GW2 Sunken Treasure Hunter Achievement Guide

GW2 Sunken Treasure Hunter achievement guide with locations of the Master Diver chests.

Getting Started


Go to Lion’s Arch and talk to the new NPC. She will give you an Ornate Rust Key if you ask her for it. This key will open any of the Master Diver chests. .


She also sell swim speed infusions and new ascended masks with the +10 swim speed infusions you can loot from the Master Diver chests


Getting Keys

The only additional way to obtain another Ornate Rust key currently is by completing a daily achievement to kill 10 kraits per day.


There are reports of random key drops off killing mobs (i.e.kraits) but that hasn’t been verified yet.

Master Diver Achievements


There are 10 Sunken chests located in 10 maps. You can use your Ornate Rust key to open one. Since you get a key/day, this may take a couple days to complete.

You get the title Freebooter and 5x +10 infusions to completing the Master Diver achievement. It is also a repeatable achievement you can repeat 10 times for 50 AP.


Each chest drop 3-4 +10 swim infusions and some greens. They also spawn a Veteran Krait Treasure Hunter when you open the chest.

For easy copy/paste

Master Diver: Bloodtide Coast – [&BCwAAAA=] Master Diver: Frostgorge Sound – [&BOcFAAA=] Master Diver: Gendarren Fields – [&BAAEAAA=] Master Diver: Harathi Hinterlands – [&BKEAAAA=] Master Diver: Iron Marches – [&BOEBAAA=] Master Diver: Kessex Hills – [&BCMAAAA=] Master Diver: Lornar’s Pass – [&BEwGAAA=] Master Diver: Mount Maelstrom – [&BI0GAAA=] Master Diver: Snowden Drifts – [&BJAAAAA=] Master Diver: Timberline Falls – [&BD0CAAA=]

Master Diver: Bloodtide Coast – [&BCwAAAA=]


Master Diver: Frostgorge Sound – [&BOcFAAA=]


Master Diver: Gendarren Fields – [&BAAEAAA=]


Master Diver: Harathi Hinterlands – [&BKEAAAA=]


Master Diver: Iron Marches – [&BOEBAAA=]


Master Diver: Kessex Hills – [&BCMAAAA=]


Master Diver: Lornar’s Pass – [&BEwGAAA=]


Master Diver: Mount Maelstrom – [&BI0GAAA=]


Master Diver: Snowden Drifts – [&BJAAAAA=]


Master Diver: Timberline Falls – [&BD0CAAA=]


  • Krystal S. S.

    Heya dulfy,
    Here’s another place to find a chest;
    Timberline Falls

  • Tyrel Nephelim

    Apparently, someone drop one key on a random mob

  • i heard from someone that got a key in wvw.. are there still krait to kill in wvw?

    • Ares Zax

      Yes, the southern part of the EBG map, where the krait are constantly attacking the hylek mercenaries.

  • RainPumpkin 7266

    chest can drop only 2 infusions
    Confirmed by me, the unluckiest person

    • Plautze

      I can best that! I opened one yesterday, got none.
      Confirmed by me, the even unluckier person 😛

  • Scott Elder

    I only got 2 infusions from my chests opened today

  • Isakichan

    I had 4 infusions, some got 5. It’s random i’d say.

  • Marshall Underwood

    i heard from someone that got a key in wvw.. are there still krait to kill in wvw?

    • Sushi Cuit

      npc in la says you can drop them randomly from pretty much anywhere

    • Karen

      EBG mercenaries.

    • Cat

      Can confirm I got a drop from WvW. I ran past the hylek/krait camp in EBG tagged some of the mobs and got a drop.

  • bigbud

    7 infusion from 2 chests

  • Veelera

    It’s at least 2-4 +10 swim infusions, because I got 2 from one chest and 4 from a different one, also a friend just told me he got no infusions from a chest. So I would adjust that.

  • Ares Zax

    I suppose nobody has the new diving masks yet, but if/when someone does, can you confirm if unlocking the weight for one mask unlocks it for all three?

