SWTOR Promises Different Journey from Last Couple Years

As 5.9 marks the conclusion of the whole KOTFE/KOTET expansions, Charles Boyd promises a different journey for the next expansion.


Happy 5.9 day folks! I’ve been helping family with some hard stuff this week (and continuing to do so) so I apologise for being less responsive than I’d like in Musco’s absence.

So don’t hesitate to share your thoughts! Just know that if I don’t get right back to you, it’s not personal 🙂 Really hard to believe we’re at the end of KotFE/KotET; I’m so proud of our amazing team and the passion, creativity, and dedication they’ve shown all this time

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed the ride! Either way, the next step in your characters’ journeys will be pretty different from the last couple of years and I’m really excited about sharing more about this new story and its characters, both new and old, a little ways down the road.

So thanks for all the love and patience and support and don’t hesitate to send pics of your Theron with whichever haircut you prefer 😉

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This title is misleading. The only thing that I reckon from this is that we won’t have to deal with the KOTFE/KOTET bullshit anymore. This message doesn’t sound either regretful for the state of the game, or promising for the future.

I mean, if the game did NOT go to a new storyline, that would be kind of stupid.

if everything since 4.0 was utterly obliterated from existence (aka Retconned) Stwor would be better for it…

I’ve never seen a game’s story line so unironically derailed by fanfic level BS in my life.

Not everything. Valkorion is still dead along with most of his family. The galaxy is free of his grasp. Which is pretty much what the Alliance set out to do in the first place. But yes, I am glad most of it is retconned and we’ll be going back to the war between the Republic and the Sith Empire. Because let’s all be honest. That’s what we wanted from the getgo.

It wasn’t too bad of a flashpoint the one time I ran it. Wish everything didnt have stupid high hp that just makes it take forever.

just hope we dont all our companions can i see losing depending what side you choose i get the impression we will have to choose again. havent play the fp yet but i accidently on vid showing one ending

“Really hard to believe we’re at the end of KotFE/KotET” – Eh? No it isn’t. It was long and painful fanfic cross universe garbage and it bleed my eye sockets, so painful I doubt even Darth Sion could withstand. And I am very skeptical about what is next. Sure won’t be hard to top that level of bantha shit.

“I’m so proud of our amazing team and the passion, creativity, and dedication they’ve shown all this time” – Sure have a low standard of opinion to be sure.

“Hopefully you’ve enjoyed the ride!” – Nope …. Most suffered greatly though.

“Either way, the next step in your characters’ journeys will be pretty different from the last couple of years” – Believe it when I see it.

“I’m really excited about sharing more about this new story and its characters, both new and old, a little ways down the road.” – Little…. that a fucking understatement of the century. That is all you guys seem to be able to provide even though you get paid truck load from all the C store purchases you drain out of your consumer base.

Just a hunch, so just hear me out, I might be putting words in your lips.

But I think you don’t like this game or BioWare.

With the trackrecord of this game and Bioware. How can anyone like either? All we want is a great game and a lot more communication between the devs and the players.

Actually all I wanted was KOTOR 3. I sorta got that, so then I wanted more story. I didn’t get that, I got a bunch of idiotic multiplayer content that wasn’t that good in Makeb and SoR. So then they jump back to their roots, and well, the first third of it wasn’t half bad. Not as good as the stuff in the beginning, but still worth playing. Then they screwed up by dribbling out content at a slower than dogsnot rate. They attempted to hold people by giving cosmetic shinies that while OK, were not super great. Then when they decided to put out the last third, they did so in a very uninspired way with a nice “event” designed to burn the fuck out of their playerbase right before. Then they decided to release more “multiplayer” content which was boring af. I never thought I’d see them make a FP I hated more than the pre SoR Korriban/Tython FPs, but yeah, they said “Hold my beer” and did it.

Oh and I don’t give a shit if they communicate with us, or not. What I want is good story. I don’t want to see Flashpoints, ops, pvp areas, or strongholds. I want story. If they don’t give that to me, than I’m not going to buy anymore. I’ll grab an emulator and play the “KOTOR 3” story quests and ruminate on what might have been had Mythic not convinced EA corporate that BW was out of its league and would release a dog. And then with Mythic’s help, they did release a dog.

Actually, if you don’t like multiplayer content, then just don’t play SWTOR. It’s just not for you. Both 2.0 and 3.0 were great expansions when it comes to the multiplayer content they released. and it was actually a golden age when we used to get Flashpoints on a regular basis. Even though it’s not nearly enough, getting 3 Flashpoints in the last few months has been pretty cool actually.

Maybe you shouldn’t play SWTOR. Let’s see, Initial launch, KOFTE(all patches), KOTET (not post) were strong story. In fact there’s probably more soloable content including story than anything else. so if you don’t like and accept that, then you should not play.

KOTFE and KOTET had literally the worst story in any Star Wars game I have played.

All of the Rebel Assault games, Jedi Knight games, Jedi Academy, The Force Unleashed games, the KOTOR games and any other storyline in SWTOR is so much better than KOTFE and KOTET.

Having said that, you are talking about a game that was launched with 12 Flashpoints, and now contains a total of 25 Flashpoints, all of which progress either a side story or the main story, and a total of 10 Operations, all of which also progress the main storyline. So if there’s someone who doesn’t understand that SWTOR is a MMO (the middle M stands for MULTIPLAYER) that’s not me my friend, but you.

This game was never intended to be a traditional MMO, and wasn’t until Mythic got their idiot hands on it. They can put out multiplayer story, but that doesn’t have to be pathetic flashpoints and ops. Its funny how if KOFTE and KOTET had the worst stories, both of those were the times that this game had the most players in it. Lately, its been down, down and further down. Even merging the servers and on 5/4 there weren’t more than 2 instances on popular parts of the game.

So the current regime of Bioware idiots can follow people like you,and likely get their game yanked from them and handed to Broadsword to caretaker it, or they can go back to where BW used to be good and come out with good story content.

I really don’t see a middle ground. And if you really want to play a MMO, go play WoW or Wildstar.

Dude, I get it. You are a single player story kind of player.

But this is a game that was NEVER supposed to be a single player game. It was marketed, developed, conceived, and released, as an MMORPG game, and you can rest assured, that the reason for that was the huge success of WOW.

The game had the maximum amount of players when it was released, then it dropped dramatically after many people were disappointed with the lack of even MORE multiplayer content, and then after the game was saved via the Cartel Market and the F2P option, its population rose again between 2.0 and 3.0, after which it dropped at a pretty fast rate as well.

KOTFE and KOTET managed to bring a significant core of single mode players such as yourself, but the vast majority of them canceled their subscription after 1-2 months, after realizing that it was complete and utter shit.

If you DON’T want to play an MMO, just go play something else, but not SWTOR. This game has been at its height only when it was releasing multiplayer content at a good rate. If you don’t remember how it was during the 2.X days, that’s your problem, not mine.

SWTOR was actually at its height when KOFTE was originally released. It had more people playing then than any other time of its run. Admittedly they didn’t stay for very long, but long enough to greenlight a second KOFTE aka KOTET.

Also, its a fact that nearly every part of SWTOR that was praised was the class stories. Ask nearly any non hardcore raider, FPer, PvPer (well, 98.1% of the playerbase) and they’ll say the class stories are their favorites. Nearly everyone wants more of those.

