SWTOR Nathema Conspiracy Flashpoint Guide

SWTOR Nathema Conspiracy Flashpoint guide. This is a new flashpoint that was released with Patch 5.9.[toc]

Getting Started

To start the story chapter, you must get it from your personal ship terminal. This requires you to have completed the previous Chapter – Traitor Among the Chiss.


Those interested in the story/cutscenes can watch it here


Subsequent access to the flashpoint can be found in the Alliance Staging area. This flashpoint will drop decorations and schematics for the new augments.




  • Lure Voreclaw to the green circles and activate Defense Coil Controls to stun him and deal massive damage to him.
  • If you lure the trash mobs to Voreclaw and /stuck, the trash mobs will kill Voreclaw for you (especially the champion trash)

Voreclaw comes with a bunch of smaller Voreclaw adds that should be killed first to minimize the overall damage. You can drag trash mobs to the Voreclaw and then type /stuck. The trash mobs can kill the Voreclaw for you (especially if you drag in one of those Champion trash mobs).

The trick with this fight is to lead the Voreclaw into the green circles and then activate the nearby Defense Coil Controls. This will stun the Voreclaw for ~12 seconds and allow it to take massive amount of damage from your attacks. There are only three circles available during the fight so use them wisely.


The Voreclaw has a burrowing attack you need to watch out for but you can zap him out of that attack by using the Coil Controls when he burrow inside the green circles.


Hands of Zildrog (Bonus)

  • Avoid the Debris Storm red AoE circles

This is bonus boss tucked in the Verdant Valley. It is a pair of Hands of Zildrog with one casting Turbulence and Debris Storm. Take out the caster first as its Turbulence and Debris Storm red circles can hurt quite a bit.


Ancient Guardian Droid

  • Damage but not kill the Hunter Probes so they enter repair mode.
  • Drag Guardian Droid next to a Hunter Probe in repair mode to remove its shield and then periodically damage the Hunter Probe to ensure it stays in repair mode.
  • When Guardian Droid does Decimation Protocol, stand behind one of the Hunter Probes to negate damage

There are a bunch of Hunter Probes around the fight area. If the Ancient Guardian Droid get within 6m range of any of these probes, the Guardian Droid will enter a frenzy and have increased damage and damage reduction. However, you can remove this frenzy mode by simply damaging the Hunter Probes until they go into repair mode. Do not kill them as you will need them to weaken the Ancient Guardian Droid. They will periodically stun you but you can just use your stunbreaker to get out.

To remove Guardian Droid’s initial shield, drag it to one of the Hunter Probes and then damage the probe until it enters the repair mode. This will remove the shield on the Guardian Droid. You will need to periodically damage the Hunter Probe to ensure it enters repair mode since it heals up after it finishes repair mode.


Guard Droid’s most deadly attack is Decimation Protocol, a 24 second channel in which the droid spins around and deals massive AoE damage to everyone that seems to trigger around every 25%. To avoid damage from this attack, run to any of the Hunter Probes and stand behind it so that the Hunter Probe is between you and the Guardian Droid. This will absorb all the damage from Decimation Protocol.


Other than that, you will need to be aware of the droid’s Rocket Stomp, a frontal cleave with a knockback.


Gemini 16

  • Use the pillars to LoS the Integration Beam damage
  • When Gemini 16 splits into multiple copies, damage the Crypt they are linked to to remove immunity shield. LoS behind pillars to avoid their Disintegrate beam

The main thing to watch out for with Gemini 16 is her Integration Beam. It follows you around and then stops when she casts it. In veteran mode this beam will follow you even during cast. You will need to run behind a pillar and line of sight it to break the attack. Avoid the beam as it deals massive amount of damage. She will also summon some skytroopers you can clear out quickly to avoid taking too much damage.


Past 50%, Gemini 16 will split into multiple copies, each casting the Disintegrate beam. Run up to the Crypt of Essence each copy is linked to and then destroy that Crypt to remove the shield and kill each copy. In Veteran mode these Disintegrate Beams deal massive amount of damage so you will need to play hide and seek with the pillars to avoid getting beamed to death.


Once all the copies are killed, Gemini 16 will reappear attack with some new attacks including Orbital Attack and Obliteration Protocol (15s channel) at the end where you need to kill her before she finish that cast off or she will pull you in and deal massive damage.


