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SWTOR Cartel Market Update – May 7

SWTOR Cartel Market Update – May 7

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39 replies on “SWTOR Cartel Market Update – May 7”

I’m at 95% collected overall (yup, got a problem.. i know).
I want new stuff.. New pack.. not the “one pack to rule them all”.. 🙂

I stopped after the 6th series of packs. Was at like 80%. Back down around 55% I believe.

As to how much it cost me, I;m assume Gnaw means in cash. I just buy everything off of the GTN. Not a penny in real money outside of subbing and one of the dot coms I consult for pays for that.

Fuck those packs. Direct Sale for everything! Go to a real casino if you wanna gamble, idiot.

Sounds directed at me – Could’ve done without the idiot remark. I wouldn’t gamble on the packs if you paid me to. I just prefer an abundance of items at low price on the GTN as opposed to few items at a painfully high price.

Well, since I have a few thousand CC from the free ones we get every month… time to get the Orbital Kolto Strike!

At this point, on this site, in the comments. It is hard to see what is trolling or what is sarcastic.

Always happy to help. Here’s a handy guide! 🙂

Pro-SWTOR = trolling (themselves and rationality)

Anti-SWTOR = sarcastic (by default because there’s no other way to talk about this game.)

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