SWTOR Shae Vizla and Nico Okarr Subscriber Rewards coming April 3

Bioware is giving out Shae Vizla and Nico Okarr as subscriber rewards on April 3.

The world of Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ is full of surprises. Today, we are announcing ‘Subscriber Rewards’ coming April 3, 2018. In a galaxy characterized by combat and treacherous betrayals, it is important to celebrate alliances. Nothing is more important than our relationship with each other and our loyal companions. In honor of the alliances we all create with our companions, all our premium players will receive the legendary Mandalorian leader, Shae Vizla and the infamous smuggler, Nico Okarr join your team of companions.

  • These iconic Companions will join your team, if you have a premium status on April 3, 2018 at 12:01AM PT.
  • All active Premium Players as of April 3, 2018 at 12:01AM PDT//8:01AM GMT will receive the companions, Nico Okarr and Shae Vizla on/by April 5, 2018 by 11:59PM PDT//7:59AM GMT.
  • You can claim your new companions beginning April 5, 2018 via in-game email at 9:00AM PT.

  • Guest

    Nope that’s not enough for me to sub…try harder and better cheap EA…..

    • Same.. Not even Closeeeee… *Face To Desk..*
      Kindly: Pre Ordered D.Deluxe Edition & Sub Since Launch to End of 2016. Returned Oct. 2017, but Got Sad Cause Still Lack of Proper Mmo Content & no Good Plans for it on Sight. Sub Auto Renewal Axed at Dec 2017. #WaitingForSubWorthyNews

  • Paulo Gomes

    Nice touch, making these available for people that couldn’t get them when they first came about. Especially Nico. I cannot remember what the premise was for getting Vizla lol…

    Better than an “event” from the cash-shop anyways.

  • Amodin

    Uh I’ve had them. Since they were released.

    Stop sucking at your own game. For the love of God, please… stop sucking. And I never say that to someone, but it’s so bad to watch….

    I bet HK-55 is coming soon.

    • LMFAO IKR?!

    • Darth Twinge

      Shh dont give them ideas lol

    • Wylyth Farraige-Draíochta

      I hope he does come. Exclusivity is cancer.

  • Shawn Hargrave


  • fubarz

    https://youtu.be/8ihx7HprZfo EA/BW…. Darth Idiot of really Lame….. is better then this promotion

    • True that! 😀 😀 Eaware need to see this & know the Sad Fact.. All Around Wicked Wide Web.. Also those Who Think This is Cool Way to Lure In More Fragile Minded People.. Those Who Scream Words of Joy every time Eaware Releases new Lightsabers into Microtransactions Store with price Tag of 25 – 40€ or less..

      They Also Have Drool Dripping Slowly as they Wait for New Companions That they Can Romance in their Strongholds.. Then That Cutscene Can’t Be Repeated Again With Same Char & Aah Their Joy Joy Is Gone 4ever.. *Brainstorm..* Kindly: Pre Ordered D.Deluxe Edition & Sub Since Launch to End of 2016. Returned Oct. 2017, but Got Sad Cause Still Lack of Proper Mmo Content & no Good Plans for it on Sight. Sub Auto Renewal Axed at Dec 2017. #WaitingForSubWorthyNews

  • Uh is this a Pre-April Fools joke? I saw this article and I still don’t believe it.

    • Bakgrind

      I really don’t have a problem with this myself. And I think it’s less offensive than charging for the Rise of the Hutt Cartel dlc only to give it away and free for the masses within 5 months . ROTHC dlc release date April 14, 2013. Free to subscribers September 12, 2013. And what reward did the people get that already purchased it? Well it was a new title, “The Risen”. Which is kinda pathetic for a reward when you think about it. And even if you don’t.

  • Darth Twinge

    They have altered the deal. Pray they dont alter it any further…

    • Darth Ji’inx

      This brings back memories… 🙂

  • Fred Garvin
    • Jep Fareborn

      • Fred Garvin

        [OP is Fred G]

        This movie is still funny even though it’s almost 40 years old.

  • Gay

    • Darth Ji’inx

      We’ve already been over this, John; your sexuality doesn’t enhance your trolling. 😉

    • lolipop

  • Marc Hill

    aaaand my sub just expired…. oh wait i already have them…..

  • PatrickDawes

    so what about the people that have these comps already that have been with you for ever we get shit

  • Ginevra

    so what about the people that have these comps already that have been with you for ever we get shit

  • John Kosto

    Nico Okarr = the most underdeveloped and disappointing companion in all of SWTOR
    Shae Vizla = a good companion, but who really cares that much?

    I guess that’s ok though, because this is not even an event or something, it’s just a stupid way to give people stuff that they couldn’t get before

  • Meelis S

    I already have them but havent played soon almost 2 years 🙂
    Nice recycle i cant stop laughing 😀

  • Jep Fareborn

    The only reason for having Shae as your companion:

    “I’m bored. Let’s Fuck!” :-p

    Tarre Viszla needs to be CONCEIVED! ;p

    • Guest

      Shes lesbi she definitely wont fuck with you.

    • Darth Ji’inx

      Shae’s name is “Vizla,” while all the others are of Clan “Viz(s)la.”

  • pig benis

    and then they disappear, only to return later as ‘new content’))

  • justfactsplease

    nice been subbing since start already got them , nice and pointless reward as normal


    And if I have both it’s just a non-event.

  • branky

    Ppl who allrdy have these comps arent subbed anyway 😛

    • Nice to know Psychic 😮 Enjoy your revelations Career ;D Unfortunately there are manyyyyy Half Blind people living in Swtor’s Denial Mode. So yes many have Subbed / Are Subs After These EX Exclusive Rewards “Without Backstory / Good Dialogues” Were Given For The 1st Time. Take care.

