SWTOR Bioware Teases Screenshot of Upcoming Nathema Flashpoint

Bioware has released a teaser image of the upcoming Nathema flashpoint coming with Patch 5.9 on May 1.
Ancient temple complexes stretch across much of the planet Nathema, their secrets laid bare as the planet regains its lost life. What do you think you’ll find hidden in these mysterious structures?

By Dulfy

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with Matt on the side telling everyone theyre about to do something, but cant say what it is or when itll take place….?

Because the shitty writers who wrote the shitty story have no respect for what pitiful scraps of their own lore remain, but their jobs depend on stretching this fan-fic level turd just as far as it can possibly go, for as long as it can go.

Have you ever considered actually waiting until the story is released before bashing it? You sound like one of those bitter people that trash talk a movie before it’s even released. Maybe if you withhold your judgment until it’s released, you might be pleasantly surprised.

Welcome to the so called “fans” of swtor. They trash talk all new content before its released, and then complain they don’t get enough new content. Dunno where the logic in that is

Speak for yourself cupcake. Thus far there has been a massive lack of content but perhaps you believe that to be found in the Cartel Market? Going by EVERYTHING these clowns have put out over the last two years it isn’t much of a stretch.

I have played a variety of games aside from star wars, and each time when content is released I am always amazed by the sheer amount of content that has been released most of the time at a cost while a minority of games give the content free, meanwhile come to check to see if this star wars game is still alive only to see the majority of content added has been to the Cartel Market.

And this content most of the time isn’t even new, mostly rehashed older content under a different name, different skin. There is nothing more I would like to come here and see a good chunk of content to be added to this game, @little_flame:disqus lol at trash talk all new content….. what content do you speak of? The new armor set from 2 years ago? A mount from last year? Here’s an example — “Bioware is giving out Shae Vizla and Nico Okarr as subscriber rewards on April 3.
The world of Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ is full of surprises. Today, we are announcing ‘Subscriber Rewards’ coming April 3, 2018.”
Had both these long before this happy little event came about, this something new to you? Maybe who knows, but it ain’t new I guarantee you, that just another sad sad attempt to prolong this misery of a game on a minority of Cartel Market addicts who want to look fabulous and try to outshine each other before some one with half a brain pulls the plug on this game.

Ps: Before you ask, yes I have played the game on release and every expansion since, would take long breaks and go back in the hopes of something good awaiting but sadly nothing. Was considering reinstalling but I make myself come to this site first just to see if anything has changed and it’s almost a copy and paste from the year before with cartel market crap up for sale.

Do you have any idea of how difficult it is to get new content out every few months or so, like, actual brand new content, for a game this old, with a team this small?

probably don’t.

Oh the “little team” excuse.

Sorry, but that doesn’t fly. In what way are WE responsible for them having a small team?

A game this old? Sorry to break it to you, but there are games a lot older that manage just fine.

And the “little team” excuse was used to death before the “Anthem Incident” happened. Don’t give us that bull. They’re good enough to go work on a completely new game, but they’re not good enough to make content for this one? Doesn’t fly.

This is supposed to be a triple A MMO. Triple A MMO’s are not run this way. Hell, even LOTRO has more content. And that one is officially in maintenance mode.

So no. We don’t have any idea how hard it is. But we do know TOR charges roughly the same amount of money other triple A MMO’s do.

WITHOUT producing the same goods. So please stop making excuses for them.

Well I’m sure you know this though this game stopped being a AAA MMO a few months after launch. It settled well into a range of continued funding below that.

Also the price of most non-AAA online games are in the same range. This game is F2P with a sub option and microtransactions, many indie games have the same pricing model and you get less for the price. So that’s not really a valid comparison.

With that said the last two years or so of SWTOR dev has been increasingly terrible. Probably for reasons we see (such as Anthem etc) and reasons we don’t (my guess is that after the initial success after going F2P they declined and since then it’s been harder and harder to justify more resources, they tried something different the last two years and it was an even worse result, hence here we are with SWTOR in it’s state competing for resources with Anthem, possibly the last hope for Bioware).

Yeah, I do agree that this game stopped being an AAA game long ago. And as I sate above to this other person, all the signs point that the “mother” company (EA) are not putting resources back into it. Rather the opposite.

I don’t know the pricing for all the games of this type that are out there. What I DO know is that I get a lot more bang for the buck playing ESO.

Now, ESO is a curious comparison, because it had a shaky start too. The game was not up to par, lots of people left, they too changed their subscription model.

And waddayaknow? Bethesda went full on behind their IP, remodelled the game, kept the throttle pedal down on CONTENT, and it is today in the top 5 most popular MMO’s in the market.

Let’s not forget: TOR is backed by EA. It has one of the most, if not THE most popular IP’s in games of this kind.

I would say my comparison is right on the money. There are similar games out there doing a better job than TOR. In fact, most, if not ALL the games are doing a better job.

And this is not “hating” on the game. It’s seeing things for what they truly are.

