SWTOR Conquest Feedback and Upcoming Changes

Bioware is making some changes to the conquest system after feedback from the 5.8 revamp.

Conquest Feedback and Upcoming Changes | 03.22.2018, 02:29 PM

Hey folks,

In this thread we want to cover a few things about Conquests: our goals for the revamp, the feedback we are hearing from all of you, and what we are changing (and when). I recommend you start by reading our write-up of the changes that were coming to 5.8. Let’s jump in.

The Conquest Revamp – Goals
We had a few things in mind that we wanted to address as we moved from the old system into the new one. First and foremost were rewards. This includes ensuring that the new system delivers the rewards you earn, but also increasing the overall rewards for participating in Conquests. Here are is what you receive now when you and your Guild complete a conquest:

  • A large amount of Credits and CXP via completion of Objectives
  • Personal rewards, including crafting materials, credits, and more
  • Invasion rewards, including crafting materials, credits, Encryptions, and more, which is now rewarded to all Guilds who meet the invasion target.
  • Access to the Fleet vendor which sells special decos and the Master Compendium (Companion Influence boost)

Here are some of the other areas we were aiming to address:

  • Objectives and their points – Conquests are meant to be an activity that someone can work on throughout the week as they play the game. Previously, Conquests were very homogenized in that there was very little diversity among each week. We used this opportunity to spread out what objectives were available in each Conquest.
  • Crafting – Crafting is a key part of Conquests, and we certainly did not want to remove that. However, we know the use of War Supplies and crafting was contributing too much to the overall competition of Conquests. For that reason, we reduced the overall effectiveness of Crafting, but added new functionality to War Supplies that they can be consumed to add Conquest points. Allowing you to get points out of them twice if you want, or you could craft them on one character and then move them to other characters to gain conquest points.
  • Yield Targets – Competition among different sized Guilds has always been a problem in Conquests. We introduced yield targets to assist in separating out Guilds by various sizes, as they have differing targets and rewards.
  • Interface – We gave the interface a facelift (as outlined in the other post) to make it easier to find activities you may want to complete.

Your Feedback
We never saw this revamp as being a perfect change out of the gates, but it is a first step for us in crafting an improved Conquest system. Your feedback is incredibly valuable as we can immediately start making changes to get things to a great place. Now that you understand what our goals were, let’s talk about the things we are hearing from you.

Changed / Missing Objectives
This feedback was most commonly expressed from PvP’ers who saw a daily objective for winning a Warzone, but not one for participating. Our plan to combat the old system’s homogenization was to spread out all Objectives. This week may not have participation as an Objective, but it isn’t gone, it is just in a different Conquest. However, this information was not clear and breaks too far from the old system.
Plan: We are going to add a repeatable GSF and Warzone Participation Objective into all Conquest weeks. This will go into our next patch (possibly next week).

Objective Points Too Low
With the rebalance to Conquest Objectives, there is a general sense that completing your Personal Conquest takes too long and by proxy, Guild Invasions as well.
Plan: We are going to lower the Personal Conquest target to 15,000 per week (down from 20,000). We are also adjusting the Planetary Yield Targets to be:

  • Small is now 200,000 (down from 460,000)
  • Medium is now 550,000 (down from 1,380,000)
  • Large is now 1,130,000 (down from 2,530,000)
    • This will happen in our next patch (possibly next week).

Crafting Changes Too Harsh
Crafting in Conquests was just too good prior to 5.8. There is a feeling though that we cut a bit too deep on its overall impact to Conquests. The War Supply schematics were combined which made them harder to craft, and their point contribution went down, even with the added functionality of being able to consume them.
Plan: We are going to give it some time and monitor the impact of these changes, and then we will make any needed adjustments in 5.9 or beyond.

Large Yield Target Rewards Aren’t Good Enough
We are seeing concerns that the Large (and possibly Medium) Yield rewards simply aren’t good enough to warrant the extra points required. That this may cause most Guilds to simply filter down into Small Yields, which is counter-productive to the goal of getting Guilds to split a bit by Guild size.
Plan: This is something we are sensitive to but without seeing actual participation data around Conquests, we are hesitant to make changes just yet. We will monitor in the coming weeks and make any needed changes in 5.9 and beyond.

