Black Desert April 11 Game Update Patch Notes

Black Desert Online April 11 Game Update Patch Notes.


Greetings Adventurers,

Kamasylvia is abuzz with a lively new surge of magical energy, the sprightly new inhabitants have made themselves right at home. Venture out to find your very own Fairy companion!

Along with your journeys, be sure to take a moment to enjoy the dazzling full bloom of the beautiful Tulips all over the world. Find out what other goodies have been added below!

Event & System


  • My Everlasting Little Companion “Fairy Laila” has been added.

    • Fairies can be obtained by using the item “Sealed Fairy Wings” which can be claimed as a reward for completion of a quest series given by the Fairy Queen Theiah.

    • The starting quest is “Fairy Queen Theiah” and you must be at least Lv. 52 and have already completed the quest [Boss] Witch-Hunting to accept it.
    • Additional Sealed Fairy Wings can be claimed by completing recurring quests.
    • Upon use of Sealed Fairy Wings, a random Fairy Laila between tiers 1~4 will be claimed and then you may register your new Fairy at the Young Kamasylve Tree at Kamasylve Temple.
    • If you move away from the Young Kamasylve Tree before completing registration of your Fairy, registration will be cancelled.
    • Registered Fairy’s can be summoned, grown or released by clicking on the icon to the right of Maid icon.
    • Only 1 Fairy can be registered and if you wish to register a different Fairy, you need to use Release button on the Fairy Information window and release your registered Fairy first.
    • Upon Release of a Fairy, Fairy Powder proportional to Fairy Tier and Growth level will be obtained.
    • All Fairies have Luck +1 as a default skill and can gain another skill for every 10 levels grown. A random skill of Lv.1-5 will be gained. You cannot change the level of the random skill gained.
    • The higher the tier of the Fairy, the higher it’s Max Level can be reached and thus additional skill slots will be available.
    • A Fairy of higher tier will be able to obtain higher-level skills.



  • The skill Fairy’s Tear does not recover a shattered crystal or trade goods or items that have had Enhancement degraded upon death. This skill cannot be used during Node/Conquest wars.
  • The skill Fairy’s Tear can only be applied during Instant Resurrection. This does not work with resurrecting in a nearby node or town.
  • To grow your Fairy, weapons, armor, equipment items, Black Spirit’s Claw or Sweet Honey Wine can be used.
  • Please go to Settings -> General Settings -> Show/Hide -> and uncheck Hide Pets under Pet section to make your Fairy visible.
  • Click < Here > to hear the story of the Fairy and details.

Yona’s Fragments have been added.

  • Yona’s Fragments are archaic fragments rarely found in the desert. Unknown symbols along with the word ‘Yona’ is written in an archaic language which earned its nickname. Yona’s Fragments naturally attract each other and transform into a new material which is the reason for their popularity among Blacksmiths and Alchemists.

  • Yona’s Fragments will drop in from monsters around Valencia.

  • You can create rare accessories by crafting Yona’s Fragments collected along with other necessary materials from Jeweler at Level 5 in Altinova and Valencia City.

  • Find the crafting information for Jewelers that can craft Yona’s Fragments from the tooltip of the item.

  • New crafting formulas using Yona’s Fragments have been added:bdo-april-11-patch-notes-3

  • The Savage Rift reward system has been revised.

    • Rewards will now be paid in Silver instead of Gold Bars.

    • Upon clearing Stage 25, you will now receive 8 million Silver. (Previously Gold Bars 100G x7)

    • Silver will be sent to your mailbox, and the amount received depends on your contribution to Savage Rift.

    • You can now receive Skill EXP as a reward.

    • The amount received will increase as you progress through stages

<Savage Point and Chances of Getting Rewards>


  • A Private Mode has been added to the Arena of Arsha.

    • In Private Mode, two teams will have a 1:1 match per round where one player from each team fights.

    • An Adventurer with operator’s right can choose Private Mode from the top of the operator’s menu window after entering Arena of Arsha.

    • The Adventurer with operator’s right can assign players to each team and then pick team leaders for each team.

    • Once a match starts, each team leader must choose a participant within 30 seconds. If a choice has not been made, the participant will be chosen randomly.

    • The match ends when there is no one left to fight in one of the teams.

  • Arena of Arsha venue has been improved.

    • The topography has been made simpler, and some obstacles were removed.

    • Sturdy walls were added to prevent falling in the gaps.