I agree ESO is a good comparison. Of both bad and good, I tested it and didn’t buy it at launch, but I play now. Though to be fair Bethesda/Zenimax didn’t fully support it well at launch, but they did stick to it and make some good decisions. You can’t credit Bethesda for being fully behind it without critiquing them on a poor launch. SWTOR went through something similar, switching to F2P initially and being quite successful at first. I even liked a lot of the content for a bit.

This gives me hope of a SWTOR turnaround, even if that hope is very small lol.

“most, if not ALL the games are doing a better job” might be an oversell. There are plenty of failed or dead MMOs/Online games out there. Many you or I probably don’t even know about, some we do (consider things like Vanguard, Matrix Online etc). Pointing to ESO is basically pointing to probably the best success story (which probably included as much luck as support by Zenimax). that’s like saying why can’t I win the lottery and be rich, the lottery system is broken.

With that said I’ll walk way back and agree on some ground I think you would, that SWTOR is pretty bad, at least for the last couple years. It’s been very sad to see.

Also being backed by a company like EA isn’t always a plus. That means the financial targets are often far more aggressive than a smaller studio that’s fine if the margins are slim and they are enjoying what they’re making. A good example is Fortnite. It floundered for years under Epic with little support as a PVE experimental game (with a lot of promise)… they randomly happened onto making it a BR and BOOM, now there’s a lot of support. Ironically being a part of a bigger company sometimes means you need more financials up front to justify more support compared to a smaller company that might take a bigger risk (or be fine with a slimmer line of profit/revenue).

Oh but I agree. I fully agree! Bethesda got it wrong the first time around, no argument there.

And TOR… Well, they didn’t get it wrong the first time around. They got it SO RIGHT that people ate it up like candy! They thought they had enough content for players to enjoy, but everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, went power-levelling like crazy! Hence the first big player exodus from the game that brought it to f2p.

I stuck to it during that time. And as I’ve stated ad nauseum here on Dulfy, I’m so glad I did. The best period in this game. There was CONTENT. And good content too. You have to search really hard for someone that doesn’t like the stuff they were putting out back then. Until “Rise of the Emperor” you could not make me play another game. The sheer thought of it was a crazy notion to me.

Maybe I’m exaggerating when I say all other MMO’s are better. I’ll give you that one.

And I have to again agree with you on the EA thing. If you really look at it, maybe it’s really a disadvantage to be under such a big corporate monster that only sees profit as the end result. They lack the commitment to make a good product. Something that takes time to deliver. Just think of “Mass Effect – Andromeda”, and how they pressured BioWare to deliver, even though the game wasn’t really finished. Hell, even ME3 suffered from it. Although I must say I really enjoyed ME3…

I think we agree on most of this. I too played since start, tested the game and only played so much so I wouldn’t burn all the content. I think it was less they didn’t have enough content at launch as much as

1) The single player like content is just too expensive and hard to develop and maintain for 8 class stories (and 2 world story lines). They spent around $200 million on the game for launch. Basically they developed somewhere between 2 and 8 single player games worth of content (hard to compare between the mix of world content and class, probably somewhere around 4 or so games)… and still people were done with it fast, very similarly to how many play a single player game. I played at launch week and maxed out by the end, even taking my time (though spending a lot of hours).

A lot of people, both consumers and game devs (I work in the game dev industry and know people who worked at EA during this time that had this concern) were unsure if you could maintain that level of high cost content for an MMO. Realistically you needed to start with WoW like numbers of many millions of subs to pay for it. The hope of course was that the Star Wars IP and Biowares reputation would be enough, but even in the inital burst it didn’t get nearly enough before the exodus happened.

Basically a launch flaw was possibly that the style of content was just unachievable as the core of the game… this leads towards my #2

2) They had so little normal generic (relatively cheap) MMO content. End game flashpoints, gear grinds, raids, etc. They focused so much on story single player like content that they didn’t spend the money on the type of content that sustains an MMO long enough to get that next expansion out.

They seemed to find a better balance for a while, but then again fell short… for whatever reasons. Maybe it was bad design or dev dicisions, maybe the game had lost players do to natural attrition and that cascaded into lower resources… maybe it was all Anthem, or ME:A, etc. Unless someone was at Bioware in the know I won’t believe anyone saying they know absolutely.

I followed a similar path to you. I even liked the latest Emperor stuff personally… though I really disliked them moving away from a typical expansion style release with a bulk of content. I also really disliked them not feeding the areas of the game I don’t currently play with, such as raids. Again that comes to #2.

As to “You have to search really hard for someone that doesn’t like the stuff they were putting out back then.” Though it was less negative I remember it quite differently, there were a lot of toxic people back then too. Again it was better but there were always people complaining (as there always are in MMOs) and a lot of them… but I agree that the content was good (at least good enough).

I really hope they figure out a balance again, I don’t want this MMO to die. I love going back to old MMOs, I still play EQ 19 years later and have played most of the MMOs since then (well and UO a bit before).

With that said I think we should remember that the single player Bioware style story content is a unique thing to this MMO. Even ESO’s format pales in comparison (though works well in their format for what you expect). We need to remember that there’s no proof that an MMO *can* work delivering on that while balancing sustainable MMO content. I hope so and I certainly disagree with there direction of the way they’ve delivered content in the last two years (even if I liked the content for what it was).