New UI Confusion
There definitely is some confusion around the iconography in the new UI, especially for Objectives. For quick reference right now, Yellow icon means infinitely repeatable, Blue means daily repeatable, no icon means once per week.
Plan: With 5.9 we will be adjusting some text along with adding tooltips to ensure that is a bit clearer. We’re also going to be swapping the yellow/blue to be consistent with the rest of the game. In addition, we’ll be adding some additional fly text for Conquest Objective completion.

Punishing to Alts // Legacy
With the rebalance of Objective points and the reclassification of some Objective types, there is some concern over the ability for a player with multiple characters in a Legacy to be competitive in Conquests. Additionally, there are similar concerns for folks with characters within a Legacy in more than one Guild.
Plan: One initial step to resolve this is the lowering of the Conquest targets as highlighted above. Also, by adding more repeatable Objectives (like PvP participation) as noted, this should give players more ways to gain points and make it easier to achieve targets. Beyond that we will continue to monitor data and your feedback to seek other possible changes in 5.9 and beyond.

That is most of the major points of feedback we have seen coming in regarding the Conquest revamp, but we know it isn’t everything. Let us know your thoughts on the changes we have planned. Also, even after these changes are out the door please keep your feedback coming. We are committed to getting Conquests to be enjoyable, challenging, and rewarding.

Thanks everyone!


Conquest Feedback and Upcoming Changes | 03.22.2018, 03:05 PM
Quote: Originally Posted by BlueWanderer View Post
Please include some estimates for when you expect some of the fixes to be implemented.
Are the UI fixes and swap of repeatable icons soon (like next week) or not until 5.9 (or even later)?

Most of the changes above list a timetable, which is either in the next patch (trying for next week) or in 5.9 or later. For the ones listed as 5.9+ I will get more info as we get closer to that update on what is happening and when.


Conquest Feedback and Upcoming Changes | 03.22.2018, 03:13 PM
Originally Posted by Tahana View Post
What about flashpoints for players who liked to use those as an avenue for conquest?

Good question, Flashpoints are in that list as well. Basically, here are the Objectives that should be consistent for content in every Conquest:

  • Group Finder: Operations
  • Group Finder: Flashpoints
  • PvP: Participation and Winning
  • GSF: Participation and Winning

It was a bug that this wasn’t the case for the Gree Conquest. Let me find out the details on if this is an issue with other Conquests or not and if it is, when it will be addressed.


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honestly, this game exists now only to milk money for Anthem.
it’s clear as day there’s nothing on the horizon for it

I wasn’t going to buy Anthem any way since it’s simply not the type of game that I want to play. And the sad thing is that I’ve gone from hoping that it does well for Bioware to simply not caring if it was a success or not.

if pvp was repeatable in other conquests they probably would had said so. this sounds like a pile of excuses.

In a way it was genius. Make fairly unpopular changes, making the conquest target harder to reach, so the focus is on how people want things back to how they were. Which when things are slightly less nerfed will have folks gushing about how its a step in the right direction etc etc. While completely distracting from the lack of conquest or content involved in ‘the conquest system.’ They have given scores for 6 year old content, which if you hit your target you get some rewards that aren’t really very relevant. But thankfully the focus is on how much more work is going into hitting that figure for things you don’t need.

However it could also be seen as underhanded, no where was it mentioned this was a work in progress and to use Eric’s words not perfect out of the gate. Hell no one expects perfect from this team, but a heads up that it was a work in progress prior to launch might have been an idea.

But perhaps most disappointing is that this is a good idea how 2018. Not so much new content but months spent on nerfing some numbers and then months spent evaluating these nerfs and then buffing them slightly and no doubt the next ‘roadmap’ praising themselves on responding so well to feedback. If anyone at EA is wondering what is happening to the game, all they have to look at how the resources are spent, as it seems making bad changes and then slowly reversing them till they are mostly bad changes.

That’s why EA doesn’t give them a lot of resources like money or people when they ask for it. Bioware simply can’t prove or justify that their ideas will benefit or attract more players because for every step forward they take two back. And every time that Bioware makes unnecessary changes to their game that causes discrod among their player base I think of the word Schadenfreude. Bioware Austin must simply get off to pissing people off when it is so uncalled for.

pleasure derived by someone from another person’s misfortune.

