Black Desert Fairy Companion Guide

A guide to the new fairy companion in Black Desert Online.

Getting Started

Fairy Queen Theiah

To start the Fairy companion quest you will need to be level 52 and take the quest Fairy Queen Theiah from your Black Spirit (suggestions tab). Make sure you have completed [Boss] Witch-Hunting as well.


This quest will take you to the Kamasylvia temple in Mediah. You will want to make sure you have 2x Cooking Honey in your inventory when you go visit her as it make the next step of the quest much easier. Cooking Honey can be obtained from the Alejandro Farm node right by Heidel.

Sweet Honey, a Source of Power

Hand the 2x Cooking Honey to her and then pick up the next quest. She will, give you 1x Sweet Honey Jar.

Into the Sweet Honey Jar

For this you just need to go to the quest location and interact with the Unstable Crevice.


Laila’s Scattered Petals

This part will be the worst quest for getting the fairy as this quest is fairly tedious. You will need Laila’s Petals and there are two ways to get it. First method is to get it via grinding/fishing/gathering which has a very low chance. Alternatively, you can make it via alchemy by making the Special Honey Jar first.

Alchemy Pathway

This step is currently a bit bugged as people are unable to find Unstable Crevices in the wild. You are better off doing the grinding/gathering/fishing method.

To make Special Honey Jar via alchemy you will need to the following ingredients (make sure you are on the quest as well)

  • 2x Top-Quality Cooking Honey
  • 5x Fruit of Abundance
  • 1x Essence of Liquor
  • 2x Purified Water


Getting Top-Quality Cooking Honey is the most time consuming part. You will need to rent a Matchlock from the node manager at Balenos Forest. This costs 2 contrib points. Then you need to go into the nearby Balenos Forest and shoot Wild Beehives. You will loot Wild Beehive from them and then grind via processing to make either Cooking Honey, High-Quality Cooking Honey or Top-Quality Cooking Honey. Top-Quality is a rare processing product and it is probably about 3% chance to get it so prepared to spend quite a bit of time shooting beehives. If the matchlock run out of charges just return to node manager to return it and get another one.


Fruit of Abundance can be obtained from gathering/farming sunflowers, strawberry, grape and onion. If you have been farming sunflowers you should have a ton of these. Otherwise try your luck gathering from sunflowers in Northern Wheat Plantation or grapes from Olvia.

Essence of Liquor is made from 1x Fruit, 1x Flour, and 1x Leavening Agent via cooking.

Purified Water is obtained by gathering river water with bottles purchased from material vendors and then filtering it.

Unstable Crevices: You are not able to use the Unstable Crevice from the previous quest so you will need to find one in the wild. However, so far no one has been able to locate one yet so this pathway cannot be completed. Finding a Crevice and interact with it will allow you to place the Special Honey Jar in the Crevice and get the Laila’s Petal.

Grinding/Fishing/Gathering Pathway

Much like other event items, anything you gather/kill/fish can drop it. The drop chance is fairly low and it may take you several hours to get it. However, it will let you skip the Unstable Crevices step.


Once you have the petal, return to Theiah

Mysterious Companion

This is the final quest in the series. It is a simple quest that give you a Sealed Fairy Wings as a result. This is a RNG Box that can give you one of many wings of different tiers.

Luckily if you did not get a Fairy of a good tier you can have a go at the daily recurring quest.


Managing Your Fairy

Once you have the fairy in your inventory, you can right click it and a window will pop up to register the fairy. Once the fairy is registered, it will have a special interface on the top left corner you can click to activate Fairy information. You will need to click the Summon button at the bottom right to take it out.


Fairy Tiers and Skills

Fairy comes in 4 tiers just like pets. Each tier controls how many levels the fairy can reach and how many skills it can have. Fairy will learn a new random skill every 10 levels. All fairy will come with default +1 luck.

  • Faint – Tier 1 – 10 levels (1 skill)
  • Glimmering – Tier 2 – 20 Levels (2 skills)
  • Brilliant – Tier 3 – 30 Levels (3 skills)
  • Radiant – Tier 4 – 40 levels (4 skills)

The skills it gains also range in levels from 1 to 5 that is determined randomly. Higher tier fairy will have a chance to get higher level skills with only tier 4 fairy able to get level 4+ skills.

  • The skill Fairy’s Tear does not recover a shattered crystal or trade goods or items that have had Enhancement degraded upon death. This skill cannot be used during Node/Conquest wars.



To increase your Fairy’s levels, you can feed it armor and weapons of green quality and above. The items cannot be enhanced. Click the Growth button and then click on the items in your inventory you would like to feed.If you receive a fairy of undesirable tier, it may not be a good idea to waste items to grow it.


