• Razyiel

    5 hours Online-time per day…that is a Joke…I won’t be able to get that box besides maybe Weekends since I won’t leave my PC tuned on during night or work…hmpf
    …but it’s free stuff…so I try to not complain^^”

    • That’s your choice. The game is super AFK friendly, so it’s not like they’re asking you to jump through flaming hoops or anything. You could leave it running while you do your laundry, cook, or whatever.

      • JustSayin’

        And imaging what it’s doing for the global energy market, having all these home PCs running for hours while ppl are AKF’ing their gaming rigs with BDO running in the background, instead of powering down when not directly using them.

  • uller30

    I mean yo ucan go to a location fish for 1-3 hours then crash. What Excites me is seeing possible items i can get and the Koi event i went from 10mill to 250mill and wasted it on a Pri Neck lol

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