This dev team has done this before; just look at the debacle that was GC; give the players a terrible change, act shocked when they complain and point out how bad it is, roll it back just enough to make it less painful but still quite bad and they are all :”Thanks for listening!”
They aren’t the only devs that do this but this is practically their calling card now.

Nailed it. Bioware Austin has developed a “make things as terrible as possible, then implement a ‘fix’ to make it seem like things got better for the game and they listed to player feedback” approach.

“Interface – We gave the interface a
facelift (as outlined in the other post) to make it easier to find
activities you may want to complete.”

Ok, why is it harder to find these, with the new interface?

“Previously, Conquests were very homogenized in that there was very little diversity”


It was
Weekly and Daily FP, specific FP and Uprisings

Everything was covered!

Now it’s 1 Flashpoint! People who don’t care about Conquest even ask in GF Flashpoints what’s going on, why are people only listing for Battle of Ilum?!

And the repeatablity of objectives i sunclear, cnfusing and possibly bugged!

GSF is now a waste of time, if you do them for Conquest. they don’t give enough points AND onyl if you win. I’ve ebeen the best player in many matches (my team and even the opposig winning team!) but still didn’t get a single Conquest point, because one faction dominates on my server and my team pretty much sucked because it was full of newbies.

Why are all Heroics repeatable daily, but Ilum (wich only has one Heroic at all) still can onyl be done once for Conquest?

lol i still find it hilarious that something called “conquest” is 99% pve very stupid smh it would be so simple to make conquest based on how many reps/imps died in pvp ya know like real war smh

Stop making sense. there’s no place for that in any swtor discussion. Only nonsense prevails such as cartel market updates, rehashed old content and ben irving’s entire existence

It’s a simple concept to understand

SWTOR is on life support. And we all know who will pull the plug.

Honestly I dont mean to sound like a dick but im disappointed that dulfy is not paying attention to ESO. It’s pretty clear swtor’s days are counted. And if you look at the comments of each SWTOR you will always find 1 or 2 or more that talk about ESO or other games.

Dulfy, I want your site to stay alive and relevant. Clearly you have some sort of emotional attachment to SWTOR. You cant seem to let go. Please focus on updating content for other games especially ESO.

We’re all tired of the vicious cycle: Bioware makes unwanted changes and then reverses some of it back disguised as new content and innovation.

Rinse and repeat. You dulfy and the people that visit your site religiously deserve better.

Im not even part of swtor but im happy to see my work has yielded excellent results for my EA overlords and for players as well

I made it to level 40 in ESO and got bored of the grind, the lack of voice acting, the repetitive dungeons.

I played all 8 stories in swtor back to back before pausing and thinking – what now? then worked myself up to be NIM raider at tier.

There is no comparison between the games.

The nerve on you guys. Swtor is still a great game. Personally I love redoing great content even if it’s old. It’s great. Dont act like you guys have done everything in the game. You haven’t. In fact, I can easily argue that the things you did in swtor “back when it was good” were set to rinse and repeat. If you raided, thats all you did. If you pvp’ed thats all you did. If you did a little of everything, thats all you did.

In conclusion, games have repetitive parts. Deal with it.

You’re absolutely right. These games are repetitive in their nature. Rinse, repeat, all of that. It’s true.

I loved Oricon. Did Oricon suddenly become bad because it’s old? Shit no! It’s AWESOME.

But you see: because of the repetitive nature of these games, they need a regular influx of something called CONTENT. So that people don’t get bored.

Now you didn’t get bored. Good for you. But you can’t expect your gaming experience to be the benchmark for everyone else.

And NO ONE is getting regular content updates. Not the raiding crowd, not the pvp crowd, not the GSF crowd, not the story driven crowd… NO ONE.

So no, we don’t have to “deal with it”. Sorry, you don’t get to say what OUR gaming experience is all about. Enjoy yours.

And keep your nerve to yourself.

ea or not, it seems to be one person that keeps speaking through about 50 different aliases – all of a sudden, and with basically the same voice.

“In conclusion, games have repetitive parts. Deal with it.”

Well I don’t care I only have to stop playing a game if I am bored. The ones who have to deal with it are at EA/Bioware: revenue drops and will continue to drop even more with no new real content.