      Kindly: Pre Ordered D.Deluxe Edition & Sub Since Launch to End of 2016. Returned Oct. 2017, but Got Sad Cause Still Lack of Proper Mmo Content & no Good Plans for it on Sight. Sub Auto Renewal Axed at Dec 2017. #WaitingForSubWothyNews #DoubtThatEawareDeliversAnymore

  • Vadim Karpov

    Got both calling devices from previous subscriber rewards.

  • Jin

    Don’t make me laugh 😀 Create something new better.

  • EyesOfGehenna .

    BioWare Austin failing at understanding the concepts of ‘subscriber rewards” and “exclusive rewards” yet again. I seriously think they can’t help but get things wrong every time.

  • Ahmet Yılmaz

    I have both Shae and Nico. They can give it to people who missed the chance to get them and it is ok.
    They should give something extra to those people who got those companions on time.

  • Phil Otto

    I thought for a minute my browser went back in time.

    • Bioware is poop

      that would be good as it would mean that we would go back to a time where the game was playable

  • Alexander Delorean

    Ahaha thats fukin funny! Give us something MORE interesting (and Shae + Niko i got long time ago)

  • Valerien

    Loyalty rewards that offer nothing to the most loyal, seems like a good move….

    Keith has decided that loyalty rewards are what the game really needs, only they don’t have the resources to produce these rewards. Not to worry they will offer previous subscriber rewards again. Does this mean that we can look forward to a chapter by chapter release of Kotfe this summer as well. Hell you re-release subscriber rewards, why not re-release the chapters as if they were new too.

    • AbnerDoon

      Maybe the choices will finally matter? :p

  • Cloudy

    PvP rewards when

  • only thing i can say again the 100x
    im happy i stopped sub 1 year ago and im sad i didnt do it earlier .
    fuck you ea

    • Jep Fareborn

      You just mad because they didn’t make Ashara available to all classes. :p

  • HMH


  • Who the flying hell cares about companions at this point? Ever since they trashed the entire companion customization system, all these side toons are completely interchangeable. Their skills aren’t unique, their gear doesn’t matter. Ugh. What a waste.

    • Lithari

      Well, that is a good thing in a way, because when they were unique, some classes were shafted until they got their healer companion, while others got them from the start, that ticked me off, the way they are now, is great, i think they should do their roles in their own unique way, but all companions should be able to tank, heal or do dps.

      • Lon

        Nope its stupid now. Far better for it to be unique. SWOTR was NEVER hard enough for someone not having a healing companion for a planet or 2 to cause you not able to do anything. IF it did then well they should probably look into a much easier to play game if that is even possible.

    • Jep Fareborn

      A lot of people just wanted favorite star wars alien counterparts to partake in their adventure quests..the Ithorian Jedi, Arconian historian, female ewok and so on and so forth..and yet SWTOR players will never be satisified… :/

  • Vergansito

    I’d like to have Vizla but…my local (country) Amazon doesn’t sell swtor time cards anymore and there’s no way for me to play swtor unless i have a credit card which i don’t so…That for me is a pretty good sign the game is dying…

  • Nomad

    This has got to be an early April Fools Day joke!….right?

  • st fu

    I hope someday they bring Darth Hexid back because I missed her :/

    • Jep Fareborn

      I feel for you on that one…because I am hoping for Master Ranos.

  • Adam Haynes

    Am I missing something or is there actually anyone who doesn’t already have those 2 companions?
    Way to not offer your loyal core nothing… again.

    • Drool Bear

      Meh, Bioware don’t care. They might as well just let everyone go up to the VIP lounge and have access to all that is there (which really aint that much) that was only intended for Collector Edition subscribers.

      • Jep Fareborn

        Then why offer a VIP wristband for 1 million credits if it was only intended for CE people? Of all the confounded ignorance and arrogance of the 2-sided SWTOR community. “It is a period of Civil War…”

        • Lon

          Because that was what it was intended for then people whined because it was not “fair”. When in fact it makes perfects sense for CE people to have their own place they supported the game far more then non-CE

    • Bogdan Paunescu

      non subs mostly don’t have them or new players…

  • RichardCranium

    Uh I’ve had them. Since they were released.Stop sucking at your own game. For the love of God, please… stop sucking. And I never say that to someone, but it’s so bad to watch….I bet HK-55 is coming soon.

    • Bioware best company ever

      recycled comment. you make bioware proud

  • Prekzursil

    I have them, if these are coming back, then bring back hk 55 chapter as well, maybe hexid, at least HK 55 chapter is something not completely cosmetic, and yes its true some people didn’t play from the start and had no way to get them if they weren’t playing so its fairly normal they bring back some old stuff.

  • Naq

    I have an idea for the next promotion. Sub for a month, and you get the contents of a non-subbed players bank. Sub for 3 months, and you can get their names. Sub for 6 months, and you get their cartel market collections…sub for a year and you can see what an empty server looks like.

  • Disqus this

    Leave it to bioware to make a subscriber reward that you could only get for a certain amount of time and then just hand it out to the non-subscribers just becaused they whined.

    Turns biowares subscriber rewards into a “F”ing joke. No need to subscribe. Just whine and bioware will give it to you.

