GW2 Gemstore –Istani Isle Mount Skins and Elonian Beasts Dye Kit

GW2 gemstore updated today with the Istani Isle Mount Skins for 400 gems each (1200 for specific skins) and the Elonian Dye Kit.


Istani Isle Mount Skins – 400 gems ea or 1200 gems ea



Dzalana Ice Scale – 0:00


Lahtenda Bog Hunter – 0:45


Striped Jarin – 1:29


Issnur Long Hair – 2:15


Primeval – 3:00


Sargol Thunderer – 3:53



Oceanic Broadtail – 4:50



Primus Beta – 5:46


Stardrift – 6:37



Ceylon Cut – 7:32


Iceflow – 8:22


Primeval – 9:19



Exalted Sky Sentry – 10:09


Istani Bald – 11:05


Sky Bandit – 11:54


Elonian Beasts Dye Kit – 125 gems ea, 5/500, 25/2500


Upcoming Items

Chat codes and images taken from that_shaman’s thread

Winged Headpiece

[&CoQfAAA=]    Winged Headpiece (light)
[&CocfAAA=]    Winged Headpiece (medium)
[&CogfAAA=]    Winged Headpiece (heavy)


Miniature Super Trio – Series 4

Receive the Mini Super Piranha, Mini Super Bunny, and Mini Super Turtle. Combine in the Mystic Forge with a Continue Coin to unlock the Mini Super Angry Cloud.


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28 replies on “GW2 Gemstore –Istani Isle Mount Skins and Elonian Beasts Dye Kit”

oh great ” I would pay more if I could pick the skin” (instead of c random choice) has manifested….. at 1200 gems…. slightly close to daylight robbery.

I’ve heard of people that were willing to buy them for 1600 gems :v lol
Guess they made the average of people suggestions xD With obviously considering the too low ones (some were honestly ridiculous).
Still…meh, would have preferred something like 800-900 gems.

Actually, from a marketing perspective, it’s well planned this time surprisingly. There are only 3 new skins for each mount in this set. 400gems for RNG or 1200gems(equivalent to 3 RNG) to snipe a mount skin without the hassle of getting repeats of the same mount or unneeded mount skins if you have something better. Math wise, it makes sense.

Except there are not even any of these afforementioned repeats of the same skin in this scenario. Once you unlock a mount skin you don’t get it again when opening another license.

114g for 400 gems yesterday (it finally went back down to normal), now 143g for 400. Nothing there that I would spend that kind of gold on. If you already have gems, I’d try to make some bank selling the new dyes before tomorrow.

Meh still not happy, I’m gonna say it again but I would be more than okay with 400 gems rng stuff IF they would let us choose from which mount we roll. Meaning, I pay 400 gems, get one roll and choose to roll from lets say a raptor skins, that way I would spend 2k gems and still have one skin for every mount. But oh well. It is what it is.

Desert Harpy and Sand Shark dyes look kinda cool, need to check them out in game.

That Killer Whale skimmer is just so weird.. Anet must be Inquest with all of these hybrid animals they are experimenting with..

400 gems for a random skin … but 1200 gems to actually pick the skin you want >.> I like a few of them (Stripped Raptor) and the Primeval ones but I would have hoped it would be like double the random price … at like 800 gems. That I could live with. Glad I got my Branded pack <3 Those will do just fine for now! 😀

well people wanted a specific way to get what they wanted, anet delivered.
Everyone knew it would be more costly than random rolls… I personally am happy with whatever i get on random, just wish it would give random for each category before giving a 2nd.

This way within 5 rolls you’d have at least one of each skin category. Then go back to random.

That (a five-pack with one of each mount) is what I actually wanted, and why the stables still don’t get my money. Why spend 2000 gems for 5 random skins, or 1200 gems for just one skin, when you can spend 1600 on a themed set and get one of everything?

Trying to see if what you say is right. You can decide objectively is this math is correct.

5 mount bundle = 1600 (2k gems original price or 400 gem per mount)

5 RNG mount discount = 1800
W/o discount = 5 x 400 or 2k gems

Ok i see what the problem is. The 5 mount bundle gave you exactly what you wanted whereas the NRG will spit out what you might not want at a higher cost.

If youre spending real cash for a select 1 mount (1200 gem), you are pmuch spending for a price of 3 RNG. Then again its much better than the supposedly ultimate mount skin that cost 2k gems per skin.

yes 😀 one from each would be a better way to do it. Theres a few from the original mount adoption I want, but have only purchased 4 or 5 since it launched. And none are what I was hoping for , but I still like them 😀

They should but they cant. I’m pretty sure lots of people payed in a fortune to get that celestial griffon. Making the griffon readily available for 1200 gems now would stir up another hate storm :/

I’ve got enough skins, I’ll just wait for new packaged mounts like Branded at this point (besides those Primeval Skins look like a rip off of that Frosty Rabbit Skin, so why would I want another Rabbit that’s almost an exact copy of another one?).

Until we can actually earn anything worthwhile in game, pass. Cosmetics microtransactions are fine but hell… nowadays there’s barely anything to strive towards that ISN’T a gemstore item.

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