I’ve been playing since beta and I still find new and/or exciting things to do. MMOs are fun based on the people you play with. If you have no one to play with then I can see the game not being fun. That’s what happened to me with WoW.

I also been playing sense beta. This game sucks. It entirely to easy. Doesn’t make you to grind or team up anymore and so not worth the download anymore.

Got 2 more planets to do then my OCD will be extinguished and I won’t give a crap about conquest after that. It is, tbh, one of the most retarded and dull parts of the game and I still watch with amused amazement as the conquest guild (whose coattails I ride) does moronic lock-out after lock-out (or at least they used to) and a few people craft a bzillion thingos. Thank you, conquest nutters, for the carry – but I will never understand WHY you do it every week.

“Also, even after these changes are out the door please keep your feedback coming. We are committed to getting Conquests to be enjoyable, challenging, and rewarding.

Thanks everyone!


Oh, so the fact that conquest has been complete horseshit since launch should be lost upon us because suddenly now you want it be enjoyable, challenging, and rewarding? So so SOOOOOOOOOOO glad you will never enjoy the experience of riding a rollercoaster because you are a midget <3

Meanwhile, over in SWTOR, BW Austin struggles to release just one Op across a whole year, let alone any meaningful content in the past few years (We have established returning companions and their 2 minute cutscene does not count, despite what those asshats at Bioware say and think). Makes you wonder how a F2P game like STO can do it, while SWTOR is fast becoming the total laughing stock and bottom of the rung mmo out there.

The thing that makes it even funnier, is by most people’s standards even STO is a dying mmo but compared to swtor it looks like the holy grail of new content.

These are yours Naq?

Damn… Congratz! I gotta get me a decorator, because I simply lack your exquisite taste…

Yep, the first is a shared house for Naq my Dark Elf treasurhunter and Zivilyn (Pyre’s) reachborne(breton) scholar. So its all treasure and books. The other place is originally just this tiny cabin in a walled off area, but I added…well alot, and its a setting for RP I created for Pyre, all the little areas are kind of unique to her personality and backstory, the cave with the crystals are actually a tribute to Swtor and the tree cave from Empire Strikes Back.

SWTOR 2 from where? This BioWare unit barely can handle SWTOR, there are like 6-7 people group working on this mmorpg meanwhile EA deployed all forces towards Anthem development.

What SWTOR 2? Once SWTOR shuts down it’s all Disney canon from here, where there is no KOTOR or SWTOR.

I think Disney communicated it to the fans as heavy handedly as they possibly could that we are supposed to let the past die. They will let EA kill it if they have to.

Also…did Luke die from running out of mana?

I love that line of reasoning…

Let the past die… By getting the 3 heavy-weight stars of the OT to appear in the new movies. Then butcher them. And then make those “new” movies a rehash of the old ones. Brilliant.

The only thing new about this trilogy is the fact that there is no story.

And Luke died because he ran out of blue milk. Mana had nothing to do with it.

I’ve been thinking about the Luke death thing for some time now.

Earlier in the film, Rey and Kylo were having Force-time calls that were becoming more than a projection. Rey jumped in the water and Kylo got wet, she shot at his projection and he felt it etc. I think when Kylo walked his saber through Luke’s heart it actually did have an affect on it, unexpectedly. Luke touches his chest before he dies….

That would be good news. There is some discussion as to what the term “Jedi Crusaders” is about. Still, it would be extremely cool to have Revan recognised as canon.

And if Revan is canon, then so is KotOR. And I would guess TOR is too!

I guess Pablo Hidalgo should come forth and shed some light on the subject. Unfortunately, he’s too busy writing excuses for Rian Johnson’s script… Or lack thereof…

That is not how it works, sadly. Even if they say Revan is canon this will only mean exactly that – that some time in the past there has been a guy named Revan. We will not know what his deal has been. He may have been a simple bartender as far as we know. It is similar to how Thrawn being now canon works. Just because he showed up, doesnt mean Timothy Zahn “Heir to the Empire” trilogy is canon. They just use the name, character, maybe some of his personality and weave him into a new story that is the canon.

Yeah, I know. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking on my part…

It can’t all be bad, right?