    • fubarz

      Well they still have Master Ranos and Darth Hexid to give away next month

    • Jep Fareborn

      They are not ‘giving’ them away – they have to be subbed premium! Nobody read the release. Bunch of hillbilly cletii, the lot of you. :p

  • CMboi

    Game is almost dead everything can happen! please Sr. Mosco give us the architect wings on CM

  • Oh, so the shit we got for being subs a long time ago, you get now if you suddenly sub? Just another reason i’m happy that dirty midget Eric Musco will never ride a roller coaster. #SPIT

  • Vanecce

    I’m actually worried now. They’ve released practically no new content. They just finished what they should have a long time ago. Actually, they haven’t finished since we are still missing companions. The last pack they released was simply a giant chance cube and put everything available on the CM from past packs. And now this? Who is coming up with this stuff? They’re killing their own game. It’s just depressing and disappointing.
    For those saying things about ‘loyalty rewards’, you shouldn’t even consider subscriber rewards to be loyalty rewards. If you subbed for five years straight, you got a stronghold decoration of an alliance statue. That’s not a reward for loyalty. That’s like saying, “Oh hey, thanks for sticking with us for five years straight. Here’s a pretty rock.” If they aren’t going to make limited time subscriber rewards unique, then they shouldn’t advertise them as a limited time event reward. Otherwise the long term customers get screwed and the newer ones get all the ‘special’ rewards that the others have. Also, if you aren’t subbed, there are so many restrictions that it’s not even worth playing, in my opinion.
    I actually like this game, but where is it going? The last story content was a FLASHPOINT (it was a gorgeous one though).
    Anyways, I’m going to go catch butterflies on ESO now. Happy Easter all.

    • Errtai

      I’m a non-sub for the past 1,5 years and I’ve gotten used to the f2p limitations in time. I can’t participate in ops and can’t gain CXP, meaning no gear. But as I don’t do ops, I don’t need gear anyways, so that’s not an issue. And regarding doing no ops; I’ve done every single one of them a million times except the new Iokath ops.

      The other issue that seems important to most, is the credit cap. But I’m also not buying new armor or anything, so the 350k cap doesn’t mean much. And whenever I reach the cap on one of my toons, I deposit that amount to my legacy bank and problem solved.

      Finally as a f2p I have access to all the new FPs they release, so I can continue the Traitor storyline without any problems.

      So I must say that I don’t agree with you on the “if you’re not a sub, it’s not worth playing” part. That totally depends on what you want to do in the game. If you want multiplayer content, then you’re absolutely right. But for “solo-lurkers” such as myself, the game is still playable.

      • Vanecce

        Well I’m glad that f2p works alright for some people. Thank you Errtai!

  • alessia

    Shes lesbi she definitely wont fuck with you.

    • Ricky

  • Martin Marinov

    And what about the people that actually have them from their first “unique” subs reward? We get nothing. :X

  • GSF4Lyfe

    Ummm… what? They’ve done this already. Why is this happening again?

    • Errtai

      So that new subs who missed those two back in the day, can have them… I think.

  • ElineJ

    non subs mostly don’t have them or new players…

  • Jep Fareborn

    Is the SWTOR community full of cletus hillbilly bumpkins? Because no matter where you reside in the world to play this game, it just seems that certain people are acting so narrow-minded about what is going on and the big ‘nothing-burger’ in relation to making these companions available again to new subscribers and how people are selfish over ‘loyalty’ for not getting anything for the other long term subs – granted ‘maybe’ the devs should have done something more, but I am not taking it personally like most are. The appeasement for this community is so deranged its unreal.

    • it is not that people are jealous about the fact they dont get anything from this reward.
      its the bitterness and disapointement what this dev team is doing in the game last 3 years.
      and that they sell old things as new ones and repeat old things as new event all the time.
      thats why people complain about it ( me too ) cause this game still means a lot to them, cause of good old memorys with dev team caring about the game.
      its just ridiculous what they do with this game last 3 years and how they fool players.

    • Ben Gimson

      Nothing wrong with people being annoyed that sub loyalty rewards are being recycled. You’d understand if the concept of loyalty meant anything to you.

      • Jep Fareborn

        Hey I believe in loyalty irl, just not so much in make-believe video game land ;p

        • Ben Gimson

          It’s not make-believe video game land. It was a loyalty reward from BW to their customers. Both of those are real-world entities.

          I don’t care either way; both companions are shitty rewards with wasted story potential, but it should be pretty obvious why people feel cheated.

          • Paulo Gomes

            I see that end. I can understand people feel cheated.

            But I don’t see it as much of a big deal. I mean, I think of the people that are getting these comps, and I sort of feel happy for them. They’re players too. The only reason they don’t have this is probably because they didn’t play at the time.

            And maybe I’m suffering from a twisted, demented, gaming form of Stockholm syndrome, I don’t know. But when I think of the DvsL “event”… Man, my blood STILL boils TODAY. When I think they made an “event” that left twenty-something of my toons GATHERING DUST at character select, and I would have to make at least 2 new ones to replay the WHOLE GAME…

            THAT was a slap in my veteran face. This? Not so much.

            • Ben Gimson

              Oh it doesn’t compare to the DvL ‘event’, but reusing rewards that were previously awarded for meeting the right criteria is still shitty. New players get a reward and the vets, get, what? They get to see how much their loyalty actually means.

              • Paulo Gomes

                But didn’t they start this a while back?

                As I recall, the sub reward was Nico, his blasters, his coat, and the KotOR inspired speeder.

                They just did the same to the speeder, not so long ago. And I was actually a little bit more pissed at that, because I actually love that speeder.

                I guess it’s just the Stockholm syndrome applied to gaming, as I was saying.

                I’ve been slapped so many times I sort of became immune to it. Hell, I might even like it…

    • Learn to Use Proper Sentences before start Bashing Others with Mind Boggling words.Hard to understand a lot of that.. Glhf on the Writing Course. Enjoy o/ Kindly: Pre Ordered D.Deluxe Edition & Sub Since Launch to End of 2016. Returned Oct. 2017, but Got Sad Cause Still Lack of Proper Mmo Content & no Good Plans for it on Sight. Sub Auto Renewal Axed at Dec 2017. #WaitingForSubWorthyNews

    • gog

      To veteran players, this is the equivalent of someone giving you a puppy as a Christmas gift one year, then 3 years later they grab the dog and hands it to you again while shouting “Merry Christmas” excitedly…

  • Retardedboi

    These ones speak like retarded, no wait, THEY ARE!

