GW2 Gemstore Update–Shrine Guardian Jackal and Exalted Gloves

GW2 gemstore updated today with the Shrine Guardian Jackal available for 2000 gems and the Exalted Gloves from BLC chests.


Shrine Guardian Jackal – 2000 gems

This Jackal skin has an unique animation for the teleport (see video)



Exalted Gloves – BLC chest

Exclusive to the BLC chest as an uncommon drop.



Upcoming Items

Choya Logging Tool – [&CrcfAAA=]

Chatcode and image taken from that_shaman’s post.


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39 replies on “GW2 Gemstore Update–Shrine Guardian Jackal and Exalted Gloves”

yes, it’s ookami, it’s not the generic ninetailed fox from japanese mythology, it’s a specific reference to a game character


You can get the new mount skin from BLC, just used 10 keys.. got the Compas focus skin, new mount skin and Exalted gloves skin. RNG was never that good for me before.

Btw they also put back the advanced cloth and leather racks. Yesterday the leather one was for 1000 gold, today for 300-400 so if you want to buy it now is the time, if you want to sell it like me.. well rip my friends we have to wait.

Dude, I just got the mount from BLC. NO MINI, BUT SRSLY MOUNT. Yes I know they used to do the thing, where you get coresponding mini with current mounts being sold in gem store, but this time it really is a mount.

It’s literally mentioned in the patch notes that the skin is an uncommon drop from BL chests.

I can confirm the new mount being accessible from BLCs. Got mine that way, too. Instead of spending 2000 gems on one item, got the equivalent in keys and got that plus few other cool items.

Those gloves are obnoxiously awesome for fully clad necros. Actually logged in to farm a key, which is the first time I’ve played in a month. As a long time gold-to-gem farmer, I can confidently say id buy these gloves directly for cash if the option was available. Will not pay money to gamble though 🙁

Yeah I find it sad that they release really nice skins behind gambling mechanics…

The kind of thing you didn’t know you wanted until you saw it. I need a Choya viciously chopping with a tiny axe.

It’s got an axe to grind!

gods, that Jackal skin is gonna be fucking obnoxious to play around. Everyone going giant red flash and sound effect D:

too bad, I always use griffin for everything. They are not as fast as raptor on even ground travel only, but otherwise, tied or even due to flexibility and bird travel path on uneven terrains.

If they wana head towards Oriental mystical creatures, when the griffin is reskined with say… a chinese crane or pheonix, i’m sure as hell to burn my wallet over….

Has anyone else been unable to equip their harvesting tools from their shared inventory slots since this patch? It’s inconvenient as hell…

I see the Choya logging tool, and the first thing in my head is “MY ANACONDA DON’T-” ….Thanks, Youtube user Deroir.

Interesting new jackal skin! tried it today with BLC after thinking long anougth if I should do… The Luck was with me this time, I got it! (just buyed 5 lion keys) (with circa 268% account luck)

Choya Logging Tool, excited how it will look 🙂

A little tough to colour the metallic bits on those Exalted Gloves. You have to really zoom in on them to see any difference in large swathes of dyes. Nice, though — managed to get them just right on my necromancer.

I really hope Gw2 carries on changing the Gem store more frequently. I also really like the jackal skin, I got it in a BLC chest, it’s really nice, I love the Japanese approach that Gw2 touches upon.

12 keys myself, only common stuff from the lot… lots of blue rarity dyes >_<
Was really hoping for those gloves..

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I ended up getting the Guardian skin from BLC from my weekly 5 free keys. I stopped buying keys four years ago, so it was nice to get it after my second key. It only took two years to get something nice again from BLC.

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