Actually Paulo, SWTOR didn’t get it right from the start. The content being so easy to smash was only part of the problem in the first few months. Do you not remember how many guild functions were missing when the game was released? All the lags on Ilum when everyone headed there expecting a massive open PVP bash as promised, only for the game to start wheezing worse then that asthmatic robot from Ep 3? All the glitches in Karagga or Eternity Ops?? Or what about how the legacy system did nothing until 6 months after the game was released?

The problem was that the original Dev team was forced to release SWTOR when it wasn’t ready, but at least in the year it came out, they tried to play catch up. Sadly after the original guys left or relocated, what was left was a team woefully out of their league. So while Bethesda and the team that released the new FF had the talent and skill to save their respective mmo’s, BW Austin could do nothing but play pretend.

As for Mass Effect Andromeda, this is another example of getting a dev team (BW Montreal) to make a game without the proper talent or skills to make it what it should have been. I am not sure what EA expected Andromeda to be if they had the dev team that did the mostly awful dlc for ME3, make a full game instead. Anthem stealing their devs also didn’t help.

Obligatory Fuck Papa EA to end this comment. 🙂

But we’re talking about two different things. Yes, there were lots of technical problems. Yes, Ilum was probably the first real broken promise BW made.

But no game of this type is without its problems. Even the almighty WoW was down for days in the beginning. Just last week, there were problems in ESO. The European mega-server was down for maintenance for several hours for a couple of days.

The fact is that BW concentrated on what they do best: story. And let’s be honest: no MMO out there is as rich, story-wise. 8 different class stories in two opposite factions. In my latest try to play the game I STILL had a blast revisiting those stories.

Of course, all that work into the story left endgame content a bit lacking. And as lots of people were devouring the stories, they were left a bit disappointed when they reached endgame.

When I say they got it right, I’m talking about the core of the game. Vanilla, class story stuff.

Even SoR, with all the problems that it came out with, was good. The real debacle came with KotFE, as we all know. THAT’S where BW lost the plot.

Other than that I cannot disagree with what you say.
And yeah, f**k EA. They could have one of the leading MMO’s in the market. Instead they have this…

Do you even know how game companies work?
The people they got on Anthem are an entirely different team, most of which likely know nothing of the coding behind swtor.

And if all you do is hate on the game and complain about lack of (original) content, why don’t you just quit and take your hatred somewhere else?

That’s a LIE. The people that were diverted to work on “Anthem” were employees from BioWare, Austin.

Now, if YOU do know how this particular gaming company works, then you know that Bioware, AUSTIN ONLY WORKS ON “The Old Republic”.

So much for that argument. Check your facts before stating things that are not true.

As for the other half of your response. I will “hate” all I want, I will continue to criticise what I think is wrong about this game whenever and wherever I want. And there’s not a darned thing you can do about that.

So no, I’m not going anywhere. Thanks for the advice, but I’m not taking it.

You really are an entitled lil shit aren’t you? Be glad the game’s been going as long as it has, or try to make the exact same thing yourself. Good luck if you do, you’ll likely end up failing or giving in to the stress.

Also, the amount of capped words doesn’t make your argument any more valid, it just makes you look like a retard. There is also a difference between plain hate, and useful, carefully constructed criticism they can do something with. Not saying they will, but its more likely that they can.

Lmao, that’s like saying be glad you’re stuck in traffic, at least people are rich enough to buy cars. Also, what kind of excuse is “Well, let’s see you do a better job”? Following this logic, you’re not allowed to criticize anything outside your area of expertise. Note I said criticize, not hate. Because that’s exactly what the majority of serious posters here do when Bioware screws up, including your current conversation with Paulo Gomes. You can easily recognize the trolls.

Bioware have had YEARS to read useful, carefully constructed criticisms, be it on the official forums, the fansites or the test servers. For example, the community was pretty much universally against the changes towards the gearing system that came with 5.0. The defendants that claimed it would be easier for solo players to get gear suspiciously vanished when it turned out that you had to grind your ass out and it still wasn’t a guarantee you’d get what you wanted, thanks to the beauty that is RNG.
Did Bioware listen? Nope. Things started turning only when Ben Irving left the scene. How many man-hours and money have been wasted in fixing the mess that was Galactic Command and making it into something tolerable we’ll never know, but if they listened to their playerbase things might have been a lot different. Not to mention RNG gear boxes already existed at one point in TOR. Why they thought the reaction to basically reverting the gearing system to an older iteration that wasn’t liked by the players would be anything but overwhelmingly negative is beyond me.

My point is, people here (btw I’m seeing a rise of critics on the official forums as well) didn’t start being negative overnight. Maybe you’re new to the game and still haven’t experienced the content drought. That doesn’t give you the right to talk trash to veterans, using the same old worn-out arguments. “They’re just a small team”, “Why don’t you try to do their job?”, “If you hate the game that much, just leave”, “But they said they’re gonna do X and Y, you just gotta be patient”. No. Just no. I will not get into debunking each of those statements, as the history of Bioware Austin’s current management speaks for itself.