Different items give different amount of growth XP.

  • Blazing Nouver/Kutum (special drops from new Drieghan area) – 375k
  • Dandelion/Kutum/Kzarka/Nouver/Boss Armor – 47.5k
  • Ultimate Awakening Weapons (yellow) –13k
  • Lemoria armor – 3.3k
  • Liverto/Blue Awakening Weapons – 3k
  • Ultimate armor/weapoons – 500-1.7k (with Rocaba/Rosar > Grunil/Yuria > Steel Taritas etc)
  • Black Spirit’s Claw – 1.5k
  • Blue/green armor/weapons 25-500 (with Rocaba/Rosar > Grunil/Yuria > Steel Taritas etc)

If you want to go the P2W route, it is possible to purchase Ornette’s Dark Honey Wine from the Pearl Shop for 150 pearls each or 11 for 1500 Pearls. These give similar XP to the Ultimate Awakening Weapons (yellow).



It is possible to Rebirth (reset all of fairy’s skill and levels to 1). However the Fairy must be at least level 10. To Rebirth the Fairy you will need Fairy Queen’s Power, a pearl item which is not available on NA/EU Pearl shop yet.


Once your Fairy reach max level, it will have one chance for upgrade. However this is not yet in NA/EU. The upgrade chance is a percentage that can be affected by the amount of materials you place in it up to a maximum of 100%. Upgrading takes either Ornette’s Dark Honey Wine from the Pearl Shop (4% per wine) or Sweet Honey Wine crafted by cooking (400 for 100% chance)

Sweet Honey Wine

  • 2x Top-Quality Cooking Honey
  • 4x Full-bodied Exotic Wine
  • 10x Sugar
  • 2x Fruits

If the upgrade fails, you can Rebirth it and relevel the fairy to try again.

Daily Quest

If you are not happy with the Fairy tier or the skills you received. You can delete the Fairy and get another one via a daily quest. The daily quest is given by Theiah at the Kamasylvia Temple in Mediah. It will require you to get two Laila’s Petals.


To get another fairy, you must first release your current one. You will get a number of Fairy Powders proportional to your Fairy’s tier and level at time of the release.


  • aztemper

    Is it possible to get a petal from bottling river water?

    • David Gould

      i got a petal from chopping wood, so I would think any type of gathering.

    • pontidius

      got two from afk fishing overnight

  • Ossie

    what is fairy powders tho?

  • jamm00

    Just a heads up you have to be 53 not 52. Guild member at 52 did not have that quest leveled them to 53 and it shows up

    • japananimenews

      patch notes say 52.

      • jamm00

        just saying what happened. he was 52 quest was not there got him to 53 quest showed up.

      • Cain-Ish

        I can confirm it also. Patch note is, again, wrong – level 53 is needed.

      • Joe

        Patch notes are very good at being wrong. In game tooltips are notorious for being completely wrong, sometimes discussing effects that aren’t even there at all.

  • Matais Eir

    Note: You can do the recurring Fairy quest as many times as you want, it is not limited to once per day. Also, you do NOT have to release your Fairy in order to get a new Fairy “box”.

  • Yarly12347

    So you have to do pretty much the whole main story (1-56) quest to get this thing? Am I reading that right?

    • jamm00

      No you only need to do the quest line 1- 50 and just level up to 53 then the quest will show up.

  • Smoke

    making the Special Honey Jar through alchemy isn’t working at all 2x Top-Quality Cooking Honey 5x Fruit of Abundance 1x Essence of Liquor 2x Purified Water
    i keep getting the Wrong ingredients popup pfff

    • Banzz

      Have you tried after completing the quest ? I tried as well at m11 before doing the quest chain and it failed saying that i had insufficient skill. I got the knowledge once i completed this quest.

  • Mireille Jacques

    Is the fairy account wide (like pets) or specific to a character ?

  • Mireille Jacques

    Can her apperance be customized?

    • Not for the moment. Maybe in the future?

  • Mikołaj Czechowski

    Glimmering – Tier 2 – 20 Levels (2 skills)
    last ss u have glimmering but u are able to have 3 skills?

    • EttaGnome

      Glimmering at T2 can have 3, the T1 can only have 2

  • justfactsplease

    rng was with me for once got the petals from fishing and a t4 on hand in , pity i didn’t get the guide as i got 2 more petals from fishing and used them

    • September Trujillo

      grinding at wandering rouges or manes gives TONS of green gear

  • Daniel

    Glimmering – Tier 2 – 20 Levels (2 skills)last ss u have glimmering but u are able to have 3 skills?

