SWTOR May 4th Rewards for 2018

SWTOR is giving out a new astromech droid and speeder for May 4th.

Celebrate May the 4th in #SWTOR

In honor of the upcoming May the 4th Star Wars™ holiday, we are rewarding players for their epic support. Amp your Star Wars™ adventure with the New M4-Y7 Astromech Droid login reward, new Premium player speeder plus Double XP!

  • Log in by May 7th to qualify for your very own M4-Y7 Astromech Droid Mini-Pet!* A deeply loyal and rugged Droid, the M4-Y7 Astromech Droid is known for its steadfast and stoic reliability. No matter how far your adventures take you across the galaxy, the M4-Y7 is your “DBFF” (Droid Best Friend Forever)! Your new Astromech Droid can be claimed beginning May 9, 2018 at 11:59PM PDT (May 10, 2018 at 6:58PM GMT) through your in-game mail.

  • Be a Premium Player as of May 31st to command the new TF-4 Rampage Speeder!* Popular on the black market, this industrial mining vehicle boasts heavy armor and aggressive engines that can easily be modified to be a rapid-attack craft, making it the perfect vehicle for criminals on the run! Look for your new speeder in your in-game mail beginning June 7, 2018 at 11:59PM PDT (June 8, 2018 at 6:58PM GMT).

  • Jumpstart your adventure in the Double Rewards Event between May 3 – May 11, 2018. Earn Double XP, Double Command XP and Double Starfighter Requisitions!

Join us in celebrating May the 4th, and – as always — May the Force™ Be with You! PLAY FREE NOW: www.swtor.com/play-free

  • Alekero

    Well they could give a better reward for premium players (cuz M4 droid is kinda Canon in swtor) like exclusive decoration or smthn like that. Who need that ugly speeder when you got better and expensive AF (and a lot huh) lol

    • Havik79

      Its the same droid they have given out every year since they game started, just reskinned, that’s the point, although they are late doing it this year.

  • Boi

    Lol i see they continue the trolling tradition with the same pathetic little droid..also what a horrible mount… keep the subs bois

  • Eban

    Same reskinned droid and another reskin shitty mount.
    So much effort from Keith, he’ll need a holiday soon. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/221e3dd6325fe2e7399081ab3461379a677404cd613d87fe4914584192a1a710.png

  • Jep Fareborn

    What is the armor set that the Twi’lek is wearing?

    • Harston

      Exar Kun

  • Wardoc

    another ugly pet, and horrendous speeder. This is a sad showing for a Star Wars celebration. Take something nice out of your cartel packs and maybe treat your LOYAL customer base to something cool. Otherwise consider the employment of your PR team

    • Little Flame

      with loyal customer base, do you mean those that talk trash on every update (I’m well aware they’re lacking in content but still..) or those who are glad they’re at least doing /something/ ?

      And with Electronic Asshats at the wheel you can be certain they will not be giving gold/platinum cartel market items out for free

    • abaddonsmummy

      The problem with giving people something good from the CM for free is that you will have people who will (and rightly so IMHO) go ballistic at have either paid real money for the item or ground the credits for days or weeks to get that item.
      What they need to do is make something that is not CM related, but then what?
      Everyone’s taste in Speeders/clothes/pets is completely different, some will hate, some will love.
      Free giveaways are a poisoned chalice.

  • Dr. Mike Wendell

    Dulfy, the play free link at the end of the article is broken. Just a fyi….



  • Nomad

    not another astromech droid….i don’t know what to do with the other dozen or so!


      Same with vehicles.

    • Amodin

      It’s okay, they don’t know what to do about creativity, so it’s fine. Just take it and play. Love, EA/Bioware.

  • Cucurulo

    This is how an franchise is treated with respect https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rB36UGoP4Y Star Wars is now a disrespectful joke thanks to Bryan Johnson, Jar Jar Abrahams and the feminazi Kennedy, good job destroying a franchise clown and you too “Keith”.