If they removed the sub requirement to get everything out of the game, then I’ll stop holding them to a higher standard. Otherwise, I expect to see my 15$ per month (if I was paying, that is) being returned in more than Cartel Market reskins and the bare minimum of new content for the game to not be considered in actual maintenance mode.

“You really are an entitled lil shit aren’t you?”

Coming from the guy losing his nut because people are criticizing his beloved new pastime? And I say new because, let’s face it, you’ve got that rabid disconnect with reality that only new players tend to have.

Come back once you’ve been around for a while and maybe your arrogance will actually be based on reality instead of blind adoration.

Nice move there. Managed to COMPLETELY dodge all the FACTS (some more Caps for ya). You cannot counter argument me, because you know that even being an entitled lil shit I am RIGHT. And you are NOT.

All you can do is go personal. Well, go right ahead buddy. I’ve had much harder cookies to chew.

Why is the team so small? If SWTOR was such an awesome game then you would think that EA/Bioware would invest more resources into it, no?

The only people that is a problem for is Bioware and EA. When the group of people developing the title got smaller, the sub fee didn’t shrink, cartel prices didn’t go down.

No, people complain about the QUANTITY and QUALITY of said content, both before and after whatever pitiful efforts BW Austin can muster is released. Not just here, but any forum relating to SWTOR.

Oops, not everyone actually. My bad. Everyone except all the fanboi’s (Who pretty much make up all the people who upvoted your ignorant comment) who still cling onto hope that BW Austin will turn it around, despite OVERWHELMING evidence to the contrary these last few years.

BW Austin keeps promising the world, and all they offer back is……

“No, people complain about the QUANTITY and QUALITY of said content, ”
“who still cling onto hope that BW Austin will turn it around, despite OVERWHELMING evidence to the contrary these last few years.

BW Austin keeps promising the world, and all they offer back is…”
^^ Exactly.. :/ Shameful Big IP Treatment by Eaware..
Kindly: Pre Ordered D.Deluxe Edition. Sub Since Launch up to End of 2016. Returned Oct. 2017, but Sad cause Still Lack of Proper Mmo Content & 0 Good Plans on Sight. Sub Auto Renewal Axed at Dec 2017. #WaitingForSubWorthyNews

All of the story content from 4.0 forward has been garbage. It is reasonable to think that the future will resemble the past assuming that the same or similar group is making the content.

That’s reasonable, but trashing content before it’s even released almost guarantees that he(?) will hate it.

It doesn’t help that the actual story content has been shit for the past 3 years. If there is a history of successive shit story content, which there has been with SWTOR since everything past Oricon, you cannot expect for people to start thinking this time will be different – unless you are easily led and gullible which is what Keith and his team rely on to keep the lights on in SWTOR. However, time and time again, they have proved that any hope or faith in the new story content is always misplaced.

But as players we have to hope, we want the game to be so much better, it’s foundations are great, however it’s just as you say the direction from 4.0 has been awful and totally misplaced.
As much as we hate it we’re stuck with Keith and Musco, we can’t change that, we can only hope that at some point they get the right people in to write something decent.
We have no option but to put our faith in these guys. There is no alternative.

See, this is where you and I differ. I would rather see SWTOR shut down with some semblance of dignity, then watch the game devolve these past few years into complete garbage. What I prefer to place my hope on is Keith getting fired, and Papa EA waking the fuck up and deciding to make this game great again and bring a real dev team in.

Hey, at least my hope is more achievable then yours lol. BW Austin will never turn SWTOR around. Everything since 4.0 proves that to be true. Better to hope Papa EA wakes up, even if it is just as unlikely…………..but still more possible lol.

Oh, and that sort of hope you want to have, would make you ideal to join a cult. Cults, just like BW Austin peddle total bullshit, promising everything and giving nothing but the bare minimum and of course, taking your money. >:-p

The way I see it if we all abandon it and remove the very vocal player base from the game Ea will look at it and see that there is no desire or requirement for a Star Wars MMO and they sure as hell won’t sink millions into a Swtor 2 if Swtor 1 dies.
This game is our only chance at a Star Wars MMO and if we support/follow it but with very strong vocal presence (and vote with your wallets) and call them out for their errors, I see it as the only way we can get a game that we all enjoy.
Will Keith get fired?
Dunno tbh, he’s finally bringing the content we want, and it’s mostly good, but at a pace that no-one likes, and i feel that’s out of his control with budgets and Anthem priority in EA.
Is it a fault of their own making?
Hell yes, but that’s the reality we have now and for the foreseeable future, or no more Swtor….ever.
Hey, we may all be playing Anthem this time next year XD

I’m pretty sure that that’s a logical fallacy (inductive reasoning), but I see your point. Personally, I’ve enjoyed it. Even so, it still feels weird on non-Force user characters, and I still miss the class stories and original Imp/Pub conflict.

Yeah they dropped the ball imho after spending all that money on those beautiful engaging blur movies for Kotfe the gameplay was a pale comparison and very linear.
I did it with my Scoundrel first and it was ridiculous for the character that he was, it made no sense as to how I played/imagined him to be. As you say for non force users it was awful compared to the original stories.
And a return to imp v pub?
Amen to that brother.