Vinn Atrius & Zildrog

  • Stay near your companion/group members to avoid Vinn from healing up (watch for the beam linking you to someone/companion)
  • When Annexes pop up, kill them ASAP or they will reduce your maximum HP.

Vinn Atrius has a couple of knockbacks you need to watch out or he can knock you off the platform. One is Surging Strike, a circular AoE attack that does a medium knockback. Another is Force Blast that does a long range knockback. Force Blast does have a telegraph so you can see exactly where he is knocking you to. His mechanic is that if you get too far from your group member or companion, he will heal up so you must run back to the person you are linked to when you get knocked back. Watch for the beam linking you to another person/companion.


During the fight, three Annex of Zildrog will spawn, these Annexes will need to be killed quickly as they cast a stacking debuff that reduce your maximum HP per stack, allowing Vinn to easily one shot you once the stacks get too high. Other than that you will need to watch out for Lightning Storm AoEs from Vinn.


For the final fight with Zildrog, it is a DPS race to kill Zildrog before he kills you. You only have a hard time limit of 60s to kill him and he gains damage stacks that make him more powerful the longer you take to kill him.



Lore Objects

Zealots Without a Master


The Order of Zildrog


Bonus Mission: Seeker of Fortune

  • Open Treasure Chests 0/7

There are no achievements or rewards or completing this bonus mission. Two chests are in Nathema Plateaus, one in Verdant Valley Skyways, two in Verdant Valley and the final one in Ancient Temple section of the flashpoint.

Treasure Chest #1


Treasure Chest #2


Treasure Chest #3


Treasure Chest #4


Treasure Chest #5


Treasure Chest #6


Treasure Chest #7




Order of Zildrog Armor Set


H2-WF Companion

There is a companion that can drop off any of the bosses in any mode of the flashpoint. This is the H2-WF Hunter Droid. Picture courtesy of Fixxer on Discord.



Here are the possible decoration drops from Nathema Conspiracy flashpoint

Gallery View:

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154 replies on “SWTOR Nathema Conspiracy Flashpoint Guide”

Is Lana bugged or is it just me? I changed her gear, but in cs she wears the old gear and out of cs when she is talking her mouth doesn’t move.

Amazing how she had the time to go dye her hair. Right in between cut scenes. I prefer the old blonde look. This new brunette color is blah.

The brunette stuff you see is from her “customized” appearance if you remove the outfit slot and replace it with custom armour. Looks fine to me although I rarely see it thanks to me dressing her up as a Horizon Guard/Knight of Zakuul mix

Destroy the Gravestone. Destroy the Alliance. Destroy the fleet. Looks like they’re taking a leaf out of Kylo Ren’s book. “Let the past die. Kill it if you have to.”

Ren’s statement was stupid as shit. But in this context I’d agree with it. This is one story arc I wouldn’t mind forgetting that it existed..

All pretty decent up until the ‘Zildrog consumed the planet, not Vitiate’ part. And the whole ‘the Gravestone and fleet are all gone so lets rejoin one of the main factions’ was horseshit.

Mixed feelings, overall.

Oh yeah I gathered, I just think the execution was really poor. The fleet could have been neutralised in a much smarter way instead of being nuked by the Gravestone (which could never have destroyed that many ships in the time available based on previous ‘Gravestone VS Eternal Fleet’ situations).

It feels as cheap and lazy as the start of KotFE.

I agree there, That was kinda BS how they destoryed it just like that… I would have prefered more if the commander himself decided to destory the fleet by his own free will to prevent it from falling into the wrong hand or a bigger threat.

Well I just hope he atleast decides to end the alliance

Actually it could. Do not forget that the Gravestone had that cataclysm cannon thing that jumped over to other ships. Sure it fried the systems, but that was beforeit was literally piloted by a machine god.

But yeah, they just want to go back to the roots with the empire vs republic thing and stop the “Oh but there is a more evil evil!” bullshit they have been riding for so long. They rushed that a bit, but now Timothy Zann can do his magic so let’s see what happens now.

Jumped to other ships, sure, but even so it never jumped to the massive number we see in the hologram of the fleet during the FP. Saying it could suddenly do that because it was being remote-controlled by a super-computer is still a massive stretch imo.

