SWTOR Game Update 5.9 Pushed to May 3

Bioware is delaying Game Update 5.9 to Thursday May 3 instead of the usual Tuesday update.

New Release Date for Game Update 5.9 | 04.27.2018, 02:57 PM
Hi everyone,

One key learning this past year is not to release a Game Update if it’s not ready. We pushed really hard to be ready for next Tuesday, but we uncovered a couple of items we want resolved. To do that, we need a bit more time including this weekend to make sure our fixes are solid and ensure you have the highest quality play experience possible.

We decided to give ourselves an extra couple days and release Game Update 5.9: The Nathema Conspiracy on Thursday, May 3, 2018. Just in time for May the 4th!

Also, we will be providing a minor update on May 22 (Game Update 5.9.1) which includes the Nar Shaddaa Night Life event. I’m also working on a new Roadmap that provides you with all the details of our upcoming Summer events and overall direction for the remainder of this year. I’ll keep you updated on progress and let you know when we’ll post it on our website.

Thanks for playing Star Wars™: The Old Republic!


By Dulfy

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82 replies on “SWTOR Game Update 5.9 Pushed to May 3”

ok with a two delays put it on my payday hours before excede rest my aloyyment so caannt complain i might if goes longer

What this basically means “this update was is such a buggy shit, even we cannot release it outright, and have to make a delay to pretend we care about quality and possibly fix at least some of the most blatant bugs”

Eh, I don’t think anyone is surprised about stuff like that anymore. If nothing else, they are being honest about it.

The trolls are out in general chat swearing that this is fake and saying this is the shutdown notice.

A fake notice as there not being an update but how they will just bring down the servers and end it all. Not Dulfy’s post being fake.

They’re just going to turn around and say he never mentioned 2 weeks like when Keith took his.

What this basically means “this update was is such a buggy shit, even we cannot release it outright, and have to make a delay to pretend we care about quality and possibly fix at least some of the most blatant bugs”

The trolls are out in general chat swearing that this is fake and saying this is the shutdown notice.A fake notice as there not being an update but how they will just bring down the servers and end it all. Not Dulfy’s post being fake.

We will know when the end is upon us because they will simply stop providing updates permanently. If ppl keep subbing and they can make free money for simply keeping a handful of servers online they will do so until they’re all tapped out.

Honestly they said this the last update too. If anything they are probably not holding it back long enough.

They did it in 5.8 and were still asking players a week later to report any of the discovered multiple unlisted changes. it was just sad and the fact that they couldn’t find everything they “accidentally” changed really shows their competency.

Here’s hoping to this time they get it right. Maybe they need some inspirational posters around the office.

One key learning that all of us have learned since all of last 3 years, is that every update they make is worse than the previous one, with less content, and that the game is continuously getting to a more pathetic status.

Keith: it took us a year and a 1/2 to give you a complete raid so pushing this back a month is no biggie. Lol smh

Oh, so you finally learned that, did you? How about all of the other key learning opportunities that you’ve ignored because you get more money as a result of ignoring them?

Yeah it’s amazing they didn’t learn that until now but ok. I find the most interesting thing about this message that there’s a new roadmap coming. Be interesting to see if they’re finally gonna talk about 6.0. Not that I expect it to bring me back but I am curious what they are actually able to bring out as an expansion in 2018.

I have my doubts if they will brush on 6.0 or if there is or isn’t an expansion. I’m sure 5.9.1 and 5.10 will be in it for the Nightlife Event and PVP Event maybe a 5.11 for shits and giggles.

But I can easily just see them turning on the smoke machine for anything past it. Then talking about the next road map and how amazing yet mysterious it’s going to be.

Hopefully I’m wrong on this. But my expectations bar is set so low now I will have to dig it out of the ground soon.

If it will be released at all this year i suspect 6.0 will be released in December just before they all go on their month long vacation, leaving us with a bug ridden flashpoint and who knows what new exploit that we will be told if we participate in it we will be spanked but won’t be fixed till Jan 2019.

How dare you say that??? How can you??? They would NEVER do something like that, release an expansion/patch, and then leave for holidays. Like, let’s say release an expansion with Early Access on December, 2. With full access on December, 9.

That could NEVER happen! And if it did happen, SURELY it would NOT be filled to the brim with extraneous bugs! That goes without saying! That would be sloppy. And these guys don’t do sloppy…

Oh wait a minute there…

[OP is Fred G]

I’m quite sure 6.0 will be released. Even if it’s a so-called expansion though it will have a fraction of the features other games give. As long as the game still pulls in some kind of profit with minimal effort, why should they turn off the lights? That’s the bonus of having the SW IP. Ppl will accept trash just to hear a lightsaber ignite or hear that music.

Tbh, I wouldn’t even doubt if they are loving this talk of the game being shut down and 6.0 never happening. They can release nothing special in 6.0 and the diehards will just be happy it happened at all and to get the ability to point their finger and say, “See! We were right, the game is still here losers!”