    • Adam Haynes

      I never even liked Karate Kid back in the 80’s but I actually just sat through that entire episode which I will never do with any Disney Wars movie. How sad that a once amazing expanded universe has been reduced to a shitty joke. I don’t blame this game… in fact I still maintain that this game is the last bastion of actual Star Wars and once it’s gone SW officially becomes a piece of history. Bad as SWTOR May be at this point it’s still better than Disney shit.

      • Little Flame

        Same here. At least they still try to make it feel like star wars and not obvious feminazi/sjw propaganda

        • infamous

          Feel SW? BioWare did a awful job with the whole keeping up with the Valkorians expansion. These last few years haven’t felt like Star Wars for a long time.

  • TheIanator

    “Happy May the 4th, here’s the same garbage you’ve gotten every year that you still don’t care about” -Keith

  • Excen

    Less of a celebration, more of a liquidation giveaway.

    • Rompe Himself

      BW Austin’s contempt for its player base:

  • Rompe Himself

    Holy shit!!!! What is that now??? 6 years in a row they have given people the same fucking Astromech droid but with different color schemes??? I know they are no longer trying, but now they don’t even care how obvious it is.

    Got to love yet another shitty looking speeder to entice the gulliable to sub back to this game that has become nothing but the cartel market with a little mmo on the side.

  • Sabretooth

    speeder’s cool

  • abaddonsmummy

    Free speeder is nice, good for larger body types that look daft on the smaller ones.
    People are saying re-skin, but I’m not sure of what?
    Is it the rare drop from the CXP boxes, that massive beast of a speeder that looks like a Catamaran?
    As for the droid……….well at least it’s not HK crud. XD

    • Eban

      Haven’t played in a long time but sure I’ve seen that speedor before or at least something very similar.

      • abaddonsmummy

        Not sure, this thing is massive, and I’ve seen most and got most and I don’t recognise it.
        I’ll try and find a picture of the super rare cxp one, that’s the only one I think comes close to the size.

  • JasonBourneItsJesusChrist

    more mail stuff yay

    • Sabretooth

      better than the lame droid pets we’ve been getting

  • Mars

    The ‘May the 4th’ reward isn’t being sent out until May 9th. They can’t even send out a simple reskin on time.

  • Jonathan Parker

    A few days later and then a month later? Why do you always send stuff like this, Bioware?

  • Sabretooth

    enough with the droid pets! if you’re gonna add more droids-make em companions-it’s absurd to just make unless pets.

    • Dimensionus

      Don’t complain about free stuff. :S

      • Saito

        I think his point is that we get exactly the same droid model every single year. xP While I dont mind getting a freebie I would appreciate as well their effort to deliver something different even if its just a recolor of another pet.

      • Danashri

        You Mean Free Junk ?

  • Dimensionus

    Everyone’s complaining about the FREE STUFF. It’s legit FREE. Stop complaining about FREE STUFF. They don’t HAVE to give us ANYTHING but they ARE giving us SOMETHING. So stop complaining or just stop playing since you seem to hate it so much. Seriously ungrateful. They’re busy with OTHER THINGS and everyone working at Bethesda and EA have LIVES so they can’t fulfill all of your SELFISH desires 24/7. Unnecessary, shallow, selfish, ungrateful, and otherwise RUDE.

  • sdfsdfsd

    What the F has a droid you get for logging in May the 7th (delivered on May the 9th) to do with THE 4TH?

    How idiotic can BioWare handle stuff?

    Feb the 20th: Oh here is your x-max gift!

    • infamous

      Wait you actually have to log in on May 7th. I did it on May 3rd/4th. Wth.. well that sucks. It looked like a better reskins that the last couple of garbage ones they handed out. Meh.

    • Bogdan Paunescu

      Why can’t people read carefully? Log in BY May 7th.

  • AdornedBlood

    Why not a jetpack? That speeder loocks pretty common

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