I want all that stuff back, but at the same time, all this Zakuul stuff has grown on me. It’s one or the other, but I still want both at this point. :/

Inductive reasoning is not a logical fallacy. You perhaps may be thinking of something often referred to as “hasty generalization,” which is to infer something of a population on the basis of a sample that is either too small or unrepresentative.

Sorry, logical fallacy was the wrong term. It’s still inductive (and circular), though. We assume that the future will be like the past because the future has been like the past.

By definition, it’s impossible for the future to “have been” like anything. You cannot say that an event that has not yet occurred has been like the past, or like anything else for that matter.

What you probably mean is that the present is like the past, or that the past was like some event even further past.

This is not circular reasoning. Circular reasoning occurs either when you assume as premise the very conclusion that you are arguing for, or when you define something in terms of itself.

The reasoning is simple inductive reasoning. I’ve observed a number of times in that past that x causes y. The next time I see x, I reasonably predict that y will occur.

“What you probably mean is that the present is like the past, or that the past was like some event even further past.”

I admit that my phrasing wasn’t the most precise, but I was going for something akin to your statement: “I’ve observed a number of times in that past that x causes y. The next time I see x, I reasonably predict that y will occur.”

At this point, I feel like we’re veering off topic. Let’s go back to your original claim that “all of the story content from 4.0 forward has been garbage.” Depending on how you’re grouping content together for your sample size, you may be guilty of hasty generalization, i.e.:

[4.0 was poorly written. 5.0 was poorly written. Therefore, 6.0, 7.0, etc. will also be poorly written.]

If the above method of grouping is the case, then your sample size is too small to make an accurate judgment. So, are you making your judgment based on these groupings or individual “chapters”?

If the first and second Transformers movies were terrible, is it unreasonable to infer the that third one will be terrible, given the same director, producer, writer, and mostly same cast?

I think so. Do you disagree? Do you need 3000 movies before making a reasonable judgment about the 3001st movie? Obviously not. What makes an appropriate base for inductive inference varies from context to context. Inferring whether the next movie will be good is not the same as inferring who will win a presidential election on the basis of polls. Making a prediction about whether future SWTOR story content will be good is more like the case involving movies than it is like the case involving the election.

Regardless of sample size, it ultimately boils down to individual taste, which is subjective.

Sure. If you thought that the 4.0 and 5.0 were great, you would be reasonable in thinking that 6.0 will be great. Many seem to disagree with the claim that 4.0 and 5.0 were great, or even good.

I think you’re right. Let’s not condemn the Flashpoint from a screenshot.

Having said that:

The last time something like this happened I said the same thing. It was when the teaser for TLJ came out.

That didn’t turn out so well…

You can’t blame Biofail/EA for the shit Disney Wars movies… for all this game’s failures I give them more credit than the shitters at Disney that killed the movie franchise.

Except SWTOR has a track record of fails for the past few years, which more then validates any negative assumption that the story will be as shit as everything pumped out since 4.0. Nothing since 4.0 has been even “OK”.

Or to put it in another way, SWTOR (Post 4.0), under BW Austin, has become the Adam Sandler of MMO’s. Still around somehow despite the mediocrity of what it produces, but just like any Adam Sandler movie, you can pretty much bet your life savings whatever SWTOR releases in story, will be shit – just like Adam Sandler. >:-p

Here, now…!

Did you miss the memo?

You better get with the programme and embrace mediocrity, just like that cash-shop worshiper up there says you have to!

Sandler at least tried to do/be something, however ineptly.

Hell, even Michael Bay movies are at least reliable and technically competent, even if mindless and generic lowest-bar-possible, safe corporate entertainment.

These smugly self-loving incompetent dink-whistles on the other hand, positively revel in doling out tiny, pitiful scraps of…well, basically nothing, especially by any remotely appropriate, long-established AAA MMORPG standard.

(Recall that they ballyhoo’ed server merges as actual content, FFS.)

And then go on livestreams and actually have the unmitigated fucking gall to say how much “love” they’ve given to Ops recently. (Ref.: One of the most recent streams, I misremember who actually said it.)

They’ve not only done almost nothing but fail since 3.xx (remember that one exploit that got people BiS-at-the-time gear that they wouldn’t even acknowledge as existing for like, 4 or 5 weeks?), they’ve smarmily let us know just how wonderful they are in doing it, to the point even their livestreams are just so perfectly insufferable, I can only watch them a couple minutes at a time, stop to /facepalm and calm down, –> watch a couple minutes more –> cringe + /facepalm…Ugh.

I don’t think even that defender who thinks blocking people actually matters can escape the knowledge that this old train is not bound for glory, and there ain’t a damned thing anyone can, or in BioWaste’s case, will do about it.

That’s because the CM is much easier to update. Of course they’re going to continue the trend of weekly CM sales they’ve been doing for years, because it brings in quick money while they’re working on other content.

In regards to the Izax mount: have you ever heard of these things called “opinions”? Not everyone hates the mount like you do…

And I’m obligated to justify this to you because…?
Fuck off, mate –I don’t answer to you.
Stupid, self-righteous asshole.