Nevermind, don’t answer that lol…

I love that they treat the topic of Conquest as if it was something we’ve been demanding, or that we’ve been ruthlessly pouring over ever detail of. Truth is, not many people care about Conquest in comparison to, say, more raids more frequently, new possibilities on character classes, or worlds to explore that are more than just a phased instance map with a few doors.

I was actually excited at a conquest revamp. This helps smaller guilds get more involved at least. It’s far from perfect changes, but it’s a step in the right direction.

In the right direction? Previously, characters that had only reached crafting 150 could craft war supplies and invasion forces, earning conquest points for themselves. Now, because _every_ war supply requires the grade 8 and 9 intermediate components, all they can do to contribute to conquest by crafting is to make the low-tier intermediate components and feed them to the crafters that _can_ make the high-level intermediate components so _they_ can earn conquest points by crafting war supplies.

Honestly, after how they’ve treated swtor in the past year or so, sw battlefront and ME3 and the player base; I have no intent whatsoever to ever buy another game from this company.

I’m confused at all the naysayers and people who wont play this game, or constantly, CONSTANTLY hate on swtor……..keep popping up on this site!?!?!?!

I care about it, been invested since launch, but almost everything they’ve done for the past year or two has been idiotic. Replace any fun endgame with a massive grind to try and get people to spend more on microtransactions and memberships. You’re allowed to care about something and not like everything about it.

but you said ” I care about it”………the ones that claim they hate it, or dont even play it, yet are on a SWTOR forum is the puzzler…

Use your brain nobody here hates SWTOR, some can hate the producers, developers or even the stupid community managerj, they cant hate the stupid game decisions taken, CXP, etc…that’s different. It is OBVIOUS the ones who hate it are not here but playing something else.

Also we can hate between us but that’s understandable this place is full of trolls and the official forums full of uncondicional bois or cartel market whales.

Also many of us hate the fact that this game remains open still after all this years, MANY of us want this game closed but not because we hate SWTOR we hate the people behind it and their stupid decisions.

and also must of the people here are sick of the head with no life so….but no i don’t think anybody here hates SWTOR.

Hate the state of the game? Sure. Hate the cancerous company behind the game? Sure. Hate the missed opportunities year after year? Sure.

Hate the game, though? I don’t think anybody here hates the game. People are just (rightfully) angry that a multi-million dollar game with arguably the biggest entertainment IP in the world has fallen so, so far short of where it could be at right now.

Swtor could have been the WoW killer everyone was saying it would be, but now being a swtor player is like a dirty little secret you don’t dare let anyone know about.

Eh, I doubt it tbh. I can play Witcher 3 on max settings with minimal lag, but PvP in swtor nowadays? Or having more than one window open at a time? The game runs worse and worse after couple of updates, and with the engine being what it is I think- short of a ground-up rebuilding- the game has a technologically limited lifespan.

Honestly right now I’m just waiting for the closure announcement. I think that may well be this year.

Maybe because they’re former players that are disgruntled with the state of the game and feel the need to express that instead of sitting on it like a little bitch. Just a thought.

Fact is that people have put a lot of time and money into this game and they have every right to express their displeasure. That’s what being a paying customer entitles them to. Regardless of if they’re a current player or a former player. They paid for a product and they do not feel that they are getting or got what they should have out of it.

So how’s about you remove your head from your ass and accept that. It isn’t going away. If you want it to go away then by all means try to help make the game better with constructive criticism aimed at BioWare Austin and EA. If you don’t want to do that then you’re nothing more than a useless fanboy, and feel free to let the door hit you on the ass on your way out.

I do agree with what you said. Although, I must add something. Once you’ve done what you said, expressing you displeasure with the game and such, for a LENGHTY period of time (some poster have been trolling the comment section here for more than 2 years). Wouldn’t be more beneficial for one’s own sanity to just move on with their life ? I don’t think it’s good for anyone’s health to delve on such negativity every day.

The game stopped meeting my expectations some months ago. I canceled my sub, expressed my displeasure on the official forums, on social media, here and in my departure reasons. Once I’ve done that, I don’t see the point to continue my rant, especially not on a 3rd party web site like here. I, once in a while, come here to see what’s new with the game, only to be even more disappointed. But I find no pleasure in insulting those who still pay and play the game. If it meets their standards, and they have fun with it, fine.