    Official News6.0 Expansion has been confirmed by developers for SWTOR! Expansion will focus on Empire vs Republic! self.swtor

    submitted 20 hours ago * by swtorista

    EDIT: Please note this is from the 30th. It is not an April Fools joke.

    This is from SWTOR Central’s live stream.

    6.0 expansion is 100% confirmed, they have a date but won’t tell us when.

    They have confirmed it will not be “Knights of the ____” (but it sounds like the name is not 100% chosen either)

    SWTOR Central: An expansion is coming, yes?

    Eric Musco: Yes.

    SWTOR Central: Confirmed. Yes? 6.0 Confirmed.

    Eric Musco: Yes.

    SWTOR Central: You got a date?

    Eric Musco: No-

    SWTOR Central: No?

    Eric: [Well], yes, but we can’t tell you.

    SWTOR Central: Oh oh oh you do have a date!

    Eric Musco: Do we have a date? Oh no. No not really (laughing)

    SWTOR Central: Oh you have a date? Oh of course you have a date, you just can’t tell me.

    Eric Musco: To be clear, the next update after 5.9 is 5.10, not 6.0

    Charles Boyd: Correct.

    Eric Musco: So it’s not-

    SWTOR Central: Is that actually true?

    Eric Musco: That is actually true!

    SWTOR Central: That there’s a 5.10?

    Eric Musco: To be fair I think there might be a 5.9.1

    Charles Boyd: Oh yeah, sorry.

    Eric Musco: I’m trying to remember – whatever – but there will be a 5.10, it will not be the 6.0.

    SWTOR Central: What is the last patch before the expansion? What is that going to be called?

    Eric Musco: TBD? [To Be Decided] It depends on… if you saw the way that we do production plans-

    Charles Boyd: 5-dot-three-thousand-seven-hundred-and-… (laughing)

    Eric Musco:
    It’s 5.something and it depends on like – somethings are in this
    update, and then it’s like what if we made another update x weeks later
    where we put that out here… it’s a moving thing

    Charles Boyd:
    There’s always a discussion – is it better to do a lot of small
    updates or a handful of biger updates, which would change that number
    drastically. It’s up in the air.

    Eric Musco: Something about patch 5.twenty-three… just kidding, just kidding!

    SWTOR Central: For the next expansion, is the name going to be Knights of the dot dot dot…?

    Eric Musco: It is not.

    SWTOR Central: It is not!?

    Charles Boyd: We haven’t decided what it will be, but it will not be that.

    wouldn’t tell us anything about the name and there was a lot of joking
    about SWTOR Central trying to guess or get info aout of them. Lots of
    laughing from SWTOR Central and the devs.]

    SWTOR Central: Is there anything, and I mean literally anything at all, you can tell us about the next expansion?

    Eric Musco: We said it exists, that’s new!

    Charles Boyd:
    We’ll even say a little story stuff. We’ve got the story in 5.9 coming
    out in the beginning of May, and that’s going to conclude the whole
    Theron traitor story arc and also put a capper on all the Eternal Throne
    related activies for the most part in terms of being the focus of the
    story, and we’re definitely going to be getting back to a Republic vs
    Empire core storyline – getting back to that war, revitalizing it into
    the core original SWTOR conflict.

    Charles Boyd:
    I feel very – it depends on how much story comes out before it I
    suppose, but I would be willing to bet money that it will feature the
    Republic vs Imperial storyline.

    (Please note this is a non-professional human’s transcription of what they said, it may not be 100% exact.)

    • Guest

      ^Those idiots are so fun each year are better, that’s why i keep reading them, they swim in stupidity. =)

      • Yes Indeed Charles “Sly Smily Boy” Boyd, Eric “Hyper Bunny” Mucuso & King “Sugar Coater Writer” Keith come up with Mind Boggling Blog Posts & News Announcements For a long time now. Naturall Keith have done that Shorter time.. Shameful Big IP Treatment on MMO Genre by Big Publisher & Their Minion Dev Crew called Eaware.

        Kindly: Pre Ordered D.Deluxe Edition. Sub Since Launch up to End of 2016. Returned Oct. 2017, but Sad cause Still Lack of Proper Mmo Content & no Good Plans for it on Sight. Sub Auto Renewal Axed at Dec 2017. #WaitingForSubWorthyNews

  • alessia

    I don’t know you trolls but i enjoy playing SWTOR, Musco is the best community manager and Keith the best producer ever, both are pretty smart, can’t wait for 6.0.

    • Guest

      Then what the hell are you doing here kid? go and play your beloved game…

      • alessia

        Leave me alone!

        • Haha yeah 😀 Mr.Mucuso don’t wanna be disturbed when sharing love for himself here at Dulfy’s 🤔 I got a good giggidy time time from your King Keith & Mucuso praise comment above 🤡 You missed Sly Smile Charles Boyd who tortured us Mmo’ers with Mom & Daughter Feud Expansions for 2 years. Wasn’t alone on that one though as Ben Irving was with him.

    • IceBaby7

      atta girl!

    • branky

      Dear alessia no offence but u kinda entered the mens room here, there are 3 ways i can look at ur post. 1rst it is a poor aprilfool joke 2cnd u just troll away and 3rd which worries me most is when it, as highly unlikely as it is, u actualy think u can spot smart…

    • Ben Gimson

      Good one :’)

    • Fred Garvin

      [OP is Fred G]

      Looks like Musco is posting on Dulfy again…smh.

    • Paulo Gomes

      Best community manager ever…

      Best producer ever…

      I just gotta ask:

      Compared to what??????????

  • guest
    • Fred Garvin
    • Paulo Gomes

      Carrie Fisher is NOT replaceable. I don’t care who they put in there as Leia. It will NEVER be Leia.

      Rian Johnson managed to disrespect her memory with that Marie Poppins scene, and THEN he missed a golden opportunity to make a clean exit off the character because of sheer ego.