Whether TZ can turn ‘Republic vs Empire’ into an interesting story that actually progresses, only time will tell. At least Lana survived :’)

Well we only ever fired it ONCE before the gravestone overheated though. In the cutscene you can see it fire multiple times. Quiet frequently.

That and if the core and the ship with it were both part of Zildrog then it would make total sense that it had hidden capacities only Zildrog could use. If i had a secret weapon i’d make sure that only i can use it to it’s full potential

Well, they want to force you back to the republic vs empire war…which i think is gonna be problematic, since i sided with the empire on my jedi guardian character…i guess they have forgotten that fact?? lol

Well at the very end they did allow me to “choose” who to side with. The character I used was a bounty hunter and I sided with the Galactic Republic. Guess we’ll see where this goes when the next update releases in like, 2 years time.

I did like the 2700 (or 2500. dont remember exact numbers) influence gain on Theron for allowing him to stay cx

Yeah, kinda disappointed with the route they’re going to be honest. The war thing just ends up being a balancing act, with the story never really progressing in the grand scheme of things. I’d have preferred if they keep the Alliance as an independent third party instead of shoehorning yet another ‘Empire vs Republic’ choice into the story, just without the crazy super-fleet and all the stupid tech.

Would be awesome if Theron, Lana and the Commander just went off exploring Wild Space from now on. Instead it’s going to be back to a war that never goes anywhere 🙁

and the achieve that you finish the Fp in mm is bug, love u EA/BW/whatever :/ :/ :/ (assholes)

Weird, i saw no story at all in the flashpoint, it was just like a mindless and storyless flashpoint…..i know i can be blind to some things, but i didn’t see any ounce of story in this flashpoint…..none at all…..maybe i started it wrong??

If this is what they call a conclusion to the story arc, then i fear for the coming expansion, cause they clearly have forgotten what a story looks like.

Did you do the flashpoint with the mission from your ship terminal? Otherwise it is mostly a generic FP

To actually get the story you have to, like Jake stated, launch it from your ship terminal. If you don’t and use the standard entrance at the alliance staging ground you’ll get the exact same as if you were to launch either Umbara or Copero in the same manner.

There was quite a decent bit of story involved, and the planet itself looks pretty neat. Glad they got rid of the alliance though. Was about time it went back to Empire vs Republic

It’s datamined to be a mount so either it’ll be a cartel market thing, or it’ll be a pretty darn rare drop from him. on swtor.jedipedia there’s 2 entries for that boss:

Ancient Guardian Droid &
Ancient Guardian Droid Mount

Planet was good. Setting and art was awesome. Boss fights were pretty good.

The story was a piece of shit fan-fiction that I’ve read better stories coming from a 10 year old. What a joke bioware has become in the story department.

They wanted to finish the current storyline that was started by a really, really terrible director, who had never even heared of Star Wars before they gave him the job.

The next ones are going to be interesting though. Timothy Zann(The Thrawn books) is going to be involved with them.

No he is not. He only had a very small input into the one flash point Copera. That was all he was involved in and that was in the podcast Zann spoke in.

So, unless you got something new to show, Zann has been out since Copera and he didn’t even do all that much for that.

What is it with the Bonus Mission: Seeker of Fortune? You find and click on 7 chests to get nothing. No rewards, no achievement, no nothing. ??? Seems that they forgot to add something, anything to that mission. Complete waste of time. I mean, if they made them challenging to find and you had to approach them like you did with datacrons, at least that would be fun and if you got nothing in the end, well at least you had fun figuring out how to get to them, but they weren’t even hard to find so what gives? We waited till the last minute to do something with them so we just left them as is? Such lazy people.

The rest of the new flashpoint was cool though. Just wanted to add that in. Kudo’s to the designers for making such a lavish place.

Very first run we did was on MM and we were like: “this is it?” No challenge even though nobody had a clue what was going on.

Instanced Flashpoint Being Literally Challenging & then People Complaining is mostly about Millennials who want things to be fed for them with Golden Spoon. A.k.a With least effort & no Sweat for the Character Progression. Shameful & that’s been going for years now even in Pc Community not just among Couch Gamers. In general my eyes go 360 roll always when see these useless SWTOR Fp Guides as there’s no Need for them.

Once again the new “Planet” really isn’t a Planet & should be called as “Instanced Adventure Zone” or whatever, but not a Planet. There have been several updates with so called Planet since 3.0 Patch & been a mistake.

