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SWTOR Cartel Market Update – April 23

SWTOR Cartel Market Update – April 23

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Though we are proud of your coming out Mr. Smedley, we still feel that this is not the most proper forum for such news. Kindly review the terms and conditions of your enrollment and have a wonderful day!

Personally i can still do EV and KP without getting bored, pretty good designs on those ops, short and fun. On the other side i can’t stand anymore doing the pirates of the caribeean ones or the Dread palace ones. SnV was nice but EXTREMELY long same with TFB and the latest robotech one i’m not even interested that’s not SW.

^ BTW i’m not a sub anymore i meant “enjoyed” the last time i played them…i don’t give a F about this game anymore except doom news.

Uhhhhm what? The Oricon operations have both an amazing storyline and concept, and great mechanics. Scum and Villainy might be the most fun operation in the game. Temple Of Sacrifice and the Ravagers most definitely have some unique fights, though they are not melee friendly at all. And even the new operation, is actually very very cool with mechanics and aesthetically as well.

geez, I have to agree, Oricon, Ravagers, ToS are all great (except for excess RNGesus in M&B HM). Love the visuals in TFB. SNV is a bit long and dry in comparison (no pun intended). Vomg has some lovely mechanics, but feels disjointed (perhaps because of how it was released) and kinda loads on the mechs at the expense of thoughtful design in some instances. Or at least, you can feel that the wonderful mind behind Tyrans NiM is not involved etc. KP and EV = refuges for the bad.

Ugh my guild is doing progression on Ravagers HM (the only operation we haven’t completed in HM other than GOTM) and we are somewhat stuck on Master and Blaster, partially because of that RNG. Way too random, but it’s definitely a fun fight.

I hate Tyrans NiM, I don’t like the mechanics of that fight that much. KP and EV are fun, and the platform fight on Soa is epic, but they are also piss easy, and also 6 years old at this point….

The WHOLE game is old at this point, IMO EV & KP are more SW related, and yeah i think easy also play a factor.

I agree The Oricon Ops were excellent and have a ton of replay value. SnV is great too, but I agree with the other guy, it’s so long. I dislike the melee hate fest that is Ravagers is. I to like ToS a lot though.

I loved the Jarg and Sorno fight in KP. It was hilarious and fun to tank. SnV was awful. Too many issues with that first boss knocking me through objects I was trying to tank against and way too much knockback and other status effects when you’re the MT. My guild quit while hitting SnV and TfB HMs back when they were the newest raids.

EC was awful too barring the minesweeper puzzle fight. I was always in the tower so I enjoyed that one but too many bugs like having to slow down DPS to not have overlapping phases on the first double boss fight there.

I can’t of course speak in any raids (Ops) added after SnV.

“Focus on the Little one!”
“Which one’s the little one?”
“The Little one!!”
“There all Little!”
Lol. Good times!

they should have kept it this way all the time…..keeping everything on the market to buy and not just a spring sale πŸ™ idiots out of touch with reality

oh, wait. I think I remember her. It’s been so long, maybe I don’t. Is she a consular companion? She didn’t have much of a story if I recall, and that would match most of their companions.

That at least makes sense. I felt like Ashara should have had the option to join the two jedi classes since she seemed so miserable with me XD

I don’t think so. After she joins the Inquisitor, most Jedi refuse to acknowledge her as a fellow Jedi. On top of that, she disagrees with the rigid dogmatism of the Jedi. Overall, she just doesn’t fit the Jedi mold that well, especially after she left the Jedi Order when the Inquisitor went missing during KotFE.

Ah, yes, the Jedi hypocrisy. They speak of redemption but thats where it ends.
At least as Sith we know where we stand πŸ˜‰

This might be representative of the single greatest fuckup in the game. They took your comps away (for what imo was a shitty non-star wars feeling story anyway), then trickled them back to us over a couple years along with the most painfully slow, boss by boss expansions of the worst DLC in the game… BUT they made it so you could get all your old comps back right away anyway without having to wait. Then in the last year they started releasing comps back to only the class that had those comps in the first place, so what reason would you have to not just get your old comps back and skip all this crap? It’s a non incentive to play material that really needs to offer a lot of incentive which is a no win for anyone. Poor business decisions.

