear.
  • Fixed the issue that was causing a misleading system message to appear, warning of a low chance to Enhance when performing a Forced Enhance.
  • Fixed the issue where Pre-order button would show on a Pearl Item in Marketplace.
  • Fixed the issue where the Marketplace Notifications pop-up window could be closed with the ESC key.
  • Fixed the issue where a random number was being displayed above the Silver balance checkbox in NPC shops.
  • Fixed the issue where Yuria/Bares weapons did not appear in the list of droppable items for Loopy Tree Forest from the Item Drop (ESC) menu.
  • Fixed the issue where equipping a Trina Matchlock would cause the character’s underwear to be displayed intermittently.
  • Fixed the issue where the Black Magic Crystal – Boulder and Black Magic Crystal – Experience, was being incorrectly being mentioned while using certain methods to obtain specific items in the Crafting Notes.

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