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SWTOR Cartel Market Update – May 1

SWTOR Cartel Market Update – May 1

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Why not 😮 People can express their opinions about not caring something. Typing about it isn’t same as not caring about some product or person. Enjoy life take care 🙂

Check the achieves of most people in game who hover like fools with them on fleet. Bought. Lame and embarrassing.

No, guys, it’ll be fine – for the 4th we’re all getting ANOTHER astromech pet re-skin.

Well, YOU’RE all getting it. My machine stopped being able to run this game months ago. Guess I needed more astromechs after all.

Actually looks like we;re getting a mount. Or at least that’s what’s in the launcher.

Nah, still an astromech. M4-Y7 (log in before May 7th, get it on the 10th). The mount seems to be a subscriber reward if you sub before the end of May.

Yep. Uglier version from the old Vehicle that came years ago. Then maybe 6-7th Astromech with new color.. New Augments that come soon don’t add anything via prog. wise. Eaware glamorises their posts with such ridic. way & shame that too many people drool for them. Don’t mean you. *Sends big pile of Bullshit to Eaware’s SWTOR Basement HQ.*

[OP is Fred G]

There’s a new hot feature called Patch Delays. Most consistent content in the game. Enjoy!

Tell me you jest! SWTOR just announced via twitter that for being a loyal player and subscriber they will be gifting you a (drumroll please) Mini Astromech Droid pet!!! Imagine the unbridled joy of adding a red mini astromech droid pet to the blue, green, yellow, purple, brown, pink, orange and the last red one you got 5 years ago! If you’re not already pulling that credit card out of your wallet you clearly don’t even understand the concept of excitement!

if u havent played for over a year ill sum it up for you:

New Iokath Storyline / Once you complete the storyline you will gain access to host of repeatable Missions in a brand-new daily area.

Manaan Stronghold

New Flashpoint “Crisis on Umbara”

New Stronghold “Umbara Mobile Base”

United Forces is now live! With this update we’ve united players on five new servers

New Flashpoint: Copero/A Traitor Among the Chiss

New Galactic Starfighter Map – Iokath

New Warzone – Yavin 4

Returning Companions

New Operation Gods from the Machine

and the usual balancing of classes + new augments coming next thursday (ya moer grind)

So… yeah it is actually that bad, however I’d be a hypocrite if I didn’t admit that I still play daily. At this point there’s no interest in new material and running through the old stuff is essentially muscle memory since I’ve done it all hundreds of times. I just care about my guild mates and characters at this point and play to upgrade gear (some are maxed but with around 70 characters most are still below command level 300) and do ops with friends. It’s fun enough but honestly once Red Dead Redemption 2 comes out my SWTOR time is likely to take a hit.

Yes there are a lot new cosmetics to choose from. So yup a lot time to dressrobe checking. Its totally worth it. Game content itself is not important as long you can have cool outfits.

Heh, if you want to ask for something about the game then Dulfy’s site is the last one where you should do it. Biggest whiners are all here. Sure, some of them do have a valid point but most of them just repeat others and for some reason they also seem to cling like mad to the game what they claim to not like. Pretty puzzling.. If I don’t like some game, I simply don’t read or post anything about it, ever.

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