Black Desert April 4 Game Update Patch Notes

Black Desert Online April 4 Game Update Patch Notes.


Event & System


  • Ellie’s Mystical Lake Festival is having a Grand Opening!
    • Festival Period: April 4th After Maintenance ~ April 25th Before Maintenance
    • Legend tells it Ellie was a mythical elephant that represented blessing of life. One spray of water from Ellie’s enormous nose and an oasis would form in the middle of the desert. The festive troupe have trained a royal miniature elephant specifically to bring this mythical creature to life.
    • During the festive event, please try:
      • Challenges (Y) for daily play rewards.
      • Defeat monsters, gather, and hunt for event items.
      • Play mini-games available at Ellie’s Mystical Lake.
      • Perform special quests available via various NPCs of the festival.
    • Find Ellie’s Mystical Lake north of Northern Wheat Plantation or check World Map (M). Go check it out now!
    • Click < Here > to learn all about this festival!
  • Sharp and Hard Black Crystal Shard gathering drop event has been extended.
    • Period: 4/4 After Maintenance ~ 4/18 Before Maintenance
    • During the event period, drop rate of Hard and Sharp Black Crystal Shards will increase.
  • [Event] Useless Weapon Box from the event Shepherd Boy will expire in 2 weeks following this week’s maintenance. Please make sure to open your remaining boxes to claim your rewards before it expires!
  • The 20% Outfit discount coupon from ‘A Special Gift for New Adventurers!’ has been changed to a challenge reward for reaching level 56.
    • Additionally the reward has been changed to a 20% Function discount coupon instead of the original Outfit discount coupon.
    • The availability period for the 20% Inventory, Weight, and Pet coupons have been changed from 7 days to 21 days.
  • Deep Blue Hoof Root items have been sent out as special gift via in-game mail.
    • This is a reminder that Deep Blue Hoof Root is obtainable from gathering with an Empty Bottle in water.
    • Please claim your gift via in-game mail before May 2nd, 2018


  • Voice of Amerigo, Deve, and several other NPCs have been improved to sound more natural and fitting.
  • A new button ‘Purchase All’ has been added so that you can win a bid and purchase all at once without setting the number of products to purchase.
  • Fixed the issue where Maid was unavailable to use when disqualified from the horse race.
  • Challenges will now be completed after using the item Life EXP Transfer and then logging into a character that received the Life EXP transfer.
  • Fixed the issue where Gathering twice in a row was possible in Mediah Northern Highlands.
  • Cooldown of Emergency Escape will now reset upon the start of every round in Arena of Arsha.
  • Fixed the issue where Parking effect of Fishing Boat was intermittently visible to other Adventurers.
  • Auto-navigate is now available to characters with less than lv. 7 without completing tutorials.


  • Walking mode has been facilitated.
    • Characters will now walk regardless of their current stance while Scroll Lock is activated.
    • Even without Scroll Lock activated, characters can still enter a walking mode when holding down Caps Lock, and revert back to normal state when releasing the button.
    • Thus switching between Walk/Run (During Auto-run) has been segregated and it became possible to set shortcuts respectively.
  • Fixed the graphical glitch that appeared with low texture quality settings, on the Western Guard Camp NPC’s weapon that held the Ogre.

Game World, NPC & Effects

  • [Event] Ellie’s Mystical Lake Festival area will be marked on the World Map (M) during the event period.
    • Likewise, relevant areas (part of the nodes) will change from Combat Zone to Safe Zone to reflect the celebration of the festival on next week’s maintenance (April 11th).
    • Click < Here > to check the affected areas where forts should not be built anymore.
  • Fixed the unnatural looking graphic issue on some trees in Hasrah Cliff when texture quality was set low.
  • Fixed the unnatural looking graphic issue on some trees in coastal areas near Mediah when texture quality was set low.
  • Fixed the graphical issue where reflection of the character would not show on puddle of water when graphics were set at: Settings -> Display Settings -> Graphics -> Very High.
  • The amount of Black Spirit’s Rage will be reset to 0 at the end of each round in the Arena of Arsha.
  • Fixed the issue where bookshelves in Valencia City’s library could not be interacted with.


