Black Desert Thank You For All Your Love Event

Black Desert Online is hosting a Thank You For All Your Love event from May 9 to May 16 to celebrate Mother’s Day.



  • Anonfag

    Back then Dulfy writers atleast made guides and showed the rewards now its simple copy pasta garbage. I mean the game is shit so whatever lol

    • David

      Dude. Dulfy is one person making and writing all these posts. They’re trying to cover at least three games at the same time; all the while trying to enjoy the games they’re trying to cover. The guide contains the information needed for any player to understand what to do and what they are going to get.

  • Strokers

    Yeah man, games not worth to waste time.

  • Jimmate

    it says the fucking rewards in what they posted you degenerates. thanks dulfy as always.

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