Now that was an overreaction for sure.
If this is how you react to criticism, then I’m done engaging with you.

Unknown at this point. All we know is that it happened after Valkorion’s death.

Speculation: When he died, a massive amount of Force energy was released. Maybe without a vessel to contain it, it flowed back to its original source…

That’s a pretty wild guess, considering Dromund Kaas hasn’t seen any development since the Emperor’s death. Personally, I’m placing my bets on inconsistent writing. We already had it once, the jump from Vitiate’s “I will destroy this galaxy and remake it in my image” to Valkorion’s “I will take your body, Outlander, and rule the galaxy again” or something along the lines. Honestly, I forgot what Valkorion’s final goal was, but I do remember my headcanon version was better.

I’ve always thought that the original immortal Tenebrae (post-KOTOR) split himself into two pieces. One went to Zakuul and possessed Valkorion, while the other remained as Vitiate within his Voice bodies. Even though he was split into two pieces, each one still shared a connection through the Force, meaning severe damage to one was felt by the other (e.g. Jedi Knight “killing” Vitiate weakening Valkorion). When Vitiate left Ziost and fled into Wild Space, he was close enough to Zakuul to pinpoint Valkorion. Once he got to Zakuul, the two pieces reunited into Tenebrae in Valkorion’s body, giving Valkorion Vitiate’s memories from their separation up until Ziost.

This theory makes sense in regards to the goal discrepancy because the Valkorion piece would have been influenced by Zakuul and mellowed out, while the Vitiate piece would have continued his plans for even greater power and destruction.

With all due respect, mate, that theory tries to justify Bioware’s bad writing. There’s no indication anywhere in the lore that Tenebrae/Vitiate was subjected to the same torture that caused Revan’s soul splitting and there’s no reason to believe he would willingly split himself to further his goals. You could argue that he planned for Zakuul to rebuild the galaxy after the Empire and the Republic destroyed each other thanks to his schemes, becoming the only galactic superpower in the process and being viewed as a savior and hero (as opposed to being seen as a dictator if he conquered the galaxy through the Sith Empire), and that the interference of the Jedi Knight put an end to those plans.

But the simple fact that we have to guess as to what the true nature of Vitiate’s goals were speaks for itself, at least for me. Bioware missed the chance to create a truly memorable villain, the same way they botched the ending for ME3 with their Starchild.

I’m not justifying anything; I’m explaining how I could see it (“headcanon”).
I completely agree that they messed up with the whole Vitiate = Valkorion idea.

Sorry for the long reply, kinda forgot about this. My point was that the Emperor did some dark side rituals on Dromund Kaas too, that’s why the planet is in a permanent bad mood and it’s always raining, yet there are no changes there. Again, you could argue that since the Sith have been a presence on the planet far longer than they were on Nathema and that the Dark Temple itself is a nexus of the Dark side, so the changes will be slower to show or won’t show at all. I still haven’t done the new flashpoints, maybe the explanation is good, so I’ll reserve my final judgment until then.

His rituals tainted DK, but they didn’t strip it of the Force, meaning his death wouldn’t undo anything.

I believe it was on a recent pod cast interview, that they mentioned that the Emperors dark energy was choking any would be new life out of the planet and his death released that grip on it. Seems like its growing fast though. Unless we get frozen in carb again ;D

That sort of makes sense. In game, it was just explained that it was dead in the Force because he removed all of its Force energy.

When Vitiate performed his ritual on Nathema, he tore all the Force energy from the planet. While he continued to live, he held onto it. With his death, it had to go somewhere. With Nathema being a big void in the Force, it makes the perfect place for it to go. (There might have also been some sort of connection (pull) between Nathema and its stolen energy when Vitiate had it.) Overall, I would expect something on a grand scale to happen if a planet’s worth of Force energy (with additional energy from thousands of added Sith Lords) suddenly flows into Nathema all at once.

Considering it was drained of all life by Tenebrae and he’s now dead a fairly obvious potential explanation would be the life returned to the planet.

Acording to the devs shit is growing again over there. Nature always find the way or this traitor drama is actually about a star wars greenpeace themed organization that just wanted to grow plants on a wasteland and didnt got the alliance to fund their shit.

Um, no. Actually surprised to see this comment still on here. I’m not a big fan of the Bioware folks but making comments about invading their private lives is a nono.

Especially since it;s been done around here previously and that led to stuff being done officially.

This is just a game. Family is family. (And mine sucked but it’s still family.)

What will we find?
Not the lost player base, that is for sure!
I think some ANTHEM Easter Eggs !

And for only 15,000 Cartel Coins, you too can play in this new instance! Just buy these coins on a weekly basis, and you can access it! What a deal!

The comments section for this site is becoming a fucking disgrace just
the same load of idiots fighting each other over petty disagreements
prop the most toxic comments section I have seen

This place is not for you so go back to the the biodrone assholes main place the official swtor forum

If this is the most toxic you have seen, buddy you ain’t seen SHIT!!!

Visit 4chan or the Trump thread or “I’m going to hell for this” thread on Reddit. Hell, I could name a few more that makes this site’s comment section look saintly in comparison. Point is, you need to toughen up if what is said on this site (mostly the truth about the state of SWTOR) offends your little virgin mind.