  • Fixed the issue where an NPC at Kamasylve Temple in Mediah was floating in the air. Marni will also be punished for sharing more anti-gravity potions.
  • The location of NPC, Maghed, from Gahaz Bandits will no longer be marked as a question mark on minimap.
  • Fixed the issue where the instrument one of the NPC Clowns in Velia was holding, when greeting the Lord would disappear.
  • Fixed the unnatural looking resting animation for the Farm Worker NPC who pulled the Calpheon Cart.
  • After having more than 251 Amity with NPC Maudi Budar from Rumbling Land, you can now learn the Knowledge when you meet NPC Maudi Budar from another area.

Class Changes

<All Characters>

  • In order to ensure a smoother gameplay experience, optimization revisions were performed on the Ranger and Warrior classes.
  • Fixed the swimming motion that occurred on the ground in some areas of Padix Island.
  • Fixed the issue where combat stance wasn’t available from the View Underwear preview, after using the skill Rage Transfer or Rage Absorption.

  • The skill Tearing Arrow is now naturally shot without any key input while being charged for the first 1 round of shot.
  • Fixed the issue where Stamina wasn’t consumed while Charging the first shot upon using the skill Tearing Arrow.
  • Fixed the issue where the amount of EP would be consumed twice and the cooldown reset, when using the skill Evasive Explosive Shot, after the Flow: Call from Sky.
  • Fixed the issue where the amount of EP being recovered by the skill Razor Wind, was less than indicated by its tooltip.
  • Air Attack effect has been added to the skill Will of the Wind.
  • Damage reduction during cooldown of the skill Will of the Wind has been taken off.
  • Fixed the issue where MP was used up twice intermittently while performing the skill Flow: Air Explosion Shot.

  • Fixed the issue where MP Recovery from the skill Dark Split was not properly applied in accordance with the skill level.

  • Fixed the graphical glitch on Valkyrie’s Venslar Shoes triggered by wearing them with Arrendo Armor.

  • Fixed the issue where combat stance would be turned off when getting up from falling down.

  • Fixed the issue where combat stance would be turned off when getting up from falling down.
  • Fixed the issue where the old Wizard’s body parts would clip from the underwear in the body setting window in the Customization screen.
  • The motion of throwing water balloons and/or bombs have been improved to look more natural and fitting.

  • Graphical effect of the skill Crosscut has been made more natural.

  • Fixed the unnatural looking graphical issue on damage received on all targets with Maehwa’s Awakening skills.
  • Fixed the issue where Basket would not disappear after water-spraying motion.

  • Fixed the issue where the skill description of Ninjutsu: Blade Spin didn’t mention Super Armor would be applied.

  • Fixed the issue where the skill description of Slanted Balance didn’t mention Forward Guard when it was applied.

  • The skill Rising Wolf Fang will now properly apply the skill effect of Super Armor.

  • Fixed the issue where the skill Tidal Burst IV did not obtain a Martial Spirit Shard.

Monster Changes

  • Fixed the issue where monsters were occasionally not summoned from the item [Guild] Muskan of Madness Summon Scroll.
  • The number of dropped items from the following monster has been reduced:
    • Catfishman Rotten Fish: 5~10 Viscous Liquid → 1 Viscous Liquid
  • The drop rate from the following monsters have been adjusted:
    • Catfishman Meat – Viscous Liquid: Increased by approximately 14 times
    • [Energetic] Fat Catfishman – Suspicious Pouch: Increased by approximately 30 times
    • [Energetic] Fat Catfishman – Goblin Chief Summon Scroll: Decreased by approximately 90%
    • Shultz Guard Gladiator – Black Stone (Armor): Decreased by approximately 30%
    • Shultz Guard Armored Soldier – Black Stone (Armor): Decreased by approximately 25%
    • Forest Ronaros Scout – Guardian Spirit Stone: Decreased by approximately  70%
    • Forest Ronaros Scout – Earth Spirit Stone Fragment: Increased by approximately  5.5 time
  • The drop rate of the item Asula’s Crimson Eye Earring from the monsters at Helms Post has been decreased by 30%.

