SWTOR Marauder and Sentinel Changes in Patch 5.9

Bioware is making some changes to Marauder and Sentinels in Patch 5.9.

Marauder / Sentinel Changes in 5.9 | 04.05.2018, 01:17 PM
Hey folks,

Marauders /Sentinels are the only Classes in 5.9 that are receiving slightly different changes than the other Classes this patch so I wanted to call them out separately. Here are the changes:


  • The Ruthless Aggressor utility has been changed so that activating Obfuscate temporarily yields a 75% increase in damage reduction for Force and tech attacks instead of a 75% chance to resist all Force and tech attacks.


  • Reduced the damage done by Bloody Slashes by 18.5%


  • The Zealous Judgment utility has been changed so that activating Pacify temporarily yields a 75% increase in damage reduction for Force and tech attacks instead of a 75% chance to resist all Force and tech attacks.


  • Reduced the damage done by Burning Slices by 18.5%

We are making two changes. First, following last year’s balance pass, these Classes are still slightly overperforming. The change to Bloody Slashes / Burning Slices is looking to address this.

The second change is more of a functionality change. Ruthless Aggressor / Zealous Judgment would create a situation where there was very little counterplay against a Marauder / Sentinel during the effect of Obfuscate / Pacify. Since it created a chance to resist effects, it meant damage and crowd control were inconsistent against them. The change we are making is that instead of a 75% chance to miss, it adds 75% damage reduction. Now, a Marauder or Sentinel can be crowd controlled during the effect, but it will still allow them to take greatly reduced damage.

Thanks everyone!


  • yawn

    yawn…bring new content you lazy Fuks!

  • Not tripping. All squishy folks appreciate this.

  • Adam Haynes

    Nerfing confirmed!

  • John Doe

    Wow nice balance changes finally , this wretched build was OP for the longest time.

  • michael fearless

    This is fine.

  • Jason Thomas

    Thank you all for the nerfs. Pvpers are the biggest whinners ever. He is out dpsing me by 100 dps that class needs to be nerfed. Sorcs are out healing me nerf them. My OP can compete with the sorcs. Nerf ! Mercs dps is to strong nerf. that Mara looked at me wrong NERF ! that SIn skank tank is out DPSing my Mara he needs to be nerfed. NERF ! They need to make the pvp titty babies and totally different skill tree, stats and or whatever else and leave PVE alone. You know what though. Im just here to see whats not going on in TORland. Unsubbed and moved on. Any of you concelment IA want to try something new. Try a nightblade in ESO sick moves with daggers. at least ESO has some real content coming out. Geez TOR is slowly dying b/c the lack of content. What did it take 1 1/2 years to complete a damn OP ? If EA/ Bioware wanted to really keep this game up and going and keep a lot more subs than they have now the should have listen to the subs. Since SOR til now should have never been made ( the last jedi ) Subs wanted 2 new classes, 4 ops, new pvp maps, several new races and more SH. All is covered in the mentioned above and would have keep so many subs b/c of what did you say ? CONTENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO NOT CARTEL MARKET SHIT !!!!!!!!! but actual substance. Not the never ending saga known a KOTFE but actual non single player story content. Besides it being SW game what made the game different than almost all other MMO games ? Fantastic CLASS stories. When you get away from your bread and butter you lost a lot of fan base. I was subbed from 2 days after F2P started until 3 days ago. I just lost all want to play a game with nothing new to do. I cant run the same FP, heroics and ops over and over and over and over and over again. But here we go again the lack of new content. Well if you want to say a new cartel pack a week some might think that new content. I guess so. Any hoots im off to Kill some peeps in Los Santos or go play my vampire nightblade on ESO. laters

  • Need2Crash

    um unless there is something a miss here.

    In game description of ruthless aggression
    Increase your force and tech resistance by 75% for 6 seconds

    there change is
    75% increase in damage reduction for Force and tech attacks

    yet there saying before it was
    75% chance to resist all Force and tech attacks.

    • Calur

      Maybe you don’t understand the terminology. 75% Force/Tech resistance means that 75% of the time you will “resist” (which means nullify) Force/Tech damage. The other 25% of the time you take the full damage.

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