  • If an Adventurer with a operator rights invites a party leader in the Arena of Arsha Team and Personal matches, the members of their party will now automatically get invitations.

  • If you are under the effect of an active HP debuff during Arena of Arsha, you will now  not be able to recover your HP past the new limited imposed by the debuff even with natural regeneration.

  • The head-scratching motion of the Young Griffon has been adjusted to look more natural.

  • Fixed the issue where trying on a one-piece outfit after trying on a helmet sometimes showed the previous helmet in Pearl Shop preview.

  • Fixed the issue where location to find Asula’s Weakened Magical Necklace was incorrectly pointing to the location to acquire Asula’s Weakened Magical Belt in the Necklace’s description.

  • Drop rates for Asula’s Weakened Magic accessories have been increased by 50%.

  • Fixed the issue where sometimes participants of Node/Conquest War could collide with siege objects outside of the Node/Conquest War time window.

  • The overall value of fish has been adjusted:

    • Fish value has been increased by 25%.

  • The overall value of Trade goods has been increased by 20%.

  • Fixed the issue where progression of the tutorial would stop after obtaining potion from the common rack.


  • New Challenges (Y), [Event] Fairy’s Lost Item, have been added to celebrate the addition of Fairy Laila.

    • Period: 4/12 00:00 UTC  ~ 5/2 Before Maintenance

    • 1 hour of playtime will reward [Event] Lost Fairy Bag

    • Max 5 (5 hours of playtime) allowed per day.

    • Collect [Event] Lost Fairy Bag x10 and visit Queen Theiah in Kamasylve Temple to exchange for Laila’s Petal x1.

    • Laila’s Petal can be used to exchange for Sealed Fairy Wings which actually will earn you a Fairy.

  • A Special Fishing point has been added to Ellie’s Mystical Lake Festival.

    • During the festival period, (to-conclude-on April 25th), Koi can be caught through fishing.

    • Koi can be sold at shops for 500,000 Silver.

  • Ellie’s Mystical Lake event areas are now set as safe zones. The event areas from the following areas are exempt from Node Wars.

    • Delphe Knights Castle (Monday)

    • Bree Tree Ruins (Tuesday)

    • Khuruto Cave (Wednesday)

    • Delphe Outpost (Thursday)

    • Karanda Ridge (Friday)

    • Northern Wheat Plantation (Sunday)

  • Fixed the issue where you could not sell [Event] Ellie’s Small Water Balloon.

  • Fixed the issue where description of items claimable upon opening [Event] Spring Water was missing from its tooltip.

  • Fixed the issue where graphical effect of a loot drop was not displayed intermittently when popping Splashy Water Balloon in Ellie’s Mystical Lake.

  • Tulips are in full bloom in the beautiful world of Black Desert Online.

    • Period: 4/11 After Maintenance ~ 5/2 Before Maintenance


  • Fixed the issue where monsters and summoned creatures of Adventurers/monsters sometimes disappeared during combat.

Game World, NPC & Effects

[Game World]

  • The reflection effect under items in Pearl Shop preview has been fixed.


  • Fixed the camera glitch that happened while talking to some villager NPCs in Calpheon City.

  • Fixed the camera glitch that happened while talking to some of the trader NPCs in Shakatu’s Territory.

  • Priest Eli of Heidel will now properly come to work on time again. ~ slacker!

Class Changes

  • Additional effects have been added to the downward sword striking motion in the character creation screen.

  • Fixed the issue where Stiffness effect was applied even during the cooldown time if Breezy Blade II/III was used after using Wind Step backward.

  • Fixed the issue where you could not use Ultimate: Evasive Shot while using Razor Wind.

  • Fixed the issue where transitioning from Kamasylven Sword to Longbow combat stance while moving forward then using the skill Blasting Gust, activated the skill even though you failed to hit the target.

  • Fixed the issue where PvP damage was not reduced if you quickly used Absolute: Will of the Wind while moving after learning the skill Ultimate: Evasive Shot.

  • Fixed the issue where PvP damage was not reduced if you used Absolute: Will of the Wind during the cooldown time while standing still.

  • Fixed the issue where you could not use the skill Flow: Kiss of the Wind during the first charge of Tearing Arrow.

  • Fixed the issue where you could not switch to Scythe stance upon using Crow Nightmare followed by Rushing Crow after learning Flow: Rushing Crow.

