GW2 Chairs of the World Achievement Guide

GW2 Chairs of the World achievement guide. This is a hidden achievement added with March 27 Game Update.

This is a hidden achievement under General –> Community and require you to sit on 42 different types of chairs. It rewards 10 AP and the Armchair Commander title upon completion. As of March 27 it is currently bugged and the last chair cannot be acquired.


1. Rata Stool Model 34

Found in the Asura home instance in the lab up on the ramps in the NW corner of the home instance.


2. Rata Stool Model 4

Near Auxiliary Waypoint on the lowest level of Rata Sum


3. Arcane Council Seat

To get to this seat in Rata Sum Idea Incubation Lab, you will need to fly your griffon off the bridge leading to the Usability Station and fly around to land on a ledge. Once you land on that ledge, keep running SE until you see the seat. You will need to stand on it and interact with it to sit.


4. Legion Warseat/5. Legion Warthrone

Found inside Charr home instance by Hero’s Forum POI. Make sure to sit both chairs that are next to each other.


6. Iron Siegethrone

Found in the east side of the Charr home instance/Hero’s Canton


7. Legion Strategic Chair

SW corner of Charr home instance/Hero’s Canton


8. Iron Siegesofa

Go to Imperator’s Waypoint in Black Citadel and jump down one level. You will find an Iron Siegesofa there.


9. Iron Siegecouch

Go to Imperator’s Waypoint in Black Citadel and then jump down to the bottom level for these siegescouch


10. Legion Footstool

You will find a bunch on the bottom level of Fahrar of Young Heroes POI in the Charr home instance/Hero’s Canton


11. Legion Footrest

You will find one just north of Imperator’s Waypoint in Black Citadel in the same level.


12. Elonian Bench

Found on the top floor of the building on the NW corner of Ossan Quarter of Divinity’s Reach.


13. Elonian Sunchair

Can be found outside in Ossan Quarter of Divinity’s Reach.


14. Elonian Round Stool

Found on the second floor of this building in Ossan Quarter of Divinity’s Reach.


15. Elonian Footstool

Found here in Ossan Quarter of Divinity’s Reach.


16. Krytan Simple Bench

Maiden’s Whisper in Rurikton in Divinity’s Reach.


17. Krytan Simple Chair

Can be found in Rook’s Row POI in Salma District in Divinity’s Reach.


18. Krytan Barstool

Can be found in Rook’s Row POI in Salma District in Divinity’s Reach.


19. Priory Camp Stool

Right by Priority Research Site POI in Lion’s Arch.


20. Estate Throne

Found inside the house right by Manor Hill POI in Salma District in Divinity’s Reach. It is on the second floor.


21. Estate Plush Armchair

Can be found in second floor of Rook’s Row POI in Salma District in Divinity’s Reach.


22. Estate Fancy Chair

Right by Crow’s Nest Tavern POI in Lion’s Arch.


23. Estate High-Back Chair

Found inside the house right by Manor Hill POI in Salma District in Divinity’s Reach.


24. Estate Plush Sofa

Found inside the house right by Manor Hill POI in Salma District in Divinity’s Reach.


25. Krytan Common Chair

Can be found in third floor of Rook’s Row POI in Salma District in Divinity’s Reach.


26. Pirate’s Stately Chair

Order of Whisper’s Headquarters POI in Lion’s Arch.


27. Pirate’s Plush Sofa/28. Pirate’s Plush Sofa (Corner Section)

Building by Fort Marriner in Lion’s Arch.


29. Pirate’s Plush Barstool

Order of Whisper’s Headquarters POI in Lion’s Arch.


30. Hunter’s Wood Chair

Right by Upper Balcony Waypoint in Hoelbrak


31. Hunter’s Strong Chair

Wolf’s Lodge in Hoelbrak


32. Hunter’s Wood Stool

Right by Priory Encampment POI in Hoelbrak


33. Hunter’s Wood Footrest

Near Shelter Rock in Hoelbrak


34. Hunter’s Wood Footstool

Right next to Master Blackforge’s Steading POI in Hoelbrak.


35. Hunter’s Strong Stool

Near Shelter Rock in Hoelbrak


36. Great Lodge Bench

Wolf’s Lodge in Hoelbrak. Second floor.


37. Great Lodge Legend-Throne

Right by Old Fiach’s Lorestead POI in Hoelbrak.


38. Great Lodge Hunter-Throne

Right by Skarti’s Steading POI in Hoelbrak.


39. Great Lodge Hunter-Seat/40. Great Lodge Hunter-Stool

Wolf’s Lodge in Hoelbrak.


41. Sylvan Seedstool

By Hidden Shelter POI in the Grove


42. Ruler’s Throne (Bugged)

Currently it is bugged but you can visit any racial leader’s throne and sit on it. Queen Jennah’s Throne room for example in Divinity’s Reach.



Locations for some of the chairs were taken from the wiki page.

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

53 replies on “GW2 Chairs of the World Achievement Guide”

A bunch of these are listed needlessly far apart. Just check around whenever you’re at one chair, you’ll probably find several others in the near vicinity.

Armchair commander haha, Oh yeah i can definitely see the the appeal why would many ppl would go for it :3

For those without a Griffon stuck at #3, you can use a Springer to jump onto the roof of the building to get to the same destination.