Perhaps the internet is not for you.

I’m down for this. Not sure why there’s so much hate. Pre-trolling something doesn’t give you the higher ground.

Not sure why there’s so much Negative comments about this.. So then assume that you were not actively around from Golden Early Days without counting Ilum mess ups of course & all the way to time when shit started to hit the Fan “3.0’ish” 😛 Not related to you, but is sad how easily Eaware can Fool Newcomers & semi Newcomers with the real cash store sales & other Sugar Coated Writings in Forum & in their 3x Stooges Livestreams at Twitch.. :/

Take care enjoy gaming wherever you adventure in. Kindly: Pre Ordered D.Deluxe Edition. Sub Since Launch up to End of 2016. Returned Oct. 2017, but Sad cause Still Lack of Proper Mmo Content & no Good Plans for it on Sight. Sub Auto Renewal Axed at Dec 2017. #WaitingForSubWorthyNews

Nor does living in denial or ignoring the history of BW Austin’s past efforts for the past few years.

When something is in decline it is very hard to turn that around, it usualy has to do with lack of competence in the past. Even if they would give a new ops every 18 months, new wz map every year, new fp twice a year and a new planet every 2 years, the player base wouldnt come back. Even a few decent sw movies cant get the fanbase to play a 7 year old game. The only way for this game to survive a few more years is to remove all ftp restrictions. It would surely reduce the hate in this chat 😛

That volume wouldn’t cut it. Not in today’s market. Not going to bring up any other games, but let me lay out a bare minimum requirement that any MMo should be shooting for per year.

1 Major story line update, complete with either a brand new area or massive overhaul to something that is heavily dated. This area needs some square mileage, not just a few football fields of area, with hours of questing, new and exciting gear, things to explore.

2 flashpoints at least.

1 major raid, 4-6 bosses, trash etc. 1 Minor raid, a quicky boss you can bang out for a weekly quest.

Some kind of decent addition to crafting or housing or outfits or anything really, just something to deepen the experience of the game in some way that isn’t murdering shit over and over.

Some sort of new system. Space dailies, ship combat, new pvp style/map mechanics.

If you can’t do that…at the bare minimum, everyone else is beating you. Star Wars IP isn’t enough. Just crank out cartel sales while you circle the drain.

(OP is Rompe Himself)

You are missing one little point to your line up – a COMPELLING story. And this is where Bioware Austin has been failing hardest for the past 3 years or so. Sure, they release an embarrassing amount of new content (for a sub MMO no less) which does not help, versus just about any other mmo out there (both B2P, F2P or Sub to play), but what helped SWTOR initially stand out was its story. However, since the last best expansion – Oricon, that has been sorely missing in every new story update since that Bioware has released. Add on top of that, the pathetic quality of what they actually do release, story or actual content and you can see SWTOR’s glory days are long gone and never to return. And then there is the Anthem noose around Bioware’s neck.

Sadly as you and Branky (and many others have said in the past), the rot has set in, and there is almost nothing Bioware Austin/ Papa EA can do short of firing all the clowns left in BW Austin and getting a fresh new team with an actual understanding of what is needed to succeed in today’s chaotic MMO industry. It can be done and has been done with great success – just look at Final Fantasy. However, that will never happen, as SWTOR is the ugly bastard red head step son with “issues”, that Papa EA ignores the existence of.

Papa EA has eyes only for his new shiny son he calls Anthem, so this is all we can expect from this idiotic team of devs at BW Austin, led by Keith who lives in such denial, he sets a new level for incompetence that would make Trump jealous.

But hey, Keith tells us everything is great in SWTOR, despite the server merges and population decimation since he took over. Denial can be a hell of a drug I am told.


I have always used: “dont ever underestimate the power of denial”,
but i think i like yours better 🙂 thx 4 this!

Debatable. At least Ben Irving didn’t bullshit so much and live in utter denial of the truth like Keith does.

All of these plus new classes. I think SWTOR is the only big mmo that didn’t add new classes since its release. I mean look at Black Desert; they add new classes almost more frequently than they release bug fixes!! It’s been forever since we play the same old same classes. And not even completely new classes will be enough. There should be new specs for the existing classes as well.

Why not a healer Guardian? Every Guardian in every other mmo can heal, so why not here? Or a new dual wielding Powertech that has a blaster in one hand and a darksaber in the other. A new AoE heavy Commando. A necromancer/warlock type of a Sorcerer spec that can summon creatures and steal life from targets. A more frenzied or Barbarian-esque Marauder that can sacrifice his HP to gain extra damage.

I mean, there are so many options.

How about adding an outlander tree to every class, which is the same tree essentially that is made available to all the others, but it would open tons of interesting possibilities depending on what your base/advanced class was?

Wait, they’re planning to release a few decent SW movies? Awesome! When is that supposed to happen?