Personally, I don’t see why you don’t find some other game. Wildstar did so super awesome catering to hardcore raiders, didn’t it? Oh, well no… I wonder why. But it does have a lot of hardcore raiding content. Also, there’s WoW or any # of EQ/EQ2 expansions out there, each of which caters to hardcores a lot more than TOR does. You might have more fun at one of those…

coming soon in the new xpac you can now buy your companions back via the cartel market as the story line has the hutts taking them all hostage you must buy them back or fight the hutts solo!!

Different like… we know things have been bad but we want to do better by our players and bring more people back into the game and make it fun and exciting again? Or different like… we already spent our budget photoshopping new cartel items so story going forward is just going to be posted on our website?

Still single game for most of ppl. Create stories and stuff but it wont make swtor a perfect MMO or bring it back to 2011. But im eager to see what “pretty different” they could make with it.

That tweet doesn’t really mean things are going to change in terms of the amount of new content and the quality of new content.
More to do with the fact that the ‘Keeping up with the Valkorions’ is finally over (which is good news for everyone, it was horrifically badly written).

6.0 will come but will it be anything more than a large patch? I seriously doubt it.
Most certainly will NOT be an actual expansion the size that every other MMORPG release.

Lets put it this way, does anyone think that 6.0 will bring ->
Fully completed new operations (most MMORPGS release with expansions multiple operations or raids)
A new class or spec? (most MMORPG’s release 1 or 2 of these at some point)
New world events? (most MMORPG’s release multiple of these)
Multiple flashpoints (SWTOR will be lucky to release 1 of these with 6.0)
New Planets with large daily areas (SWTOR will most likely do 1 single planet at 6.0 with a tiny area to squeeze everyone into to give the impression the population isn’t as bad as it seems)
PVP maps and GSF maps (I’ll be shocked if PVPer’s are even included in 6.0 at all)
Sure there’s more I’ve missed.

My money is on a short story (with lots and lots of 2 min cutscenes) that they promise will continue with patches throughout 2019 with a tiny planet with a tiny daily area and returning companions or new companions.
That’s your max is you’re lucky.

Depends on what you want from a game 🙂 I am in the same situation, and I am gonna wait until that whole kotet/kotfe thing is over.
Would be great if they skipped a few years and ended up in Original Trilogy timeline, for 6.0+.
I would definetely return then.

I can’t stress enough how bad this course of action is. Just… leave the two periods alone.

I often joke about how Swtor is 3 thousand years before A New Hope or 3 hundred years after because of how ridiculous trying to explain away why Star Wars has exactly the same look, technology, and political intrigue going on in every time period.
But seriously Swtor would benefit greatly by using way more cosmetic and thematic connections to the movies.

I can’t agree with you, mate. The new canon is too afraid to make any noticeable changes, but the different periods in the EU had a lot of uniqueness. You can take a look at the Dawn of the Jedi, Tales of the Jedi and Legacy comic series. Not to mention the whole KotOR/TOR era is pretty unique by itself. And I also see no reason as to why the general conflict has to change (which, by the way, happens in the EU, check the Pius Dea era) as Star Wars is, at it’s core, about Jedi versus Sith, good versus evil.

About what TOR will benefit from, I honestly think that it should stick to it’s own lore. Making connections with the movies is just not a good idea IMO. In any case, if it’s well done I’ll accept it. But seeing as the new canon is kinda shit, I have my doubts.

O im familiar with all the source material and completely disagree, all the eras have lightsabers, blasters, and ships with the exact same look and tech. All the alien civilizations have the exact same problems and social dysfunctions 3 thousand years ago as the movie era (imps make Wookies slaves, Chiss serve the imps, Hutts are gangsters,Jedi are silly monks that believe in prophesy that doesn’t even come true in the movies) And why would the conflict be any different for thousands of years? Im not going to touch that absurdity.
Star Wars is Star Wars man, this era was created to play with all the toys in this universe without messing up the ‘current’ era and its canon, a casual observer non-fan of the franchise would never be able to tell the difference.

A casual observer won’t notice a difference between different in-universe time periods in many franchises so that’s not really an argument.
I like the fact that there’s a sort of stability to Star Wars – you’re always going to be able to recognize what’s what – and there’s not too much weird sci-fi stuff (teleportation, other dimensions, traveling from one galaxy to another). To each his own I guess.

Most franchises don’t mess around with different time periods at all for exactly those reasons.
I totally agree about the stability factor and dislike the inclusion of teleportation in Swtor and never got into all that other galaxy crap in the EU.

Guys, remember: BioWare promises mean a lot.

I’d say about as much as our story choices have meant since the last 20 minutes of vanilla Mass Effect 3.

Thing is, they could’ve brought out more content…but yeah they needed to spend their resources on their biggest mistake in years called Galactic Command. All these fixes on the system and then the inevitable server merges just took their resources.

If they hadn’t screwed things up so badly with 5.0 when everybody warned them, things would’ve been different last year. Still that doesn’t fix the KotFE/ET story line. These last few FPs were a lot better but yeah, few and far between.

Maybe they can bring out content next that needs less fixing and ticks off fewer players? Just a thought…

man the last arc was kinda cool but releasing drop by drop was stupid, I don’t even remember why I was mad at Theron, it loses sense

I played the heck out of this game for most of its life but between the whole Zakuul garbage and the boneheaded changes like CXP I gave up on it but keep tabs on it to see if they improve again. I don’t have much faith that this team can turn this thing around but I’d love to be wrong on this. I don’t take too much stock in anyone’s twitter feed though.

When the Nathema FP was released yesterday and I finished it, I only felt an overwhelming sense of relief that all this Zakuul stuff was coming to a close. I have not enjoyed any of the recent expacs to do with it and that has basically all that has been released over a three year period. It just made me really tired and its been so long that Ive totally forgotten anything my character has done, why I did it and what events led up to my character making that choice. I don’t even remember the fate of each of the prominent antagonists. Episodic content this slow is not a good plan, especially if you have multiple alts.

I can only hope the next step for Swtor is something that I will enjoy and we get back to what made the conflict between the Empire and Republic so great, since that has not been explored since vanilla. Im not holding any excitement though, the devs will have to prove that they are still capable, which as far as Im concerned has not been shown at all within recent years.

agreed, I’ve said before that I’d love to re-play the main story and romance the same way as the kotet episodes. It’s already made content. It’s perfect for filling the gap between now and when anthem flops, and the devs can come back and maybe make a late 2019 expansion effort. I’ll assume that they want us to just re-do all the storylines on new alts. That won’t work for so many people for many reasons.

“Either way, the next step in your characters’ journeys will be pretty different from the last couple of years…”

Note to all players holding out hope based on this statement:

“Different” does not equal “better”. There is an equal chance of the “journey” being worse than it has been for the last couple years.

You could also see it as a political admittance that the last two expansions didn’t work, without stepping on the hearts of those who did enjoy the KotFE/ET story lines and without saying out loud they f’d up.

I agree that different doesn’t automatically mean better but it’s good to see they are going in a different direction considering that the one we were on was pretty bad in my view. Of course I already quit months ago, so the burden of proof is with them. I’m not going to play SWTOR in the hopes it’ll get better. First it needs to get better and then when they’ve added enough new content I might give it a go again. Maybe.

same. I did log in Wednesday, sat there for 5 minutes, then logged out. I had nothing to actually do anymore. I then played Divinity. It’s not a hatred of SWTOR, it’s just a realism and boredom. My time is precious little, and that’s just life. thousand’s of hours on the game and I’ve loved most of them.

