GW2 Inquest Mark II Weapon Skins Gallery

GW2 Inquest Mark II Weapon Skins Gallery. These are available for 1 ticket each from the BLC merchant.


Inquest Mark II Axe Skin


Inquest Mark II Dagger Skin


Inquest Mark II Focus Skin


Inquest Mark II Greatsword Skin


Inquest Mark II Hammer Skin


Inquest Mark II Longbow Skin


Inquest Mark II Mace Skin


Inquest Mark II Pistol Skin

gw2-inquest-mark-II-pistol gw2-inquest-mark-II-pistol-2gw2-inquest-mark-II-pistol-3

Inquest Mark II Rifle Skin


Inquest Mark II Scepter Skin


Inquest Mark II Shield Skin


Inquest Mark II Short Bow Skin


Inquest Mark II Staff Skin


Inquest Mark II Sword Skin


Inquest Mark II Torch Skin


Inquest Mark II Warhorn Skin

gw2-inquest-mark-II-warhorn-skin gw2-inquest-mark-II-warhorn-4gw2-inquest-mark-II-warhorn-5

  • Noel Loh

    looks so good! cant wait to get mine

  • RabbitUp

    Oh wow, these are so unconventional and awesome. I think this is the first time I’ll go for a full set.

  • Shaggy

    I love the designs, but some of them are a bit too bulky.

    Still, this is a great step in the right direction, and i might actually get a few of these.

  • Ayakaru

    A shame the guns look like cannons.
    My thief is Inquest themed, had they been less bulky they would’ve been perfect for my thief

    • Alastor999

      I dunno… an Asura with comically oversized guns sounds great to me…

  • Gerald Tarrant

    Hands down the ugliest weapon collection of the past 2 years.

  • Knight_ldr

    Shrink them by half and I would have bought 4 or 5 of them, as they stand they are just too big.

  • Zevos

    Lots of cool effects on these, but they’re far too bulky and locked to a unpleasant color. I like the asuran weapons we’re seeing recently, but it would be nice if a few wern’t Inquest themed.

  • Nyx

    Please confirm if they have unique draw/stow animation, sound fx, or projectile. Ty in advance

    • Giulia V

      draw/staw animation yes, the sword dissapears completly for example when stowed, but i didnt noticed any different sounds, im got the pistols and the rifle for my asura engi

  • Bryan Turner

    Nice for Asuran I guess, I’m more on Team Charr these days so that’s a hard pass for me.

  • Yuki Onna

    If only the sword skin was on the greatsword

  • Sotos

    Shield n sword are actually nice..

  • The_Super_Namek

    Where are the revenant weapons?

  • Ares Zax

    Is it just me or does the warhorn have a unique sound when blown? (Almost like a tuba.) Or is just my imagination?

    • Yes warhorn does have unique sound

  • Korey Garabed

    Must. Have. Pistol. And. Rifle!

  • E.T. PhoneHome

    Was gonna buy all of them but by seeing the video line up, change my mind, might just gor for warhorn and that is still a stretch.

  • Robert D Milne

    if they change the sound for the weapons they never make them loud enough to be heard over other skill effects. see ley-line weapons or bloodstone weapons.

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