  • Adjustments have been made to allow easier use of the skill Abyssal Flame after using Dark Flame.

  • Adjustments have been made to allow easier use of the skill Beak Kick after using Dark Flame.

  • In order to ensure a smoother gameplay experience, optimization work was performed on the Berserker.

  • Fixed the issue where Berserker’s WP was recovered upon using the skill Ultimate: Frenzied Destroyer.

  • Visual effect for characters under the effect of Protected Area has been changed.

  • Visual effect for characters under the effect of Protected Area has been changed.

  • The cheering motion will not be triggered after obtaining certain items while using Bolide of Destruction with Black Spirit’s Rage.

  • Fixed the graphical glitch for old Wizard’s underwear in the body setting window in the Customization screen.

  • Fixed the issue where Horn Bow appeared on Blade’s handle part while using the skill Chase.

  • Fixed the issue where Horn Bow appeared on Blade’s handle part while using the skill Chase.

  • Ghost Step can now be used through Quick Slot.

  • Fixed the graphical glitch near the heel part for Ninja’s Willow Breeze.

  • Fixed the graphical glitch that showed an empty area near the neck during non-combat stance for Ninja’s Willow Breeze.

  • Ghost Step can now be used through Quick Slot.

  • The cheering motion will not be triggered after obtaining certain items while using Obsidian Ashes or Lunacy of Vedir with Black Spirit’s Rage.

  • Flash Step can now be used through Quick Slot.

  • Flash Step can now be used through Quick Slot.

Item Changes

  • Description of the Energy-recovering items has been made clearer and easier to understand.

  • Spec descriptions of elixirs, crystals, and other enhancers have been made consistent. For example:

    • Attack Speed +1/Attack Speed +1 Point > Attack Speed +1

    • AP +5 > All AP +5

    • Damage Reduction +2 > All Damage Reduction +2

  • The spec information for the following items has been made clearer instead of using words such as “slight” and “huge”.

    • Hunter’s Salad

    • Fresh Hunter’s Salad

    • Khalk’s Fermented Wine

    • Khalk’s Strong Fermented Wine

    • Rainbow Button Mushroom Cheese Melt

    • Mild Rainbow Button Mushroom Cheese Melt

    • Kamasylvia Meal

    • Special Kamasylvia Meal

    • Pure Black Stone

  • Descriptions of the following items have been adjusted to be more intuitive.


  • Information regarding extra Energy recovery has been added to the descriptions of all Bed items.

  • Fixed the issue where Flax Seed could not be sold in NPC shops.

  • The following item descriptions now display rate increase value.

    • Glasses

    • Earrings

    • Pearl Items & Horse Gears

  • The item grades of some Horse Emblem and Mount/Ship Registrations have been adjusted.

  • Fixed the issue where the maker’s name of a PEN (V) item disappeared if the item was received via mail after being purchased through Pre-Order.

  • Winter Snowflake Box and Snowflake Reindeer Box are now marketplace registrable and free from bound.

  • Fixed the issue where you could see “send to friend” button and previous currency type when you try to purchase items through Event Cart.

  • Awakening Weapon Exchange Coupon (7 Days) which you can get by handing over Shakatu’s Seal will now go into the general Inventory.

  • For details on newly added Pearl Shop Update, please click < Here > !

Monster Changes

The strike effects for the following monsters have been adjusted to look more natural.

  • Cadry Commander

  • Green Orc Skeleton Warrior

  • Moghulis

  • Ogre

Quest & Knowledge


  • Information on ingredients and materials has been added to Cooking/Alchemy Knowledge Cards.

    • You can check the ingredients or materials from the Cooking/Simple Cooking/Alchemy/Simple Alchemy Knowledge entries in the Knowledge (H) screen.

    • In the Cooking/Alchemy window from Cooking Utensil/Alchemy Tool, you can also check the ingredients.

    • If you have not obtained the Knowledge, ingredient hints will be shown from which you can get Cooking/Alchemy Knowledge entries. Move the mouse cursor over for more information.

  • Navigation for the quest The Only Plan now works correctly.

  • If you were not able to obtain knowledge “Article 5 of Tuval’s Law & Order – Respect” after completing the quest “Tuval’s Law & Order – Respect #2”, you can now talk to NPC Maghed in Gahaz Bandit’s Lair to obtain the knowledge.

  • If you were not able to obtain knowledge “Nightmare in Crioville” and “King of the Otters?” even after completing the quest series “Nightmare in Crioville,” you can now do so by talking to a Villager in Crioville which you meet during the quest.