Wait a minute…conspiracy theory: EA/BW is secretly bankrolling these articles and comments about the game being shut down…lol.

I agree. I unsubed a few weeks ago and i havent logged back in. I tried ESO and its a bigger mess than TOR. Mind numbing and endless quest that goes now where. Looking for a new game. TOR lost me with the endless saga of KOTFE. I can only do so much GTA so………….

They started reading comments and so will try and develop some actual new content between now and May 3rd? This should be a game changer.

I personally want more story content…ALOT more and no more bloody Iokath….that planet is the worst one EVER made.

Eh, I don’t think anyone is surprised about stuff like that anymore. If nothing else, they are being honest about it.

Actually its Disney’s franchise. EA doesn’t own Star Wars, Disney does. EA only has a license (or permission) from Disney to make Star Wars games. If Disney wanted to give the Star Wars license to another Publisher/Developer, EA wouldn’t have a say in the matter. EA could try to sue Disney for ending the license agreement early, but EA would probably lose.

I don’t think so…Disney doesn’t give a shit about SWTOR. EA will keep running this game until 2023 that’s pretty clear.

Yep as long it makes profit and by the looks there are people who pay for monthly AND keep buying cosmetic packs. I would award EA best game title of the years for mmo that has almost 0 investement recent years but max revenue. Thats every game company dream to suck those cosumers wallets so easily

I don’t think it refers to Star Wars. It might refer to the huge number of gaming companies EA has bought.

And destroyed.

Well this of course depends on the contract, but Disney had to compensate EA if they canceled he license earlier.

Disney just dosn’t give two farts about SWTOR. So why would they get into contract dispute?

A questão é mesmo q matasse não teria problema pq o povo ainda pagaria o serviço, ou eles acham q o gamepass é de graça hahaha

would be nice if all planets were open world type, seems rather of a shame that you got mounts that are essentially ships but can’t fly. every planet could have their starting zone for the different classes but then areas for mid and end game content, half a dozen heroic instances or so would be better.

Idk they could so much but they do so little, its frustrating

I just want my Mako back.
That’s the only reason I still have the client even installed on my HDD. Aside from that, I’m just so done with these idiots, I can’t even…

yeap she never disappoints, of course the bounty hunter’s companion is a need for me again. 🙂

[OP is Fred G]

If the update wasn’t coming out until Tuesday, 5/1 anyway why does Keith feel the need to mention they needed this weekend to work on it more? Shouldn’t they have been doing that anyway? Oh, that’s right. It’s because he’s leading a team of underachievers and excuse makers so he mentions anything possible at attempts for sympathy and acceptance.

Be real about the new “roadmap” too. It’ll drop sometime in June and since it’s for summer it’ll cover about 2 months time only. The promise of info for rest of the year will be a sentence or two about how “MORE IS COMING! BIG PLANS! 6.0!!!!!!” and the diehards will explode with excitement at the prospect of more crumbs of mediocrity coming their way.

I too snuck into BW Austin’s offices (Not hard really, they cannot afford a real dev team, so they don’t bother with security either) and found Keith laughing hysterically after reading the replies to his post on the forums and all the lemmings who praised and thanked him for delaying another already delayed release and swallowing his bullshit about “quality”.

Word is he was still seen laughing all weekend.

[OP ia Fred G]

The ad for ESO: Summerset before that video contained for content than SWTOR has released over the last few years.

That really is par for the course when it comes to bioware.

Problem is not only is it already a week late. It’s not 2 additional day slate because of bugs and the really sad part is it will be bugged when it actually does come out.

I think the best choice would have been… no one. Harrison Ford is Han Solo. Read the books if you want to learn his history. The second Solo trilogy was actually solid.

I think Joel Kinnaman would be far worse. I am glad he is no where to be seen in the SW universe. Bad enough he is in DC and all over the shop in netflix shows.

Is he implying that they’ve been aware of all the critical bugs of previous releases and they’ve just released them anyways and wait for people complaints before fixing them a month or so later and then ban players if one of those bugs was an exploit that could give them an unfair advantage like skipping the key to the Umbara train instead of just taking a couple days to fix at least those like they are doing now?

How shit does a dev team need to be to put out so little content, but STILL need more time to release it past their own self imposed time frames?

And can someone who has access to the forums remind King of bullshit Keith, that BW Austin are STILL releasing bugged content and often, it remains unfixed? He is acting like the content they eventually release is of high quality, but he regurgitates the same tired bullshit line of wanting more time to fix bugs and has been for the past year and yet, the bugs, they still remain……..

So when is somebody gonna work up the nerve to sue? I mean, most people are paying (by choice) a subscription at same price for a 7 year old game.

Pretty sure he meant you can play it all day on may the 4th if you want.
Even if he hadnt, its a petty gripe compared to the bigger issues with the game right now.

I thought this game is closing soon. I totally forgot it even exists still.
Man this game can go on for years people are happy to pay for 3-7 years old content with just new cosmetics time to time. What else can you ask as business company. Minimal effort – max revenue

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