To paraphrase for him – “the next step in your characters’ journeys will be pretty different from the last couple of years. We refer to this step as Offline Mode, in Shutdown MMO-town. Until then, keep subbin’…”

Sure will. When we get actual content. I’m all for the game’s survival for ten more years, just not like this. Beggars belief that this kind of garbage communication is still accepted by what’s left of the player-base. Surprised? No. Switched off? Yes. And “a little ways down the road” is as vague as you can get.

With the mega success of Marvel especially with the most recent Infinity war. Lucasfilm and Bioware are realizing they have a property that will only thrive if it gives them what fans want. Marvel celebrate’s it’s fans knowledge of the lore of the past and Lucasfilm went the lazy route and threw all that away thinking they could make newer and more interesting stuff. Fans hate seeing Han and Luke be degraded humiliated (green milk teets) before being killed off. Meanwhile Marvel celebrate their heroes with no hidden agendas.

Maybe this tweet is a nod that they get it and they will return to what people loved most about KOTOR. Fingers crossed.

Now how you connected the Marvel movies with a Star Wars game, is beyond me. Two very different markets. The fanbase of SWTOR don’t want to be given predictable stories, they just want a GOOD game, whatever that means. I could argue that the MCU movies are not exactly the epitome of artistic wonder. You are right about one thing though, they are what many many people want to see.

umm you know that TLJ was the most succesful film of 2017 brining in a cash to cash profit ratio of 1.71 which is huge.

Disney is extremely happy with Lucasfilm, they are probably not happy with EA and what EA has done but they are extremely happy with the films.

Also degraded Han? You know that Harirson said he would only come back if he died right?

Thats easy to say as a consumer isnt it? couple Billion sounds like a lot of money?

You do know that largest source of income in all of Disney is ESPN, right?
It makes more than Star wars and marvel combined. They are a drop in the hat
even though part of the reason to buy them was as a backup plan…
More and more people are dropping cable for alternative enterainment sources. The whole thing is predicted to go chapter 11 this decade at the rate it is spiraling if they dont find a successful way to turn it around. Theres been lots of stockmarket talk about it over the last few years.

yes I am well aware of ESPNs drop in income and how it is hurting Disney…. but what does that have to do with Star Wars?

You are right about TLJ versus other films.

As for Disney being happy with Lucasfilm, no they are not. Why? Because they saw what TFA brought in and the expectations for what TLJ was supposed to do fell far short from that.

More than that, they have seen the toy sales for Star Wars plummet off a cliff. Star Wars merchandise is supposed to make a pretty sizable income stream for Disney and they are now witnessing interest in Star Wars wane quickly.

I am sure Disney is even more concerned when Infinity War has an audience score of 92% on RT while TLJ ended up with a 47%.

Word from Hollywood press is that Disney is going to watch the performance of Solo closely and if it doesn’t do well, there may be some changes coming to LucasArts management. The big question will be though, if it is too late and has Kennedy damaged the brand so much that it will be able to recover.

Agreed: In a lot of the toy stores here in Australia, I see many shops selling on discount, toys related to TFA or TLJ and they still don’t sell well.

The fact they emphasized it will be pretty different is a good sign.

These comment sections are such an echo chamber of negativity, of 12 year old style trolling. I don’t blame others for not wanting to dive in.

The reality is many of us liked the story of the last bit of content, just not the scale of content, the release patterns, and the sporadic nature of content (even though I don’t raid these days the lack of raid content is an odd and bad choice).

The fact that the game isn’t dead yet speaks to the reality that the content and story etc clearly weren’t viewed as unanimously bad as some who post here might suggest. People speak with their time and money more than they do with words.

With that said considering how controversial the story has been it’s a good sign they are specifically saying the new story line will be pretty different.

Personally I care more about them committing to the type of content, going back to an expansion like pattern so we can actually have enough content at once to enjoy ourselves more for a burst of time, etc. I have yet to see anything to suggest that change though.

The fact they emphasized the different direction is because KOTFE and KOTET was pretty much unanimously viewed as bad.
The population nose dived drastically over the course of those terrible ‘expansions’ hence why UNITED FORCES happened aka the server merges.
It became so bad that even EA/Bioware removed devs to other projects, practically giving up on SWTOR as a concept and left a skeleton crew to continue to entertain (milk the cartel whales) what was left of a playerbase.

The SWTOR players that are still there are either solo players who sub on occasion (and love to play dress up) or long time subscribers who just can’t let go and no matter how terrible it gets.

It’s simple check out other MMORPG’s that require subscription fee and compare them amount of devs working on the game, the amount of new content, the quality of content and the pace in which it’s released.
Once you do that then you’ll realize that EA/Bioware are the actual trolls.

You get an echo chamber of negativity here because it’s brutal honesty and people don’t like it (they then call it trolling).
SWTOR hasn’t done anything of worth that justifies any level of positivity in a long time.

A fun narrative, we can all create narratives 😉

I agree with some of what you said, some of what you said matches what happened, much is speculation.

I have no desire to argue it, but the loudest people are not all the people who play the game. Don’t fall into that trap.

The amount of people who play the game gets smaller and smaller every year. Maybe BioWare should’ve listened before they implemented Galactic Command when the PTS players told em it was crap and the forums exploded when they explained months before release what they were planning to do.

I don’t expect them to do everything people ask, on the contrary, but they seem to lack the good sense when people give good reasons why something is a bad idea.

The reason why 2017 didn’t deliver the content that was promised is because of GC. They needed to many resources to patch GC over and over and the loss of players because of it made the server merges necessary and that took a lot of resources.

The loudest people are not all the people who play the game, but it is wise to at least hear what they have to say and think about it. Also BioWare should not just think about the existing player base because unless you can get more people back into the game, that player base will just keep getting smaller.

You see, a lot of people left because they felt KotFE/ET was horrible story wise. So clearly then the player base that’s left has more people proportionately that liked the story. But what good is that if it chased so many people away? And these two expansions were the death of significant group content, so even if a story brings you back, there’s no reason to stay.

It’s been a few months since I stopped playing, but I’m betting it’s still mostly about GF runs (last boss fights) for points and farming ranked warzones for mats. Ok there was the last boss of the new ops that may have had a temporary upswing. I heard some outrageous prices for paid runs so that may have been a thing a bit.

But if you’re just looking at the ever dwindling player group as the people where it’s at, then that’s the trap you shouldn’t fall it. This game needs more people to come back to it and stay… currently it doesn’t support that.

I’ve played since beta, a lot of people left about two weeks after launch. The game then got a major boost going F2P for a period. Lots of people left well before KotFE/ET. Lots left after it. More also left just in this last year where there was hardly any content to even complain about.

Personally that last one is the worst IMHO. If there’s at least a healthy chunk of content that people are mixed about (which is always the case with an MMO, anyone who says otherwise needs to live a little longer and experience a bit more) they sometimes stay and complain. If you notice the people complaining every day from within the game they are still within the game. The last 1 1/2 years have had almost no real content at all, not even the type to elicit strong reactions of like or disgust. That’s a bad sign.

Many people who talk here are too young and inexperienced to have been through these phases of an MMO, through the many that have died, others that have gone up and down etc. Anyone who speaks in absolutes about such things just doesn’t know any better.