    • Jason Jones

      It considers the +1 Luck that they all have to be a skill.

  • Lazy Marshmellow

    What do I do if I have not completed the [Boss] Witch-Hunting quest? is there some way to get it?

    • leafsforlife

      I think you can get the scroll from the pearl shop under loyalties

      • Justin Steven

        Does not work, you will have to do all the Black Spirit Quests up to and including [Boss] Witch-Hunting quest.

  • Fanni Sohler

    What if you are more than lvl 53? Like I’m 56 on my main character and the black spirit hasn’t got the starting quest ><

    • Xanderon

      prob u didn’t complete the [Boss] Witch-Hunting quest

      • Titans End

        Same problem I had. I pretty much stopped BS quest on all my characters. Closest one was my Tamer with 23 quest to do before Witch-Hunting.

        • Xanderon

          i play for short time, and i have done it already after 1 week of playing that game xd

          • Drizzy Drake

            Yeah i haven’t touched the questlines at all and i’m soft cap so whats your point. Doing the questlines are borinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng

        • Stormchaser Elite

          I have 160 quest to do….

  • Xanderon

    Is this Event? i don’t see it on event page, so maybe it’s perma system with possibility to get theese fairies?

  • Alvincchang

    Just tried with only 1 Top Quality Honey and it worked, just to save some trouble.

  • Matteo

    Is the fairy account wide (like pets) or specific to a character ?

    • MitsuneBewbs

      Account wide.

  • SSJBruce2ndComing

    I haven’t done witch hunting quest or any in the questline………..I’m not going through 156 quests for an RNG fairy. Is there any other way? :/

    • MitsuneBewbs

      You’ve never done the main questline on any character?… I mean if you want the fairy, that’s the only way. She only levels by being fed gear or honey, so if you don’t have either– Getting her has no point unless you need +1 Luck that bad. You can wait but I do suggest still doing the event going on right now that gives the Petals you turn in for her.

    • Jamie Holmquist Persia

      It doesn’t take long at all. My husband and I plowed through our 193 quests in under 24 hours, finishing up last night

      • SSJBruce2ndComing

        That’s a lot of time xD I have too much work to do since it’s finals season

        • Rj

          Its good contribution points you should get anyway

        • Harrison Burr

          It really doesn’t take that much time. Honestly I believe you should just do them anyways on every character just to make sure each character has all the unlocks for its level. But you can get to lvl 50 with main quests in one night, maybe 2, for a total of maybe 6-8 hours playing casually

          • SSJBruce2ndComing

            Guess I’ll try grind it out then ;-;

  • MIngD

    Meticulous fairy, Joyful and Aloof are the 3 I know about. I know each can be t1 up but does anyone know if it effects skills? I would think the names may help guess skills?

    • Ola

      They speak to you. It is their personalities. I have a “Serene” which is quiet.

  • Jamie Holmquist Persia

    Dulfy, I love our guides, I do and have followed you through GW 2 and now BDO , but I think you need to change that lvl 52 to lvl 53… A lot of people in the game have been following your guide and have been thinking it’s 52 we need to be, and when we get there the quest never shows up.

    • Anthony Rose

      53 is needed.

    • LadySama

      Same, BDO subreddit people have confirmed this on a few threads. The quest came up immediately after I finished my 53 grind, and I was finally able to see her floating on her glowing bubble.

  • Howard James Savage

    it is only 52……..and the hex witch boss as the event literally states

    • LadySama

      It’s 53. Quite a few people on the BDO subreddit said this.

  • Sherry Lynn-Theresa Sharp

    Just a few notes.

    1. You do not have to release your current fairy to do the repeatable quest given by Theiah. So you can keep your current fairy while still trying to get a better fairy, if you have had bad luck. This is actually probably a good idea as you can summon and release the weaker fairies to get the dust they give when released.

    2. The quest Mysterious Companion is not a daily, it is merely repeatable. Have 30 wings? You can get 15 fairies all at once

    (Screenshot show Current fariy, as well as new wings obtained all at once.)

    • Sherry Lynn-Theresa Sharp

      Incase anyone asks. I was re-rolling the fairy because I do not like the Prim attitude.

      • kuliksco

        What’s the difference between the different attitudes? I checked bddatabase and they all have the same stats and skill pools.

        • Sherry Lynn-Theresa Sharp

          If you have their voices on they say different things, the Joyful one is, well, joyfull, she says happy things and nice things.. the Prim one is snobbish and tends to insult you, and the seren one says nothing at all.