Swtor’s Skeleton Sized Dev crew need to understand that only after they start Delivering actual Planets like in Good early days then they can be advertised with Planet word. Peace Take care enjoy time in any game you adventure in 🙂 Kindly: Pre Ordered D.Deluxe Edition. Sub Since Launch up to End of 2016. Returned Oct. 2017, but Sad cause Still Lack of Proper Mmo Content & no Good Plans for it on Sight. Sub Auto Renewal Axed at Dec 2017. #WaitingForSubWorthyNews

Uhm, actually, the Umbara and the Copero Flashpoint are a little bit harder in some parts than they should have been. I can clear them any given time with my guildies, but I would never ever try Umbara again with pugs.

The “mechanic” of the last phase of the Vixian Mauler (second boss) is stupid, and there is just too much RNG, not just in this fight, but in others as well. The Alpha Slybex (bonus boss) is a shitfest when it comes to RNG, and it doesn’t even obey the stupid “mechanics” that it’s supposed to have. Another boss which gives hell to melee btw, because of the constant dots going out.

The second boss in the Chiss Flashpoint is very unfriendly to melee classes, at the point where burn phase is actually pretty challenging with two melee, while it’s super easy with two ranged., Also, this whole new trend of huge amounts of unavoidable damage in some of these fights in both flashpoints, is counter-intuitive and not really encouraging for following mechanics.

I miss the days when you could complete any MM FP whenever you wanted, as long as you can follow mechanics and pay attention to the fight. Now gear is actually something that plays a very important role, and that kinda sucks.

I for one am happy that the Nathema Flashpoint is much easier. We needed one on the easier side.

Posting the story variations here in case anyone’s looking:

There are always 3 victims that will be used as fuel for Zildrog:

The first one is based on the choice of either sparing or killing Senya: Nautolan Chela Nayss from a world bombed by Arcann or Zera, former Knight of Zakuul.

The second one is based on the Peacemaker/Dictator choice at the end of KOTFE: Darth Mortis or Indo Zal.

The third victim is based on your choices from the class storyline:
Jedi Knight: Servant One if Lightside or Bela Kiwiiks if Darkside
Jedi Consular: Sophia Farash (Child of the Emperor Ambassador on Voss) if Lightside or Gaden-Ko if Darkside
Trooper: Imperial General Essith (associate of Rakton) if sided with the Republic on Iokath or General Garza if sided with the Empire instead
Smuggler: Nexia Kiril (daughter of Voidwolf) if Lightside or Master Sumalee if Darkside
Sith Warrior: Darth Baras (if he was spared) or Darth Ravage if he was not
Sith Inquisitor: Khem-Val or Darth Zash, depending on whom you put into Mind Prison
Bounty Hunter: Malea Janarus (widow of the former Chancellor) or Lord Vindis (apprentice of Darth Tormen), depending on whom you killed at the end
IA: Shara Jenn (Watcher Two) if you became a double agent or Marcus Trant (Director of SIS who appeared in tie-in novels and comics) if you remained Imperial

All put together, there are 20 possible candidates for the 3 victims, 14 of which are previously established characters. The class story victim appears in hologram during the flashpoint, while the other 2 are featured in the holorecordings from the bonus mission on the Abandoned Listening Post.

I actually preferred Zash’s new body over her original (even before her face changed). I’m also hoping we get her new armor and Vinn Atrius’ soon.

Did your Smuggler pick the option to keep the Voidwolf’s armada at the end of your class story (Corellia ending)?

I understand, but I am pretty sure that the smuggler was in good terms with her. When she call him ‘lowlife’ and all that, I just kept remembering that she was pretty much a pirate at some point of her life.
I know that in the smuggler story there is not a lot to pick from, but to see the Taris Custom’s officer there would have been a lot funnier.

I agree; they were on good terms. Maybe some of the negative opinions about the Alliance, combined with skepticism from the Smuggler’s choice (which was implied to be hidden from the Republic), may have soured the relationship? Even so, it’s still a bit of a stretch.

You’re right; we should have gotten that guy from Taris. XD

Some of them are chosen based on alignment, not decisions made previously. My Jedi Knight only ever makes good choices, but she’s got a dark alignment through gameplay because I like the Sithy eyes. Ended up having a bizarre confrontation with Master Kiwiiks.

