GW2 Gemstore –Shifting Sand Mining Pick and Celestial Compass

GW2 gemstore updated today with the Shifting Sand Mining Pick for 1000 gems and Celestial Compass as an uncommon drop from BLC chests.


Shifting Sand Mining Pick – 1000 gems

The glyph it has is Glyph of Bounty – 33% chance to gain an extra strike while gathering



Celestial Compass – Uncommon BLC Drop

This is a focus skin.



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Chat codes and images taken from that_shaman’s post.

Beastslayer Glider


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8 replies on “GW2 Gemstore –Shifting Sand Mining Pick and Celestial Compass”

The Beastslayer weapon skin set already reminded me of that franchise. Well, also the tails from the Arrowhead and the Brachydios are the same. Don’t know if Anet intended this and drew inspiration from Capcom somehow but I think it’s cool. 😀

wow theyre making gathering tool animations amazing while the game has zero content other than grindy items

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