Things are rarely as black and white as people want them to be. All MMOs suffer from declining populations and it’s often more about stabilizing than growing.

As detailed above I fear that BW haven’t been able to even stabilize the population for a while now and the sad thing is that it has a lot to do with their own decisions. Galactic Command being a clear example of an idea that.

And yeah, apathy is worse than anger in that respect. That’s when people really stop caring.

remember this is the same tool who thinks you should have to play the game to post here lolz need i say more /smh

I hope you don’t succumb to levels of calling me or others “tools” with no real content and substance, right? I mean your response was pretty good, respectfully giving your opinion while not having to exaggerate my own.

Much of what you say I agree with and doesn’t contradict my own post you are responding to.

Though an echo chamber of negativity is what it is even if it’s somewhat deserved. This is not usually a constructive thing. That’s the problem with an echo chamber, they almost are always for valid reasons, but they then enhance and exaggerate those. For example I still play SWTOR. I really really dislike the last 1 1/2 years of the game by Bioware. A pathetic amount of content. Not even enough content to really like or dislike. That’s a universally bad thing. Though I still play from time to time, my wife does too, both of us played since beta (and have been playing MMOs for a very long time, I have a character in EQ that’s over 19 years old now). There are plenty of people we see still playing and enjoying the game.

Sadly they are enjoying the older content at this point, but that doesn’t match this comment sections *at all*. Even general chat which can have streaks of complaining have far more people who are more indifferent or at least less negative then here. If someone spends there time here they will not get a view that matches even the realistic levels of negativity in the game.

Again, that’s the dangers of an echo chamber and this one has gotten so bad, it’s impressive.

Is this comment actually aimed at me ?
My previous reply to you said you didn’t want to argue, has that changed cause theres loads in the above comment that I could address.

There’s an arrow with your name on it. So yes it’s in response to your

“Oh yeah I forgot lol”

You gave a good and respectful response, where you could disagree without insult. Then you said that in response to the poster who resulted to insulting with “tool”.

So again I repeat

“I hope you don’t succumb to levels of calling me or others “tools” with no real content and substance, right? I mean your response was pretty good, respectfully giving your opinion while not having to exaggerate my own.

Much of what you say I agree with and doesn’t contradict my own post you are responding to.”

I specifically said

“I have no desire to argue it, but the loudest people are not all the people who play the game. Don’t fall into that trap.”

Meaning I don’t want to argue that specific point, I am always open to respectful discussion and like my response said “I agree with some of what you said”. I just don’t agree with the full narrative you point.

Oh okay, it was 6 days ago I made that comment to Shawn, assumed it was a dead thread.
Look I’ll gladly engage in a conversation here.

You speak of an echo chamber of negativity here like the people are wrong in some way in how they feel,
yet you yourself say ” I really really dislike the last 1 1/2 years of the game by Bioware”
Look of course in game chat is going to be less negative that goes without saying, doesn’t mean thats the level of negativity to measure by.
Go on SWTOR forums and marvel at the white knights and how everything is wonderful and Keith can do no wrong.
That behaviour is far more damaging to SWTOR players than some people logging on to a fan site and laughing at the pathetic state SWTOR has become.

The only difference between you and most of the negative posters here is about 6 months of more disappointment.
You even go on to say yourself that you only play from time to time and ”A pathetic amount of content” (totally agree)
So what is the issue here, people being to honest?

No, this “tool” (really? lol, online people crack me up) simply doesn’t get why some people, like you, spend so much time posting about a game you aren’t playing. The game you are playing is literally talking about a game you seem to hate and not play. Spend your time however you want, though you might put a little more effort into being accurate when referring to others. A little maturity goes a long way my friend.

I think you go too far in your conclusion about the content of the last two expansions. Of course there are people who liked it but there’s a reason the game had server merges last year and it’s because even though KotFE brought players back, it didn’t keep them and KotET or more to the point GC chased too many people away.

The fact that the game isn’t dead yet is because there are still enough people spending money on cosmetics in spite of the ever-shrinking player base. It’s pretty much down to the hardcore fans now.

And what you shouldn’t forget is that BioWare are going away from the Zakuul story line now. This would not be necessary if enough people enjoy Zakuul. But here’s something that BioWare can measure…the amount of level 70s that skipped some or all of the KotFE/ET chapters.

So I find your view on KotFE/ET a bit optimistic and I believe that it’s because it wasn’t well received that they’re going to go in a different direction now. Of course some people enjoyed it but not enough to warrant the resources put into them and the loss of players resulting in some hefty server merges.

The game had declining population in phases before KotFE/ET. Likewise they still went full force with ET despite the mixed reception of KotFE. That dramatically challenges the logic of your statement that we should now take their move away from KotFE/ET story as a strong sign of something but not their committed pursuing of ET.

Personally I think it’s more simple than that, their MMO style content has just been really pathetic. They haven’t released nearly enough new events (it’s been so long), daily areas, flashpoints, raids, pvp, etc… The type of content people do after they burn through the story content fast and play the MMO part of the game day in and out. It’s a lot like launch actually, they returned to their same mistakes.

I wouldn’t praise the KotFE/ET story in general btw. I just think people are hyperbolic in bashing it (nothing new with MMO communities of course). The best parts of the storyline were the ones taken from the Darth Revan book ironically, the rest was pretty weak. I hope their next direction is better and far more consistent with the content that has come before.

The game has been in decline basically from the day it was released back in 2011. With KotFE however we saw a change in direction that was intended to turn the tide of the continuing decline. And whereas it did bring a good number of players back, it also chased a lot more than you’d want away because of how they handled the rest of the game.

The decision to stop making endgame group content and just raise the existing operations to max level and stripping mechanics out of SM boss fights etc. was a bad idea and it sort of was the first of two elements that killed meaningful group content in this game. The other one came with KotET and is called Galactic Command.

As for the story, well, it was the realisation of the one-size-doesn’t-fit-all story line which was written for the jedi knight. The second problem was that it no longer felt like your character was central in the story. You were a puppet for the Alliance but you were not really calling the shots. Then there were the inconsistencies in the story itself and the eventual soap operat of the Valkorion family. After Theron and Lana they became the main characters in the story.

And here’s the thing, the Unique Selling Point of SWTOR was the class stories and actually still is…and that’s a rough thing for the game to throw out.

Now, I’ve stopped playing and I don’t expect to return to the game, as much as it pains me to say that. Now if the new direction is good and they fix some elemental issues that the game has today and which makes it boring for longer time players I could see myself returning. What I don’t see is BioWare actually delivering on the last part.

For me 6.0 will tell me what BioWare is capable of today with regards to SWTOR and then I’ll decide whether I’ll stay up-to-date for the day it might return or whether to give up and leave it entirely. That’s why I’m still around here to see where things are going. Apparently we’ll get a new roadmap soon, so I’ll be interested in that.

I have to say that the story since Iokath was already a lot better in my view. I really did enjoy Copero (aside from the initial mob density) but the game overall has gotten stale and the GC reward system rewards the easiest endgame content and basically punishes anything more difficult. To me that’s the world upside-down.

To be honest I feel this game is aimed at underachievers. It’s all about repeating the same simple things like last boss runs and group ranked warzone farming to get maximum command points per minute. Speed clearing and points per minute means that the points are more important than the actual content you’re playing. That’s what bothers me most.