#choicesmatter :’)

It would seem that they are chosen by alignment only if they they have no alternate class story endings. The Jedi Knight is a good example. The JK killed the Voice of the Emperor on Dromund Kaas regardless of their alignment/previous story choices. Obviously, that would only yield one option for an NPC: Servant One. Since they needed another option, they picked an NPC for the “non-canon” alignment (Dark).

Are you saying that your JK was completely LS during your class story, i.e did Satele welcome you after killing the Voice, of shun you?

Completely LS throughout the story. All DS points are from non-story activities. Keep most of my characters at dark side tier 1 so they can have the eyes.

Interesting. Aside from my Smuggler, my other 7 class characters are DS for Empire and LS for Republic. Hopefully this means I will get the NPC that makes sense.

Question: Have you done the FP with an Inquisitor that let Zash take Khem’s body. If so, did Khem have the same customization you were using on him when he appeared in the FP?

Note: You don’t need DS alignment anymore for the eyes due to recent customization options. 😉

That new customisation doesn’t apply for all races, unfortunately, so it’s pretty much useless to me. As for the Khem/Zash thing, I’ve only ever imprisoned Zash. Plus my Sorcs hair colour has been changed from ginger to brown so until they fix that I don’t plan on running her through :/

I actually left the FP and spent an hour making my Jedi neutral via diplomacy missions, but I still got Kiwiiks, which was incredibly disappointing. Although I suppose it doesn’t matter. They’re obviously just killing off characters to wipe the slate clean.

It probably checks for alignment/class story choices at the beginning of the FP, or even earlier, meaning the NPC is set in stone once you start.

Remember the letter you got from her after Corellia, saying that the Voidwolf’s fleet had attacked despite his death?

It was pretty clear right then, I thought, that if she ever found out that you’d ordered that attack, she’d feel really betrayed.

I love him….
they gonna kill khem because that crappy copycat of khem???

Not necessarily. You only see Khem if you let Zash take his body at the end of your class story. If you let Khem keep his body, then he could still return in the future.

Right?! Finally, we get some good story in a flashpoint. It was like a big story chapter with better bosses!

I wish they would let us edit lana’s gear and keep her usual sith looks. But removing the companion customization only allows for either. I would just love to see her in something better looking.

And the damn loading screen. Its still showing the text from makeb. How many years is that past us now?

Guardian Droid deco:

I was having trouble, too. Open your interface, click on a Centerpiece Hook, and search under “Personnel” > “Champions.”

Odd. Mine’s visible on my Yavin Stronghold.
If you want to see it in person, visit Ji’inx’s Yavin Stronghold on Star Forge (might need an Imp character) and go to the temple courtyard out back.

was happen with Lana hair is green or something when you remove the “fallen swtor custom”

It reverts back to her pre KOTET appearance which was really rough. She looked like a character from another game, lol.

Am I the only one that spotted that nice little reference to Jason Bourne movies?
Identity, Supremacy and Ultimatum while in master mode Legacy? oh c’mooooon 😀

(i mean achievements…)

By yourself or in a group? And do you get anything extra by doing Veteran or Master mode? I mean, in Solo mode you walk away with a ton of decos already.

2 players and 2 companions and master mode has higher drop rates for schematics and the companion.

A question for anyone that got Khem Val:

Was he wearing the same customization you had equipped for him?

I didn’t say anything about getting him back.
If Khem Val appeared during the Nathema FP, was he wearing the customization you had him equipped with?

I’m not sure, but I think my Khem was with green customization number 2. He definitely wasn’t green in a cutscene. Again, not sure. I wonder if it’s his body and if it is, where does that leave Zash? Is she alive somewhere else? Would be nice to know.

The one cutscene I’ve seen with him on YouTube had him with the fully-armored gray security key customization. Was he wearing armor in your cutscene?

Oh I wish I could be sure, but I think there was some kind of armor on him indeed. He looked a bit different from his default look. Maybe more videos on youtube will surface in time and it will be easier to compare.

I didn’t see Khem, I talked to Zash in a new body. it’s been so long I don’t remember what I did on my original play through. I must have let her yake over Khem’s body or something.

Most of my customizations were placed in inventory when I started KOTET, but my inquisitor reclaimed Khem ahead of time, and he’s still wearing his customization (the same as the knock off).

zordon was a weird boss fight…i man zildrog lol.
overall the FP was alright, i’m just glad this eternal fleet/alliance etc. garbage is finally over.