      But hey: it’s not like I care. I won’t see Ep IX anyways.

      But since they want to be “inclusive”, I have an idea: why not take a transsexual actor/actress/any made-up pronoun you thought of and make him/her/any made-up gender you identify with play Leia?

      Now THAT would truly be “SJW”…

      • Fred Merc

        Same here, not planning to see episode IX. Im not helpinf those morons to make more money.

    • Chris Shaw

      Well, Meryl Streep kept quiet all those years when Harvey Weinstein was raping girls, because he paid her millions to be in his projects. Meryl is a hypocrite who I can’t stand. Disney is making a huge mistake with Meryl, who turns her back on girls being raped. If she is in the movie, then we will boycott it.

  • Afaix
    • Fred Garvin

      2023? and SWTOR is on the verge to close!

    • Jep Fareborn

      “Did somebody roll a Tank or DwT?” ;p

  • guest

    Dear alessia no offence but u kinda entered the mens room here, there
    are 3 ways i can look at ur post. 1rst it is a poor aprilfool joke 2cnd u
    just troll away and 3rd which worries me most is when it, as highly
    unlikely as it is, u actualy think u can spot smart…

    • alessia

      I’m not a girl! i’m not!

  • MMO

    6.0 has been confirmed guys wee!! yes! can’t wait to play brand new story repvsimp again, ops, fps, pvp’s, new gear, new levels, nice!

  • Name

    6.0 confirmed the tears of the Cancers here at Dulfy will continue for at least another couple of years! Haha you guys are so pathetic.

    • Larrdath

  • Fred Garvin

    [OP is Fred G]

    It’s amazing how all KeithMuscoBoyd have to do is utter “6.0” and the BioBots drop to their knees salivating to deep-throat away.

    • Larrdath

      And they “confirm” 6.0 about 4 days before that super duper Cartel Market “event”. Hmm. Nah, that can’t be related, right ?

      • Fred Garvin

        [OP is Fred G]

        It’s definitely related. The new expansion is called “Whales of the Cartel Market Strike Back.”

    • Guest
      • Fred Garvin

        [OP is Fred G]

        That is EXACTLY what they look like when a new Cartel pack is released, Keith posts on the forums, Musco giggles with his ’90s soul-patch, or Charles talks about MAYBE bringing back Kara sometime this decade.

  • Jacob

    Remember only for subscribers, so you need to be one.

  • tiana parker

    Nice to know Psychic 😮 Enjoy your revelations Career ;D Unfortunately there are manyyyyy Half Blind people living in Swtor’s Denial Mode. So yes many have Subbed / Are Subs After These EX Exclusive Rewards “Without Backstory / Good Dialogues” Were Given For The 1st Time. Take care.Kindly: Pre Ordered D

  • Wylyth Farraige-Draíochta

    Is it wrong as a (relatively) new player I’m glad I’m now able to get these companions?

    • Paulo Gomes

      No, it’s not.

      Look: for a new player this game has TONS of things to offer. At its core it’s STILL a great game. Now if you’re a veteran… Not so much, to put it nicely.

      And for all the problems we veterans have with the game, the LEAST is them offering newer players these rewards. I’ve had Nico and Shae for the longest time. I’m ok with this. Even more so since I don’t play anymore lol… But even if I did I’d be pretty much ok with it.

      So don’t feel guilty. This is a nice move. I wish all the problems I had with this game were Nico and Shae…

    • Fred Garvin

      [OP is Fred G]

      Not wrong at all. As a player I never worry about what someone else is getting. However, I do understand long time players feeling salty from their end for not one but a combination of reasons:

      1. This was supposed to be a reward for being loyal at the time it originally came out.
      2. There is hardly any content released for the game on a consistent basis.
      3. Companions aren’t even that special anymore because of the sheer amount of them and how they are all essentially the same.
      4. SWTOR sub rewards seem heavily structured around new players.

    • Absolutely good. Shae is bugged and slightly OP as a damager asd a result… everyone should have her… I’m glad you’re getting her… but…

      I’m just mad that my “subscriber reward” is literally nothing.

    • HMH

      In this content starved game everyone deserves access to the 2 minute convos that come with these comps.

  • Noomi

    I have been a long time supporter of this game, been a subscriber since day 1 except for a few little breaks of a few weeks. But the game is no longer the game I bought and paid for. Frustrations with the game and the dev team behind it have been building up during the past year or two.

    You know what drew me to this game? Not just the Star Wars name (while it was a big factor in it), but the animation, the story … hell it was my first MMO, I was to late for SWG cause I quite frankly never heard of MMO’s before joining this game, the group content, the feel when I for the first time completed Explosive Conflict, doing all new content on my main every time it came out. It was awesome!

    But then there were the downsides … the sheer amount of bugs that kept bothering the game and kept popping up and were never fixed and left in without even some recognition by the devs except for a “Please keep providing feedback and we’ll look into it” answer, standard copy and paste of course. You know if you have a PTS, USE IT and listen and take your playerbase feedback seriously! And while at that point, maybe expand the PTS access to more then just your SWTOR influencers or whatever they are called. I highly doubt that they actually are a good representation of the community at all (except maybe a few maybe like Dulfy and Vulkk). I mean the podcasts I see from them, all fun, but they only show the positive sides, I doubt Bioware would allow them to downright drop negative stuff on their channel. Or they just don’t do it due to the probabilty of Bioware cutting them off from the Influencer program.

    And there were the fiasco’s where they just plainly stuck their heads in the sand and refused to listen to the community or even appease them. I am looking at you slot machines! I am sure anyone who is still here from back in that year that a true outrage broke out the day and night the patch went live where they nerfed the slot machine which was fun! to the ground. Despite what Eric Musco said and promised, it was nerfed to the ground. Not slightly altered, no utterly destroyed. People finally liked a cartel market item that Bioware put on the Cartel Market and they destroy it. Why? Because we are not allowed to have TO MUCH FUN.

