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SWTOR Cartel Market Update – April 9

SWTOR Cartel Market Update – April 9

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$10 for fucking tables with screens on them. You see, this is why I have a problem with this game. I wouldn’t be so mad about microtransactions if the prices were so damn insulting.

Hey Avery. We were in a FP together yesterday. And you probably didn’t even know it was me (and you most likely still don’t know who this is.. lol).
Traiter Among the Chiss MM. Was a good run. 🙂

Yep. And you use the same account name and avatar… so wasn’t really hard to connect those two. 🙂

Well, i log in everyday to check things, little time to actually play game. Maybe we’ll see in game again in the future. )

What I’ve seen in SWTOR when it comes to Strongholds is that they are pushing out more of them, so people need more decorations to fill them up. Then they only add new decorations via the current FP which you have to grind consistently to get enough of such decorations but beyond that, there has been no expansion at all in craftable decorations.

This means that to fill multiple strongholds and not repeat yourself with the same or similar themes in different Strongholds you really are dependent on the CM. One of the reasons I stopped playing is exactly that. There is no reason, why they wouldn’t have expanded the craftables and push more variety of decorations within the game itself. They should’ve left some of the more exotic items to the CM but not the majority.

One example, the blue luxury carpet that you can craft. The red on requires certificates which are pretty much impossible to come by. Why do we not have the option of crafting blue ones, red ones, white ones, yellow ones, green ones, black ones…

But overall game rewards are generally old and stale or very limited and gear rewards are ridiculously easy to get, which leaves the focus on cosmetics…and that they monetized to such a large degree that it’s unthinkable for many to play the game without that.

I’m not against cosmetics in a cash shop, but when it becomes the single most important source of new looks at the same time that in game rewards are stale and not as exciting, I think the balance is completely off. The new augments just prove that this game is turning into a grind game. Easy, boring grind, so everyone can do it but completely uninteresting to me.

You just perfectly described why I absolutely hate this game sometimes. I already have plenty of avenues to level up, get gear, and even get rich if I had weeks and weeks on end to grind for credits, but the fact is that looking badass on every character is pretty much the endgame aside from gearing up. Plus, I just like that part of RPGs and MMOs, so it’s more important to me than it is to most people. SWTOR is one of those games like Destiny, as soon as they realized that a lot of the game revolved around cosmetic items, they monetized the living shit out of every system that involves cosmetic items. Crafting hasn’t had anything added to it in a long time, mission rewards don’t give you anything, and even the damn reward packs from heroics are entirely random and give nothing but duplicates. It’s entirely on purpose, of course, and that’s the insulting part. They could “fix” these systems in a day if they wanted to, but the money they get from people buying armor sets off the market makes up for the lack of subscribers nowadays.

“It’s Entirely on Purpose, of course, & that’s the insulting part. Eaware could “FIX” these systems in a DAY if they wanted to, but the EASY CASH they get from WHALES buying Expensive Armor sets & 10€ Simple Table Deco’s Off the Market makes up for the lack of Subscribers Nowadays.” <– Well said Mon! Sad & So F'ing True.. Tip: You could Edit your Post & make it Better for Reading by Adding Empty Line after "Items" word. One that's before "Crafting talk" 🙂

Take care hope you enjoy Gaming in whatever game that is 🙂
Kindly: Pre Ordered D.Deluxe Edition. Sub Since Launch up to End of 2016. Returned Oct. 2017, but Sad cause Still Lack of Proper Mmo Content & no Good Plans for it on Sight. Sub Auto Renewal Axed at Dec 2017. #WaitingForSubWorthyNews

There is this attitude that as long as it’s not pay2win and just cosmetics, that it’s ok. The problem I have with that saying is that it’s outdated. Cosmetics are much more important nowadays and the problem is that in a game like SWTOR cosmetics come primarily from the cartel market and with how easy getting BiS gear has become the game doesn’t feel rewarding to me anymore.