I really feel the springer solution should be the one listed in the guide, since more people are gonna have springers.

But everyone’s addicted to their griffons. I see people just walking around with it, flying up for a few steps before landing again and walking on. A Springer would be the logical choice for reaching this chair, but logic goes out the window when people are starstruck with their shinies.

You can get to the chair without any mounts, but it seems you need gliding. There’s a tricky jump, and it might be possible with some profession jump skills or bundle items.

For #3, just go to the center of the top level of the main city and enter the instance for the Arcane Council. It won’t let you sit in the chairs due to “an invisible barrier”, but it gives you the credit.

Actually there was an Iron Siegesofa in the home instance as well against the back wall of Hero’s Forum. The throne was the only one I didn’t find in the Hero’s Forum.

Just a note all of the charr seats can be found in the home instance in the , just need to keep your eye out as most are around the Hero’s Forum POI. Thanks for the guide Dulfy!

was it confirmed that the last chair is bugged? cause if it wasnt, i have the speculation its actually a chair in lions arch
“This is the site of the First Sittable Chair, from which all others derive—the King of Chairs. It’s a secret which one it is.” – The Patch Notes
Maybe theres one special, original sittable chair somewhere in lions arch that just noone has found yet?

I interpret that as a funny reference to the first chair ever created for GW2. I can’t confirm it, but I find it a likely interpretation.

This achievement should grant you a simple wooden chair tonic, so you can’t take a seat anywhere! anytime!

(usable in conquest mode too, of course!)

It would be nice to see this re-ordered so you don’t have to keep backtracking over the same zone (both the Black Citadel and Divinity’s Reach.)

True, and that’s what I did. I’m just saying it’d be nice if they rearranged the article a bit so we don’t have to.

It’s in the order of the achievement. I didn’t need to be told to sit in other chairs next to the ones I was already doing.

If you go to Knut’s instance, you can’t sit on his throne, because he’s already sitting on it. If you go to Arcane Council, the chairs don’t have sittability. This strongly suggests that it only refers to Jennah’s throne, or it refers to some other chair entirely.

Or you could just try it. You still get credit for a chair when another player is already sitting in it. And lo and behold, you get credit for trying to sit in Knut’s chair as well. That’s how I got my #42. You just get a little dialogue about Knut pointing out to you there’s already someone sitting in the chair and you deciding not to press the matter further. Ruler’s Throne seems to work for all the rulers in cities, no matter if the chair is occupied or not.

When did you try? Last night, when I wrote that comment, I couldn’t sit in his chair (in the instance. I don’t know if it’s possible to get into his room in the open world). Maybe they updated it since? That’d be cool.

I did it about an hour or 2 before I posted here. Since #42 was unobtainable at first it would seem I did it after they fixed that. Just enter the instance and do what you would do with any other chair. Considering that you get participation for the achievement when another player is already sitting in a chair, it stands to reason that Knut already sitting in his doesn’t hinder getting the achivement either.

You can get Ruler’s Throne in Arcane Council (Rata Sum). Apparently it counts as #3 too, in my case when I interact with the Ruler’s Throne it’s also completed the #3 as well thus completed my achievement.

Just to confirm that, as of this morning (29 March) and in SW at least, the final chair is no longer bugged. Just completed the collection in Queen Jenna’s Throne Room.

If, for some reason, the Krytan Simple Chair doesn’t appear in Rook’s Row (it didn’t for me), there’s one beside the entrance of Vanguard Hospital. You’ll have to click on it to interact because there are three NPCs crowded really close to it.

Sry for late reply.. Well I tried the other thrones.. but none of them worked except Queen J’s throne..

Just a tip for those who don’t have the Gryphon, but want to get this achievement. For the Arcane Council chair, you can use the springer to launch yourself onto the roof of the Incubation Lab, then once you reach the top of the pyramid, slide down to the ledge that leads inside on the right hand side.

That’s basically what I did as well. I used my glider from the bridge to a ledge around the corner, then used my springer to get the around the rest of the way and then up onto the side so I could drop in from above. It can be done. My trouble now is the chair itself. It wouldn’t give me credit. I logged out and rebooted, and now I can’t even get the option to Sit to come up.

Or you can enter the Arcane Council instance (portal in the middle of upper level of Rata Sum) and interact with any of the several councillor chairs to get the credit. Much simpler.

I’ve got all but the first one, Rata Stool Model 34. I’m sitting in it right now as I type this, but it’s not giving me credit for it. Is this bugged or was there supposed to be a particular order that I didn’t follow?

I did the same thing… turns out I wasn’t in the home instance (Applied Development Lab) I was in Snaff Memorial Lab which also has a chair in the same place… Go to ADL and it’s on the upper floor.

i sat in the queens throne first just to see, and it worked just fine. am I not understanding what the bug is?

Worst guide I’ve seen on Dulfy so far. Could easily have done it twice as efficient by doing all chairs in the same houses, instances and cities at once, instead of jumping back and forth to waste time and money. When you’ve done 17 and 18, go to 21 directly. Then do 20, 23 and 24 instead of going to LA twice. (I’m at 20 now)

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