  • The Knowledge category of entries “Low-Grade Crystal Fusion”, “Mid-Grade Crystal Fusion”, and “High-Grade Crystal Fusion” have been changed from Low-Grade Crystal Fusion to Certificates.

    • This does not affect the maximum Energy.

  • The following unobtainable Knowledge has been deleted.

    • Essence of Deep Sea

Interface Changes

  • The following information will now be displayed in Stable/Wharf screen.

    • Number of Mounts/Ships checked-in

    • Number of Mounts/Ships taken out

    • Available slots per stable/wharf

  • From the Skill window, you can now only learn skills with command unlocked.

    • If the preceding skill of the skill you want to learn has command lock, you need to unlock that skill’s command first.

  • Upon clicking on Register to register a worker from Worker Exchange, an appropriate system message will appear if there is no available worker.

  • Fixed the issue where not accepting a certain quest while in the middle of multiple sequential quests created an empty space in the Quest widget.

  • The background image that appears behind the text for alerting players to an Ability increase has been revised.

  • Pre-order and Notification button on sold-out items in Item Marketplace will now be displayed upon right-clicking on the unavailable item.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed the issue where the two gathering nodes in Longleaf Tree Sentry Post showed the same item.

    • Silk Honey Grass and Bunch of Silk Honey Grass

  • Fixed the issue where the message for alerting exceeding weight limit moved when scrolling in the Inventory.

  • Fixed the issue where the word “system” appeared in quest descriptions.

  • Monsters in Savage Rift will now start appearing near the rift.

  • Fixed the issue where an empty window (without text) popped up when trying to create a new character without having written up a name in Character Creation.

  • Fixed the issue where Team Battle/Final Battle intermittently did not end and was stuck at ‘Ending Soon’ state.

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7 replies on “Black Desert April 11 Game Update Patch Notes”

So I’ve been mulling over whether I should download this MMO and give it a shot. Any thoughts?

Eh, it’s fun for maybe a couple weeks then its the same thing over and over. mindless grinding, upgrading gear is shitty, if you fail at upgrading jewelry it breaks. It really isn’t a lasting game IMO. Now the pvp is fun but there really isn’t any pve besides mindless grinding certain mobs cuz they either drop a great piece of gear or best money spot or best xp spot.

What storyline, there’s absolutely no substance in it. Quit a long time ago. Game’s translations aren’t that great. I really tried to get into it, but other than the pretty graphics, there isn’t really much to do. Everything just feels rigid. Climbing and movement feels rigid. There are a bunch of games you could play better than BDO. Just BDO feels ehhh. 3/10.

To be fair – the storyline is in itself not that boring – it’s just poorly presented but if you get all the connections I found it somewhat interesting. And for 5-10 bucks I advise everyone to give it a try. The worldbuilding and exploration alone is worth the money in my opinion. (Not to mention the great combat system)

Endless grind in all aspects with much of it designed to waste your time on purpose with idle gameplay, extremely heavy pay2win, basically no story, no actual goals beyond just grinding and laboring. You could probably have more fun doing that IRL cuz I dunno what’s fun about clicking 100,000,000 trees, and you’re at a huge disadvantage if you don’t want to do any of the highly boring stuff. It also has the ultimate sin of genderlocking classes which is ironic in a game that tries so hard to sell itself with it’s character creation. It’s really only just trying to sell tits.

The auction system is basically an RNG grind to win a bid on an item. You could be the richest person on the server and still be unable to buy what you want cuz RNG, which was one of the heaviest impacts on me losing interest. I felt like my efforts were pointless cuz I couldn’t do what I wanted to with all my cash.

The servers have poor performance and all effort in combat system is rendered meaningless cuz power creeps and massive gear differences so PvP is generally ass. Speaking of ass it’s also hard to take anything seriously with naked loll parts flopping everywhere which might be your thing, idk, I just find it cringy.

Then there’s the fact that it’s the most toxic MMO community I have ever seen because the overall game design just begs for negativity. You’ll have to close the global chats or heavy filter it so I don’t see the N word in many different forms of spelling, holocaust jokes, traps being gay and etc spammed every half minute or people RP fucking their mom and sister in detail and demanding daddy’s cummings. I’m hard to offend but it gets so old after a while. I really tried to like it but it’s just not a fun way to spend your time or money.

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