Zildrog in KOTFE is said to be a dormant serpent in the swamps of Zakuul, Outlander finds the Gravestone in the swamp area of Zakuul, Zildrog turns out to be dormant in the mysterious area of the Gravestone all along! Brilliant foreshadowing

I loved it, I always wanted more answers about the Monolith in there since you meet Valkorion there, after that my guess was that it was gonna be tied to the plot in hand but it wasnt, then if it was gonna be used for KOTET and it wasnt, after that I thought it was nothing more than the power source of the ship and when I finnally played this FP I was so mind freaked when Zildrog started controling it. Everything made sense now.
It was epic.

Unfortunately Theron is still absent from Odessen, and in the companion tab his last recorded action is that he became disillusioned and betrayed me. Hope this doesnt affect my story going forward 🙁

So far, I’ve only done it twice:
-Inquisitor: Already had Theron before FP. Welcomed him back. Kept him.
-Smuggler: Told him to leave. Lost him. Used terminal to reclaim him.

I noticed something interesting. If you tell him to leave (or, presumably, leave him to die), you will not receive his new gear and companion customization. What did you choose?

I spared him, and later shook his hand on Odessen lol, but when the Flashpoint was over the Gravestone was outside intact and Theron was nowhere to be found. He is currently listed as a contact, alongside Darth Marr and the rest

Did you receive his gear/customization? Also, I know this is pretty obvious, but did you select the companions lost during KotFE option on the terminal?

The Gravestone’s still on Odessen for me. Also, Theron’s companion tab only lists whether or not you put a bounty on him. Charles said: “As for the contact info not updating, we’ve got that one noted and plan to fix it in an upcoming patch. Thanks for letting us know!”

I got the customization, and the outfit as a quest reward. Glad to hear the Gravestone isn’t a bug, but Theron is stuck in that Contact section, tried bringing him back from the Terminal, to no effect even tho I am getting a message that says he is back.

I had a similar issue in the past during KotFE when I tried to reclaim SCORPIO. Reclaiming the other companions above her in the list seemed to fix it. 🙂 Unfortunately, my Inquisitor was forced to reclaim Kaliyo. :/ If you’re not worried about reclaiming other dead companions, you might want to try this option.

wait you can reclaim the dead???
I cant reclaim not even… Khem Val….

Use the terminal in the small room near the Smuggler area in the Alliance base on Odessen.

LOL I just tried bringing back SCORPIO and the rest from KOTFE, THEY ARE ALL STUCK!

5.9a Patch Notes:

“The Gravestone should no longer be visible after completing The Nathema Conspiracy in solo-story mode.”

Story was completely broken for me, had me sided with the reps when Ive picked the imps several times now and the NPCs used were all over the place (looking at the explanation given below), they need to make a switch like the light and dark side button so we can just choose before starting new content because the way they are doing it choices do not matter and its all rng.

nostalgia hit me when Darth Baras appeared, I remembered how nice it was back then in 2011

The final choices of the arc (choosing between empire/republic and choosing to marry or have an adventure with your romance [Lana in my case]) are actually going to impact future content? Am I gonna be tied to the faction I pick and I wont be able to switch my romances if I marry my actual one?
Also if I reunite with my old story companion and continue my romance with him/her is that companion replacing Lana at that final scene?

It’s currently unknown how those choices will affect future story content. Based on precedent, I doubt who you married will affect anything outside of some added dialogue sections in future cutscenes.

My Inquisitor, who is still romancing Ashara, didn’t get any marry options at the final scene. I think it’s only there if you romance Lana or Theron (or maybe Arcann?).

Interesting. I left Theron to die. They showed him slump over as the place was going down and got a mail from Satele after saying she felt his dying thoughts.

Ive been feeling guilty about it in RL now lol. so would be ok with him surviving.
My romance options bugged back in the day so nothing like that occurred.

maybe he’s back like ghost… or someone save him…. like…. Re-re-revan (my original story) Theron is posses by Revan…. “The Dark Knigth Rises”

Poor Revan needs to RIP at this point. XD

My guess is that if Theron is important in next story line they will say that Satele came and rescued him and then lied to me.