    • Ares Zax

      Confirmed from a guildie that buying one aquabreather DOES unlock it for all 3 weights. 🙂

      • Griever

        Thanks for that. Was one of my first questions.

  • Raizel

    Does the “+X” of the infusion equal to +X% movement speed?

  • SaintMunk

    these infusions are they for the new masks only ?

    If no.. why would i sacrifice agony resistance for swim speed?

    • Ares Zax

      They only fit in Ascended aquabreathers, yes. As to why… The only underwater T4 Fractal is 76, for which you need 107 AR. Even if you didn’t put any agony infusions on your aquabreather whatsoever, if you have 150 AR from elsewhere chances are you’d still have plenty to spare.

    • Neltisen

      there are 18 infusion slots, if you fit +9 in each slot you have 162 AR, if you sacrifice aquabreather, you still are overcapped

  • NDF

    yes it is true. random mobs can drop keys. just got one!

  • Suan

    I personally don’t like how big the new skin is. It should be something more like: [look at the picture]

    This big one all over the head and even more than that looks just.. dumb. Like they just took the bubble from ele underwater air skill/glider skin and just sized it down to fit around the head.

    • Elaine Larion

      I agree with you. Its way too big.

      • Ares Zax

        I agree with you too. It’s basically a resized version of the Bubble glider that’s been fitted over the head. 😛 I suppose that having to stretch it to fit over Charr heads would have been too time-consuming though, so this was the most expedient solution.

  • Jon Jones

    Yep keys can be obtained from random drops. Have open 4 chests today so far.

  • narg

    it was that moment, Steve knows, he is fucked up

  • Scynthia

    Hey Dulfy i have to correct you. They don’t drop 3-4 they drop 2- at least because i got 2 and not 3 out of my first one. 🙂

    • Suan

      I got 4 on my first one so there is nothing to correct.

      • You LIAR

        No you didn’t, stop lying

        • Jabsy

          Actually, it’s not a lie. I got 3 on my free key and another 4 on daily key.

      • Animal

        You may be literally retarded.

      • BIrelan9867

        I received 2 on the free key, and 2 on the “krait earned” key. So the “drops” are at least a minimum of 2, not 3.

    • Kitepwr

      I got 4 with my fist chest; another 4 with the second.

    • Manuel

      Yeah, I also got only 2 in my first chest.

  • Raizel

    From late patch notes: “Rumors have surfaced about a mysterious Mists traveler.”
    This line intrigues me, anyone know anything about that?

  • aname

    “Each chest drop 3-4 +10 swim infusions and some greens” well rip I got 2

    • Dream Wolf

      First chest I opened gave me 0.

    • Pressed Rat and Warthog

      I’ve gotten 2 about 2/3’s of the chest openings I’ve done.

    • Zaire Kelly

      7 days in, i’ve got 40 +10’s and completed the cheevo. After getting the cheeve everything else is a waste of time. But, I’ll wait n c what the next LW has if anything to do with this.

      • yaes

        you havent maxed out the AP from the achievement yet though

  • GW2 sucks

    opened two chests and got NONE swim infusion whatsoever, this is wrong

  • DD

    To get all 50 achi points=10 [chests]/1 [key/day]*10 [times to repeat the achi]-1 [free key, only once per account]=99 days
    OMG o.O

    • Yup

      It’s 10 point you need so it will take 9 days

      • narg

        DD is correct if you need ALL possible AP from event, if you did not count random drop for keys from mobs, its 10 days repeated 10 times for 50 points, so well, if you play for 6 yers, 99 days is literally nothing (have you beer brew backpack ?? )

    • Ainseland

      i got one from mob drop in fotm recc so i have 4x now.