And then there is the lack of explorable planets (Iokath being the only one and what a terrible mess that is mapwise and daily-wise).

You know other MMOs don’t have better stories generally but SWTOR used to rise above that. Now they don’t and the rest of the game doesn’t offer that much by comparison either.

I know that people like to exaggerate and that bugs me as well, but what I’ve written here are in no way exaggerations in my view.

All we can do at this point is wait and see. I’m not terribly prone to expecting anything as amazing as advertised, but anything different at this point will be refreshing.

How much have the classes changed since 5.0 (or whatever version it was when the story ended with beating evil twin #2 allowing the sister to take over)?
If I return, do I need to practically build all my characters from scratch?

Class patches were varying last updates and many populiarised were so nerfed, besides swtor population is under 2k peak times, so it’s up to you to devote money for this cartel ass game or skip through.

its 1000% pvp related on class changes. Damn crybabies in pvp. He is out dpsing me or he has better heals or that tank out dps most melee dps. GTFOH

*’I’m so proud of our amazing team and the passion, creativity, and dedication they’ve shown all this time’*

*cough* right *stronger cough* ‘honest passion’

A different Journey, what does that mean. Not focusing on an Operation spread out across the year? Or is he going back further and they are going to move away from story completely?

Or is it just a line, that means nothing but meant to give the faithful some reason to sub through the summer of no content and the Autumn of more server mergers and background changes that wont effect the game or your experience but are the reason there has been so little content.

Y’know, a different journey, by burning all the new shit and running back to empire vs republic instead of making the new shit good. But then forgetting that the old shit had fallen into a rut too and still wasn’t great.

it will be different b/c you will be required to buy oxygen for your characters to breathe in the universe you cant oxygen tanks on the cartel market that let your character breathe for 5 minutes.

In other news all of your companions will be taken away and you will have to rebuy them on the cartel market. We had such a succesful time taking them away the first time and regiving/rewrapping them back to you that we thought wed see how far we can go with this idea. If this works we will introduce companion death into the game where youll have to buy a either a funeral token or a companion revive probe in the store.

Whats also different is were going back to the 1 imps vs 1,000 pubs routine so get ready for another round of faction imbalance. Since were to stupid to add a 3rd faction and anthem took our budget to do anything were focusing on companion rehashing enjoy!!

What he really means is a new update to the Cartel market, with new things to buy. (new as in different color armors, mounts and pets.

Different? Why ranged comps cannot tank anymore? Where is LS Jaesa and why isn’t her a romance option? Where is Doc? Where are the missing Jedi Consular companions? When and how are we going to recruit Paxton Rall? When are you going to fix conquest?

Considering BW Austin have decided to bring back DS Jaesa, unless they give some option in her 2 minute cut scene to go to LS, I think you might be shit out of luck. One can only assume their decision to bring back DS Jaesa is based on their infamous metrics.

Dear “Living in denial” Charles and King of Bullshit Keith:

To everyone else: Don’t expect a miracle, and honestly, start looking past their boasts and promises. If these idiots are actually praising KOTFE/KOTET and we all know what a shit show that was and how it decimated the swtor population since 4.0, you got to expect more of the same idiotic and blinkers on mentality BW Austin has become famous for. They always say they listen and promise the world, but just look to the past 3 years to see the truth between what they say and do.

If you find yourself posting hate memes on a comment section for an MMO website you might want to re-evaluate your life decisions. I am 100% serious.

One man’s “Hate meme” is everyone else’s FACT meme. I am 110% serious, and don’t call me Shirley either.

You have already established you live in fantasy land when it comes to BW Austin and everything they have done to wreck SWTOR, which in your mind, only enriches the game, so you will excuse me and anyone else who doesn’t live in denial like you, if we dismiss your worthless point of view as we have seen how tainted and delusional it is if it doesn’t conform to your view.

You really need a life, you post dumb hate stuff that doesn’t belong here. Also there is NO such thing as 110%, that alone shows how stupid you are.

Matthew either has a friend or posted as a guest. Either way, how adorable.

Don’t worry BWA, just ignore the bad people here spewing truth. To start, It helps by closing your eyes. Then you can make believe whatever crap you want to believe, instead of reading the truth. I notice you little fanboi’s are not big fans of the truth. Even Abaddonsmummy, who still supports BW Austin but is critical at times, knows the truth. He hopes for a turn around that will never come. But you and Matthew on the other hand?? Just absolute retards living in fear of the truth and living in total denial, so you lash out at those of us who point to the truth. Yeah we are such baaaaaaaaaaad people!!! Could be worse, we could be as retarded as you.

P.S. I am 100% sure you are a complete idiot for needing to point out the 110% comment while failing to see the joke in that same sentence. Tell you what, look up Shirley. No, scratch that, just keep being a complete idiot. It seems to fit you better.

Either way…………..

You really are insecure aren’t you. All the criticism you dish out and you can’t take the slightest bit towards yourself.

Less sensitivity, more maturity.

Bwahahahahaha, says the little fairy who mistakes my pointing out facts for a hate comment. Like my previous smackdown of you said (which you, or someone equally as soft as you reported to Disqus lol), Get out from behind your soggy tear filled corn flakes and go find what real
hatred is, because you simply have no fucking idea about something you
supposedly stand against, which makes anything you say just embarrassing.

I took zero offense at what you said. If any reaction, it was a facepalm and a wonder at how natural selection missed you when you are so soft and insecure. Look around cupcake, you are the only one who thought what I said was hate. Even Abaddonsmummy who tries to defend BW Austin by finding the positive (Man that must get harder and harder with each passing post by BW Austin – Big props to you Abaddonsmummy baby!!!), took no exception with it, and he will pull me up on shit. You though? You are just a sensitive little cupcake trying to play with the adults, pretending to be mature and wise, yet not realizing how silly you come across defending against hate, but having no idea what it really is.

Remember my advice to you: Go out and find what real hate is, because you sure as hell won’t find it on an mmo walkthrough website, and you sure as hell have no idea what it is you stand for when you mistake what I said as hate.

Your words reveal your character. You clearly can’t take criticism. Security comes in facing people who challenging you and not devolving into adolescence. Some day I hope you find security in yourself enough to not always be on the attack. I really do. I hope you have a good day.

I always have a great day, but thanks all the same. Never hurts to add to what is already a great day and life being me, and make it better. It starts by being born with power level x 9000 I hear.

And you too, have a great time finding how ignorant you actually are on what constitutes hate and what it looks, sounds and feels like. May your travels be as fruitful as Kwai Chang Caine and may you one day mature into the person you think you are. 🙂

And seeing as how sensitive you have proven yourself to be to the big bad internet and what is said by us all here (or mostly me), surely this pic is one you can enjoy and NOT consider hateful. Then again…………

Just have a good day man, nothing more. Not everything has to be about fighting. Don’t need to prove anything.

Something we can agree on for sure (well, as well as being unhappy with Bioware).

Bad math’s aside, there is a big difference between criticism and hate.
Many people come hear to criticise (yeah with an ‘s’ not a ‘z’ HMHero :P), and as a player who has been here virtually from the start you can see a lot of justification for anger at a game that many people put hundreds of hours and their money into cast them aside through an ill thought out content strategy.
If this was a forum for people who just adored the game it would be unrepresentative of the player base.