I couldn’t have been happier with that particular element of the story. I want to get rid of the Eternal Empire, Eternal Throne, Eternal Alliance ASAP on all my toons that have started this ridiculous story

(8 out of 25 have started it, only 4 have completed KOTFE and only 1 has completed KOTET).

If anything, I really WISH they will bring an option to the game, where after the whole KOTFE/KOTET mess, you can actually send away ALL the generic companions, and keep only the original 5 companions for each class. That would be the dream for me. I don’t need 45 companions, 5 are more than enough.

I don’t mind having so many companions. I just wish we had some more options for sorting them.

My idea:
-Main Characters: Lana, Theron, Koth, HK-55, Senya, and Arcann
-Class Companions: Pre-KotFE/returned original companions
-Cartel Companions: Creatures AND droids
-Other: Other class’ companions, Star Fortress companions, & promotional
-Alliance Contacts: Hylo, Sana-Rae etc.

Also, start with most of these categories collapsed.

Your last sentence says it all. But I would place “Class Companions” on top for sure, and not collapsed. Everything other collapsed.

I still think that “Main Characters” take precedence since the current story revolves around them, and they are basically Outlander “class” companions.

I would keep the Main and Class Companions open and collapse the rest.

I would prefer giving Pierce or M1-4X the hint that the ship was getting a bit too full. Pretty sure either of them would sort it out in short order.

Thanks for clarifying. I kinda find it dull now to resume old romances then. Whats the point of it if our partner isn’t gonna get more protagonism and love scenes? 🙁
BW really needs to add triggerable conversations with our companions by right clicking them on rest areas the way they worked on KOTOR where you could talk with them about the adventure.
Would help as a way to both recap if you forget about how the story was going so far as to include romance options with our chosen partners that we can trigger and repeat any time we want instead of wait till the writers want to give them a bit of protagonism to any of them in a new story arc with kiss scenes and romance interactions that we are not hearing again once the scene ends.
This so our romance partners doesn’t feel so dead. lol

I see no real killing blow to Theron. Back to ESO and GTA until better story telling comes back.

Hmmm ….Did it not show him getting a light saber (pike) in the back?? And would not been back to other games anyways after watching it on you tube???

so erm.. nothing about the rather overpowered second Experimental sithspawn that can near instakill with 1 hit?

Dulfy, the link to Temple Torch is broken. It takes you to Hanging Tree instead. Just thought you would want to know. As always, thanks for all the work you put into this site.

Entertaining flash point to play. Nice atmosphere and the area was well done but the story just continues sucks ass. bioware’s star wars story writing just continues to go downhill.

PSA: After completing this FP through the story, you will be unable to complete KotET “Chapter IX: The Eternal Throne” ever again, as the final step (take control of the Eternal Command Console) won’t work with a broken throne/table. You can make it through all of the fighting, cutscenes, and end credits, but the actual mission can’t be completed (or abandoned). :/

Looks like Patch 5.9.1 will add the “Dramath Holo” and “Valkorion Holo” decorations as rewards for the “Seeker of Fortune” bonus mission. The mission will give you a choice between the two decorations.

Confirmed. just did the quest and picked Valkorion. I’ll grab the other one on another toon.

Edit: Oh and Lana is back to being blonde. : )

Thanks for confirming. I’ve already done Nathema on my 8 class mains, so I’ll have to find someone to help me with those two runs.

I keep her default look since it was specifically designed for her (original companions didn’t really have unique gear), but I’m still glad they fixed her hair. 🙂

“PSA: After completing this FP through the story, you will be unable to complete KotET “Chapter IX: The Eternal Throne” ever again, as the final step (take control of the Eternal Command Console) won’t work with a broken throne/table. You can still make it through all of the fighting, cutscenes (mostly), and end credits, but the actual mission, which should end with the epilogue (Lana & Theron foreshadowing cutscene) can’t be completed (or abandoned). :/”

Update: Patch 5.9.1 fixed this issue. The Eternal Throne/Table will now spawn as a clickable item to trigger the epilogue cutscene that completes the mission. After the mission, it will revert to its busted post-Nathema state.

PSA: If you’re doing the FP in a group, only one person will get rewards for the “Seeker of Fortune” bonus mission. Whoever clicks the last chest first will get the rewards.

I was able to choose either the “Valkorian Holo” or the “Dramath Holo” for completing the Bonus mission “Seeker of Fortune”. Thanx for the guides, Duffy. You rock!

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