Black Desert Developer Diary #2

Pearl Abyss is releasing another developer diary to address some of the issues players have been facing.

Hello, this is Jae-Hee Kim, the Executive Producer of Black Desert Online.

First and foremost, we would like to say a heartfelt thank you for your unwavering support.

We continue to see new players join, and old players returning to Black Desert Online. Black Desert Online would not have become what it is today without your support and valuable feedback.

Looking back at the journey we had with our adventurers, we understand that there is still room for improvement despite our effort to deliver the best gaming experience.

With that said, we are constantly looking for ways to further improve the game. We also understand that we must step out of our comfort zone in order to usher in changes.

The following update, which will be implemented next week, will change some of the features in the game that we personally think needs reconfiguring.

– ‘My Character is slow!’ Changes Made to Weight Feature

There is a weight feature in Black Desert Online.

Adventurers will experience decrease in movement and other speeds if their weight exceeds the max weight limit. Although there are some adventurers that enjoy the realistic aspects that comes from the weight feature, the weight feature has always been a source of inconvenience for many newcomers.

A similar example would be the inventory system which was inconvenient for new users. Currently, additional inventory slots are obtainable throughout the early stages of the game and quests.

We will be reducing the weight for junk items from Balenos and Calpheon territories from 0.03 to 0.01 LT. Previously, adventurers hunting Catfishman or Mansha had to frequently go back to the village to sell junk items to reduce inventory weight. With the decrease in weight of the junk items, we believe that it will also decrease the stress adventurers receive in the beginning stages of leveling up.

Although the weight penalty will still be applied, we are planning to make changes shortly. Currently, you experience decrease in movement and attack speed if your weight exceeds the max weight limit. With the new upcoming change, adventurers will only experience decrease in attack speed. You may still see an efficiency decrease in hunting monsters because of the decrease in attack speed. However, we believe this change will make gaming experiences more convenient.

– Construction of Fort & Command Post Simplified

Previously, you and your guild members needed to use various materials and assign workers in order to construct Fort or Command Post.

The new Fort/Command Post construction feature will enable adventurers to purchase Fort or Command Post from the Guild Shop. Once you designate a construction site, you no longer need to allocate workers in order to construct the Fort/Command Post, since it will finish constructing on its own within an hour.

This also means guilds no longer need to request aid from other guild members in order to construct Fort or Command Post. We believe the new Fort/Command Post construction feature will reduce the inconvenience and stress that comes from choosing fort construction sites, and greatly increase participation in Node/ Siege Wars.

– DUO : Basilisk’s Belt, the joy of acquiring high-grade items!

We see that more and more adventurers are amassing silver in the game. It’s enjoyable, but the joy and enthusiasm that comes from acquiring rare items such as Ogre Rings from defeating monsters seems to have diminished in Black Desert Online.

Although adventurers can still obtain rare items such as Basilisk’s Belt and Ring of Crescent Guardian, these items do not have the same value in the current Black Desert Online’s economy. We wanted to bring back the good old days, and will make changes so that with a low chance, blue-grade or higher accessories, dropped from monsters, might drop with a PRI or DUO enhancement.

Hunting monsters to gain silver and obtain accessories are still the same. However, with the addition of PRI and DUO enhanced accessories to the existing loot list, poorly equipped adventurers will be allowed to immediately equip strong accessories without having to perform enhancement. Adventurers who already have high-grade equipment can still sell the enhanced accessories to the Marketplace for a high amount of silver.

Although we are constantly working to develop more hunting zones and monsters, we will also keep in mind to bring back the enjoyment that comes from hunting.

There is going to be more information in next week’s patch notes. However, we wanted to briefly highlight some of the exciting changes that we plan to implement.

We are heading towards the final week of March. Winter is finally coming to an end, and spring is just around the corner. A new season calls for new changes. We look forward to sharing new adventures with you, as we continue developing more exciting content for Black Desert Online.

Thank you!

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they never talk about adding some actual pve content to the game, other than farming mob like a braindead

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