Also with little variety to go for in game it’s clear that if you want something cool, it comes from the cartel market. BioWare doesn’t care if you buy it or someone else and that’s why this stuff is tradeable and on the GTN.

Somehow people forget that someone had to pay with CC to get that item on the GTN to begin with. The 36 hour cooldown is also a method to push people who want certain items from a pack to buy more because they don’t want to wait 2 days before it comes on the GTN at some exorbitant amount.

If CM stuff was not tradeable I think people would finally realise how bad it is, but just that ability to trade in game makes people forget all the underlying problems with it.

The other lie that is propagated is that anyone can make lots of credits via the GTN. The truth is that this is only ever possible as long as a small group of players does this. Your crafted items won’t gain you much if even 50% of the population would craft those items and sell them on the GTN and power trading becomes exponentially less effective the more people actually generate stuff and put it on the GTN. The number of buyers needs to be much bigger than the group of sellers to get rich from it.

That’s why the new mats from warzones stayed expensive because people who care about them would keep the ones they gained and those who avoid pvp like the plague have no choice but to buy them. However, if everybody started farming them their value would drop into nothingness. It also explains why BioWare is coming with new 240 augments that require more of such mats…to keep the value up for those mats and keep people standing around in warzones. It’s called occupational therapy in the case of SWTOR.

The truth is that SWTOR is not set up to reward playing the game. Just like other MMOs it’s gone down into a couple of farm/grind activities and a cash shop to keep the shinies coming…at a price. And as long as enough people are happy with that, SWTOR will stay. That’s cool for the people who are ok with that, for me it’s just not good enough anymore.

Nah, just keeps the dirty rabble like you from getting everything in the game, you don’t like it get a job…

I don’t need to, thanks to kids that spend their parents money in the game like you I can get it all from the GTN without spending a single dime lol

You forget that this is swtor. Accessibility is a non topic around here. If you do, you get nasty pm’s from staff and threats of banishment.

Staff got caught a few years ago tell a deaf person that they had to call their telephone support over an issue but they refuse third party relay calls when you do call them.

What shit show? the game is in great shape. I go by metrics which my son tells me are doing excellent

First I’d just like to say I’m also not fond of the state of the game…but let’s be honest, there is no other MMORPG in existence that adds actual “content” on a weekly basis.

Of Course @amodin:disqus Didn’t mean that “Weekly” Part Literally… *Face to Desk..* But but.. There is now “since 2016 or whenever” Semi MMORPG with Weekly Cash In Con Artist Work Updates done via Real Cash Store.. The one that has Video Game Industry’s Biggest Publisher Behind it & is Based on Biggest IP on the Planet. Shameful.. Take care 🙂 FK.. :/ Kindly: Pre Ordered D.Deluxe Edition. Sub Since Launch up to End of 2016.

Returned Oct. 2017, but Sad cause Still Lack of Proper Mmo Content & no Good Plans for it on Sight. Also cause of Huge Focus to Real Cash Store instead of MMORPG Development. Sub Auto Renewal Axed at Dec 2017. #WaitingForSubWorthyNews #GreedInVidGameIndustryMustStop

Really? Lots of folks have been begging for direct sales for eons.

Personally I don;t really care as I just buy what I need off of the GTN….

Or maybe I’m just remembering all the previous requests for them and pointing it out.

Again, I just buy what I need off of the GTN. No gambling here.

If you are asking for crates, you are asking for gambling period. Theres is a reason why this direct sale event is taken place.

Cucurulo, this is what I wrote:

>Really? Lots of folks have been begging for direct sales for eons.

>Personally I don;t really care as I just buy what I need off of the GTN….