Sometimes, it feels like some childish games, where one kid see another kid playing with a toy he once loved, but who he’s fed up with now. But he’s sick to see the other kid having fun with it, so he’ll do his possible to just steal the toy, and break it, just for the sake of ruining the fun of the other kid.

i couldnt agree with you more. unfortunately this site seems to be more populated with the ones fed up and bashing ea or the ones still playing, INSTEAD of going on to something else….

and spending your hours on forums for games and things you dont like or participate in (so you guys’ CLAIM) means….youre not a famboy also? AND if im fine with the game, why should i criticize BW, EA or anybody? Why dont YOU guys point your comments towards a BW or EA support line instead of crying about it here? Allow me to come back through the door and close it on you now. your move……..?!?!?!

If they let ‘Preferred’ accounts participate in the forums there would be real debate. The people that pay $15 to use the old gym equipment and repurchase old fashion in the gift shop just want to be left alone in their strongholds to try on outfits and masturbate to companion romance scenes.

I’m gonna echo some of what has been said. The “hate” is for what EA forced BW to become and how the two companies have destroyed what was once THE most promising game of the decade. BW slowly released teaser material and it all looked so awesome, just so amazing. But then EA bought them and also received their Star Wars licence along with this almost completed MMO. The problem is that, outside of sports games, EA doesn’t know the first fracking thing about making great games. So they find a studio that makes a great game or has a great franchise and they gobble them up. Then they tell them, make that great thing that you make, but do it 5x faster, for less money and screw quality control. Then the heads of those studios quit, the developers that know everything about their game quit and the next thing you know a historically amazing franchise is a seaming pile of dung. Why, because EA wants those profits.
It’s about what EA has done to what had the potential to be the greatest MMO of all time. It is about EA turning the ONLY Star Wars RPG game into fashion mall simulator. It’s about them claiming to listen to fans, but then plugging their ears turning their backs to us and flipping us the bird. It’s a bout an MMO asking players to pay a sub fee to play a single player RPG for 2 years.
It’s about a game developer putting all their hopes on a game that is a total shot in the dark instead of giving the loyal fans that are playing their ONLY active game some love and appreciation. It’s about knowing the game we love died with the conclusion of Shadows of Revan and what they are doing now is wrong.
It isn’t about hating SWTOR, its about how much we used to love it…

We don’t hate the game, we hate what it has become. A maintenance mode MMO that survives on micro transactions. It has one of the biggest, if not the biggest IPs in gaming, and it’s been reduced to a 3rd rate game despite having one of the biggest gaming companies in the world (EA) backing it and its developer, which was once upon a time known as one of the best RPG game developers out there.

Then we compare it to ESO, WoW, FF etc as that makes it so much clearer what it could become if sufficient resources were put into the game.

I’m confused at this question being asked again, it’s been asked and answered a thousand time over.
At the stage now when I see it I instantly think ‘BAIT’.

If you’re genuinely asking then you’re too lazy to look back at the many many replies on this then I’m too lazy to answer it.

as ive told the last 100 care bears that have come and gone get over it learn to handle criticism what does it really matter that someone disagrees its not the end of the world…..

again, another cheer captain whos not reading the post before responding….its not about their criticism, its about being here in the first place if they dont even play anymore (or so they claim)…….arent you guys on to your next game that possible has its own forums for it? or maybe other interests or hobbies you replaced swtor with, that have forums……? if someone hates sports and everything about it, wouldnt it be useless for them to navigate sport websites all day???

cheer captain? lmao you havent been here long. Yes it is about criticism and YOU being unable to deal with it or handle it otherwise you wouldnt care or be so wound up about it. Btw this site isnt just about swtor ya know lolz smh. Theres no requirement that you must be playing swtor to post here. If someone wants to visit a sports forum theres no requirement they play sports either…smh

and your replying means youre NOT wound up? the fact that the word naysayer actually wound YOU up to reply debunks your first three sentences. Im sure youre gonna tell the story a different way when u see this reply……? not too mention, if youve told ‘100 care bears over and over”…….you werent easily triggered to the point where u had to respond for the 101st time???sounds like YOU also wound tight….but youll give a long-winded reply on how youre not in about three, two, one…………..

