GW2 Super Adventure Box

GW2 Super Adventure Box 2018 Event Guide

A guide to the Super Adventure Box 2018 event running from March 29 to April 19.


Super Adventure Box: Nostalgia Achievements

These achievements are new for the 2018 release with very limited AP.

Another Hundred Lives – 5 AP/25 AP

Drooburt can be found in the Rata Sum Jail. To get into the jail, just slide or griffon down one of the sides of the Rata Sum cube and when you get under the cube, you will be teleported to the jail. You need to donate 100 Continue Coins for the achievement which can be repeated 5 times for 25 AP (500 Continue Coins). 10 baubles = 1 continue coin so you will need 1000 baubles per 5 AP or 5000 in total.


Course Load – 20 AP/100 AP

You will need to complete the Course Work: Super Adventure Festival achievement (which requires you to complete 3 of the daily Super Adventure Box achievements) 8 times for each completion of Course Load. This will require 8 days per 20 AP. You have just 21 days for 2018 version of SAB so you can complete this achievement twice at the most for 40 AP.

Flight of the Bumble Pugs (Annual) – 2 Bauble Bubbles

Complete the race event in the Super Adventure Box lobby in under 5 minutes. The race starts at the opposite end of the lobby from the entrance and involves quite a bit of jumping. The second part of the race convert you to a bumble bee and you will fly around instead of jumping. The time limit is fairly tight so you may need to do some practice runs to get this achievement.

It seems you can remain in bumble bee form and start it in that form for the next race. Not sure how much time it will shave but might be handy.


World 1 Challenge (Annual) – 3 Bauble Bubbles

Complete World 1 Zone 1, 2, and 3 in Tribulation mode.

World 1 Classic (Annual) – 2 Bauble Bubbles

Complete World 1 Zone 1, 2, and 3 in Normal mode.

World 1 Warm Up Annual) – 1 Bauble Bubbles

Complete World 1 Zone 1, 2, and 3 in Infantile mode.

World 2 Challenge (Annual) – 3 Bauble Bubbles

Complete World 2 Zone 1, 2, and 3 in Tribulation mode.

World 2 Classic (Annual) – 2 Bauble Bubbles

Complete World 2 Zone 1, 2, and 3 in Normal mode.

World 2 Warm Up Annual) – 1 Bauble Bubbles

Complete World 2 Zone 1, 2, and 3 in Infantile mode.

Older Achievements

These achievements are new for the


World 1 Normal

World 1 Tribulation Mode

World 2 Normal

World 2 Tribulation mode

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35 replies on “GW2 Super Adventure Box 2018 Event Guide”

Well, the race is new, and we do have some new rewards (including a SAB home node) but yeah, World 3 seems as far away as ever. 🙁

They didn’t bring it back for years, for that reason. They only started the festival because people begged them to bring the existing levels back. When they did, they were pretty up front about the fact they probably weren’t going to dedicate more resources to SAB levels. I mean I hope that’s a bluff and one of these years it’s unveiled as a surprise, but I’m not counting on it.

Event has been running for less than 3 hours so far… you really overestimate yourself thinking you could do it on the first try or on the first day. Practice more, cry less.

I agree with Nosferatuvn, the race sucks. This is more a JP, than a race. I manage to get all other previous race achievement in first try. This race though, the timing is just too close, you can’t make even one tiny mistake. Also the flying bee part of the race is hellish, the up/down respond is slow, when you hit the rally point, it took a while for it to light up.

I got first place in the race among a lot of players and didn’t finish it in 5 mins, hahaha. That’s was like my first try

Do you get something for doing the tribulation mode everyday? I seems to remember that you get a special token to trade for skin, but I might be mixing it up with some other achievement.

You get the special token every time you finish a Trib Mode level. There’s no limit on how many times you can run it per day. IIRC, you also get a Bauble Bubble per zone completion (and the Trib Mode chests have increased chances to drop rare stuff like sellable Kaiser weapon skins).

Just finished Trib mode world 1. Now I remember, I still need to combine tokens from world 2&3, just to get one weapon. Maybe I’ll finish the king toad skin, but don’t think I’ll do the storm wizard skin, too much of a hassle.

Amusing footnote for Drooburt: If you try giving him your Infinite Continue Coin, he won’t take it, but you get a special dialogue option that’s pretty funny.

yea but not dat gud compared to Silverwaste RIBA farm/Palawadan/Special chamber

SAB is for people who wanna have fun on jumping and hanging out with their frends or punish their frienemies in trib

u can farm baubles by doing normal/infantile/trib mode and use it to buy holographic food that u can sell in TP and if RNG is on your side u might get an SAB skin that cost a lot on TP

Yes, put some onions and your no-brain head in a stove and burn for a while. You will get tons of gold.

You must complete the respective World/Zone in normal mode first before you can do Trib Mode. This is specific per character, so if you finished normal on one character, only that character can enter Trib Mode.

I saw a video where someone used all 5 skins for the Warhorn (Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red) and each of them had a different sound effect. Do the Pistol, Rifle and Bow also sound different depending on what colour they are? Are there any videos of this?

How does anyone know how to do these events? Hidden rooms, which checkpoint is which? A map would be really useful to know where you were to find the area for achievements. Sorry, this isn’t the right forum but I had to vent.

All these pseudo-achievements are as IDIOTIC, time-consuming and nonsense as ALL that stupid Adventure Box… It hurts your EYES ans mind and nobody will pay for your doctor then but you. I pity the NO-LIFES who lose time for that shit.

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