Please kindly tell me where within those 3 sentences I’m asking for crates or where I state that I’m gambling. Thanks.

wow just wow…of course he aint the same person why would he be calling himself a hypocrite

The comments section for this site is becoming a fucking disgrace just the same load of idiots fighting each other over petty disagreements prop the most toxic comments section I have seen

Found one fool who thinks he’s “op” for a website get your head out your ass your not different than anyone else and posting a image to validate your point more just goes to show your trying to hard

Although i replied your first post my intention was to talk with you about the guy above, not about you, confussion happens sorry.
Also we live in a free world, i mean CM boys are free to buy whatever they want, personally i don’t have direct problem with that, my problem are the F producers and comunity manager.

Yep & to even call a REAL CASH Store’s Temporary Change an “EVENT” Is Such A Disgrace for MMORPG Genre.. Lolz for EA, Eaware & King Keith Lead Designer who Sits in as Chat Mod in Livestream & Sugar Coats his way 2 long Posts at Forums.. Take care enjoy any game you adventure in 🙂 Kindly: Pre Ordered D.Deluxe Edition.

Sub Since Launch up to End of 2016. Returned Oct. 2017, but Sad cause Still Lack of Proper Mmo Content & no Good Plans for it on Sight. Sub Auto Renewal Axed at Dec 2017. #WaitingForSubWorthyNews

Radar tables… Really wish those had been the teased mission pickup consoles for SH’s.

Not like I’m really playing anymore either. Trying to catch up on my single player backlog from past Steam sales. Still on the fence whether I should sub for the last FP to finish the story.

I just don’t know that it’s worth it and not waiting until Fall. FP in May then a PVP event in July. Which sounds like it’s being mixed with the gimmicky Iokath bs which I’m sure won’t be a lag fest. Supposedly Nightlife at or around the same time. Then nothing until Fall or Winter if it doesn’t somehow get pushed into next year like the content from last year was pushed into half of this year.

Monkey face, fred g gay, where are you trolls? I miss ya, at least you were fun…Big Mac is just pure ass… i bet hes not fucked correctly…sigh


Does anyone here get a smelly office chair after a while?
I mean, proper manly bum smell not some poor little thing.
Do you lot put Febreeze on it or you simply swap the chair with a colleague so they get your smelly bum odor?


Thank you for the replies.
I mean, i wash it twice a day, i even soap between the cheeks you know? I mean I swapped several chairs at the office so other people enjoy my bum odor but i seem to be plagued by this.

I heard that my hair down there could be the culprit. Has anyone shaved their bum and the odor went away? Should I wax for a finer area?

[OP is Fred G]

Keith, your concern is certainly understandable. I’d recommend waxing regardless as I’m sure Musco will appreciate your smooth buttocks.

That so called chair you think you have been sitting on is actually Eric Musco’s face, aka the biggest joke of a community manager any mmo forum has ever seen. It might help if you tell Musco to not live so far up your ass if he is starting to smell.

If this game doesn’t impress with 6.0, it’s surely dead.

My hopes aren’t high, and indeed nothing would stop EA pulling the plug before 6.0.

it might be cool. They did say some things that point in the right direction, such as returning to Republic vs Empire, consideration of adding a new race, new pvp map, and new fp.
I think what will potentially hurt it, is if there isnt enough of a lump sum of content initially that feels like an expansion. These teeny-widdle-updates here and there is painful at best.
So yeah, fingers crossed but expectations low.

Hey Draxus, it kind if depends on a couple of things like when did you last play, are you a pvp’er, raider or story/pve etc or all of the above.