    Then the overboosted CXP … a system most of the players despised. People liked the new rates, the daily areas were suddenly very active again. Bioware even acknowledged this, stating even that they were gonna revise the CXP rates. They did … but not enough. CXP was finally beginning to be fun to gather again, you could gain CXP levels fast. But again … I guess we were having to much fun and Bioware can’t have that. A system that was widely despised and drove a lot of players away was slightly altered to have rates that were higher but not to much higher then before the bug that eveyone actually LIKED.

    I will not mention the conquest stuff of lately, I haven’t tried it out to much since the update that changed it all.

    And then there was the Companion Chaos Rewards … what. the. hell. Boware. This finally did it. I feel cheated out of money almost. Rewards that were promised to be exclusive back in the day, something we had to be subscribing for a certain amount of time … AND YOU NOW JUST GIVE THEM AWAY to everyone in exchange for a month’s sub???? I mean that will mean people will buy a time card to get the rewards and unsub after that … result: didn’t help the game much, except for maybe the price of a measly timecard. I could have accepted this if a requirement had been put in place that you had to be subbed for at least half a year before these rewards would come. No appreciation AT ALL for your loyal long time subscribers … just a giant slap in the face.

    Also of course the Cartel Market … well thats it. The one thing that will never be broken. There are still game breaking bugs in place that should’ve been fixed since year one, but no the Cartel Market always takes precedent. I understand its a neat income for the company and by now probably the lifeblood of the game, but to much focus lies on the cartel market. If a bug in the Cartel Market is introduced … heck the game would be taken down in an instant if necessary in order to hotfix it! I bet if it required to be shut down for an entire month, it would be done so and players would still be forced to pay their sub. What’s next? Reintroducing companions through the Cartel Market? Popular companions like Kira, Scourge and so on?

    So that’s it, I have said my piece. Do with it what you want, you’ll probably ignore it as you do with so many problems in this game. In the meantime I’ll be starting to play games that have a dev team that at least knows what they are doing and are a little more connected to the playerbase. But I will probably never set foot in this game again, not unless they dramatically and drastically improve the game, their service and their relation with their playerbase. But we all know that will never happen, just more Cartel Market items with horrible droprates and reskins!

    May the Force be with you…. always (at least for as long as this game still exists, I don’t give it much longer anymore)

    • Paulo Gomes

      I feel your pain. Just about EXACTLY. Omg, the slot machines… I still have mine, decorating one of my Strongholds. What a fiasco. Didn’t even remember that one.

      You know: there are companies out there that REALLY care about their players. You just have to find one to your liking. I know I did. It may not be Star Wars, but it’s a hellovalot better than this circus these guys are putting on.

      • Fred Garvin

        [OP is Fred G]

        lol…the slot machines. I got in on that one when it happened. Sold a few for what at the time was a ton of credits and I had scrap pieces piled up in my cargo hold for years after. I had a macro set up that would just keep playing the slot machine while I was at work.

        • Fedaygin


          • Paulo Gomes

            Slipped up a bit there, bot?

            • Paula Shy Gomez

              Time to bang you a little F Gomez latin, you asked for it.

              • Paulo Gomes

                Did I? I don’t recall that, bot…

            • Indeed @Paulo Gomes. Bad mistake by that bot trying to impersonate me 😀

        • Paulo Gomes

          You sly bastard… How come I didn’t think of that one? loooooool…

    • heya noomi 🙂
      feel the same as you and i think most of the people meanwhile.
      im waiting for release of bless online in may .think it will be a nice game.
      i think i also start a toon in wow so i can play with guildies a bit from our swtor guild.
      thats the most shit part that them devs destroy guilds and friendships which are last for several years.
      i think i also start guild in bless just incase if anyone from swtor guild wants play it too and we can keep in contact and have play fun together.

    • John Kosto

      I don’t know man, the problems you mention are not even that significant to me and to most players I know. The lack of content for 3 years now has been the main issue, and you didn’t even address that. It all went downhill after KOTFE…. in so many different ways.

      By the way, I think they actually managed to break even the Cartel Market this time. They think direct sales of that new lightsaber will somehow make profit? But even if it does for a short amount of time, what happens long term? People continuously unsub and buying crap from the CM because the quality of the game drops in every single aspect of the game.

      • Guest

        Its a temporary even they are not THAT dumb. Cartel Market Limited Time Sale
        From Tuesday, April 3rd through Tuesday, April 17th almost every Cartel Market item will be available for direct sale! Maybe there is an item you have been waiting to see in our weekly sales, or, you just don’t want to throw the credits at it on the GTN. This will give you an opportunity to scoop that item up.

      • Paulo Gomes

        They broke the raiding community and the pvp community with the lack of content. Then they managed to make life harder for the rp community with the last server merge, needed as it may have been.

        Now even the people that did Conquest are complaining.

        It seems every time they try to “improve” something, they manage to make it worse lol…

        • Bakgrind

          I wouldn’t go so far as to say they were trying to improve anything.They are simply trying to extend the length of the grind as a form of game content to obtain a reward. Conquest is getting revamped to be the new GC/CXP/RNG. It’s sole purpose is simply to make the grind longer there by keeping you subbed to the game longer. That’s it. And the payoff for Bioware is that it becomes another form of game content just like GC/CXP/RNG has.

          • Paulo Gomes

            I fully agree. Hence the commas.

          • Guest

            well its their fault its short. if they hadnt made us level up faster shortening the 1-70 grind and then hid all the side missions and bonus missions, it would have left the grind a lot longer….

