SWTOR Cartel Market Update – April 3

SWTOR Cartel Market Update – April 3

New Items

New Discounts

No Longer on Sale

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  • Jonathan Parker

    That’s… a lot. Maybe I’ll think about a couple of these (really want the dark legion set if it’s on there), but I don’t like paying so much for one damn suit of armor in a video game, especially since that’s all they seem to release nowadays. When your game has a cosmetic endgame and not much else, it should not be locked behind microtransactions. They know everyone wants this stuff, so instead of putting it in the game as rewards for normal activities or events, they sell it, knowing that many people will buy it no matter how much it is.

    • AbnerDoon

      Don’t think that one is up yet. But the gold sets have been at 1440 for the most part. Plus another 400+ to unlock in collections.

      • thatHARVguy

        Another month until May 4th, so 50% off unlocking fee and hopefully many items for sale.

        I just hate how platinum items are 3x the cost of gold items, instead of 2x.

    • Meelis S

      Better sell now before game shuts down. EA is not stupid.

  • “Keith”

    Yeah!! I’m becoming millionaire!! buy buy fellas buy buy while offer last!!

    • guest


      I love swtor. Everything before 4.0 sucked. Everything after was much better. Keep up the great work Keith!

  • branky

    ur kidding me right?

  • branky

    It took some effort making it to the commentsection, you should be proud u made it, pls make ur comment count,cause there will only be a few…

  • Wanderer

    The final attempt for EA to milk ppl to the last drop ?

    • Wychh

      Hmmmmm I have that bad feeling about it too. Though I do like the direct purchase option

  • John Kosto

    Vomit worthy

  • Eban
    • hahahah swtor is a joke now

      Probably a top 10 swtor meme of all time. Good job!

  • Don Loco
  • Elias

    ur kidding me right?

  • Kenshi

    And my cargo bays are now 10% as valuable as they once were.

  • Not Musco

    Wow! F*** Y*u from BW!


  • Thundertrain

    What I find truly amazing about this is, with all the crap they added during this “event” (it’s beyond hilarious that they call it an “event”), they still left quite a few of the really popular items out. Missing the Dark Legionnaire set, the Jori Daragon set, all of the Interstellar Dorn guns, the Volatile Conqueror lightsaber and dualsaber, the Relaxed Uniform and Relaxed Vestment sets, among others. If you’re going to the trouble to dump SO MUCH STUFF into the CM, why not just dump all of it? Why hold any of this stuff back?

  • abaddonsmummy

    If this is the move from cartel rng boxes to direct sale this a good move and other games should follow suit. At the top of my screen is an ad for Overwatch boxes via Twitch which is sad so they are still there in force.
    To call this an ‘event’………………….

  • Meelis S


    I already posted that what is their plan. I wasnt sure they do that so soon. I guess they ramp up faster than they thought.

    • “Keith”

      Nahh, wrong, we are just doing it in order to aviod being sue for GAMBLING that’s all, this is just another way to do money. Game is healthier tha even and we’re embracing a new expansion Soontm. 6.0

      • “Keith”

        wait a minute why on hell are we still selling gambling crates?? wtf?? I don’t know why i’m doing anymore ?¿?¿

        • “Keith”

          My dad is in town visiting. I will answer all questions from the community after he is gone.

  • Kubrickian

    Wow they just killed the GTN economy in one fell swoop.

    • guest

      kill? why? i see pretty much a fix here, of course they rich are gonna still be rich so kind of pointless.

  • CMboi

    Please Mr.Mosco i want to buy the Architect Wings before game closes, i’m willing to pay TONS of coins so, please make my dream come true. a big THANK YOU in adavance…=)

    • xking5v

      or…. just not be shit tier story content player and get them through the operation.

      • CMboi

        F ops! F group content! what it really counts on this game is being rich and i have the money.

      • CMboi

        F raiders too

      • CMboi

        and FY too, bahhaha

      • Musco es un mosco

        lol bruh you triggered him. y u do dat tho???? HAHAHHAHAHAHAH

    • AshlaBoga

      Buy coin to get credits, use credits to pay for run. Problem solved.

  • Fat Vulk

    Set your alarms for FRIDAY 19:00 GMT (2pm CT)!

    Musco and Charles Boyd will join me live to reveal new details about
    #SWTOR Update 5.9 “The Nathema Conspiracy” & discuss the Game Update
    + what’s coming to the game next!

    • pls go and ask them questions which hurt and they cant just make bla bla bla

      • Mikey Moo

        last time they just turned off the stream when people started asking real questions, so…

        • Disqus this

          I was thinking the same thing. Why would anyone get excited for this? The turned that shit off last time because real questions started getting asked and the two who put on the show were asking questions like children. Same question over and over followed by “really”, “really” The whole hing was more than stupid.

  • Doomsayer

    6.0…Summer 2019..geez too much mediocrity…

  • Contramalgra

    Droid Sidecar, an $80 mount. Yep.

  • Fubarz
  • #Vader01

    *cough* been a while since I have seen so much new content

  • Guest


    I can barely contain my excitement for all this new “content”

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