GW2 Gemstore Update–Primeval Dervish Outfit and Suntouched Scythe

GW2 Gemstore updated today with the Primeval Dervish Outfit for 700 gem and Suntouched Scythe for 600 gems.

Suntouched Scythe – 600 gems


Primeval Dervish Outfit – 700 gems

Dye Pattern









Upcoming Items

Image taken from that_shaman’s datamining post

Exo-Suit Mounts Pack


  • Freyja Halmrast

    at least this outfit looks half ways decent on charr. wish they would add scythe back into the game instead of it being a staff skin

    • lithlius

      I believe its all the gods. Its a concept art found in game, just that from the angle thats what you see but it has all the gods

  • E.T. PhoneHome

    they went for Palawa (Primeval) armor instead of
    -Dervish Vabbian armor.
    -Monument or
    -Kahmu Deldrimor armor…

    • Lourdes

      Just because you like those more doesn’t mean other people like this one mate. This armor also makes alot more sense then the ones you just mentioned since we are playing the same expansion region as the one from Nightfall which the end armor was primeval.

      • E.T. PhoneHome

        I just said these 3 because they were pretty popular in GW1.
        ”region as the one from Nightfall ” So the Vabbian i just listed don’t count ?!
        Kahmu Deldrimor armor because of the dwarf ruins in Highlands desert is a viable option…. But yeah sure if you are into the skeletons fashion be my guess, be that basic !

        • Lourdes

          Maybe you didn’t read my comment well enough, i clearly said the END armor of the expansion, and saying that they were pretty popular without having any data on how many people actually used the armors is just speaking out of your ass at this point.

  • Alastor999

    They should release more outfits based on old GW1 armor skins. Yeah, we prefer armor sets, but if Anet insist on outfits… I really would love to have them be my old Elite sets from GW Factions again. Especially if we’re never going back to Cantha again.

  • Suan

    Interesting, a move in the right direction if they have no idea what to put in gem store, I’m always happy to see more of skins from GW1.. but.. why in the hell go with the Primeval dervish armor and not like.. any other than that? This was one of the ugliest armors in the game. Vabbian looked great on both genders, Elite Sunspear was cool. The ones from Eye of the North.. but Primeval? a little weird, and the bones on it stretch in a weird way. Dervish was my main and it is great to have an outfit but.. I’ll wait for the sale I guess, Primeval was the armor that I just thought it was extremely ugly.

    The staff – scythe skin, cool but looks plain. Too plain, again they have tons of scythes that were cool and fancy I mean even the Saurian Scythe would be nicer and worth 600 gems.

  • ringswraith

    OMGOMGOMG. That mount skin pack. WANT.

  • Ainseland

    finally dat mount skin will surely spike the gems and gold value at gem store

  • Colosso

    Still waiting for plant-like mount skins

  • Warrioress

    They always choose the plainest looking things to add in from gw1, never any of the more fancy elite stuff.

  • Not So Much A Fanboy

    Dear anet, i think it’s time you have the capability (despite being shifty about it) of making and selling new armors and stop the stupid outfits.

    Yes I’ll pay 1200 gems for 6 pieces of armor even.

  • Daaw Daw

    they cant be even serious anymore with this ugly asf outfits,this has to be conspiracy on highest lvls,no1 fucking sane can look at this and say “wow its gorgeous,make it happen”

    • John

      Gonna assume you never played GW1. Because GW1 fans are pretty stoked for it.

      • Burn Bicz, BURN

        I think that dervish skirt should be longer

        • Lourdes

          Actually the outfit looks the same as on gw1 alot of players used different boots to make it look better.

  • RKC

    Ah, my Dervish has that armor as his main! Granted I still won’t pay for it since none of my existing character matched it. Maybe my Charr necro but it look stupid with the hood on. Too bad I didn’t make a humanoid nerco.

  • Jayce

    I loved his armor in the first game… but the way the textures for the skeletons of the creatures hanging down the skirt part are 100% fixed to the cloth, so when it moves, they stretch completely out of proportion and just get distorted just looks like lazy design.

  • Ohagimaru

    I want to play this game but everytime when I’m able to bring myself to play it I’m reminded of stupid shit like that stuff up there and I log out lol

    I have only 3 outfits. Ice encasement, ancestral, and kasmeer because these three are the only decent looking ones. We can seriously use some decent korean/japanese concept artists man..give me gears like aion or ffxiv and this game would rock.

    • wQnxy

      you meant that lyssa is the only good looking outfit..

      edt. btw, this is the original gw1 concept which was not even changed sicn then.

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