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GW2 Double XP and Increased Gathering Yield Weekend

GW2 is running a double XP and 33% increased gathering yield weekend from April 20 to 23.


You can’t get blood from a stone—and if any necromancers have found a way to do that, we don’t want to know. But starting on April 20, you can get neat bonuses by applying resource-gathering implements to rocks, trees, plant life, and your mortal enemies!

Weekend Bonus: Experience and Gathering Yield

Date and Time: From 9:00 AM Pacific Time on April 20 to 9:00 AM Pacific Time on April 23 (UTC-7).


  • Gain a 33% chance of increased gathering yield when mining, logging, and harvesting.
  • Earn double experience in open world PvE and World vs. World (does not apply to instances, dungeons, or activities).

Log in to Guild Wars 2 this upcoming weekend to reap the benefits!

By Dulfy

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21 replies on “GW2 Double XP and Increased Gathering Yield Weekend”

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’m coming up on my one year in July (does this make me semi-newb status? I dunno) and will appreciate the extra XP and gathering goodies! 🙂

This is the second time that they have done this 🙂 If your a crafter … it pays off and fast! Im glad they are doing it again ^.^

Oooooo i have been lazy on some of my 430 and 460 professions, i guess i can now benefit from this event

First time i am hearing about double exp and i am playing since launch woooooot. Did i miss this some time before

the only good thing for Exp increase is if your are interested in WvW leveling. For the rest…I have tomes for the next few centuries and will never have to lvl up any character manually again no matter how many I will create in the future^^
the gathering increase might pay off for some ppl who are deep into the gathering routes…maybe I will go on a gathering trip then once again
…in the end…it’s free so i won’t complain 🙂

Prolonged 100% WvW xp boost is probably the most impactful bonus ever dished out. Though its only useful to people with extremely long term plans to get the wvw stat changing armor – and I mean really long plans -.-

I don’t think the exp matters, those tickets are anyways gated per week. it would take you the same time regardless

It could still be of a help to those who want the T3 WvW armor though. That one requires 2000 WvW rank to be able to buy the chestpiece.

If you get to high enough wvw levels you get a flat increase in the number of pips rewarded per interval. Which means long term you have to spend less total hours per week to get the max number of tickets. As I said, very long term goal.

Not everyone is veteran in the game.
While i also have some stacks of tomes, some others doesn’t have even glider(not mention mounts at all), so i do appreciate the 3 day boost for all people that are new to the game.
Imo it has to be more often than once per decade…

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