  • gethane

    This copy/pastes into one message length

    Bloodtide[&BCwAAAA=] Frostgorge[&BOcFAAA=] Gendarren[&BAAEAAA=] Harathi[&BKEAAAA=] Iron Marches[&BOEBAAA=] Kessex[&BCMAAAA=]Lornar[&BEwGAAA=] MM[&BI0GAAA=] Snowden[&BJAAAAA=] Timberline[&BD0CAAA=]

  • OldScrotum

    I seem to only be able to open any single Chest once – I opened the one in Sparkfly Fen yesterday, and could not open it today, so went to another one, and opened that fine.

    I presume that I have to open all 10 separately and then the Acheive resets. Any ideas on this?

    • Xenaca

      Only the first key opens up any chest from what I gather. The woman will tell you which chest gets unlocked from which key

    • Khons

      I hope after doing all ten you can just go back to the same chest day after day. I am having the same problem.

  • Sotos

    better do it one time for me. I ll not spend 99 days on that and i can easily get an ascended breather from bitterfrost farming 50 winterberries per alt. Literally i can get a breather in 1 day or better say in a couple of hours…
    Ofc i just dont care for the bubble skin at all

    • narg

      its 99 days if you need get 50 AP, if not, its 9 days for you

  • Marsal

    Key drop confirmed from treasure krait. Its some really bullshit low chance tho. Been afk farming with engi for about 3 hours to get one.

  • Kajoken

    Just dropped a key from an Earth Elemental in Malchor’s Leap. Looks like Keys can drop from any mob.

  • Grumy Norn

    his probably good for F2Ps . Me on the other hand have skimmer and bitterfrost, why do I care of this really?

  • David Nielsen

    There are up to +30 infusions and it’s the standard 2*N=N+1. That means a +30 needs 1,048,576 +10 infusions. Assuming there’s no way to get higher than +10 infusions, you’d need 957 years assuming 3 +10 infusions per day. Alternatively at the current price of 1.69g per +10 (with high prices at higher volume) you’d need a minimum of 1.77 million gold to make one +30 infusion.

  • Ken Doerr

    I was farming and boredom found me doing a quest in Mount Maelstrom where an Ornate Rusted Key dropped. Is the reason I’m here as I did a search to see what it was.

  • Sam Wolf

    I was doing fractals and I got a key from Urban Battlegrounds.

  • Pete

    I got a key from Dry Top during sandstorm. Seems like it drops on every map.

  • to get a +30 infusion it will cost you 1,048,576 “+10 infusions” as well as 46976g 16s 00c in just upgrade cost fee’s alone (the 4s48c you pay to upgrade 2 tokens into a +1 token)

    • Ares Zax

      Yowsa. O.o Guess I’ll be doing some cost benefit analysis over the coming days. My guess is I’ll probably go with a +15 when all is said and done. (After all, I’m still fully expecting an underwater mount to come out at some point if/when we get around to dealing with Bubbles.)

    • the link to my math is on this spreadsheet:
      on the “underwater infusion cost” tab

    • Elaine Larion

      Dunno what Anet is thinking. Kinda pointless to make it this expensive, as no one will ever buy it.

    • Zaire Kelly

      anet will be dropping UW mounts down the road, this is just a grind fest to keep people busy till then, imo.

  • sp rik

    “There are reports of random key drops off killing mobs (i.e.kraits) but that hasn’t been verified yet.”
    I got a key from sand Eel in Elon Riverlands.

    • Hea ven On ea rth

      Got a key in a Fractal.

  • VOjta Šostok
  • Urosh Uchiha Novakovic

    “There are reports of random key drops off killing mobs (i.e.kraits) but that hasn’t been verified yet.”
    I left my necro to afk farm and I got a key as well.

  • Pitrel

    Something must be wrong in it, but the math for getting the breather or +30 is looking seems to be the following:
    1 key a day
    2-4 Infusions per chest/key = average 3
    Therefore 3 Inf a day
    256 Infusions for the breather = 85.3 days
    Taking the infusion from +10 to +30 is as usual, therefore:
    1 +30 Inf = 2^20 +10 Infusions = 1,048,576 infusions = 349,525.3 days?
    Which is looking pretty ridiculous?