I may not agree with all the negativity from you guys but I sure as hell see where it is coming from.
I’m not blind to the state of the game, but I do see a lot of potential.

“and don’t call me Shirley either”.
I still use that on my kids today XD
Ah Airplane. They don’t make films like that anymore.

Looking at it again all these years later I think I now know why they don’t make them like that anymore XD

1) I don’t think you know what the word fact means.
2) Even if it is a “fact” (again look up the word, it has a use you should learn to use it correctly) meme that doesn’t eliminate it from being a hate meme. You realize that right? That these things aren’t mutually exclusive.

If you’ve read anything I’ve posted you would see plenty of criticism for SWTOR and Bioware. I just don’t post meme’s bashing them, because that’s pretty ridiculous.

“how you treat others if they don’t conform to your view.”

You really are pulling that card. Did you already forget your post the same day in response to mine? You might re-read my post. Really, re-read it. The only view you aren’t conforming to of mine is posting hate memes on an MMO discussion forum. That’s it. I’ll stand by that, you really should re-think some life decisions. You will get older and you will look back and it will feel ridiculous.

I did not criticize you for criticizing the game. I agree with some of your criticisms. You probably would realize that if you read what I have actually posted, not just the parts you disagree with.

On the other hand your response to me. Well, I guess the hate meme should set my expectations for maturity levels.

According to you I’m
“blinkered & gullible”
“The type of player who has a memory that puts a goldfish to shame”

Whose attacking someone for not conforming? I mean I just have a view on posting hate memes.

Again the irony is if you actually read the words I posted, I agree with much of what you say. What is it with young people these days that have to pretend that if someone disagrees with just a bit of what is said they disagree with it all, declare an all out war and start insulting someone. Slow down, post fewer memes, read more, talk more. Not everyone is your enemy and people can in fact disagree without insulting each other or pretending they disagree on everything.

Oh, but you are a sheltered little cupcake, aren’t you??

*Sigh*, I have no idea where you easily offended cry babies keep coming from, but oh well, let’s shoot yet another one down, like the many before you.

Let’s start with the easy:



1.something that actually exists; reality; truth:

Your fears have no basis in fact.

2.something known to exist or to have happened:

Space travel is now a fact.

3.a truth known by actual experience or observation; something known to be true:

Scientists gather facts about plant growth.

4.something said to be true or supposed to have happened:

The facts given by the witness are highly questionable.

Now, with that being said, here is something piss easy to show what an idiot you have been in all this hate meme drivel: Firstly, show me how I am wrong, show me where my facts are wrong – You can’t and you even admit to agreeing with me (which makes you even more idiotic for claiming what I said was hate to begin with). Now Show me where what I said is not fact, but hate. You can’t and why? Well this may come as news to you, but the FACTS are that Keith has bullshitted many times and we all know it, it is all there in the forums over the past few years for all to read. Charles DOES live in denial. He has posted many times how great KOTFE is, how healthy and great the game is, how deep the content is. We all know this to be outright bullshit. All that is keeping this game alive is the Cartel whales and the total die hards still subbed. That is it, not content, not anything else. KOTFE/KOTET laid waste to the population of SWTOR. All these are FACT, regardless if you are one of the few who loved KOTFE/KOTET. You are in the minority. If you were in the majority, this game would be in a different place. But no, KOTFE/KOTET aka Keeping up with the Valkorians was a disaster for SWTOR and everything I said in my OP that you had a little cry over is also FACT. They always promise the world, and deliver barely a bag of chips worth of content. And then they spend time and resources on shit no one wanted, like the new UI for opening Cartel packs or Galactic Conquest when the old system was perfectly fine ffs.

But the fails that is your so called existence don’t just end there on trying to say I am spewing hate when everything I said was actually fact. What? If I said the sun is fucking hot, would that be spewing hatred? No, and you know why??? BECAUSE IT IS FACT!!! Same applies with my OP. But let us turn to you for a moment shall we?? Your last response said this lovely hum dinger about the following that I said:

“how you treat others if they don’t conform to your view.”

and you cried into your corn flakes with:

“You really are pulling that card. Did you already forget your post the same day in response to mine? You might re-read my post. Really, re-read it. The only view you aren’t conforming to of mine is posting hate memes on an MMO discussion forum. That’s it. I’ll stand by that, you really should re-think some life decisions. You will get older and you will look back and it will feel ridiculous.”

Hey, you are more then entitled to have a stick up your ass over what you PERCEIVE to be hate memes or being easily offended. That life choice is on you, and says more about what a fail your life has been more then anything else. Cup of concrete at some point in your life would have gone a long way I think. But perhaps you might want to reevaluate YOUR sad, little, easily offended life if you think in any way what I wrote was hate. Tell you what, why don’t you go over to one of those extreme muslim websites that bang on against the U.S. and Israel and see what REAL hate looks like. Or any of the many other far left or right websites across the world spewing their vomit about whatever it is they hate. Problem with people like you is you live a sheltered life. You have absolutely no fucking clue or idea what hate is. You are just soft, so are easily offended and therefore assume what you read translates to hate. YOU………HAVE……..NO……..FUCKING………IDEA!!!!

And why the fuck would I want to go back and read your previous posts on whatever?? I am replying to the here and now and it was you that started this with:

“If you find yourself posting hate memes on a comment section for an MMO website you might want to re-evaluate your life decisions. I am 100% serious.”

See, I called you a bitch fanboi, because if you somehow came to the conclusion that what I said was hate, then you are either an outright fucking fool, or a fanboi who cannot handle the truth of my words aka FACTS.

“I did not criticize you for criticizing the game. I agree with some of your criticisms. You probably would realize that if you read what I have actually posted, not just the parts you disagree with.”

Oh really? I pointed out facts, and you called it hate. Seems like you are criticizing me for criticizing the game to me, but because I am not doing it in a way that your soft spined existence would have me do it, I must be spewing hate. If I posted nothing but hyperbole or lies, then yeah sure, go ahead and cry once more into your corn flakes about how what I said was hate. But……..oh and here is that word of the day that keeps coming back to haunt you, everything I said was F.A.C.T. – FACT!!!! How can I be spewing hate if I am talking truth and reminding people that what Charles said and promised has all been said and done before?

The REAL irony in all this is not whether you supposedly agree with me (and if you do, you have a real weird way of expressing it). No, the REAL irony is your view on hate memes. For someone who takes a stand against them like you, you have no idea what hate really is, looks or sounds like. So perhaps, instead of telling someone to re-evaluate their life because you have no idea about what makes hate, why don’t you take time out, replace those corn flakes that are filled with your tears over my post, and go find out what the real face of hatred looks like. Because I can confidently say that while just about everyone here loves SWTOR, we are more then permitted a view on the destruction of the game we all still love, but can no longer be a part of, thanks to the real villains in all this – Charles, Keith and everyone else at BW Austin. Oh, and Papa EA. Yeah Fuck Papa EA as usual!!!!

TL;DR: Get out from your soggy tear filled corn flakes and go find what real hatred is, because you simply have no fucking idea about something you supposedly stand against. Years down the track, it will be YOU who will read back on this and go “Wow, I really had no idea about hate when I said that on Dulfy. Glad I listened to Rompe Himself and found out what real hatred looks and sounds like. Now I don’t sound like an idiot with no clue. Thanks Rompe Himself: 🙂

May your dreams tonight not be haunted by the word FACT either!! 😛

This has been another OP by Rompe Himself.

