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GW2 Revamp and Changes to Underwater Skills Coming May 8

On May 8, GW2 will be making some changes to current underwater skills.


The next Guild Wars 2 balance update arrives on 8 May bringing a sea change to underwater combat! We’re enhancing underwater skills and utilities so you can blast the barnacles off anything that tries to nibble your toes while you’re swimming.

Keep a lookout on the morning of the 8 May balance update—we’ll publish a developer blog post that wades through all the details.

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33 replies on “GW2 Revamp and Changes to Underwater Skills Coming May 8”

i remember a time when you could drag people to water with nades on engi and feel like that was a strategy in roaming WvW

About frikking time! I kind of like SOME of the underwater areas at least but there’s only some professions that can function properly under water, while others are completely useless there.

Noooo, I’d rather have a new mastery for the Skimmer that allows it to dive underwater. I don’t want to see new mounts, because they’ll come with shiny skins and RIP wallet.

and so begins the grand battle US V BUBBLES!!(Water dragon name confirmed offically bubbles )

This is the most exiting update I’ve had in the last few years. My personal dream would be that the bubbles expansion would be a “vehicle” expansion, using an array of underwater mounts with full skill sets instead of your normal class skills.

Bit of a stretch from “updating underwater skills” but I’m a patient guy and this is an agreeable direction.

I know it’s a bit farfetched but is there a possibility that we are going to Cantha???

first change needed: Auto Switch to underwatertraits like it is with autoswitch for skills

2nd change: undo the stupid changes from before where additional skills where blocked afterwards like medkit for engineer (before you could use it even with the trait that allowed to throw medpacks after the medkit changes it was disabled and as they changed grenadekits range engineer underwatercombat got a big nerf in total (and no you can’t use mortar underwater))

3rd: implement more skills for underwater in total (revenant has only 2 useable legends underwater which are completely uncombineable

4th: more content is needed that is rewarding with only 1 boss and one good horde event theire is not much worth the time.

5th: gimme back my beloved underwater pvp map!

I absolutely like GW2s underwatercombat but all decissions so far were completely bullshit and made people dislike it even more.

It’s about time!
Time to shine with my underwater legendaries! 😀
(Assuming the changes are any good that is)

Yeah, there was this new current events on Southsun Cove and I went to the beach just to get a quick look and get angry at ANet for not giving us this amazing one piece swimsuit they have in the game. That human female npc wearing it annoys me soo much!

Gw2 has literally the only enjoyable underwater combat not just in current mmos, but in the history of rpgs. Create more underwater content please.

Yeah, it’s kinda weird how they put all the effort into skills and stuff only to ignore underwater content afterward.

Because even with the best underwater combat in an MMO, it’s still underwater combat

Disappointing but not weird.

I always liked it, but I come from playing MMOs with proper flying and aerial combat. So combat in all 3 dimensions wasn’t new for me. But for many people it’s a challenge.

Plus even the best professions for UW combat still only have the 2 weapons which work underwater and usually at least some utilities which don’t. So there’s less variety and freedom.

Bottom line – it was never on par with land combat, so it was always going to be disappointing in comparison. Which in turn encouraged the devs to neglect it.

So would this and the expected next expansion being underwater mean that revenant finally get more than just the 2 legends which work underwater?

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