Last time I played was around Feb last year, but recently have been getting a star wars craving wish there was a good star wars mmo

I’ve been having fun with some starwars phone games out there.
“Galaxy of heroes” is entertaining – collect characters and make fantasy team ups to fight other players and do missions. Only down side is some of the p2w offerings that some players use to propel themselves forward. But still
“Puzzle Droids” think bejeweled but themed around force awakens

“Force Arena” – some really great starwars pvp

Hi sorry for the late response was away.
Since then we’ve got a rather excellent Ops that’s finally finished, a couple of decent flashpoints , a bunch of uprisings, a couple of new strongholds, I think 2 new warzones (not sure don’t pvp), something starfighter wise not sure, story progression of sensible levels (not the awful deluge we had prior) a very poorly implemented and thought out conquest revamp and what appears to be a move away from cartel boxes to direct sale in the Cartel Market.
So there’s some play in the short term if you’re catching up, the new ops is attracting a lot of attention on both fleets to complete it before the next update for achievements so there are a lot of 8/16man raids popping but long term is a bit vague.
Also if you play a lot you’ll get through all this pretty quick.
They are talking of 6.0 and beyond but there is little actual news on it but its confirmed it’s going to be regular/quarterly and piecemeal.
Is that worth the £9.00 pm sub (or the equivalent in your currency) fee is entirely up to you.

If you have played in the last two years then nope, not missing anything really new. A partial OP and a few rehashed FPs but that is about it. Oh yeah, a TON of things are constantly going on sale via Cartel Market but that too is nothing new.

wow just wow…of course he aint the same person why would he be calling himself a hypocrite

comments section for this site is becoming a fucking disgrace just the
same load of idiots fighting each other over petty disagreements prop
the most toxic comments section I have seen

The comments section for this site is becoming a fucking disgrace just
the same load of idiots fighting each other over petty disagreements
prop the most toxic comments section I have seen

Let’s be honest, this game even fails to deviler cartel packs once a month as it used to be. Does anyone need another evidence to prove that’s it’s dying?

Not all. I can think of one that is releasing content at a good enough pace to keep people interested and playing.

Well, people have mentioned they are tired of hearing about ESO and how they are doing all the things people want SWTOR to do, so I try not to mention it much anymore.

Lol, you’re funny.
Every zone has been so full the past several weeks that people not farming specific gear sets avoid the popular zones…
The Capitol Cities have been so busy that it doesn’t pay to try to zone in to one of those locations unless you like not being able to see the crafting stations.

then how come there are fewer instances of cyrodiil then there were at launch? And of those instances of cyrodiil how come they are less populated?

1. That’s only PvP. PvP is only robust and uber important when a game doesn’t have strong PvE group content. Weak games NEED PvP to survive.
2. Battle grounds are exceptionally popular, not as big as the PvE content, but popular. The quick and expedient nature of battlegrounds have pulled people out of the Open world PvP zone that is Cyrodiil. Imperial City is still a popular place for teh PvP crowed though.
3. This past fall ZOS announced that they had 10 million active players in ESO across the 3 platforms.
4. On June 6th 2017 ESO launched Morrowind if you count that release and everything that came after they have given players 2, 12 player Trials (what SWTOR would call an Operation) 4 dungeons, 2 public dungeons, and 2 large exploreable zones with fully fleshed out and voice acted story lines and multiple side quests. Players have gotten a new playable class and multiple new gear sets, both craftable and boss drops.
5. All the best stuff is earned or crafted, not purchased in the cash shop.
6. On May 31st Summerset will drop and that is giving players another 12 person trial, 2 more 4 player dungeons, another skill line, another crafting line, new gear sets, etc, etc, etc.

That is A TON of content to release in 12 months!
I’ll just point out that SWTOR has dropped 1 group raid/Operation a single boss at a time over the last 18 months and ESO is getting ready to release it’s 3rd group raid/Trial in a 12 month span.

You can try to claim ESO is dying, but the evidence suggests the opposite.

I agree with you that MMO’s do wax and wane depending on expansion releases and it’s often hard to truly evaluate a games success depending on when the next/last expansion was released.
That said however it’s pretty safe to say that Eso is in a better and safer place than Swtor just now.
Going multi format was very clever indeed.

are you saying a game that came out 4 years ago is in a better place then one that came out 7 years ago… wow…. how amazing…

your insight is just to important to be wasted on Video games GO go out into the world and help people

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