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SWTOR Cantina Crawl Secret Achievement Guide

SWTOR Cantina Crawl achievement guide. This is a new secret achievement added with Patch 5.9 to talk with Paxton Rall in various cantinas.


This is a new companion achievement added with Patch 5.9. It is hidden by default and can be found under companions –> general. It might be a precursor for recruiting Paxton Rall as a companion although this does not appear to be ingame yet.


Hidden Achievement COMPLETE! Can’t Recruit ? | 05.04.2018, 04:44 PM
Paxton is a tricksy pirate who’s prone to mischief, apparently including sneaking into parts of the galaxy he’s not supposed to be in yet 

He’s a work-in-progress promotional item meant for later this year; apologies for letting him creep out from behind the curtain before he was ready. We’ll most likely get him back under wraps in an upcoming patch and then share more detail later, when the time is right!

Balmorra cantina





Capital planet cantina





Corellia cantina





Fleet cantina





Hoth cantina





Nar Shaddaa Cantina


Rishi Cantina


Taris cantina





Tatooine cantina





Alderaan cantina





Zakuul cantina


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31 replies on “SWTOR Cantina Crawl Secret Achievement Guide”

There is a new achievement with two activities in the Legacy window, under the Legacy tab, to unlock Darth Hexid and get a pet (MB-6 Micro Defender Droid). The companion will be unlocked in the Collections windows too, under Companions. Also the pet will be in the Pets tab.


lol got the With a little help from my friends one when i killed Izax in gf the other day. (without completing the 40 said activities)… gotta love all the glitches.

There are a ton of decos I noticed that claim to have been released under old packs and packs that have yet to be released that have popped up as well. Pretty awesome ones, too.
As an aside, I love hunt/safari sort of stuff that adds new stuff to the old planets. 🙂

Oh, I:m sorry. I forgot that being polite to one another wasn’t allowed here at Dulfys.

I guess appreciating people for a job well done is funny when you’re an entitled putz? I generally thank everyone for their efforts no matter how beneficial they actually are. I suppose it’s probably due to having worked full time since I was old enough to have a job and understanding that effort actually means something.

Seems this and some other ‘future’ achievements were mistakenly added instead of the May 4th droid. Same old clown car struggling on.

Only mistake here is in your reading skills: “Log in by May 7th to qualify for your very own M4-Y7 Astromech Droid Mini-Pet! Your new Astromech Droid can be claimed beginning May 9, 2018 at 11:59PM
PDT (May 10, 2018 at 6:58PM GMT) through your in-game mail.” Is it May 9, yet?

I didnt read that but planning on giving the may the fourth droid out 5 days late is just as bad as messing it up

Only a handful of people even care about yet another M4 droid. The real failure is giving a useless droid pet.

What’s not working, is your brain. There is an official post by Charles Boyd who is saying that the Cantina Crawl achievement should not be present in the game.

This promotion cost my wife her account. We have one ISP and share it among five people. All of whom were playing SWTOR. Everyone logged in to get the pet, and someone at EAware thought it was one person with five accounts, and terminated four of the accounts. We were able to explain to some of the customer service reps that this was indeed 5 people, with 5 different accounts, but for some reason, they refuse to restore my wife’s account. They say we made “an Illegal purchase.” Well, since the only purchase made was my wife’s sub time from Amazon, and we provided them with evidence showing the validity of the purchase, I don’t understand why they won’t admit their mistake, and just restore my wife’s account. Even after all these months EAware refuses to explain what they mean by illegal purchase, and refuse to restore her account. Just another screw up from the people who brought you Beeeeeeer Milkshakes.

When they officially put this Achievement in the game, it wont work. And it will take them more than 10 updates to fix it, and even then it will only work for 90 of the people. For others it will uncompletable and BioWare will ignore the issue.

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