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SWTOR Game Update 5.8a Patch Notes

SWTOR Patch Notes for Game Update 5.8a.


  • Planetary Yield targets for Guild Invasions have been reduced for all sizes:
    • Small is now 200,000 (down from 460,000)
    • Medium is now 550,000 (down from 1,380,000)
    • Large is now 1,130,000 (down from 2,530,000)
  • The Personal Conquest target is now 15,000 (down from 20,000).
  • The following Conquest Objectives have been added to all Conquests:
    • Completing a Warzone
    • Winning a Warzone
    • Completing a Galactic Starfighter Match
    • Winning a Galactic Starfighter Match
  • The Conquest Objective “Starfighter: Dominate the Stars” has been moved to a daily repeatable Objective and had it’s point value increased to 330 (up from 85).
  • The “Rampage” Conquest objectives now require killing 100 enemies (down from 250).

Flashpoints + Operations + Uprisings


  • Reduced the damage of the Energy and Amplifier Drones for the 16-player Story Mode Izax encounter.
  • Corrected an issue which was causing the “Par Three” Achievement to reset.
  • The Omega Protocol Droid’s reflect shield in the Scyva encounter now reflects ranged damage as intended (previously it was reflecting melee damage).


    • Solo Ranked PvP Missions have had their rewards restored to the reflect the changes made in Game Update 5.7:
      • The following changes are being made to the Solo PvP Ranked Daily Mission:
        • Mission will reward 40 Unassembled Components (up from 30)
        • Mission will reward 150 Ranked Season 9 Tokens as intended (up from 0)
      • The following changes are being made to the Solo PvP Ranked Weekly Mission:
        • Mission will reward 250 Unassembled Components (up from 200)
        • Mission will reward 1,000 Ranked Season 9 Tokens as intended (up from 0)
        • Mission now also rewards 3 Charged Matter Transubstantiators

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8 replies on “SWTOR Game Update 5.8a Patch Notes”

What about rewards, I completed the personal goal this week, and did not get the rewards for intro into conquest.

I can’t get excited about this game anymore I miss the days when they were releasing Yavin and Rishi..where are the stories anymore!!! what the heck!!!

pirates of the caribbean? no thanks i don’t miss that. Terror from beyond and snv were better times for me, even Oricon FGS. Bloody pirates of the caribbean ops were bugged at release it tooke them MONTHS to fix them.

I agree, that was the last solid storyline where we had full open world planets introduced, good characters and it actually felt like Star Wars. KOTFE and all since just felt like a series of FP’s and the story was more like some spinoff series than true SW universe. I honestly believe that if they were to release another DLC like Shadow of Revan the game would be revitalized and likely keep kicking for a couple more years. At this rate I’m not so sure.

They SCREW UP the crafting part of Conquest and try to tell us it’s better????
Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope

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