Quest & Knowledge

  • Daily quests for [Event] Ellie’s Mystical Lake Festival have been added:
    • [Event] Ellie’s Mystical Lake Festival
    • [Event] Festive Water Fight
    • [Event] Catching Petals
    • [Event] Best of Luck
    • [Event] Don’t Catch a Cold
    • [Event] Cleaning up the Mess
    • [Event] Fill up the Pots
  • Valencia Storytelling quests, available for characters level 54 and above, have been added:
    • A History of Valencia: The Annals of Cloran
    • Danuman the Exiled Sage
    • Danuman the Treacherous Sage
    • Dusty Object
    • Suspicious Soldier
    • Danuman’s Followers
    • Danuman’s Possessions
    • A Sham Salamanto
    • Into the Bandit’s Lair
    • Code of Gahaz Bandits
    • Tuval’s Law & Order – Plunder
    • Tuval’s Law & Order – Harm, Authority, Self-sufficiency
    • Tuval’s Law & Order – Respect #1
    • Tuval’s Law & Order – Respect #2
    • Gahaz Tuval’s Test
    • Not a Part of This World
    • Finding the Follower
    • Followers Seeking the Truth
    • Piece of the Golden Crown
    • Perfect Crime
    • Astute Eyes
    • The Truth About the Golden Crown
    • Furious Desert Fogan
    • Ancients’ Memories – Memory Fragment
  • Fixed the awkward description of the quest Call of Katan’s Duty.
  • The icon of the quest Mystery Being Solved has been changed.
  • The requirement to learn the Knowledge ‘Altinova Arena’ has been changed to require an Amity of 301 with the NPC Abdul Jaum.
  • Fixed the incorrect quest acceptance condition for the recurring quest ‘Remembering the Scientist’ on Quests window.
  • The list of 3 NPC tutorial quests and quest acceptance condition now can be checked via the Main Quest window.
    • Finding Akan
    • To Buntt the Instructor
    • Noisy Grass Beetles
  • Warning text has been added to the item description for the Black Abyssal Weapon Exchange, that the Crystal will be broken upon changing to a box.
  • One of the main quests for Kamasylvia, Kama-Grána Saint, will now properly navigate to Nelydormin and Lift.
  • The Knowledge images of following monsters have been changed to match with actual image of them:
    • Deck Elite Combatant
    • Cox Elite Gladiator
    • Crazy Jack
    • Iron Combatant
    • Pile of Mountain Goat Skulls
    • Calpheon Elite Shadow Priestess
    • Calpheon Elite Shadow Knight
    • Calpheon Shrine Elite Wizard
  • After completing the quest Bandit’s Treasure Chamber, without learning the Knowledge Luxurious Treasure chamber, players can now learn it through communicating with the NPC Etunar.

Interface Changes

  • Interface (full screen) will be reloaded upon requesting or accepting friends.
  • Inventory will not be closed when opening the Processing window with a L key and having a Container and Maid Storage opened as well.
  • The effect appearing on the Contribution Points status bar on the top left in the game screen has been replaced when leveling up them.
  • Fixed the issue where unobtained Knowledge was displayed as Acquired Knowledge when trying to buy one with low Amity in Amity Shop.
  • Fixed the issue where Guild History was intermittently displayed a personal history on Guild window (G).
  • A new button ‘Cancel’ has been added when trying to sell Transfused items to NPC Store so that you can check before cancelling.
  • ‘Notification’ and ‘Pre-order’ buttons that appear when there is no stock in Marketplace have been relocated to the spot below the item name as they did before.
  • Awakening Weapons will be more visible when items are in Awakening Weapon slot in Dye window.
  • Fixed the issue where during Node/Conquest wars guards bowed to Adventurers who did not belong to the occupying guild.
  • Entering only “/” in the chat input field will not send the chat.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed the issue where the Parking effect of Fishing Boat was visible to other Adventurers.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from sending a message to friends, directly after becoming friends.
  • The system alert for notifying non-participants of Node/Conquest war upon entering combat zone has been updated to let them know they cannot attack Node/Conquest war-related targets.
  • Fixed the issue where a window to prepare for battle popped up in the upper center of the screen intermittently when exiting from Team Battle.
  • Some navigation areas around The Royal Palace of Valencia have been improved.
  • Fixed the issue where changing outfits in Pearl Shop would momentarily disable the characters clothing.
  • Crouch and movement motions while holding a Matchlock have been improved.
  • Fixed the issue where rotating the camera at a certain spot in Calpheon City would cause some objects to turn invisible.
  • Fixed the issue where trap items could not be installed properly in certain areas.
  • Chat icons in Spanish have been fixed.
  • The text length wrap on the tooltip window has been adjusted.
  • Fixed the issue where the dusty old box object would vanish from the Valencia consecutive quest Dusty Object.

[Known Issue]

  • There is an issue where the Splashy Water Balloon sometimes cannot be targeted with Ellie’s Small Water Balloon. This issue will be fixed next week.

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