SWTOR Decorations in Future Cartel Market Direct Sale

Decorations will be coming in a future cartel market direct sale and not included in today’s direct sale.

Cartel Event NO direct decorations what a ….missed opportunity | 04.03.2018, 09:42 AM
Hey folks,

We definitely share your interest in getting more decos on the CM! I will spare you the details but simply put, most decos weren’t originally built in a way that we can easily place them on the market. It is our goal to have all CM decos be available on the market in some form (whether individually or in a bundle) at some point in the future. Hopefully sooner than later, we just couldn’t get them ready in time for this sale.

Thanks everyone.



  • morpheusHH

    The same armor set – once bronze for 500 CC and once as Gold for 1.440 CC.


    • Unmistaken

      It’s like they dont even bother.

    • guest

      the question is…. are they both unlockable?

      • John Kosto

        Who the fuck cares if they are unlockable? Will you use them on more than one toons? Do you like them that much?

        • EA

          bahaha keep the money flowing guys buy both, why not? just in case, bahaha

  • Guest

    they have lots of decos that are eternally on the CM…
    seems strange they werent all set up the same way.

  • Ricky the ex SWTOR player

    I bet you 5 packs the “bundle” of decos will cost 10K CCs

  • Barloc

    There are still quite a few weapons and armour sets that have been left off the CM. Anyone know if they’re putting them on next week or not at all?

  • Jep Fareborn
  • Jonathan Parker

    Fantastic. We’ve gone from a loot box microtransactions system to a “cosmetic DLC” microtransactions system. Fuck you, microtransactions.

    • Jep Fareborn

      Still one notch better than RNG gamble packs…?

      • Jonathan Parker

        One step up from terrible does not make something good, it’s just less terrible.

  • Leah

    I… thought we were interested in more decorations earnable through gameplay/craftable? O_O

  • Alexander Delorean

    Such interesting
    Player friendly lol
    So they finally became Cartel Market Biofail Company. Gimme back my 2011 lol

  • Mosco


    • guest

  • Amodin

    This crap is so stupid, I can’t even come up with something witty enough to counter the stupidity.

    • this is a typical musco phrase yes 🙂
      rly hard to believe someone in his position saying this and shows what they doing in their office.
      brainfarts all day and thats it

    • Fred Garvin

      [OP is Fred G]

      English isn’t anybody’s strong suit on the SWTOR team. Practically every announcement, stream, etc has some kind of fuck up that a quick proofread or even spellcheck would find. Like having a thumbnail of Valkorian on the bulletpoint for a returning companion. Keith probably put it there on purpose just for the lulz while he trolls chat during the stream instead of doing his job.

  • Kubrickian
    • F seeing that Potato Face with Shmuck smile creates heavy Brainstorm..

  • Emprah

    I modified drop rates in games. Mostly its just putting ticks in an excel sheet.

  • HollyCarp

    And remember kiddies, keep on buying more CARTEL PACKS so we at EA can stroke our dicks ever more briskly!

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