you think people replying to you means their wound up lmao!! look how rage filled your post is there if anyone is tightly wound id tell them to look at your cap locked rage filled post lolz. Ive had this same arguement over a 100 times on here with white knight carebears like you and guess what they realized that EA was kicking them in the nuts and asking them to pay for it youll catch on like the last 100 carebears have.

exactly no difference in you believing im wound up about me criticizing naysayers for THEIR criticisms……and are you gonna catch on that BW whether they listening to u or not, will continue to do things the way they want, and people will continue to play? kinda no different then coming to a forum for a game you dont play anymore, right? ( here where u try to explain that is not. uhhhhhh.)

id say your the one who doesnt realize ea isnt listening to you your still here defending them lolz. The game went from over 10 plus servers down to 2 and it wasnt the first server merge either lol so yes ea isnt listening to its players.Well thank you for proving my point about you cant handle criticism talk about text book case of fanboism haha. As ive told you forums are for discussion regardless of people playing a game or being a sports fan or not you dont seem to understand that i see you do realize this forum and site arent exclusively dedicated to swtor do you? this isnt nazi germany dude if people want to look at forums regardless of what it is they can you seem to have an issue with even that smh like ive said ive had this same arguement over a 100 times all i hear is rehashed arguements leave if you dont play i can handle criticism while not handling criticism lolz

where does it show im defending EA? im talking bout haters and people who dont play game still coming on here……and whether or not this site contains stuff for other games, u guys r jumping on SWTOR part of it, to criticize, plain and simple. ESPECIALLY if u dont play anymore. u can use all the big words and cmoparisons u want. Doesnt change ANYTHING. youre the exact same. tell it any way u want 🙂

95% of people here dont play tor fyi. Im sorry you cant handle it but ill post here and discuss all i like there is no requirement that you have to play tor to post here lolz what part of that do you not understand? if you have a problem with it and you sure do take it up with dulfy dude other wise get therapy not sure what else to say lol

yeah. you dont rehash or re-word the same posts to try to win the arguement? and out of your 95% of peeps claiming they dont play, im sure thats not accurate. and ill continue to call em out, all i like. and you wont handle it, claim you dont have a prob. again, claim 🙁 thus replying minutes later, im sure. tell u the truth, ill wager u STILL play but just naysay and claim you dont on here :)…..was that a trigger?………

Oooh I like that name for my Destiny 2 Clan. ‘The Naysayers’

FYI Rian Johnson single handedly murdered Star Wars by telling the fans that kept the property alive for 40+ years to F-off.

Ryan is only the pet, the master behind all this is the feminazi katy kennedy that bitch must hate lucas a lot

That new ‘Star Wars Land’ that they built in Disney World is F’d. It will get an initial flock during its soft / grand opening (ala TLJ), but the droves will not be constant nor consistent there afterwards. You don’t see a ‘Star Trek Land’ anywhere – gee whiz I wonder why…

[OP is Fred G]

That SW theme park will be packed with ppl far beyond its opening if it’s done right. A crappy movie or two won’t change that. I hate TLJ and AotC but I’m still looking forward to going there with my nieces and nephews some day.

ANOTHER female lead full of pandering fan service cameos and a bullshit story that no one would care about or remember the name of by now if it wasnt tied to starwars.

[OP is Fred G]

So two female leads is just too much for you to handle? Do you just prefer to look at men when watching a movie or is it something else? Genuinely curious.

No. youre missing it.
Its pandering. Diversity is more insulting than none at all when it is pandering.
and ingenuine. And its really obvious in these films.

[OP is Fred G]

I don’t think I’m missing anything. What do you consider pandering? Because the only thing you’ve mentioned so far is simply casting a female in an actual lead role. TLJ has some moments of pandering concerning gender issues but none of them have to do with casting.

Fan service in R1? I agree. Some annoyed me but then again the biggest fan service moment was the best sequence in the film.

Andryah, you don’t belong here.
Go back to the O-forums with the rest of the BioWare fellatio brigade.

LOL personally and being fair WE DONT belong here, this is a site to inform about SWTOR news not about whining…

If your confused about why that is then you have no idea what a comment section is for in the first place.

Yes, but let’s talk about the REAL issues.
People crap themselves when they die, but game devs choose not to address this. When will we see true honesty in gaming?

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