          • l2noob4ul

            tsun tsun

            • Scramsax

              So any hard ass fairy? Something like a drill sergeant?

          • Marc Desrosiers

            @Sherry – Niiice ! I want the snobbish, condescending one. Gonna feel like I’m carrying my wife along…

          • Nebman227

            Just play without sound? Have not had any game sound on since my first week of playing and it’s wonderful.

    • Genesis

      “This is actually probably a good idea as you can summon and release the weaker fairies to get the dust they give when released.”

      This is the worst thing you can do, when you release them you get the same item you can get from gathering, it’s literally just worth 10k and scales with I belive only the fairy’s level. What you probably meant is that you can exchange in the unwanted ones to the npc for the sweet honey wine, which you can sell for 250k each or even better, use to level the fairy you actually do want to keep. I know I’m 3 months late with this comment.

      • 可愛いは正義

        As you already know it’s 3 months late then you also know the wine npc wasn’t even in the game 3 months ago. They wrote what they meant and, at the time, this was the only option. What you meant to say was that after the wine npc was added selling fairies for dust is no longer the best course of action.

  • Nefer Akhen

    Is the Sweet honey Wine recipe available yet? According to BDOCodex it is ( but for whatever reason it’s not letting me make it.

    I know the item is technically available because you can exchange fairies in to the NPC for it. Just wish I knew if the recipe is actually available.

  • Marik Zilberman

    Quest is not daily, it’s freely repeatable. Plus, the rebirth item was already released.
    Plus, you can now trade in fairies to get honey feed.

    • LadySama

      Yeah, I just did the quest, and wanted to go for a higher tier. I was able to restart the quest immediately. I believe your current fairy counts as 1 wing.

  • Stormchaser Elite

    Error above. You must be level 53 NOT 52

    • Sam McFaddin

      in-accurate. I am doing on my level 30.

      • LadySama

        Storm is correct. The first time anyone does this quest on a new account/family, you have to be level 53. I’ve seen this on a few reddit posts as well. So yes, the guide is wrong. If you’re level 30 doing the quest, you’re doing the repeat.

  • LadySama

    First, you need to be level 53 for your *first* attempt, not 52. I’ve seen this in a few reddit posts around the BDO subreddit. The sealed wings quest is immediately repeatable, and from what I’ve noticed, the current fairy in your inventory counts as 1 of 2 wings. I haven’t seen that in this guide, and I may try confirming it again if I need to redo the quest a few times.

  • Techamazon

    Should be noted that you need 160 (40 per 10 levels) Sweet Honey Wine to go from 0 to 40 not 400 or whatever is stated. You get roughly 25% per wine.

    Not sure how P2W wine works since we can’t have nice things but I will update accordingly later this year when I give it a try or two.

    • Isla

      P2W wine (ornette’s honey wine) gives 10% success chance for sprouting.

  • happynomnomz

    Ik Im pretty late, but you actually CANT use black spirit claw pieces. I bought about 50 of them, and then realized that you couldn’t. Thx for the guide, but please fix it fucking hell. (note: I’m dumb, ignore this comment thx<3)

  • Solaire de Astora

    Where is a good place to farm the petals??

  • HatesBDORNG

    The RNG in this game is simply retarded…. I just went thru 490 petals I saved up since the event and it was all junk. No radiant and only 3 brilliant. rest was all trash. Not sure if I have it in me to save up for another 6 months and trying again *sighs* I wish they would see that too much RNG can be somewhat of a game killer. just saying.

    • Boone2010

      Agreed man, it’s absolutely ridiculous

  • Bukkake-san

    dunno, i got tier 4 in first try

  • Anett

    4 fairy – 2 of them T1, then t3 and t4…:D

  • Kano Kyura

    time to grind for 1 week

  • Ago go

    i duno how many petals i went through, but i bought enough sweet honey wine to finaly be able to grow and force it to a Radiant to see what kind of skills i get

  • Quan Pham

    4 fairy, 1 t2 and 3 t1 T_T

  • Rushiro

    5 fairy all t1 >_>

  • Oooo
  • Yuna Kim

    Grind about an hour in Polly’s forest, then you will get a petal or two.
    It’s much faster and practical.
    hope this helped.

  • Yuna Kim

    also, fishing in Valencia over night usually gives about 2 or 3. im not sure if it is location specific but… i normally get 2 petals over night.

  • Mark

    Is there any gameplay involving fairies which does not use top-quality cooking honey (a ridiculously slow grind and impossible to buy on central market) or requiring pearls? I’m not seeing the value here.

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