    • narg

      breather is for 512 not 256

  • Dani Riedell

    Hi Dulfy! You can also get keys dropped by killing krait mobs in fractals – number 38 dropped two for our party today and one from aquatic ruins yesterday.

    • Shanks

      i got a key from volcanic fractal from a grawl

  • Zis

    Well, Maybe in the new maps we will be able to gather a new currency that can be exchanged for infusions.

    Will bubbles strike tyria (or Elona) with a tsunami? Where?

  • Dicrano

    I seems that you need to have a level 80 character to get a key by killing kraits. Or do I do something wrong.

    • Heather

      The past two days I’ve gotten my daily key on a level 20-30 character, near Stormwreck Deeps in Caledon forest. Chat code is: [&BG0AAAA=]. I’ve noticed that risen krait don’t count, so that’s something to keep in mind.

      • Dicrano

        thanks for this, I killed mobs in Caledon Forest, but still no key after 10, I will keep trying

    • Bryce

      On my alt account I do not have a level-80 character and I cannot see the daily achievement.

  • Max van Zandvliet

    Got a key drop from The Shatterer event.

  • Bees

    I just got a key from killing a random colocal in dry top, fyi.

  • Jay Lesh

    I got a key drop in WvW. Not sure if it was from npc or enemy player.

  • Darksword

    Does anyone know if there’s a noticeable difference in swim speed between a +10 infusion and, say, a +13 infusion?

    • Neltisen

      +10 infusion increase swim speed by 10%, 13 increase by 13%, increase between them is 2,7%

  • Vegeta

    So the infusion count is 2-4 .. and it doesn’t spawn a Vet every time you open the chest.. They naturally spawn up to 3 Vets per location.

  • Adrian Larsson

    100% sure that keys drop from random enemies. i just looted one on my Istan farm character, and afaik there are no kraits there.

    • Maliha

      I got one from a WvW reward track chest yesterday.

  • Rae Shin

    Can confirm the drop theory. Got one off of a Risen Pirate in Cursed Shore this morning.

    • Vegeta

      Did you get your daily 10 kills before that.. and if not did it affect it?

      • bigbud

        I have my daily done. Killed river drake lvl 7 in queensdale while visiting tp a got second key.

      • Rae Shin

        Yes I had done my daily 10 at that point.

        • Vegeta

          The drop rate must be pretty low.. maybe not as low as a black lion key, but low enough.

  • Dediggefedde

    In our WvW-guild they drop frequently distributed over different players.

    even as rnd-drop you need 512inf / (3inf/chest / 1 key/chest)=171 keys
    just for the breather and for +30 infusion (2^20+10)inf / (3inf/chest / 1
    key/chest) = 350,000 keys. I think, this might need some adaption from
    arenanet… even with 1000 key drops per day, this would require you to
    do that for a full year…

    • for a +30 infusion you need 1,048,576 keys and around 25K gold for the upgrade fee total (without price for the +10 infusions off of the TP)
      assuming a average drop of 3 per key, and you get around 1 key per day, it would take 950 years to finish getting a +30

      • Enzovic

        Yeah, when I saw that I would need 512inf for the ugly breather, I assume to pretend that this doesn’t exist and moved on.

  • Krystal S. S.

    The keys do drop randomly from mobs, I’ve gotten a few myself and I can also confirm that you can get +5’s from the chest. They’re just uncommon.

    • scurvycapn

      You got 4 from the Sunken Chest. The 5 you see at the top is from when you right-clicked the reward chest for completing the achievement that’s still on screen. If you check the achievement panel you’ll see it awards 5 infusions upon completion.

      • Krystal S. S.

        Thank you for correcting me, I didn’t even notice that was the last one for getting the achievement even though it’s right there (I didn’t pay attention to it) I tabbed out as soon as I saw the +5. I’ll take it down so it won’t confuse others. Thanks again

  • Cynewulf

    Just got a key in wvw, though I’m not sure what dropped it.