I pointblank refuse to accept that a ELF GIF is a ‘hate meme’.
That just sounds so wrong.
Its Elf and its a gif, its comedy not hate.

It’s all about context my friend, it was preceded by

“Dear “Living in denial” Charles and King of Bullshit Keith”

Things are hateful in how you use it.

If anything you should be upset that someone would use a meme from such a great comedy in such a hateful way.

It’s all about perception my friend.
Everything can be hateful if you want it to be.

You see it as hateful and I see it as Rompe having about of fun at the incompetent devs.
Fairly sure if he wanted to go down of the road of sheer hatred then an ELF GIF would have been last on his choice of gifs.

Sometimes the most hateful things are comedic. There are many examples of this in history.

I agree about perception, though I’m not sure how
“Dear “Living in denial” Charles and King of Bullshit Keith:”
then followed by

“If these idiots are actually praising KOTFE/KOTET…you got to expect more of the same idiotic and blinkers on mentality”

isn’t hateful (again not mutually exclusive with comedic, yes that meme I even find funny).

No need to play a semantics game, clearly that statement was meant as a negative attack paired with a comedic meme. I used the word “hateful” but various other terms fit perfectly fine.

Maybe you are pro negative-attack meme’ing on an MMO site comments section. That’s fine. I’m not and I stand by my statement. Guess I’m old fashioned in that I only take someone seriously if they are constructive in their communication and don’t consider attack memes part of that equation.

Now if you or anyone else doesn’t care who I take seriously (or why) then just don’t respond or care.

“Dear “Living in denial” Charles and King of Bullshit Keith:”
then followed by
“If these idiots are actually praising KOTFE/KOTET…you got to expect more of the same idiotic and blinkers on mentality”

I see those comments as frustration at devs that are behind the wheel of a once great MMORPG that is now (and has been for 2 years) being driven into the ground.
It’s not about being hateful or pro negative-attack meme’ing for pure fun but pro negative feedback towards EA/Bioware who are fundamentally treating their SWTOR playerbase like crap.

People have provided constructive criticism over and over (on here and the SWTOR forums) it always falls constantly on deaf ears.
So people become inevitably frustrated and make jokes/memes etc but it’s not without reason.
All the negativity here is born from Bioware’s failings, they are to blame.

People who are not mature enough to handle their feedback not being taken should not be excused for said immature behavior. Bioware is not to blame for the way in which people handle their negativity. That’s owned by the person. If they are not secure enough to handle others disagreeing with their criticisms (or agreeing with it, ironically I’ve posted many agreements yet only get attacked for some of the things I disagree with) or with living in reality where the world does not indeed revolve around you then they shouldn’t be posting, or be surprised when they don’t get taken seriously.

This is how the world works, I’m sure you know this. There is distinct tone of maturity between you and some of the others you defend (while plenty of those that criticize are indeed respectful and constructive as well, I’m not generalizing everyone). That tells me you must clearly see this level of insecurity expressed in certain individuals that differs from just a basic example you are illustrating.

You and I can communicate in clear words. Not all others can (or are willing to), I know you must recognize this. It’s not about whether you agree or disagree with their points, again I agree with many criticisms with the game, one can still stand by a way to communicate those points. The other way accomplishes nothing and really is only needed by those that are too insecure to follow the other path.

They have provided mature criticism in the past, like I said it gets ignored.
People posted nicely on here/reddit and on the SWTOR forums, it got them nowhere.
Bioware are to blame for ignoring their playerbase for years hence why the servers turned into ghost towns, then needed merged TWICE.
Look at Galactic Command system, it was universally regarded by all the players as a terrible idea and Bioware ignored everyone and went ahead with it regardless of the feedback.
They do NOT listen.

People are at the stage now that they know no matter how polite and well written their criticism is written or how valid a point they make, that there’s no one at Bioware that cares.
So jokes,meme’s and insults are created and thrown at EA/Bioware’s direction as a result.
I don’t blame the playerbase for the current situation because around 2.0/3.0 this game was doing amazing, things changed for the worse and it wasn’t current players or ex-players fault.

When 6.0 is revealed as little more as a large patch, with a few companions and a flashpoint, the jokes will roll here and I bet fanboys will be mad at us but it’s Bioware who they (and yourself) should be angry at.

Being ignored is part of being a mature adult, at least responding to it and dealing with it. Only the insecure turn to adolescent style ravings.

I blame Bioware for Bioware and I blame people for themselves. Otherwise it’s a double standard.

Again some do respectfully express their opinions, have a bit of fun etc. I did *not* attack everyone posting memes, I chose my target specifically… some are genuinely hate filled ravings like an adolescent (and I mean that literally, basically like a 12 year old in an online game that’s losing for example).

Interestingly I keep getting notifications of Rompe responses to my posts but I don’t see them here, not sure if they are moderated, if he keeps deleting them, or if there’s a bug. In any case my response was made to him after multiple extremely vile responses (including to the same comment of mine your responded to disagreeing but respectfully so).

Just because you agree with someone doesn’t mean you have to defend how they express that disagreement and there are plenty of constructive people here even if very negative (again I understand why, I’ve been here since the beginning and could go on all day with my issues), though the ones who resort to the lowest levels of online expression hurt everyone, on any side. They need called out not defended.

And I am now being censored because someone keeps crying to Dulfy. Maturity indeed. 😀

Look the ”hate filled ravings like an adolescent” is the internet.
It’s everywhere, this fan site is not the exception.
I could go on to Sky News facebook site and go to the first news story of today and it will have hate filled ravings.
Thats the net mate, get used to it.
It’s a minority that won’t ever cease to exist.

I see Rompe as having a bit of fun like a few others do here, not hate filled ravings.
He (and others) have posted serious conversations in the past but these days SWTOR/Bioware have become a running joke.
Which is entirely Bioware’s fault.
Sure there’s people that just post hateful shit *looking at you John Smedley 😉 and those folks I don’t defend but you’ll find them everywhere.

Hmmm I’ve been thinking your comments for a while now and if you don’t mind I have a different view on cause and effect from you.
If I walk down the street and push a person over, and they get annoyed and angry, I can’t say that is their fault because that is how they perceived the hurt and pain, whereas I am blameless because I am me and that’s what I do and their negativity is not my problem.
And the extent of their annoyance?
Everyone is completely different and will react differently in all situations so to say the level of their reaction is not my fault when I initially cause the hurt, is imho passing the buck back to the injured party.
Am I surprised that they get annoyed and come across and punch me? No, but in your case you would be as their perceived annoyance/anger is their own fault and they havn’t acted in a way I tought was mature.
Cause and effect doesn’t work the way you’re putting it I think.
“Bioware is not to blame for the way in which people handle their negativity”
So to say players don’t have a right to be annoyed, and be blameless in the extent of their annoyance at the ongoing actions of the game developer, seems shortsighted.

Also regarding the question of being ignored.
Yes we are all adults and are used to being ignored to an extent, but remember EA/Bioware are providing a service (a paying service), and to ignore your service users is tantamount to business suicide (which is not far from what we have seen lately).
Why even have forums in the first place also if not to provide a place for players to give opinion and feedback, yet they chose on many occasions to ignore the wishes of the playing and paying public.