When someone buys star wars from Disney, decannonize Disney shit and make movies out the actual content we love from the Expanded Universe

Huge Mess it was, but Beautiful yes as far as goes with SWTOR’s Ugly Outdated Visuals ran by Outdated & Glitchy Engine. Then not so Beautiful when think of the Possibilities with updated Visuals & not with Cartoon’ish Extremely Low Polygons, Low Rendering etc. To see Ex Mmorpg Treated like that is mind numbing.. :/ Take care enjoy gaming wherever you adventure in.

Kindly: Pre Ordered D.Deluxe Edition. Sub Since Launch up to End of 2016. Returned Oct. 2017, but Sad cause Still Lack of Proper Mmo Content & no Good Plans for it on Sight. Sub Auto Renewal Axed at Dec 2017. #WaitingForSubWorthyNews

and absolute tedious too…There’s no comparison between these new “FP” compared to the old ones like Lost Island.

True that… So Damn True :/ LI 4ever in Dreams when comes to Swtor’s Grouped Instance Content.. Kindly: Pre Ordered D.Deluxe Edition. Sub Since Launch up to End of 2016. Returned Oct. 2017, but Sad cause Still Lack of Proper Mmo Content & no Good Plans for it on Sight. Sub Auto Renewal Axed at Dec 2017. #WaitingForSubWorthyNews

It’s sad that no flashpoint that came after Kaon under Siege or Lost Island were ever as good in story, visual or mechanically.

Beautiful yes as far as goes with SWTOR’s Ugly Outdated Visuals ran by Outdated & Glitchy Engine.. It was also a big Mess by hasty Design.. Then not so Beautiful when think of the Possibilities with updated Visuals & not with Cartoon’ish Extremely Low Polygons, Low Rendering etc. To see Ex Mmorpg Treated like that is mind numbing.. :/

Take care enjoy gaming wherever you adventure in.
Kindly: Pre Ordered D.Deluxe Edition. Sub Since Launch up to End of 2016. Returned Oct. 2017, but Sad cause Still Lack of Proper Mmo Content & no Good Plans for it on Sight. Sub Auto Renewal Axed at Dec 2017. #WaitingForSubWorthyNews

As nice as updated visuals sound, that’s simply not possible with the game’s engine. It’d be nice if it got visuals akin to something like Black Desert or Vindictus, buuut.. yeah. Engine issues

Indeed i know..One long time friend has been coding & doing Graphics Design since 2007 & even years before that when Did Rendering & Animations with Golden Amiga & after with Pc. He is Familiar with Old Glitchy Hero Engine’s model used in Shameful Ex Mmo Based on Biggest IP. We talked about it around Hutt Cartel launch & again late last Year. 2nd talk happened when i cried to him about Shameful Fact that Dual Wielder using only other weapon in every Fight Cutscene :/ Mean the Cutscenes in Mind Numbing Heavily Scripted Mom & Daughter Feud Expansions.

Then at the same time Weapon is Holstered or on the Waist at SAME Side where using it.. x) 😀 :/ I sent multiple Bug Reports about that Immersion Breaking Visual Bug & even a short Video that i made. Always Got Droid Assistant Copy Paste Reply & No Fix. Sent Report about it 2x Months after Adventures of Papa, Momma, Outlander, Son & Daughter expansion launched. Then same one few times later.

I know Mmorpg’s with Optional SUB since 2004 that have more Friendly & Interactive Support . They stay in touch with Community via several ways semi Regularly & they get the Fixes Done. Shameful Behavior on a MMORPG Based on Biggest IP On This Planet. Wish you nice time in any game you Adventure In 🙂

Kindly: Pre Ordered D.Deluxe Edition. Sub Since Launch up to End of 2016. Returned Oct. 2017, but Sad cause Still Lack of Proper Mmo Content & no Good Plans for it on Sight. Sub Auto Renewal Axed at Dec 2017. #WaitingForSubWorthyNews

Looks interesting. It is also suppose to be the final flashpoint in this traitor storyline. Here’s hoping to a Revan-esque expansion reveal when it ends.

Would love another content update that can’t be finished in a matter of minutes. A real expansion with stories for all classes rather than the 1 story, 1 faction thing we have now. Is bioware finished dancing now or what I mean seriously. Id also like all of my companions back that had tons of use and voice acting in vanilla and now hardly make a peep except for the one or two missions where they get reintroduced.

As far as flashpoints and raids go I haven’t enjoyed any of the new ones that came after launch. They either have too much trash to kill or too much knockback / stuns with no variation in npc abilities… This guy will use his stun every 10 seconds and this guy will use his knockback every 15, nothing at all random or diverse.

And finally stop fucking nerfing everything into oblivion. You might try a 5 or 10% change on something rather than 40 – 75%, this is like the damn companion nerf all over again with tanks using dps gear.

that was during the original game before any expansions. We are way past due getting class stories expanded and it appears that will never happen especially since everyone has the royal fleet now.

Fuck off any flashpoint … want do SEE a flashpoint not having to argue with some FP zerge just rushing through … want a planet to explorer, like in the vanilla game … not some meager rishi or yavin done in 1 – 2 hours each …

… sub is finally running out … to tired of to much bugs (codex entries, achievements, quests (bonus series makeb still ruined since 4.0)) … not logged in since 2 month by now …
so sad …

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