Black Desert Ellie’s Mystical Lake Festival Event Guide

Black Desert Online Ellie’s Mystical Lake Festival event guide. This event runs from April 4 to April 25.


Getting Started

Ellie’s Mystical Lake Festival is located just north of Northern Wheat Plantation near Calpheon. It is a small area filled with quest NPCs.


The event will run from April 4 to April 25 and has daily login rewards and quests to complete for rewards.

Login Rewards

Login Rewards start on April 5. You will receive 1x Spring Water, 1x Festive Container, 1x Campanella Rose Petal and 5x Traces of a Festival everyday assuming you login 2 hrs/day at a minimum.


Splashy Water Balloon

There are two big water balloons in the area. To hit them you will need to equip a Ellie’s Small Water Balloon you get from doing the nearby dailies (you can get 3x per day from the dailies). You need at least 4 other players nearby and you can use the small balloon to hit it. The big balloon has a lot of HP and your small balloon has only 10 charges (throws) so you will need a bunch of players to participate to kill the big Splashy Water Balloon. The loot doesn’t seem to be great. Seems like the standard black stones, gold bars, Ellion Tears etc.


Spring Rose Water

Spring Rose Water is the reward container you get in this event. To get this container you will need to combine Spring Water, Festive Water Container and Campanella Rose Petal in a row. You can get 2x of each from doing the dailies around the lake but also you get some from login rewards. It seems to contain accessories and the junk stuff you usually get from other events.


Other Rewards

The one time quests reward you with a Springtide Rowboat/Fishing Boat Decorations for your rowboat/fishing boat (lasts only for 7 days) and an Elephant Fountain decoration. There is also a daily quest that rewards you with a matchlock that shoots water once you have completed it for 10 days.

One Time Quests

[Event] Be My Friend! – 150 CXP

Talk to Haro and he will give you this quest. Interact with the jumping elephant in the water to complete it.


[Event] Professional Advice– 150 CXP

Return to Haro for the next step of this quest. Talk to Anya for completion of the quest.

[Event] Looks Like a Baby Elephant – 150 CXP, Elephant Fountain

Talk to Anya for this quest after completing Professional Advice. You will need to gather 50x Traces of A Festival by gathering/killing mobs/login rewards and hand it to Anya.


[Event] Popular Love Boat – 150 CXP, Springtide Rowboat Decoration

Talk to Anya for this quest. It is a one time quest that will reward you with a Springtide Rowboat Decoration.


You will need to hand to her 30x Rose and 15x Sunflower for the completion of this quest. You can hand gather Roses and Sunflowers just west of Northern Wheat Plantation.


[Event] Boat Florist – 150 CXP, Springtide Fishing Boat Decoration

Obtained from Anya after completing [Event] Popular Love Boat. All you need to do is interact with the Love Boat marked by your authpath and then return to Anya for the rewards.


Daily Quests

[Event] Fill up the Pots – 50 CXP, Spring Water

Talk to the villager to get started for this daily. You will need to gather 15 Bottles of River Water to fill up the three nearby pots marked on the map. Make sure you buy some Bottles from the material vendor in Northern Wheat Plantation and then go into the river next to the NPC to gather. Remember to use your + Gathering food/buffs to make it go faster.


After you gather up the 15x Bottle of River Water, go to three of Ellie’s Festival Pot and interact with them to dump water in it.


[Event] Ellie’s Mystical Lake Festival– 50 CXP, Spring Water

Talk to the villager on the boat to start this daily.


To complete this daily. You need to line up your character with the chair at the back of the boat and then press double S (back) to sit on the chair. Then you will get the option to Eavesdrop (F5). Press that to complete the daily.


[Event] Best of Luck– 50 CXP, Festive Water Container

Talk to the Guide to start this daily. You will need to exchange a Traces of a Festival for Bottle of River Water at the Guide NPC.


You can get Traces of a Festival by gathering, fishing, killing monsters and as daily login rewards. Exchange the Trace of a Festival with the NPC.


[Event] How to Make Ellie Happy– 50 CXP, Festive Water Container

Talk to the villager in the water to start this daily.Simply interact with the Ellie elephant to complete this quest.


[Event] Uninvited Guests – 50 CXP, Campanella Rose Petal

Talk to the Villager to start this daily. You will need to kill 5x of the Hummingbirds nearby.


Look for these Hummingbirds and kill 5 of them with your weapon to complete.


[Event] Don’t Catch a Cold- 50 CXP, Campanella Rose Petal

Talk to Anya for this daily. You will need to get 5x Cotton Fabric (grinding Cotton or buy it off the Marketplace) and hand it to Anya to complete this daily.


[Event] Matchlock Shooting Water? – 50 CXP, Soaked Timber Square

Talk to the Drunkard on the docks to get this daily. Complete this daily to receive 1x Soaked Timber Square. Once you have 10x of the soaked square, you can use it to make the water matchlock (require you to do 10 dailies from this Drunkard).


You will need to bring 1x Usable Scantling  to the NPC. These are found by chopping logs

[Event] Catching Petals – 50 CXP, Ellie’s Small Water Balloon

Talk to the villager and accept this daily. This daily will give you a Small Water Balloon you can equip and hit the big Splashy Water Balloon in the area with 4 other players.


To catch the petals, you just need to interact with the tree area near the NPC.


[Event] Festive Water Fight – 50 CXP, Ellie’s Small Water Balloon

Talk to the villager and accept this daily


Interact with one of the kids in the water to complete this daily.


[Event] Cleaning Up the Mess –  50 CXP, Ellie’s Small Water Balloon

Talk to the villager swimming in the water and accept the daily.


To clean up the garbage, auto navigate to the location for the quest and then interact with the garbage


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13 replies on “Black Desert Ellie’s Mystical Lake Festival Event Guide”

for Best of luck quest where are the npc’s you can dump water on located? i am having no luck

i was confused about this also, I finally figured out that you NEED to give the main NPC quest giver 1 trace in order to even have the option to dump water (river water) on the little girl next to her.

It doesn’t matter if you have river water already, you have to give the main quest giver a trace.

Hm, i already give her the trace but still not found the npc you need to pour the wter on, i already dump 20 bottle of water, RIP my energy

The kid is standing right next to her, on her left. Click on him it will dump the water you don’t actually have to have the water.

Can you get multiple Elephant Fountains? I can’t seem to get the [Event] Looks Like a Baby Elephant again. Do I need to do it on an alt?

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