GW2 Gemstore–Mini Super Trio Series 4 and Winged Headpiece

GW2 gemstore updated today with the Mini Super Trio Series 4 and Winged Headpiece.

Winged Headpiece – 400 gems




Mini Super Trio Series 4 – 600 gems

Mini Super Piranha


Mini Super Bunny


Mini Super Turtle


Mini Super Angry Cloud

Obtained by combining the three minis above with a continue coin in the mystic forge.



  • Miniature Super Trio – 400 gems (20% OFF)
  • Miniature Super Trio – World 2 – 400 gems (20% OFF)
  • Miniature Super Trio – Series 3- 480 gems (20% OFF)
  • Alastor999

    Yay! With this new headpiece, I can finally complete my Guardian’s valkyrie look!

    • I was thinking the exact same thing! XD

    • Ditto. It’s all about the valkyrie look 🙂

  • Cheshire

    If you combine the three to get the one , do you lose the three?

    • Alex Vichi

      Ofc, standart mystic toilet practice

  • Raizel

    SAB mounts please!

    • KJ

      Please no SAB mounts! Would be such an eye sore..

    • ReV

      YES to SAB mounts.

  • Ainseland

    wow none of the new one has sound effect

    i guess i’m sticking to my mini super banananananananana

    • Taiwan Wolf

      annoying sound effects are one of the best features of cute supple mini pets. i wish people didnt complain about fun things all the time and murder people over harmless bacon. the worlds become such a terrible place

      • Warrioress

        Some people just hate the idea of fun and complain about it in every place they can so they can try and make everyone else as miserable as they are.

      • Ares Zax

        They can get a bit annoying if you’re crafting/forging/chatting with friends and there’s someone with an obnoxiously loud mini (usual offender is Mini Ensolyss) parked next to you. That said, an easy solution would just be to add the noises that minis make the the “Player instrument” volume so that players who don’t want to hear them can just mute them.

      • ReV

        They removed it!!?? I loved that Mini Assassin noise. What utter bastards. Why can’t we have nice things? All they have to do is have a sound option to turn down minis. F4xk sake.

    • kazerniel

      “wow none of the new one has sound effect”

      thank fuck! I find them super annoying ^^;

      Though the best option would be a volume toggle for minis, as I find that gagging Toxic Hybrid mini even more annoying, and it’s a lot more common than the SAB ones. I don’t know people who equip it don’t find that constant almost-throwup sound effect disgusting? Or they play with the sound turned off?

      I was so happy when they introduced that “mute other people’s shit” option, and never had to hear HoHoTron again, they could expand it to minis as well.

      • lithlius

        I was once haunted by a chickens chirping until i realized it was my undead mini moa chick. then i kinda grew to like it

    • ReV

      Damn it. I must be the only person to love that SAB Assassin Mini noise. They are toss3rs. All they have to do it make a sound option for minis, like mentioned below.

      Liturally f4ck them and their angry cloud mini.

  • Taiwan Wolf


  • Ainseland


    GW2 April 10 Game Update Patch Notes
    Reduced the audio volume of some miniatures.

    goodbye n RIP my only SAB mini dat has sound mini bananananana
    u will be 4ever in my deep bleedin heart

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