    • Andy Williams

      I got a key dropped from another player in WvW

  • Helen Malin Anderberg

    Completed the achievement. After that I’ve tried to open chests for four consecutive days and it just says – You are unable to open the chest. I’ve done my 10 kraits for “blood in the water”, have key in inventory. Bug? anyone else?

    • Narg

      Every chest you can open only once before you complete all 10

      • Helen Malin Anderberg

        That’s it! thanks. Solved

  • Matti6950 .

    Veteran Bristleback near the west side of Tarir (near spot of treasure mushroom and spring), drop The Ornate keys. I can send you screenshot if you want. Probably a rare and lucky drop, but your guide says ‘unconfirmed’ info.

  • Eter Puralis

    You’ve misspelled Gendarran Fields, lol

  • patatas

    already done with the achievement and is about 6/10 of the next but all the remaining 4/10 chest is now uninteractable. anyone having the same problem?

    • CaptainObvious

      Yes. Same spot too; achievement completed, 6/10 & remaining 4 can’t be interacted with. I even checked the other 6 to confirm all 10 can’t be interacted with.

    • narg

      this is reported bugged maybe for 3 or 4 days already, i have it buged at FR DE servers for 3 days, at ENG server for 2 days

  • Alex Crawford

    any update on the bug

    • Enzovic

      Nope. Still bugged and the key doesn’t seem to stack either. My unused key disappeared as soon as I receive another key from the daily quest. That’s two bugs in my case.

      • Luis Coimbra

        Realy. So Try put the keys at bank. I have them in bank and no problems.

        • Vegeta

          ANet is aware of the bug and are currently in testing phase before deploying.

          • c. waldow

            bug is gone and has been gone for the last 10 weeks

  • Guy who comments on things

    Currently bugged, chests wont reset therefore you wont be able to open them after you opened them once.

  • Красимир Драмалиев

    for even more easy copy-paste: [&BCwAAAA=] [&BOcFAAA=] [&BAAEAAA=] [&BKEAAAA=] [&BOEBAAA=] [&BCMAAAA=] [&BEwGAAA=] [&BI0GAAA=] [&BJAAAAA=] [&BD0CAAA=]

    • Arle Andersanka


  • Azeron

    Till bugged… I could do the AP only once and now all chests are bugged. I want the AP and infusions, please Anet fix!!

    • Ionic

      I was able to do it twice, and the collection of the keys still works, but the chests are bugged. Means all open. Collection of infusions is not possible atm. Yes, ANET, pls fix.

  • Chantal Tweetiti

    NOt bugged since the living story, and you get key drops from Istan metas

    • Kitty

      I got a key as well from an Istan meta. Think it was from saving books at the Astralarium.

  • GTaichou

    I got an Ornate Key from a random drop from a Risen Eagle in Malchor’s Leap today… So I’d say random drops do happen.

  • Николай Пахомов

    “There are reports of random key drops off killing mobs (i.e.kraits) but that hasn’t been verified yet.”
    It did for me!

  • Mandy Bilger

    I got a key from a mob in the Mad King’s Labyrinth

  • Arle Andersanka

    I also got a key drop from an enemy npc in WvW, but they sure drop very rarely.

    • Arle Andersanka

      Another drop from EotM right now, from a Veteran Guard at a mid sentry.

      • Arle Andersanka

        And a third confirmation, from an enemy or npc in blue Borderlands.

        • Arle Andersanka

          Fourth drop in Domain of Kourna, Front Line area. Dropped from a Veteran Golem.

          • Arle Andersanka

            Number five! Champion Jungle Tendril in Silverwastes.

            • Arle Andersanka

              #6 Palawa ship in Istan from a Corsair Swashbuckler.

              • Arle Andersanka

                Lucky day! Third drop today, from Harathi Hinterlands Bridge farm (lvl ≈40 centaur)

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