Now, the posters.
I have had many a run in with people on here (Eban and Rompe too :P) mainly because I still play and like the game and (try :P) to see the best in the game, and they feel I’m a blind fanboi at times, who undoubtedly works for Bioware, but I know the state of the game and have seen what has happened over the years from 1.0 to 5.9, some very good and very (very) bad.
I feel they live in the past and they feel I wear rose tinted glasses.
Too some extent we’re both right.
Some are a bit OTT with their comments, but I can clearly see why they’re angry, and I do feel for them as the game that they put so much time and effort (and money) into, turned their back on them, made promises they didn’t keep, and forced them away.
I’m lucky in that i’m in a great guild with great people, but not all are, and if not i can clearly see how players that have been there from the start would find it hard to keep motivated in game they way things are going.
I also think you’ll find that the posters that scream and shout the loudest are the ones that care the most, after all we’re all emotionally attached otherwise why are we here and bothering at all.
Even Smedly…….yes I said it 🙂

Hahahahahahahahahaha you made me laugh. Posting “hate” memes on a website about an MMO is a poor life decision? Wow, you must set the bar really high in your liffe. So high, that one would say that getting offended by comments on a website about an MMO is a very poor life decision.

keep in mind this is the genius whos arguement for posting here is that you must play the game lolz

I do agree a lot with what you say, but I don’t live in the past, that’s just me. I always look to what the future will bring.
For the future of Swtor though, all taking and speculating aside, the proof is in the pudding.
They HAVE to deliver.

I would agree with you my man, if it wasn’t for a little thing BW Austin have built up over the past 3 years called “Track Record” that says this will be more of the same – big talk with nothing to back it up. Just scroll down the comments section on Reddit, itself or this thread, and look at how many people mock BW Austin for this “turn around” talk or how many people are taking it seriously. We have heard it all before (Well we all have except that delusional fool Matthew Langley who thinks BW Austin is pure), there is nothing new in all this talk by Charles. Just more promises to be followed with nothing of substance to match for yet another year, to be repeated in 2019 to the even fewer subs left when they go and make the same pledge once more.

But this is what I don’t get, they HAVE to make it work, their jobs and future are on the line.
Imho they have learned from their past mistakes, they’ve changed direction, going back to the old days of mixed content, the past year has shown that.
The problem now is the slow drip feed of content .
The new FP is really good, the finished ops is really good, it’s just taking too long for most players, and players that have left look at it now and rightly say “why should we sub when we will burn through that little bit of decent content in a week or two”
For many current players like me it’s guilds and conquest that keep us going mainly, which is fun, but we know it’s just re-running old content.
So we look to the future with our fingers crossed.

That’s what we need!!! More fans supporting us despite our drip drip even slower drip method of content release. Now if you can learn to ignore all the “We told you so’s” when we fail to live up to our pledge once again when 6.0 rolls around, that would also be appreciated.

I play a game I enjoy, when I stop enjoying it I will be off, I have no loyalty to EA or Bioware.
I still want better from the game though, as do all players, current and unsubbed players watching with interest.
it is getting better, the new content is really good, but it’s not at the pace we want.
If we all leave?
No more swtor, EVER, and they’re are plenty of players who still enjoy the game and want to play it.
We argue from the inside and try get the changes we want, and there have been many.
Sadly Bioware they have a terrible habit of not getting it right first time, but with a vocal player base, we get the changes we need i.e massive easing in cxp, change of content focus, boss gear drops and many more.
It ain’t perfect by any means but there is very little out there that is.
Keep it up Keith 🙂

Thanks there champ. So what you’re saying is we here at Bioware Austin are doing a great job, KOTFE/KOTET was well received, G.C. is the greatest and you want us to bombard you with more cartel packs over content, flashpoints where one size bootleg story fits all replaces class stories and an Op once every year or two?? GOT IT!!! Thanks for your support and we look forward to more of the same, as I no doubt am sure you do too.

Buy the latest Cartel pack to celebrate.

You know that’s not what I said, in fact it’s the opposite of what I said, but good fun anyway.
*knock knock*
Hey that’s your dad at the door, he’s up for another visit, take a few weeks off, we’ll be fine paying with the new pack 🙂

Wow some actually still belive they can do something new and deliver it also on time?

I was waiting for news about game concluding and the end but i guess they will squeeze more money out of last playerbase without much content. Show must go on….

You won’t find any news on this game shutting down til at least Anthem has been out for a few months next year. If that game crashes and burns, then all eyes will turn to Papa EA and whether Bioware is taken behind the shed like the many once great game studios Papa EA bought and put down.

But if Anthem does ok, or at least enough to keep Bioware alive, I doubt SWTOR will be closed anytime this year or next. After all, the Cartel Market is still kicking along for Papa EA.

So have all original companions now returned or have they ignored some last I played likes of Kira ashara risha and jaessa had not returned

You do realize having a different opinion than you doesn’t make one

“The blinkered & gullible”

and by suggesting as such you are overcompensation for being uncomfortable with my points.

People who have legitimate points that are secure in them can express them without insulting their target to enhance their own points.

Additionally I’m guessing you are just too young to realize that in life people can in fact experience the same thing and come out of it completely different. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt there. If someone else enjoyed something you didn’t it doesn’t make them “blinkered & gullible” it just means they may have genuinely enjoyed something you didn’t like.

I’ll take your conviction in your points and views as genuine, you should do the same to others, you do yourself a disservice if you don’t.

In any case nothing I said contradicts my views that the game is in deed massively stagnant. The decline in players started happening ell before KOTET/KOTFE. I’ve been here since beta testing and seen it go through multiple phases. The strongest waves were at launch which immediately collapsed as people finished the story content and had nearly no end game content… then the second wave happened after they started the cash shop, went F2P, and delivered at least some adequate end game content for a bit. The population started shrinking pretty early after that.

What came after KOTET/KOTFE has been far worse than that content itself. An almost complete lack of content.

Try to empathize more and meme less.

“The problem with people like you is you like to demonize those of us who speak the truth ”

I don not demonize those that dislike the game, I myself have complained about many aspects of the game. If you actually read all of what I have said in my posts you would know that. I suspect you don’t get that far though. I “demonize” those who attack others and act childish and can’t stand someone else liking something they want to bash. Now if you are in fact a young child, then I’ll stop right now, that explains it and forget everything I said, you’ll get it when you get older. If not then you have no excuse for calling me “gullible” simply because I *disagree*.

See I don’t call people gullible, I assume you mean what you say and are genuine. I simply think you disagree with me. I also have a different perspective where we actually agree on much (which you would see if you really read what I post) but disagree on some. That doesn’t make one of us gullible or not, just different people with different perspectives.

Re-read my post you are responding to… and read your response calling me gullible to that. Really do it. Just take a step back and look at how you are acting to someone who respectfully posted their opinion and didn’t need to insult anyone in expressing it. I don’t need to diminish you to express my point. That would diminish me.

Some of us have lived through many games, many experiences. This is nothing new. Been here done that. The game will either live or it will die, no need to go attacking anyone who expresses any positive views (even if those positive views are amazingly light like my own, often filled with many negative points and complaints too).

Also your comparison to WoW is pointless. WoW is unique amongst MMOs in general. No other MMO has the luxury of millions of subs, they have never had to face the problems that SWTOR or others have to face. They were the gateway MMO, the Toyota Accord of MMOs, massively popular and selling. I’ll pass on the most popular though, I never liked WoW much, far preferred many MMOs that came before and after, though to each their own.

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