Its pretty funny that people still fall for this taking something away and saying here it is soon new content lolz smh

Akaavi is a smuggler??? You mean Mandalorians are smugglers? Now I’m confused…

This is from the same team that marketed Visas Marr’s outfit as JEDI, right?

Someone needs to get their shit together…

I guess some Mandos are/can be smugglers, but this Mando is a mercenary soldier who happens to work for a smuggler. (I think? It’s been a while…)
If memory serves, she made that pretty clear when you first meet her and get her into your squad.

I mean, if she has joined a smuggler for years, partaking in their activity, she is a smuggler too, no? She can be both a smuggler and a Mandalorian, why not?

Well, the way she was introduced to us does not corroborate that. As DualBlastersGuy says this is a particularly intense Mando. I guess Mandos CAN be smugglers, but for a Mando that follows the Mandalorian Code and the Resol’nare, like we are lead to believe with Akaavi, it can be a contradiction of terms.

But hey, if Luke can turn from what we know in the OT into a cowardly, bitter old man that doesn’t give a f**k, I guess anything goes…

Don’t get mad at the person working the phones at the front desk. They just give he/she something to do while they all work on Anthem. Whales need to shut up and keep buying cartel market stuff to justify their extraneous swtor staff salaries.

All I want to know is if we get double cxp for the May the Forth weekend. Sad that it’s come to this but that’s literally all I look forward to anymore since game content sucks since SOR.

A second comment hooray.. are you that bored we know your gay and everything is stupid, your most regular comments

Well i bought force-user bundle and finished my mini-temple on Manaan. And surpluses just sold on gtn and got about 25mil (for nothing lol). Best CC investment in 4 months.

You mean you spent extra real money for virtual items?

Well done man well done, if i would you i wound post that on your Facebook also. Friends have to know how wisely you spent money on a stagnate game.

Yes, because I can buy stuff on the GTN then. They are never getting a single real dollar for CC from me πŸ™‚

In a way they are getting real money from you though. The only difference is the money was laundered. someone bought them for real money in exchange for your in game money. So you still actually fed the monster.

I can understand that you prefer somebody else pays your way with their real money so you can take it off the GTN but direct sales are fairer to the people who do spend money, so clearly this is the better situation for them. And since they pay the money for it, I’d say they’re the most important customers.

Errrmm… Sort of? You make the person buying it off the GTN sound ridiculously selfish. In my experience, people buy packs to sell the items within for credits, not so they can get specific pieces. In that way, it’s the credits they’re after. Besides, they’re logically going to want more credits for the silver sets on the CM because Bioware is charging out the wazoo for them – Over a thousand CCs for one silver set? I see why it’s so pricey on the GTN. Fairer is… Questionable for the silver sets in that regard, they’d drop like candy in packs and end up relatively cheap on the GTN so a CM purchase with real money wouldn’t be necessary.

Yeah, but Scruds like to pretend that buying stuff off the GTN isnt giving money to the CM lol

It is NOT fairer , because they made the new packs have a chance to drop ANY item previously released in the game. It’s simple math.

Previously, you could buy ONE hypercrate, and you would get almost every item in the new pack. Then. you could also sell duplicates on the GTN and make dozens millions of credits. The items that you didn’t get, you could buy with credits on the GTN, the credits that you made by selling the items in excess. Trust me, every 8-10 months when I get enough free Cartel Coins to buy a hypercrate, this is what I do, and I end up with every single item in that specific pack. Total cost? 5500 Cartel Coins.

Now, you just can’t do that. If you want to have every item in the new pack (like whales do), then you have to spend more than 15000 Cartel Coins, so that you can directly purchase each and every item.

So now you tell me which one is more efficient and fair to the consumer.

Actually… I kinda do prefer the packs. Only because I don’t buy them – But when these armors go up on the cartel market, your only option is to pay actual money for them… Orrrr… A ridiculous price on the GTN. Atleast with packs the silver junk was cheap on the GTN. x3

Im glad theyre moving towards direct sales.
A lot of the items seem over priced though for what they do…

Everyone is doing direct sales now. The direct sales are more expensive, at the same time you know exactly what you are getting. It’s all still cosmetic or unimportant items for the most part. Chance loot boxes really should fall under gambling laws since they are basically a slot machine.

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