    • DrOph

      Not about whether I agree with everything. I just know exactly what you mean, and if we’re all bring honest, I think I we all feel it. RIP

  • Jacklown

    We shall meet then, guns ready at dawn. Sundown. Prepare your loved ones, as have I.And a lovely day to you sir! 😀

  • Musco

    Confirmed. Subscribers as of May 1st will all get access to a room on the fleet. The room has a door inside which can be unlocked with 5500 Cartel coins. Inside that door is a vendor who sells the Wings of the Architect for an additional 4500 Cartel coins.

    • Jay Asher

      show me where its confirmed but that’s literally over $100 in cash to get that many CC

      • Paulo Gomes

        May I remind you: it IS the 1st of April…

        • Jay Asher

          good point, its my gma’s birthday so I forget the holiday exists.. But hey I could see bioware doing this honestly…

          • Paulo Gomes

            Look man: when they call a cash-shop sale an “event”… ANYTHING’S possible…

            • Paula Shy Gomez

              SHUT UP!

              • Paulo Gomes

                Hey look: I triggered the bot!

              • Paula Shy Gomez

                phew phew Paula Shy, i’m hot!!

              • Paulo Gomes

                No you’re not. You’re just stupid.

                Your presence here on Dulfy is futile. You have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WORTHWHILE to say. All you do is create confusion by copying someone else’s comments, for whichever purpose your malfunctioning brain has come up with.

                At least the people that come at me defending the game have a PURPOSE. You’re just the worst kind of troll, because you’re not even funny.

                Oh… And you should check out the differences between “Gomes” and “Gomez”. I don’t know, maybe in your illiterate little head you think I’m Spanish.

                Maybe the time you spend here on Dulfy spreading mischief could be better spent, I don’t know… Going to school???

              • Paula Shy Gomez

              • Paulo Gomes

                Not in the slightest. People of your level of IQ don’t make me mad. I just feel pity.

              • Paula Shy Gomez

            • Jay Asher

              Well there are 3 things that would make their sales of CC go up by 10,000x. Selling Wing’s on CM, coming out with a reverse grip item, or an item to let you put your lightsaber on your back instead of waist. Those 3 items alone would make them 100,000+ USD in a few hours.

            • The Bot sees all

              Or a server merge an “event”………………..

  • Jay Asher

    Is there anything left to do in game if your complete 248 with all 236 gold augs? I don’t even know why I’m still trying to get cxp…

    • Dr. Mike Wendell

      Wait until the next patch and do it all over again?

  • Sean O’Connor

    I honestly would have thought this was an April Fools Day joke except it was announced beforehand.

  • Fubarz
    • Pichin

      again another boooring video….

      • Fubarz

        Apirl Fool’s booooorrrring for you……No soup!!!!

        • Pichin


  • Paula Shy Gomez

    Paulo shy you nasty boi!. bot this!

    • Paulo Gomes

      Dude, this must be the best post you ever made. See? It’s not that difficult, posting stuff yourself instead of copying other people’s…

      Shit, I’ll even upvote this, this girl is HOT!

  • “Keith”

    You losers are gonna keep complaining here for eternity while me, your father, your Dad Vader finish 6.0. According to our registers 6.0 is gonna be our most sucessful expasion to date, expect 4 brand new CXP levels of grinding, 5 new toon levels, new augments, conquest achievements full reset, etc… tons of fun. So become a sub now or suck it up!!!

    • Paulo Gomes

      “Keith”… C’mon man, don’t sell yourself short.

      You forgot all about the TWO NEW Ops and A BRAND NEW CLASS coming shortly!

      SUB OR DIE!!!

      • Guest

        or keep whining at dulfy swtor forums…you guys always have that option…lol

        • Paulo Gomes

          If this was true, I wouldn’t be complaining. I’d be right back subbing and playing.

          • John Kosto

            Well, actually it is true. 6.0 is real and it will return to Empire VS Republic. That doesn’t mean that it will be a quality expansion, nor that it will have operations and other group content. It might introduce some other cheap ass “new activity” like with Uprisings.

            • Paulo Gomes

              We’ll have to wait and see, won’t we? I’m all for the return to Empire vs Republic.

              • Jillian

                LOL they don’t have idea of what they’re adoing. What i can 100% guarantee you is 4 brand new CXP levels and augments, and that my friend is definitely NOT exciting.

            • gog

              Full list of what 6.0 will include:

              All PvP activity will be faction specific.
              Cm items.


        • Fubarz
          • Cucurulo

            happy now?

            • Fubarz

              Nope did not have winning ticket for the mega millions.

  • Wee

    bahaha i love to troll trolls!! It’s so fun…..(even more fun than playing SWTOR in its current state being fair).

    • Guest

      You hiss and groan & you constantly moan
      But you don’t ever go away
      & that’s because all you need is me

  • 平賀才人

    🙁 So no April Fools post again this year? (Dont care if you people come with the joke that everyday is april fools with them I really enjoyed reading a seriously stupid blog every April 1st on SWTOR)

    • Fubarz

      https://youtu.be/mpU3AgPquJE Oldie but goodie one for you.

    • Guest

      The game has a lot bigger problems to deal with than fools day right now.

    • Yeah at early days they were pretty cool. Expected that now they don’t come up with anything cause Skeleton Crew’s Heads not working well while working in the Basement. Kindly: Pre Ordered D.Deluxe Edition. Sub Since Launch up to End of 2016. Returned Oct. 2017, but Sad cause Still Lack of Proper MMORPG Content & No Good Plans for it on Sight. Sub Auto Renewal Axed at Dec 2017. #WaitingForSubWorthyNews

  • Drivan

    Was this supposed to be their April Fools Joke?

    If so it needs some work…

    • Amodin

      The April Fool’s joke is on everyone still subscribed to SWTOR. Every day.

  • Isla
    • Fred Garvin
      • Yes indeed. It’s prob. the one that Visceral was working with until Evil Money Hungry EA Overlords Axed the Plans. Kindly: Pre Ordered D.Deluxe Edition. Sub Since Launch up to End of 2016. Returned Oct. 2017, but Sad cause Still Lack of Proper MMORPG Content & No Good Plans for it on Sight. Sub Auto Renewal Axed at Dec 2017. #WaitingForSubWorthyNews

    • Larrdath

      Even if that was true, we’re talking about EA. No thanks.

      • Exactly.. Kindly: Pre Ordered D.Deluxe Edition. Sub Since Launch up to End of 2016. Returned Oct. 2017, but Sad cause Still Lack of Proper MMORPG Content & No Good Plans for it on Sight. Sub Auto Renewal Axed at Dec 2017. #WaitingForSubWorthyNews

  • Fubarz
    • Mad

      Come on man post swtorista shi#$t here that’s going low, do you know that idiot is mod at reedit swtor forums? yes, posting her shit is pretty much the same as kissing mosco *

      • Mad

        and yes she might have a sweet low voice but don’t be deceiuved she’s a bi……tch! Mosco apprentice…

        • Thomas Parsons

          I know Swtorista and she is a nice chick, nothing like what you said!

          • Mad

            Shes a f mod, if you dont know what that means you are in the wrong place.

  • Anthem Developer

    All right my faithful players hope you all have your cartel coins ready for tomorrow’s event, have fun shopping!

    • Loadsamonie

      I got my Kylo Ren Saber. I’m satisfied.


      • Anthem Developer

        Good good, keep shopping…mmm playing!

        • Loadsamonie

          Sure i will!! my good Sir. I love SWTOR!! =)

          • If you Do love This Wreck called SWTOR that’s based on Biggest IP on Planet “Far from Good Ol Shiny Days” Then Hope you Won’t Feed The EA Overlods & Cunning Eaware Devs via Real Cash Store. Unless it’s by Coins earned with Sub. Take care.

            Kindly: Pre Ordered D.Deluxe Edition. Sub Since Launch up to End of 2016. Returned Oct. 2017, but Sad cause Still Lack of Proper MMORPG Content & No Good Plans for it on Sight. Sub Auto Renewal Axed at Dec 2017. #WaitingForSubWorthyNews

        • Travelering_swordsman

          stop being a fucking troll jess…

          • It’s not about this modern day’s Internet word “Trolling”, but Trying to Help People by telling them to stay out of Real Cash Store. Unless it’s feeding it with Sub Coins. Take care. Kindly: Pre Ordered D.Deluxe Edition. Sub Since Launch up to End of 2016. Returned Oct. 2017, but Sad cause Still Lack of Proper MMORPG Content & No Good Plans for it on Sight. Sub Auto Renewal Axed at Dec 2017. #WaitingForSubWorthyNews

    • IoNonSoEVero

      Well done, BW. You’ve saved me from spending lots of money.

      Decos were all I was really looking forward to with this, although some of those armor sets look nice.

  • “Keith”

    Everything going as planned, im making millions. Producer of the year!

    • lolipop

      “Wake up, you just make shit in your pants”

      • “Keith”

        Eat it sucker!! bahahaha

  • jess

    whoever decided to add the word bitch in there, the character is polite,
    and isnt even the near the word bitch. the arthur, needs to change it.
    seriously offensive to the story and the character its referring to.
    not surprized it only got 10 episodes, sure i loved it, but if it had a
    better title i am sure it would have gotten more episodes and a good
    fandom base.

    • Fubarz

      Drunken bot pulling from other sites now?

  • Aranela Lightheart

    Could you add that the “to find a findsman” quest is required for it to show up in your “Alliance alerts”?

    • That Mission not Required for the Notes. Kindly: Pre Ordered D.Deluxe Edition. Sub Since Launch up to End of 2016. Returned Oct. 2017, but Sad cause Still Lack of Proper Mmo Content & no Good Plans for it on Sight. Sub Auto Renewal Axed at Dec 2017. #WaitingForSubWorthyNews

  • Fubarz

    https://youtu.be/Dg78usOv4-4 This would have been interesting as BF4 game

  • Midniter

    When will these companion come back again ?

  • Such BS Shameless Cashing in & Luring easily gullible people by rendering the 1st time useless. When was put out 4y ago. “Shae Vizla is a retired companion who was originally available as a subscriber reward in 6016 (2016 for too many) & she’s now returning again as a sub reward for players who are subscribed between August 28th – October 5th, 6020 (2020 for too many) .

    Fred wrote well about this far below:
    “However, I do understand long time subbers feeling salty from their end for not one but a combination of reasons:

    1. This was supposed to be a reward for being loyal at the time it originally came out.
    2. There is hardly any content released for the game on a consistent basis.
    3. Companions aren’t even that special anymore because of the sheer amount of them and how they are all essentially the same.”
    Kindly: Ex Veteran who Pre Ordered SWTOR D.Deluxe Edition. Was around from First Beta Day & Sub Since Launch up to Dec 6016 (2016). Human Civ 6k y old (as we know it). Followed news, gameplay & Returned autumn (2019), but left after month cause Still Lack of Proper MMO Content & no Good Plans on sight (Q4 2020) 🙁

    Sad Facts Kinda still apply today & sad how prev. “Expansion” is actually semi Expansion cause of ridic. small size 🙁 This year’s Covid-19 no good reason for not giving content cause many Mmo’s been releasing almost w normal pace & same w some big non Mmo games. Swtor prop. would’ve had same slow pacing anyways. Sniff :/ I’ve been enjoying beauty SWG ‘Sentinels Republic’ Emu. Also has Reddit Page. While waiting for Swtor to return b to it’s golden early days & receive new game-engine. Frostbite or CryEngine perfect choices <3 #WalkOfShameToSwtorDevs #ElectronicArts #WeNeedKotor3 #NotSwtorAsKotor3Duh #DenyCashShopsInGames #HopeThatLawPassesInUK #WaitsLoginWorthyNews #WaitsSubWorthyNews

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